Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - Solar Eclipse's and Countdown to the NFL Season

Monday, August 21st

Our ol' pal Fitzy is back with his 'Wicked Pissah Sports Report' covering all the latest headlines in New England sports. Besides sports players partaking in the viewing of the solar eclipse, the Red Sox kicking ass; Fitzy and all of New England is very excited for the 17 day count down for the official NFL season. 


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. I guess are always online and on your schedule WA AF. Here's your old pal busy with a weakened this a sports report why pick of the day today. Us to sign on WI AEA yeah. What fitness and sports reporters brought you this hour by Boston billiards club and casino New Hampshire's top nightlife destination. Live casino gaming pool tables in the ultimate sports bar just up route three in Nashua. A better place to play Boston billiards club and casino in Nashua, New Hampshire. How do you guys enjoy your. Your clips earlier today. My ninth. Really need to know. Of Tim Ryan. Loved. I didn't really care and looked out of like OK looks like a thumbnail covered the song for a moment. By a quarter moon GAAP. From that to solar eclipse happens. Once every night and ideas more frequently than the browns make the playoffs easy GO. Hey speaking of which yeah. You know who I got us free sneak preview. Of the eclipse coo Jerry Lewis now all I'm off to load too soon enough. You know. It's. A novel about people well and sat herself between the world's got a lot less money here bluster about that. I do c'mon I was I read someone who said like the whole idea is that. That there went like the last of the non ironic comedians. They are getting Israelis that'll I'll just rod come to the original nutty professor dude it's like disagree 1980 comedy go to save the world got a lot less funny ears not accurate if he died in 1957 that be accurate but he became a crusty mean old man your seed your view recently with a camera barking at the reporter yeah Abbott and all of our. If it felt like somebody shoving your legs up three air raids because unite the union hunched over and have also don't take out of it felt like I brought connect what he had run in Staten hates you every morning when you get out of Reagan bad. Maybe you would be a miserable son of the it's a joke do you think the world gonna love us right. It's a tribute to his body of work you think of them is gonna come in who's using. It now what what's target what's on you to deal with the Blake Croshere ought to pay tribute to them. Walk go 01. Through the Iraq. And then the war on a call on the road you don't do. Their behaviors. Why you have got to sports a nice that I get to take a week job as well as you guys did as well. What Mac get it now tell me who wasn't higher when I was gone who now Red Sox they were. Nice run nice stretch or on nice post straight stretch run you know that. Trade and renewed the ad is dumping the panda and the death of his kid dude I'm Tanya. You know just like Appel bucks says may be poppy man you wanna spend some money on some sports wag right now. That he should definitely head over to my website by my new Belichick teacher at the emperor but if you want to get a Red Sox beat the paraphernalia is. Go get a Devonshire it's not going outside anytime soon it's only got to increase in value you know you wanna be one of the first eases cook whose. Rocket that name on the back at Fenway this kid came. Nash yeah I can when he is not any probably still hasn't had a drink you know we looks like spoke here resident Troy O'Leary. Oh dude good car yet it looks like trail area big younger. Big younger brought what do these. Wonderful what if he's is illegitimate son of wild why we besmirching what if Troy O'Leary. After that amazing night he had against the Indians in 19991 out fatter and again that was supposed right that would eggs that would makes. Why they have I don't know what the free I was wrong zones in I'm the twisted mine I'm the guy who made the Reagan. Jerry Lewis Joker. Yeah. Anyway over the way get their odds are stacked directory from the yanks they have a five game lead head dog well be the home stretch let's hope we do not have. A September Katrina ache in a giant watery collapse. -- out of his mind definitely leave the judge tonight of course beacon of wage yeah Red Sox playing Cleveland trailer with that amazing game in 1999 there and I. There in the believe landfall was set at three and you better believe land that this might win one. But the best they got about my kids tonight it's. Baseball's on point. That would you think I said I've but to no one's dumped out on me but it dump numbers. Go ahead in the wide world the patriots because actual football that counts begins with has thrown from Susan. You like dude you're seventeen days away from NFL kickoff. Well Houston right to assume the folks in the last waning weeks of the summer while still here. Well in seventeen days the patriots begin the march in nineteen now. And of course Harry got taken every other insufferable bastard on the radio and across new England's like. What well the pats are always two in the pre season. That 27213. Loss Saturday night. In Houston was unacceptable. Who I've done they've played this they want a Super Bowl what got an Arab today have I mean really stop it's practice. He's a pretend games. They try out a couple of things. He's working out some pink stretches out there. He hit me is anyone legitimately. Comic yeah it's like us for the show that's gonna replace this one we're just warming up. On the table. Maybe of these right. Knowledge. They way out there what did look. Free and awesome Saturday united the pats work out some kinks and fired up for the season I Rex Burkhead of gimme Birkhead till I'm dead lol. That guy was our. Why don't make like other than you do that please it's. So we Birkhead grow. At duchess seventy yards and a touchdown he looked fast I love the way that Burke had moved around is all slippery oil but what. What is on his knees during the game. Good the other guy gets tackled play at Disney bad yet this is a running back and yet tackled. Do you think when he drinks being out there it is bit louder and that you. We're all gonna get fired. I'm glad you could make some guys they come they you know the assistance for the water that phase of human that allowed him to swallow my share. You start it I did a fair enough I did. I wanna do. It's up whilst he's disgusted and here comes to our kid but I don't know. Do. Not much else to say about Saturday night mostly injury free Lance Roberts is okay was carted off with a rib injury but I think he's going to be fine long haul. Lots more about the patriots a few other Sox nods. And more but before we get going I've got some other therapists about it. I have looked we got what. Some are NFL news and why you gotta be pissed what I have to say about the commissioner who when we do sports again on the 6 o'clock hour but right here. There is. Audio proof. That you definitely do not want to draft O'Dell Beckham junior this year and you fantasy league. Go ahead and once again play my point that you. That means press the button that plays beyond that no I don't want my team the other respond and wonders why not take cues in command. Hey kid. Hello I need food. This. How allowing gays and look at. That's right O'Dell's Beckham junior stared at the freaking miracle. For like eighteen seconds and now he's that's is that the NFL an auto heroin darting like and there's ten drops weak ones I mean how. Act my god what do you think him now meant big black spot is not the son of all god who know he's gonna feel big bucks long they did the ball the only thing you're resident aliens that they're good man Blake did not reflected the anyone else and the wicked this is sports reporter county is dot com we've been doing by now and catch new pats video. As well as check out the hampers certain what thanks so much folks I'm sure the show be shut up by 6 PM anyway it's been fun daycare and.