Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - Matt Damon comments on Gronk

Thursday, December 7th

Gronk is out for one game because of his late hit last week, and Matt Damon had something to say!


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Here's your old pal busy with a wicked this a sports report what it takes a I'll stop. On W me just clarify Bill Cosby was saying that later in just a few minutes we're gonna do throwback Thursday but now Sampras was still 'cause he's making out with the Carville guy yeah. Now Christmas a lot of luck Otto blouse. Whether or not your credit Sox. Or you make the big bucks locks we'll get you in your winter trucks. Route 21 in Auburn locks auto plus dot com let's looks auto plus dot com. Well once again. I love you Isiah Thomas. The thing is. It is yeah sorry. I mean sorry not sorry right yet we still on this art that's very phase are we pass this aren't that's our days of when not even just don't even have to worry about the and not sorry no sorry itself it just is what it is because the seller to bring in 22 and four right now Don I've moved on dot org. No through this and move on the note no even need to like like the science much enough that no. Wow we'll move on mount. All move on that was my favorite Tom Petty album American girl pulls you brought up when a guy with the girls can just shut it off I loved IT there was a time when I loved him. I still true I cried and we made love. But now I just look at him like he's another one of my deals. Got that song referenced in my friend. Taylor calls one to finish fourth I think a good. And AM. A little. Romeo and you guys that illustrates why that. I don't even I can't even begin I wouldn't even know way to go. I I don't know even know how many minutes going that would pay to not hear that again but as long as I don't have to that I did before Celtics last night. Knocked off the mavs the mavs like the worst of the west but surprisingly. Derek in the boys maybe it's Mark Cuban in the fact he's a big political and invest in our lap. They play the seas pretty well Carrie put him on the back in his like I get this done. Jimenez bring in little. They'll face mask there. Israel Phantom of the Opera there he added that the guy in the Celek finished five game homestand. Floyd one dude not through shabby rate there on the road for the next 31 in the east what a beast. Tomorrow night who it's going to be a tough one and you know poppy is gonna have his boys rested and ready for our Friday night till the arena out Celtics at this Mars. 930. Sunday they get to seek revenge against the pistons. Who did who did just that name on the Celtics if you expect when you and the gang went there that's and then Monday night yelled back as that tough road trip Friday in San and then Sunday in Detroit my and then Monday night opposite the pats. At the ball's in the ball's constantly out the bulls really via. That's what I say they go to one. I'll be great if they did that I think they're going to kill the pistons. And really distance a long way to any points on them at home they were tired not ready to play I think going to be pit stop going and it's. Buried the pistons Seattle and I say they lose the first month San Antonio is a tough analysts tell anyone that's all they like road only like enormous armies of Mexicans went in San Antonio but it also depends who popped plays sometimes he gives guys and guys is not going to be one of Popovich is night and he's too busy being angry at the president right. This it is guys and not pay attention now that the sellers have been. I did the patriots who log on to Miami. Brady missed practice yesterday and today that normally that would be cause for concern if there are planned a Sunday till however this is a Monday night at the moved. Man and and. Mean he ain't so this is Brady gets an extra day arrests what for all they hits that he took up in buffalo on Sunday and all the sex objects thrown his way. Extra day rest nice move pro move their restive ago. They'll be fine. Today is why continues to blasted bitch about rock in the cheap shot against suspended for a day are right lighten up Francis I mean. He's got a concussion protocol at this point here okay he said that grant could have broken his neck please well. He kind of could've actually maybe in light of the fact that boy arranges and now all listen. Everybody knows it was a terrible horrible dude it's so bad. It's so bad. Is literally eating too literally. Now what do weighing over there and if there really an Alley cat. Jesus. It's so bad even one of his biggest bands. Said he deserved what he got. I meant I made good to Syria Heidi meg growth suspension was bad Frontline guy. Probably again you can sell another pretty bad night and he it's been contacted many neither fair plan these great. Well as on the Apollo I don't know ideology and mode of picked up the district where we DMZ a good job all my bag guys might get a girl I was named tiger understand that would be an awesome TV show by the way on the blanket do I think image change that. That patriots FaceBook live show I do do get a growth. You have to. You know watching get a ground. Actually that's that's what you say to a young lady at do you have a one night stand. Instead wake up the next morning okay broke with him cry like he had a spiky. Get it. And I and I adding and I met today. That was a bad hit that's what's the anyway long story short course generally lineup that he's got a bad round alright guys a great guy a mistake that I punched him in the arm this morning and sooner than earlier in the show ahead also the that that that's I mean everyone. Should be on you know not as they pins and needles would be more cautious because Ryan cheesy of the Steelers linebacker right whose body was low I have went prone the other night that lawful Cincinnati. Pittsburgh Monday Night Football affair. He had spinal. Spinal supporting their coloring now he didn't know that nobody going. I he had spinal stabilization surgery room and the Steelers are still completely mum and silent on whether or not he can even feel a little move his legs so we don't know if we talk -- sorry there's no much like he's not gonna play the rest of this year here may very well not play football again and let's hope and pray that the Borg I can walk again because that series that was scary. The. Own its. The black and gold. And man and management. Yeah NN NN NN NN. Let's go amazed that I inaction against the Arizona coyotes I love the fact that the coyotes organization was like. I don't really into hockey out here in Phoenix was just name them after the Allstate. Not a hockey friendly state that has 120 degree temperatures in the summer and not. Saved my. I know it's 85 in the winter but a lot of noise K that make this team will do well. They are doing well I would give its Vegas or Vegas may become. There's one in non Nashville pretty warm there right. Yet is there into the cup last year I yeah. The Nebraska Katie he's back in action for the Bruins tonight 7 o'clock building formally known as the job of Saturn finally tonight. On the CBS sports network if we need to get about Jack fix. Make she attended 9 o'clock with a ballot check legacy. I don't even know what they do that show all I know the show's called the Belichick legacy and it's got the but he talking about how awesome he is and why. So do it in that that. And then eat a big bag. Leo thank you bit it going to go home all right that's it for me fifty sports. That it going.