Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - Opening Day

Monday, April 3rd

Everybody's in the baseball spirit because it's opening day! How does Fitzy think the old ball club will do this year?

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We talked Indians 37. Podcasts are always online and on your schedule it WA AF and. Do you use your old pal big Z with a weakened this a sports reporter wanted to definitively. Jobs have been. On WA EA yeah. He and that's right everybody. Why Arap not gloves and everybody we're gonna go away because. Red Sox know what I'll chant. Did decency. Go in one note today that these no Pittsburg pirates in open water or at. These Fenway Park whatever the U wanna call it. Five the three and what a game. Granted it is got a weird to see the Red Sox kick things off on an opening day without big Bobby for the first time in fourteen years like. We like seeing your dad with a knife had juror I came our senior mom with a new boyfriend while who may or may not have an iPad two using came. It was that kind of weird minutes on the Red Sox win. It's a good time and Boston. And what a day it was earlier today Tom radian Negron in mister Kraft and Dion in. Sweet feet take in the field Karrie in the law bodies Brady fives in the first pitch. Ron takes his Jersey they. Roll around in the grass and haven't rocking to remember. Gloria I'm. And then they game actually began and I checked out but that's that would tell me there it's box 15 victory now it was Dotson. As Slick Rick have pretty Ricky is they column reckless delegates though when. And you banning candy gets that three run Jack and all is right in the world so we'll look forward to see in the Red Sox play meaningful baseball in October 50 were you a little worried when I was as Iowa as an aside Tom Brady tackling Rhonda and I like that I don't want him tackling anybody now we all know that wasn't the real Tom Brady Robert Kraft is paid billions of dollars to have robots cyborg Tom Brady's available to him from public appearance perfect totally fine. Now like nick my partner as a rubber Tom Brady thousands apartment he doesn't. And that's strange that one of those real balls blow up Tom Brady he uses now. Did you think that's part of about that death at teams kind of perverse. The heavy accusation to make on the radio without having any facts to back it up there aren't in the bags. And I know England patriots dive it is running back Adrian Peterson was reportedly in town to visit the patriots bring their kids. And we'll leave town without a deal. I'm sure Peterson himself wanted to deal but. Lord knows by the patriots didn't sign I'm not that I'm saying and Florida mean mixed emotions Friday to you at one of the greatest running backs of all time counted down but he definitely is in the Dan Duquette labeled twilight of his career. Oh and also there's all the baggage of him being jackass who whipped his kid in the nuts years ago and no one really wants him around so. I'd prefer if that is one of those kind of tricks that they did because they wanna try to get ugly hair blonde to sign his deal and not go elsewhere. You know that's fine I'd rather keep the blunt force from around because that's the kind of trauma I'd prefer not the kind inflict on you right there right before he started saying you know out there. A low and they got to get who cares. Someone said this wasn't my line out and boomer someone said. You know we are freaked out when we when we saw the tape of rewrites punching his girl on the elevator right when you see it does. Magic is sock tape. A major infusion of Lewis and don't tell yourself that comes and do yourself no favors at all do not do the Internet deep that you can find some photos I think a really gone anti script don't have a lot of good because then I I I don't I don't think you and I'd rather you in the yard jazz grimy you know there's the actual running back for the patriots this comment yet. I'm going to be business with the switch them off. And deservedly so the patriots at this point now mean the last thing you need coming off of that wind. Is to just bring in now that magnet for our discontent and unlike the ability in that town as well and then that. How much to weigh the patriots will go through the rule and a guy like that as it is I'm kind of enjoying my Super Bowl 51 and suffer ability as is. And I think everyone is cool with the leave us alone for a little while because of the fact the team looks awesome and they had the greatest movable comeback of all time we have got some new as well give a pocket about. The Bruins black box down the bees one rated Joey Cheek go yesterday told I was a huge win and and it's on could all men who I think is named after the tractor company that always advertises on the Sports Radio station mature 41 saves when the wind yesterday basically kind of almost not totally locked in the kind of put this bruins' playoff berth on lockdown which means. We are going to be CN celtics' playoff action in bruins' playoff action. In April with the Red Sox obviously just basically don't through the motions on their way to the World Series and you know. And the NFL draft is at the end of the month. I mean look at it. He had a sunny Celtics win ruins when the sun is shining Disney are everywhere people having sex Tom Brady. The best time to be alive or do anything at all and then free sausage coming up sauce is guy just arrived at that's phenomenal I've never looked forward to complementing a man and his meat is based voice in my life yet that in my mouth this Celtics they've put a beat down on the connect a blockage yes they want to and 94 they owe the cavs Wednesday night. In thunder dom and that pretty much is going to be for the east and all of my guy it is PDF by Aaron I cannot wait. The final four tonight at Carolina vs Gonzaga inside is a fake name for a school but at least they have people that play for them. It should be fun if it's not a wins Iowa and 500 bucks and so Sackett North Carolina now. Of course everyone is still talking about the UConn women lose in for the first time and a 111 games Friday night in the ladies' final four. Witness to be stated that over time little tear drop shot in the as the odds on about it as orderly pretty monumental what has some breaking news coming from the UConn women losing on Friday night. Yep the UConn women's basketball team has been disbanded. And all the women have been sold into sex slavery watts and coach geno are a lot now is now gonna pursue careers of professional poker player don't think it's all I've read all these things on the value sure absolutely. He could look at that haven't have spies look at my that there was. I'm Patrick Ewing will be the next guy it's tragic what really happened at the same time they had a good run through Patrick Ewing is the new coach of Georgetown. I'm watching a press conference within but it was interrupted by OJ and AC cowlings. In the light from Boston to call back the next the united floor flat out. And finally the NHL not participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics in China. Which sucks because most people love seeing all the NHL players and other international teams that's like one of the best buy to the wintertime Olympics right why hasn't some of Stalin than. One web. People like watching NHL players. Play like internationally go from the Bruins to the king are you out that event free zone do you not a racist. I agree with that guy. Then he's got a nice voice will they easily now I in his statement released earlier today NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said. That that fans really like when the players play on the international teams so. He just put us not to because he knew that hockey fan like me so. Because what an idiot god just in the NHL finally picks ups of her element of people happy with the sport argument that there they go because the owners can't make money doing it well you know what that we're the ones who pump all the money into the damn sport in the first place and they should actually lettuce enjoyed you know what no sausage for you Gary Bettman you meet whistle. I didn't edges that we re doing. What what are you doing it's staged at the musica. You're done. Outer carton. If you. Your sweet talk about we don't live storing your sport it's cricket masters week. If the beginning of spring it's the one thing even not got a look at our do you. What did you leave it up. While that's weird leave it to a six foot three white guy New England a freak out about the masters right. Anyway with the most awkward finale in all of frequency modulated Sports Radio this is fifty from touted the dot com. Red Sox win now let's comfortably transition to a song masters week. Yeah is this song about someone being dead and buried in the is that what you can do to may have found that to the masses every three days a week. You give me them who got the wild and special. A suitable for our massive breakdown every day for the rest clearly. While on jumped on the that I really Adrian Peterson that's fine. Been expecting fifty.