Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - Pats Bid Ninkovich Farewell

Monday, July 31st

Our ol' pal Fitzy is back with his 'Wicked Pissah Sports Report' and today it is all about the Patriots saying farewell to their beloved team mate Rob Ninkovich and what the future may hold for the Pat's.

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. I guess are always online and on your schedule WA AF. Here's your old pal busy with the weakened this a sports report what Annika defeats and they've just been signed on WI AEA yeah. Fitness and sports reporter. Lux auto block no matter your financial status you'll get approved on site guaranteed. This month. If your credit Sox. For you make the big bucks still go to mocks roots when he and Auburn locks on a plus dot com looks auto plus. Dot com. This sort of just taken as an opportunity. Playoffs and two world championships the best food I've played for the best coach in the history of the game the best team my best team we've my teammates here's support me. Jewels Olivia a love everybody in here. That's right folks what they have favored patriots 21 century. Maybe all time division. Has this big game farewell idea idea house on top of mind and body intact at his Larry Bird age. We need to those super balls Intel. That's right. My value as the guy that I loved them referred to as Ninkovich sack advance. Rob Ninkovich or ties at the age of 33. And I love the continuity of Ninkovich is Korea. Mike Vrabel comes in late 2001. To 2008. Much interceptions fumbles recovered 48 sacks in his career. Couple touchdowns of course defense that got the post season Rob Ninkovich almost identical stats 46 sacks five interceptions a bunch of clutch. Post season interceptions and fumble recovery himself as well with the same number of what the same spot. The patriots basically for sixteen years had a player coach. Would awesome instincts an amazing clutch plays on the field coming from the same defensive end position. Ninkovich who was free in awesome man I'm such a fan of his. And you know what written this team watching the patriots went civil balls got biggest basins in the AFC championship every free media that he played for the pats. This team. Ninkovich said it best it's now like every dream come true there. Any closing. Everybody out there with a dream if you have a dream this. Give it your best effort did everything. If you do that you did if you and I have so that takes steroids. If you're saying we have no idea what the substance was for all we know he took one for the team. Maybe maybe you know it was like a sympathy pregnancy may be without four games Brady was right. Because he felt bad for Tommy kept him company yes he would GMC wedding you know he's a victim of their mislabeling. They're creating models. DNC generally nobody counts in the case. About this. According to my now that patriots SP 49 on the tweet box yeah there's only four players in the last twenty years with 46 plus sacks in the Korea. Fourteen plus fumbles recovered. Twelve plus forced fumbles and at least five interceptions who they are. Sheriff 51 ballot hall of fame Jared Allen. Sure fire first ballot hall of Famer Julius Peppers. Sure fire first ballot hall of fame and Jason Taylor. And Rob Ninkovich had some good company about that not surprising the whenever everyone's like and you give that he was overrated and I didn't make ways when it. Body of work pretty Reagan impressive numbers don't lie. Hips don't lie now they don't women do wow but numbers don't tease that's even announced and people value money. They also lives through the out and you know surprisingly Greeks. The great women and people that I owe you money but numbers do not lie and Al valve a career predicament and I group look. The pats at trade allows one of the rise these guys on this defense in the NFL the defense that position just Boston crushed in suitable 51. They got Colin Healy coming in on a huge. Free agency and I think he's going to be a beast they drafted a couple of young defensive end as well. So seem like the right time turning to get out of it felt like the game was getting a little fast GAAP and may be the aches and pains were catching up you know what that the rest these guys definitely gonna go into. Broadcaster mainstream yet somehow great looking dude. Speaks super well absolutely awesome awesome and the pictured him in Brady Hagen and Brady. Look at Adam and I'm like wow Brady is like seven years older than him and he's still playing and highlight the high level he's playing. The best in his position I'll never understand how Tom Brady works. But I will always be a huge fan of Rob Ninkovich weld done rather and now. Football related news Sports Illustrated that the patriots pre season odds. I so ridiculous off the charts they shouldn't even count I could not agree more Vegas basically had the winning everything. And they don't do that will begin on September 7 in Foxborough on Thursday that football to pick up game. When. NFL commissioner and professional whose whistle Roger Goodell will in fact be in attendance and box Ralph. Where they get a land the plane Raja. And how value got to get the Foxboro you wanna talk about that next year out good luck getting down there that night half you meet Juan. I know this isn't appropriate for me to bring up and this isn't Monday's putts segment. But there was a blank tournament this weekend and the screams of fire Goodell after every shot where constant spectacular. That could love it enough. All right and the rest are wide world of sports the Red Sox traded with the Mets and got rid lay back Addison reed to shore up their bullpen woes. Has closed multiple times before with the Mets would Diamondbacks among others should definitely. Q a some of the Red Sox bullpen was what would Thornburgh in the Smith and now Joseph Kelly out here's the million dollar question getting hit and how does he feel about actively. Austrian team Sox lost yesterday to BA's all they do is lose two out of three everyone's since the all star break yankees are in first place. And they not only get Todd Frazier played third base of course the Red Sox got a lot of Nunez hit two home runs Saturday night and then nineteenth for in extra inning game in July. The Yankees got Sonny gray from the days so book your right now on the Sox fan but I'm Tanya. Put your money down yankees Dodgers World Series oh. A big hit a World Series going to be great World Series Red Sox are gonna knock on that anytime soon. I stayed a World Series Bachmann got a World Series ring from the count Tony sixteen off you doubt frustrated from Texas to. I guess that's why set it Dodgers yanks in the series. LA got the point 18 Olympics can't wait to not watch that and finally happy tenth anniversary. To an incredibly important day in Boston sports history when Danny Ainge pulled out the best 741 trade Addai. Yeah. Memo that then I'll tell it's gonna kind of so remember the best. It's nobody Guidant tingles right up in the bid you know lot. I think governor have to go all eat a box that she's it's crush tonight VA and then claimed the lives in his honor while. That's disturbing part we'll talk again soon and by soon I mean tomorrow this is bit deeper dot that that PGA apply new social where there was the principal.