Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sport's Report - No Russia With Love

Tuesday, December 5th

Russia has officially been banned from the Olympics due to steroid use by their athletes! 


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Here's your old pal busy with a weakened this a sports report what I expected today. Announced. On WI AEA yeah. Sports and more. Then there. Bill wicket but he's a gifted artist brought to you by like Otto was. Christmas is on locks auto plus whether or not your credit sucks. Or you make the big box locks will get you in your winter truck reporting an Auburn looks all of us dot com that's what's auto plus. Dot com apps. Post by nature. Thank you. Don't quite a back not she had. We'll play that kind of Harang and you can. Dom dom got done. You move. Ball on these. A man carrying. Because you'd. Road. All love you. The news. Lucci lie it is in the avalanche and now you can de involved with the mood in news. And. I don't know if that's the language they speak or that's Russian forces are you got Karachi and but. The country of Delta's stand. Russia not I sat has been banned from competing in the jag. Now I'm getting the object. South Korea. February 2008 team. That Winter Olympics. Sorry. You got blasted. You you know Augusta golf left to paint me installed via the rush just steroids they. You cool. From the sitting in that this is just. Douse him. Jobs. It should surprise absolutely nobody that women don't mean that women I mean like the you know that's what they think girls in the Russian Carly team. Look like forget American Gladiators forgot that this keeps happening why is surprised. And Dwight fourteen. There in the Bob Costas pig guy explosion in Sochi for God's sakes. There are kept talking about with the fact that Russia was just all cute stuff I'm showed Putin himself was coming around feed them. Cheerios lays with the HGH in. It's been in blighted centrifuges. All these host nations around the world basically this point now I just jacking up their athletes whenever they house I mean. Or in the case giant that is these and other athletes did they not see Iraqi war. And that's where you go this there's no easy way out now there's no shortcut on me. There and and him no. Yet now all Russian now of course the athletes will be allowed to compete. Russian athletes who test clean. Can't compete. They will have to compete for the nation of I'm from nowhere Stan. They can't name literally have to be from like a neutral site through it literally say like. And now. I've cranes chaired. So lucky. From the nation of no I literally just like I'm from no way you can actually even have a host nation. We're military about rusty soccer laugh nothing no. That's got to suck. Imagine if you're one of those guys who's train your whole life like. Just round it down jobs. Sickle and hammer. Do ground Nady and then all of a sudden you like. Site because you do this it like. Did that by athletes do drugs while mean. You have always by the way have you ever met a bisexual flatly. Would that be an interesting by apple on buyout fund as well they CD and shoot these teams shoot. There's got to be one right sure abide by you have. That's kinda homo erotic what if you purchase one then you'd be like that it takes on you by about bingo that need to say no. No that's what I do. Cameron held to higher Russia they would even gonna watch it eat oatmeal Winter Olympics I wouldn't do it in the past you know fun. It that I care top guys spins around me are there with John White Carrot Top yeah he shaved off. What I've yet these carrots can now awhile yeah paired bristles to participate. He does the guy he does those sick and eighties and sweet seventy ones had done what they call that the free board I do assume Alley. Nearly half yet you do us some sweet jobs if Dinkins spike dot soccer. Counts is doing when themselves have not yet sure. Nice to have you out there and just been a quick 900 that. The nine through the yeah now knows the limits right you have. Notes. Where was I. Speaking out here not invited under the guise watched that mangled Steelers game last night that was carnage awful. About as awful a football game as I remember watching the least I've enjoyed watching game. And that only partially has to do with the fact that the Bengals were up seventeen up and over team that has pats fan I would like to have seen lose. But instead the mangled did the most Cincinnati thing in the history of the angles and played the most among a terrific game. Pulled a seventeen at the lead on primetime national TV. In the process almost fatally injuring another player and the same time watching some of your own you cared often stretches. As the bundles Cincinnati ended up losing 218320. Who of free likes watching football where a guy's head hunting spear each other all night long. Do people care poured rain to people cared off on stretches about nineteen flags and a half. It's not it's not fun football I don't like it whatsoever and now GN am. Well as the online outrage last night for all the head hunted in the taught in the stand and over. Grant freaks out overreact to seven years of awful refereeing. Does is little doubt he'd have he'd move you at all well we'll not give up rog can mob blocked moron. Juju Smith shoes to last night launches himself head first into this other guy to be locked up for that name alone yeah. Then stands over Vontae is perfect was and I understand that guys active nobody's perfect tipped him. But now he gets to game two Allen sodas the safety. Georgia a logo a look at I had late meanwhile white men are able to silica. And that's on below got to do have been I would this that's what you do and I guess you could say where or what it Antonio browser awful games no fun. What an awful Monday night game I guess you could say for the Bengals though it was just another manic Monday. It was huge news with Houston student. Think any day you don't stop off ironic that give up my leg right now god. Think this is it they spinal contusion he okay then I think in that they may be able to transfer back to Pittsburgh bank today and tomorrow. That feeling will soon be restored. I'm not. Paralyzed and long term while I like you would yup I will feel a lot better about that joke. Okay tickled at those about a visit. Have mercy on homes. Josh McDaniels and asked about his potential interest and the New York Giants coaching job which should. Federal authority opened up after Mac deduce that Mac a five yesterday. He was Mecca doomed from the start right. Matt Daniels whether what I had to do with the with the big diss down there right now. There's a lot of potential interest in him or maybe even mad that Patricia coming down there for the head coaching job no I'm just interest to the dolphins right now sit mcdaniels that's where my focus is that and that's where it's gonna stay. Perfect patriots pilots well done buddy. The Celtics they wonder why no other don't want ten last night Carrie had 32 to mitigate the Greek pretty common in a drop in a forty spot. Jason Tatum had seventeen. That kid I don't know how they're able to see the basket of the fans can make it to the exit because Tatum it is shoot in the low lights of the road. Did you know that you probably didn't salt idea why bring in K did you forget now. Jason Tatum is now the NBA's leading three point shooter at 49 what they present his nineteen. What's the right metal we are out about freedom back and not one mark health faults yeah trust the age it's a process. Trust the process. And Tatum is on pace according to a guy from the globe Adam Hamels rock whose tweet I'm pretty much call up and read and for you right now but he does research and I just spew you stupidity. He is on pace to become the first rookie Evan averaged thirteen points five rebounds. And shoot better than 42% from three what that Rosie O it. Mom make it Alia rooks look that. You Celtics when he wanted to for the only loss that had the last month. You voiced divas went through. That's right and that's why I'm in a while I stink of nicked up by going to a game of the tackler travel ban gas travel ban them I don't wanna anyway there any of those stadium Missouri it is after and the Bruins. Now did so loved. They were down four and out then development got pulled them out of their laws by due to Nashville well Thursday against the coyotes 7 PM at the building formally known as the Fleetcenter. There again I'll be back in the states like out to do the exact same stories with the worst jokes. So stay tuned forever all right know the score on you guys hang on let him fly GF lives of bell bootsy competitors dugout with a wicked. Nuisance well this ticket the angles recorded manic Monday. The Bengals the Bengals. What sort touch and a baby right.