Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - Mookie's Home Run

Friday, August 10th

Fitzy brings you updates on the Patriots first pre-season game of the year and talks about those Red Sox!

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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always right and you schedule Delhi may. Yet may be footballers the here's your old pal busy with a wicked this a sports report why pick up repeatedly. And stop sign on WGM. Bracket by go Lamo mocking kid today they'll summer as far as I'm concerned which means it's still grilling season let's be honest it's always grown season. Head over to go Lamo stock up your Pat's body and pick up some dollars just killed last. Says a lot the twenty plus varieties. Act a lab knows here's your bag of new thank you 43 Milbury street and bluster and I'll last night the patriots get served a little bit of their own meat in a bag in the first half but the second half a couple of double ropes couple studs emerged from the ashes and showed themselves up real good. Their point across. Yeah that was Ralph Webb undrafted rookie free agent out of Vanderbilt 32 touchdowns in his collegiate career patriots first team. They have first team deal last night they went in seventeen not then toward the very end of the second quarter again it's practice it's pretend it's pre season football. I get it that's why I'm not too hyped up that's why there was a lot of whole lot hysteria. But. They look pretty terrible Ryan Moya. Boy that is trying to be more like hallway of the season destroy have Tom Brady. Tom Brady having its Erica let's be honest dude if Brady goes down. Hash tag Imus Jimmy who'll. But Belichick was pretty psyched about the fact that the patriots were able to. Drive and get a last second field goal at the end of the first happened make it seventeen to three here take it from by the coach. Yeah about 38 seconds a good football I am pretty happy. Mid season form. 38 seconds a good football that the new Iran to Cincinnati can I make your prediction go ahead and save this in the archives okay. Jimmy grew up below. Is going to end up being average. Leagues in the catch up to them that we're going to be just I think it's all much ado about not know. They give them each and it was a gorgeous 500 gorgeous talented. Handsome he's glass he's made of glass he played three plays that got hurt. Dude they're gonna go that violent entry cogdell Miami like Thanksgiving Turkey I am not in my mica I'd like Nortel company grossed Ecolab most. The ninth math class when Jimmie. Nine snaps he jumped the shark negated the porn star. Brady of course. Sit on the sidelines last night not traditionally never plays in the first game is no need no reason to allow. But then Jim McBride of the Boston Globe tweets out that he or Brady definitely wasn't gonna play. Because of course he had a sore back. I have a sore back to a plan to carry that freaking team for fifteen years came to the Super Bowl last year and almost break in when it all by myself. Shoes. The mother people who stepped up and show they wanna be a long term answer to the major problems running back Jeremy held. The loss of way the offseason some nice blocks a couple of shed tack with some decent runs and hostels. Defenders like Derek Grimm is getting his first actual game action after a torn ACL in the pre season last year. Majoring Claiborne defensive end free agent out of Atlanta cumin and planned a little hustle and the muscle as well. People who did not necessarily showcase push show good effort after you know a reasonable pre season so far yikes. My guys said Hoya book. Kyle van noise prevent knowing what to the first team defense gets picked apart by Colt McCoy. Colt McCoy vs Bergen Brian Hoya while they my guess what the pre season tickets arrived cost. So to have season to get we gotta pay 400 bucks to go watch the fantasy waiver wire bowl lawyer of course is McCoy. Two days they potential girl that far who'd like to date Matty Blake or Colt McCoy. That name ridiculously couldn't get married because like 22 but he's already millions. Hash tag meat to. Now about that Tom Brady restructure. Is deal raking at five extra million bucks. On incentives right. People like Blige just payments Tom Brady you had a lot of bargain for his entire career. Is this story this whatever is what I got from Albert Brea. Patriots quarterback Tom ray's revise the eyes 51 million dollar tree is or eighteen. I'd be 2008 did you welcome. Top driving QB rating top five in completion percentage drop five yards per attempt up five and TD passes top five in passing yards. Zack Cox that his last name from NASA into waited out. Brady is finished top five in all five of those categories just three times it is Korea. 20072011. And last season what's in common about all three of those seasons. 0711. And seventeen. All three seasons. Days. Lots. Of blood blood bill tool of all right. That's not all I don't know your mouth I was trying to make you sound half educated on this subject didn't it win. So regional lit some moderate commitment you know and files and now you don't want rated obviously reached. All these incentives to let you guys just beat the film the same pattern. And two of those three on the NDP I did not cooperate it would MVP this year I do not want to get all those incentives he's got plenty of money as it is he needs he's one of those guys. Who needs to have things Ronnie needs an edge he needs something to be angry about. Right if everything's going to well he coasted he's a little angry about some of the sums wrong good the better that's not get a receivers MB pissed off about it the one dominant. We'll know more about these pats next week when they play a pre season game. Against the Eagles. I know don't let it get it delegates it mean c'mon who's gonna come back it'll it'll trigger a lot of pats fans that. They need this team is definitely in need some time the defense and have devolved they're stacked on the O line. The receivers are gonna have to sort themselves out especially considering elements out for the four games with people like the backs people like the tight ends. Now last night. There was another Boston team plan. And it sucks because they lost but I play as someone did something. Kids on why do milky vets is gonna win MVP he's already got Jumbo dog Martinez on his demon that guys are going to be because he may win the Triple Crown. He hits. But the frigates cycle with a dawn with a bomb against Toronto they'll lost 757 wasn't exactly the best game reports LO follows up asthmatics like effort against the Yankees. For the national guy average fire against Toronto. What do halves tonight they're back in Baltimore against the AAA Orioles naked evolve The Who has looked like Nathan's Cy Young. Going up against Dylan Bundy. Course from the family of serial killers David Price pitches tomorrow and then Sunday to be announced. Monday wrapping up the four game all actually at the doubleheader they go. Double letter on Saturday Chris Sale returns. To pitch on Sunday Prius socks I cannot wait to watch some baseball this weekend and finally. Gordon Hayward is getting out there was CN lots of things that they were he's train and brand. It is vitamins do audio Hulk Hogan thinks he's also a big game and hopefully he doesn't get ready for a night finger like David Price from. Last night he was on twitch and he put it out to his fans and friends he was playing the forward and I went online. A new chance they could maybe do permit the garden this year at this one great Seattle but I'll be honest. If any of you guys are gonna go to the games at TD garden. You gotta get it daddy's always happy chant go and that would be awesome. You don't really need an uncle who need to be out you doubt me that would be cut. Many syllables and a snuff film what the hell's going on I was someone else talking to him on the switch which creep me out but like god daddy's always happy Saturday we'll go our way to have the hells yeah I always had me. And awkward and be paid for that that's gross. Like I stumbled across daddy's always happy when I got into my old man's VHS collection years ago I would tell you what. Daddy was happy in the kitchen daddy was happening. But the massage violent. That he was happy with some of his own family members why. And they go I am not printing up dead he's always happy shirts now I will however where meet to share yep all right. We'll talk to is that about a week and have everyone have a great weekend. Go ask yourselves to your old outfits that fit TG FY would your work your business sports they fits the I know that we just got a text of Bill Belichick he says we've been on the air since three is now six you guys have done 38 seconds of good radio.