Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - The Manly Fister

Wednesday, September 13th

Our ol' pal Fitzy wafts into the studio, bursting with local sports news. Today he talks up tonight's Sox game and how the Pats are poised to dominate the rest of their season!


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. Here's your old pal big Z with a wicked this just sports report what they got a taste of this. Stupid. On WI AEA yeah. What did miss a sport to sport is brought to about the fine folks and I love Boston sports dot com I'm wearing one of their search right now just go to I love Boston sports talk loan that's right where most. Is obviously. Follow mom that's where it is at Boston sports go it's I love Boston sports dot com. Jack me at the Fenway is tonight where my love Boston sports Jerry. Bears which is what I say to people in place the jazz and also what I'll be consuming several of their in the cause of tonight's action speaking a wedge. Tonight their Red Sox vs the athletics. Sox are of course. Four up on this gags where they stand to go. The Yankees have played a little series that they moved up from the Florida after the arm action. And they and their plan like us that Mike got a neutral site a neutral site as surrogate field. Where is do you know cities six miles away yet offering in six miles away now of course you can take the subway case and now on have to get there right but it six miles away at six miles away wow. Well what row wow what I knew what a neutral site a give me a free and break that's totally what it did well by MLB to give this guy makes an extra three away home games homo ways. Before. We go out and independent clinics go to Detroit now we're taking him to Detroit and I'm. But will not be my last Kentucky fried movie reference there in this is what's cast. No I mean like they had Chicago available for them but then MLB is that all whoa all it's the winner of hotel rooms right. Gap right now enough hotel rooms in Chicago. Second biggest city in America not enough hotel rooms but if they could've played it Baltimore. And then Freddie grace that now man. Emotionally shaken. She we're Chicago DC mayor very inappropriate. When police. That reference I made I apologize I missed it. I guess period that burn that it demands like usual awkward even if even. That's a little much data to improve on what that body had a question what he's done much Chicago based Rogers DC where. Jordan's beat out the first pitch at the cubbies game yesterday because the PGA's and no I didn't and also I don't care and nobody knew. Yeah nobody nobody cared I mean that's right people flat but nobody first video on YouTube to get negative views but it. And actually has a minus seventeen views on YouTube a couple of guys that they could you about that there I don't even need to stick it to think Geek Squad at a phone was ringing off the clock. Got picked this up I do not watching golfer's throw baseballs so okay there's is a national treasure. Please can you spell his last name he's like Nick Cage but sounds like so they somebody sent a drunk person says like you can't even speak my sentence these. Tonight LB. Of course heralded. Pitching person juror L cotton. Sodom Sharell kneel before a fist there that's right it's Doug Fister going for the Sox. That guy has been an absolute gem and what. Of Reagan. Pick up money considering. What one man's trash is another man's treasure that that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and had no interest in them and and the Sox pick him up. David Price in his elbow giant in his black bitch in ways can't get back on the field so Doug Fister is got to man up that's right. The old manly fisted a step straight up and get the job done for the Sox that guy's been lights out. Better watch out when the lights go out move Oakland you get the Afghanistan. It's too easy I'm how do you. That. Although it how about when his kids introduce him is like I am mister Fister. I don't know how this place is in line with the Emmys or whatever they give you radio people Marconi as they go. I think I don't know I sneered it's news by Tony five I don't know how this plays is that lined them if we can learn. Thinking back. How about uploaded about it Doug has a sibling of course this is the old system instant. Go back. We brought music from. I think. They would just write music and I. I was afraid music now. Couple. I could make several more inappropriate jokes based around that will not advocate who. Question Rick patriots it's Wednesday we're on to New Orleans Sunday 1 o'clock. From the Mercedes-Benz doll and Nolan. Patriots favored by seven points with a overrun there are 55. I'm a tell you have right now I would saying that like it drama I would saying that like the last. Person available at 130. Lights on last call I would all day every day 55 you need to make something up. He hurt my Craig carton for a couple Mel. Boom right there that's about it that's not that's where the first half that ring guys should do with the 261 dollars in write that. Put it on the oval I think like you can go and you can mean the F in the middle is gonna stand for something else you fake ring guy. They stand what side we have coming up next like that and I Twisted Sister. The word of the day is fluff Kimi this. I do. The patriots have signed cornerback Ryan Lewis an undrafted free agent who played college ball Pittsburgh. I'm only letting you know that because I read some place and I didn't care as much as you just didn't wanna tell that to you a few minutes ago. Another sporting news Paris gets that 20/20 four Summer Olympics. I guess maybe smoking and being a boost that will be. Of vision of those small and medium and I notice by the way Jimmy you know this into what he Tony what they're actually consider. There's actual consideration of being given. Do these sports. Being. An Olympic sport literally people sitting down and planned for in video games so all those times when my parents you know I don't know it was my time. I definitely trained to be in Olympia Olympia good. Is that unbelievable. Yeah man what it would which what's going to be the first one. Madden Mario pawn Mario got yeah that's it's going to be combat dogs can't believe. Plaque attack pitfall. The acts I've just try to think of every Activision catcher dale and had a Tony 600 fry under control product shots. Awesome for stupid broad which greatly arcade it's not that well. Right sucked and that's exactly right all right I'm right like did you try to play joust the one where it's like ride this ostrich across these platforms and in the arcade it was good but authentic but robo Tron awesome in the arcade hit it in a meat was a little. LA will be getting the points when he Olympics but at that point. The West Coast will be all blown up thanks North Korea so it doesn't matter. No question about that right yeah and the other way and I'll bring a right repurchase those when he twentieth Olympic tickets yet not so bad. Thought they were everyone's going to be an all those rams and chargers game you know the charge have a home game this weekend. And it's being played at a soccer pitch soccer stadium soccer field. Boring either way soccer this yes right. I don't know if they're gonna sell out who. Like the rams play at the coliseum and they were like 40000 empty seats on the political programme that put the colts. And there's no place to go appreciate it's like nineteen bucks for bottled water yet but can you imagine if the chargers moved. Temporary charges field the soccer pitch. Is waiting for that new LA stadium in Inglewood or wherever like that little place with the lasers is going to be yet irony can't even sell that has bad tickets were for blacks. To see rams colts at four dollars on the another hub after the ball I don't know about that's with that's where it's spears goes every night. But there's a little media that's his favorite porn site yeah. When you and your friends get together he has that little stuff. Tickets you have never done this before during waves were to work I just ask me if I happen finish. Don't know I just need to tell on that real quick. Jeremy Jeremy you in Dublin like Ireland. But look there are out unless I animal out there right now again dug ourselves we'll get Cuban hang on the line of anybody. Now I I love talking to any guys that. Named after its Dublin on the thinks I was a real problem Ireland Sony makes I got to that's as you call screener is now reality you Hoffman paid back there he just changes Douglas. Yeah of course it ready for guys did. God is at stake. That's a that's all you need to hell be back at 630 with the same news actually done worse or Betsy touted as a wicket that this report.