Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - Live Look Into The Texans Locker Room

Friday, September 22nd

Our old pal Fitzy previews this weekends Pats- Texans game but gets derailed when mother canucker Matty Blake gives us a listen in on Houston's locker room! 


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. I guess I'm always online and on your schedule as WA AF. Sports with yeah use your old pal big Z with a weakened this a sports report why pick of the day to day jobs have been. On WI AEA yeah. Boards with fits you rocky by lenders like looking for the right vehicle at the right. Price right now than this it lingers on granite street listener lenders ink. By and sees spell out. Dot com lenders I am CNN dot com. Purse but all anybody. First day on the job which is that copy you know what noon and you can stick around you felt I was so happy is the guy got the order a patient. That an announcement that read parts not a mystery I'd love it somewhere I can hear Maggie lake during get a Canadian BAA Eaton who team some lady's backside. Did you have to summon him really I know dude nice thick plot to Barack nick tell us something. Actually beetlejuice right now just don't pay to play safe when I. I'm just wondering if I take at least we built here. Just like. I got full frank Dravid for Linux guy and we'll have just make it can make it come out right now. It. Thought. Yeah. The whole lot of height it three minutes in this in this clout it. Mike Moore and I'm definitely played with gravy on French Fries that's where I stand if we're seeing. I heard and you the love of god. And actually that was live audio from the Houston Texas locker room because that celebrated the patriots on Sunday no mood with. That's right in case you guys go under and Sunday big game in Foxboro one in the pay the Houston Texans riding a hurricane of emotion into. Below fifty. Well thought out here to take on the patriots don't. Lots of former coaches and players down in Houston it is the fox for the south as they take on the path. For those of you that a concern. That the patriots where you know after a frat party banged up fallen that big wedding at the Wallace last week and they know a couple things about right Americans of emotion themselves. Don't you worry Brock is pronounced himself good to golf Ammann the whole lot clearer and ready from the protocol. So operation on to Houston is under way. Also Rex Burkhead did not practice but Marcus cannon which is my body Georgia porn name was back listed as a non participant yesterday. Not sure he's gonna be good to go Sunday but there's a chance so I'm talented that there is that chance. And maybe that'll allow him the opportunity to block. Justin James Watt that's right America's hero of the box jumping champion of Houston. Also been to about ten will be headed to the ion. Irregular regular the was that the injured reserve. Geno Grissom getting called up the defensive end in his place also rightly McCarron he plays wide receiver he's to be in Houston but now is not. Smells like Intel if you're asking me he's on the practice squad as well now as quarterback. Taylor hired Nikki Taylor behind Annika Taylor hanky who. What no one had no idea I have no idea how to pronounce his name if you like we have no idea how to do professional RadioShack. Red Sox they're actually on the Cincinnati. Tonight there up three games with ten to go Ricky Marcelo. Against Al Romano. Pay a little put so what model but a lot of home how old. And everything's gone so well for the Los Angeles charges that the NFL in a new report released today. Is considering tucking tail and moving them back to San Diego. While you stay classy San Diego you know what honestly they may not be the team they need but they're definitely the loses they deserve. I when we come back and at 6 o'clock out the exact same sport support just wouldn't do it more offensive jokes and tell them forever Maude Israel felt that there with a wickedness of sports.