Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - Live From Matty & Nick's Live Broadcast!

Friday, May 19th

Your pal Fitzy hitched a ride with Matty & Nick down to Gilllete Stadium to give his report at their pre-concert live broadcast to share what The Celtic's must do to overcome The Cavaliers. However, Metallica may also be on his mind...


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We can't Virginians 37 W fans podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. On notes too quiet in here splits Ville how the I don't know I. Are horrors of us feel give us. It's Matty in the heck can you know earlier I was talking about. How we have not just a great. Concert tonight legendary concert tonight we have a huge what could be a huge sporting event in the city of Boston. That beat the Celtics play tonight and we start talking sports. You know there's only one person that we wanna bring up and you know. Use your old now they see with that we did this a sports report what hit them. Most have been signed on WBA yeah. We could this has worked hard watching this hour five vendors looking for the right vehicle the right price right now and visit lenders on granite street Worcester. Lenders I and seed. Dot com what's up you meet wants that Metallica that's how we feel it tonight. Along so much about. She got out. All right and on our Metallica at Gillette Stadium that's on radio hard rock and metal bands playing at Tom Brady's house or maybe you could say that Tom Brady is the Metallica quarterbacks. Here is that all the televised version of the witnesses sports reported it begins with the whole page. The cavaliers a look at this seek and destroy the Celtics tonight in game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals at the bill that formally known as the shot that then having at least a blitzkrieg on the season game one. Will the Celtics be a block that the plane tonight. Knowing that creeping death is looming vs the cats. What led bobbled jotted James was a real harvester of sorrow or will someone step up and be they hear all this day highly doubtful again. This is bonus while people nothing else matters other than the Celtics given their best effort. Because phoning it in would go on for a give it. The cap that just better it's sad but true Cleveland will likely force them to fade to black but the battery on the Celtics is strong. Then not just some disposable heroes and their coaches are real master of puppets. The day at the Celtics beat the cavaliers could beat that day that never comes the but so long as there's a whiskey and the job will get through it together real people. Now on to the Celtics. I've turned the page at bombed an Oakland last night. Thankfully ace and stopper extraordinaire Chris sales on the hill tonight I would like nachos and let me tell you that guy is some kind of bots that. Seriously that guy is one bad mother on the mound you Greg they did in the bad as right elect and first pitch at 1005. It patriots news because I can't open my eyes and I've outlet to occupy Brady Tom Brady is now the pitchman for asked that mind yes the official Arab double 07. Is now the official ride the FBI won't be happy until it sleeps. In my driveway seriously did you see how it's that he looks leaned against that sweet ride that studio man as I've been there. It in my path means that that was at this ride you know. Snagged Brady bow wow and vitally emanates opens back ought to McGregor has applied for a boxing license at the bottom possibly bring it up. One step closer to the thing that should not be. A fight between Gavin Floyd money Mayweather. In this life by the very few things fuel fire and that which that is act. In this case that happens to be that fight so let's make it happen cat and find out Fo the bell tolls all right that's all that may let's go Celtics let's have a kick ass drive that it's not that. Tonight that happen. Coming up with a look at this sport of what god ever talk helped me get out of slap the smile off your face.