Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - Practice Practice Practice

Thursday, July 27th

Fitzy stopped by again to bring you the latest wicked pissah sports news. This was the first day of New England Patriots training camp, so there was lots of football talk. He also checked in on a former Red Sox member since they had the day off. And Matty had a little bit of a hard time opening the segment.

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. Here's your old pal busy with a wicked this a sports report what they got a ticket sales jobs have been. On WI AEA yeah. The wickedness of sports reported. Brought you this hour by new balance visit the annual new balance factory store tends to sail. Chris stale Chris is not stale Chris sells on fire. To save thirty to do are you all right I'm having a stroke. Save thirty to fifty was up all styles now through July 30. Only at Brighton Lawrence and Avon locations it's that fine people at new balance I've got a mom right now. Nothing and possibly India is an audience Marty than playing in American television icon. Stroked out reading the New Year's countdown let's go to Dick up in the hood that you run what the hell is rob highlighted here. It and then would I you have in that I can only imagine just up to heaven they're rooting against you so avidly. And Ellis just like well we've got a seat ready by the demons attacked him in the movie that's right no doubt no doubt that you'll know that don't know. We've done to bonds on the new news. Now. Why would I possible. Why would I possibly do sports when it doesn't mean this place is just gonna be engulfed in flames. Let's do a list of Molotov cocktail countdown. So they're people they're people here right now that he's walking by this studio dislike. Just shake in the dam had like I don't know I have no idea why that as a target. Thanks for that also lead and I. They threw that awesome lead and if that's a month you hit him right off the I sure do. But never got. And that's bullets are today everyone. Night. Well it was a robust opening. Can't big Foxboro everybody didn't. What a crowd while Dunst is really network I'd. What are we talking about. Practice yes except malpractice name yeah oh yeah that's right out fast food. We tell malpractice. Yeah several mock practice we are talking might be gay now. Which shut them out. Yep and it was practiced the first practice of the 4017 professional football partisan season and sixteen. Thousand human beings showed up today to watch Brady. And company in shells insurance. Helmets and hand jobs. The first sighting of the Tony seventeen New England Patriots and I'll tell you what who would. On Brady was on I mean they're playing clips of a couple passes that Tom Brady made to grow up and it literally sounded like. I'm regular season football game the crowd here. Oh really well maybe it sounded a little setup thing. I like this. Yeah well. The FB Tom Brady and Brady with a little quick. First practice play action over the middle to LeBron can Nader in the back at the end zone perfect touchdown hot taken my mind. Well please by all means nothing Girardi brought so much to the sports report tonight please. If you that excited and attending a pre season. Game might wanna read prior to us. Really what it may be go someplace else to do stroke jokes on the radio. You heartless son of a bitch. I understand you know it is it less GM okay I maybe can we get a group ruling a grueling in the air right now. If you're not gonna go to paths pre season if not gonna go to pats practice. And you don't have. A shot like that you don't have a child do you lefty right that you can claim as your own or you're not babysitting manes that are. Don't be if he shouldn't be there really if you're like I grew a full grown adult birds and night. And what's your part of the media if you're not media or a nanny or dad or mom or said child is actually on the field. Maybe you're the parent one parent are funny parent done yeah. Media. For a nanny. Mother father cousin or outside you'd draw revenue from that. You well I think I don't want any of those you know what I don't want because they're all the autograph guys they're all I. Picking up may explain about your ground decide this mini helmet and then they'll go sell out front and that he likes her on the corner. But to have a business meeting in area and you go home I've been fine maybe catch your breath now there dressed like your regular season they opened the gates at 915 in the gates that Helms deep AKA opening. The gates to practice and full Oxford they opened at 915 at 730 there were like 5000 people who line god they weren't handing out hundred dollar bills it wasn't like. Uphill hot Jim Irsay was just thrown hunt those around everyone could. I know. Insane isn't it. Yup I disagree. All hot take hot take can help NN Dave Hansen. People don't have a lot to be happy about these days and maybe the patriots training camp is the one thing to bring them a little bit of joy in life. Who will exist in Iraq why you looking at me he says that. But me and build a wall around Foxboro and Don junior was there are just hoping somebody would notice them. I'm gonna build a lot grounded into. It. Some quotes from today rock said the cheers for Tom Brady actually get louder. Every year and he said this is the loud as he's ever heard Tom Brady cheered him on the first practice. Before the pre season play in the thick smoke pot there which is great Malcolm buck was that he believes he. And Stephon Gilmore Girls are actually one of the NFL's best quarter do those and I do not disagree. And Rob Ninkovich on the subject of jobless Landry mouth enough that the Miami. Wall fans. Are actually gonna beat the patriots this year they're not afraid admin than their better football team every year Yanukovich AKA one of the fathers of the dolphins that we'll see what happens when we play. How logos bulletin board material anyone that's playing the pats may have a circled on this schedule every week we're getting everyone's best shot. Spoken like a true disciple of the hooded one. Every year the dolphins the team that looks good and they're going to be just finally they've caught up the AFC east every year I hear that smack talking for them every year. Underwhelming. Will put so much all of this big this season the you know the other three teams have then our division. But it made the necessary he'll do those moves to vehicle to challenge. With the title and drove in that particular note not used to be true to quit by November. We kick it away went speaking of people that should be arrested or at least checked into facilities that they can their team has a chance to knock the patriots up. How about defensive lineman Leonard Williams of the jets who said I honestly real human quote I think it's definitely realistic. That the jets could win the Super Bowl soon. I know how much talent we have on our team I think at this level it's not about who's the most talented. It's about who's the most together as a team in related news weather Williams has been checked into rehab facility and will miss the 2017 season and except. That lives statements this news Rex Ryan's that the bill will surprise a ton of people. That means they'll actually go three and thirteen not born twelve some. And news that probably won't put a smile on everyone's face the Sox are actually off tonight they're home against Kansas City tomorrow so hay while the Sox have an off day. Let's play some audio of a former Red Sox player do an awesome things while the Red Sox continue to flounder in the bullpen. Shuttle launches one deep to right field that it's there it's gone it's there. Is gone upward since it works not just shot off number one. What people are all Brian's from the third base position for Travis shot and then National League. Why there's not you the entire outfield for the Red Sox I don't think has thrown runs. Cloud that trade really worked out ourselves and react really did little pad nailed that one dumbo nailed it Travis job with an upper deck here well. The Red Sox literally have an upper deck of playing at their mom but hey I have break. Bright shiny Fenway souvenir over here everyone now hit patriot to back. Yes I got an end on an up note they are. I'll be back in the sixth like sports or what with all the same terrible jokes and piece of audio but just told differently so it sounds like actually did more work when I did. Fifty from Downey at its ETF line is social media as well who wouldn't this is sports report.