Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - LB Substitute's for Fitzy!

Friday, July 14th

For some reason Fitzy wasn't anywhere to be found today. Luckily LB called in to make sure the Wicked Pissah Sports Report went on! (It goes just as well as you think it would)


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. Normally this is the time in the program when you're on Maggie nick today temporarily known as Stephens and you. This is what we usually do sports except there is that. That he's not here yeah the guy who does sports is he where easy was it blew it when it isn't something to do the issue tall skinny guy. Yet of the big nothing guy always always in shape you like whereas I guess that patsy and how it was a heat insomnia. I I think SI hum being loaded into paddy wagon out front earlier today. Is this all because it's probably easier here now. I'd talked on. He sure I'm pretty sure you have words now. I know I don't care what he says either in finance and any in my car vitality talent scratching your pocket because there's a splitter in there. Greats and what my editors sports you know what I have the solution. Yeah comes you heard yeah. Somewhat do I gotta I've gotten it finally British and all right let's do it. Here's your old pal busy with do we keep this a sports report what digital. Honesty. On WI AEA yeah. It's easily get this a sports are more not done by fits the is today brought you by the news show notes donor man stone remand donor man does whenever rest owner can movement eats ice cream of any size that's more rhymes like they were Fries you watch. Here comes the snow undermanned and that's Mike Hsu having been bit by at Penn dot radioactive spider and 50 wait for the teams on our guys did as. Bring this news sports guy let's go to with go to the hotline. Hello new sports guy on the Mehdi index shows this. Eaten in my name is. I Amar Amar. Calling toll wonder vote or to order call LTY. Still they wonder volume the best sports reporter out there. What now it worked well number lie and every view yeah ice you're. Dot. It's not mean. We'll direct our boy that's matador. Insert them adding a smattering my Q you got anybody. They won't let me Elmo and home LB they want to go out there is not the well. Is that metaphorical and literal I mean and you guys engaged in a lot of locker room talk. Well daddy not burn out there bought the car that's out there are made 03. Or at all. Among may have had game one on iron. And effort C a little more rush being which while it. Not rushed in and I didn't realize it in hand. Like that where it's dark but well I'm half Slovak. Our parts yeah at all. Our I looked at it's an honor to be let out aren't accurate yet it you know. We bring adults or serial port story sort of a big man nodding and let god you bring out. Is it being here. I would love for you to I mean we're welcoming you the great LB Lyndon byers. From the morning show to a whole new audience here in the afternoons and so far talking about my issues here that this is the best Red Sox yankees preview I've heard always. A month. Yeah IQ test and my hand on Allah literally a fire in here and zone or if here anymore raffle book Aaron you're. We'll I don't know I don't know what are what are they now uncle mark you know or here are a lot of were you year. It's it's what they're having two hours tick bite. Homer and machine broke. I DiMaggio director of the road or home. I mean it's a bit better way to answer the block. I see it what night it there it is they're rated. Or RI. I don't even. I don't remember. This ever happened. Friday. I did yeah yeah I double header right in making it change that's allotted to him. Yeah that's gonna be it that's going to be a beautiful that's gonna be the first sunny day too so if your ball in the double header. Stay hydrated you're gonna need to bring a Mike Hsu size 64 around how polar plot a full well liquid celebration there yet here tonight on the hell we get Jordan Montgomery for the yanks against his doppler gang here. Drew pop Marines on the map out element. And not exactly we're not that it. But we'll have a lot of down there Gary. Luck you know. Error as here is that it be different the reds start. Like we're on our trade deadline July 30 or any sort it all all you're here and anything else at any. I I'm not sure why are all are here in the field this in your. And they get you nine dollars the wake up like work 1 out in the morning. But his neck rate wouldn't she with a rope. There are they I'd give them after being like that and the girls. Well. All 48 point I don't know whatever is just under third in nine dollar slot cars archer. So we're part of yeah. So I'd I'd I'd be honored. If you don't know UN are. You've got like all are here the in the dark what I need unity you're. Not paying. Apps. Still. Not think OB I swear to god if there was any way I could. Make 95 million dollars and stink it what I do and then be told not to have to come to work anymore. And collect better part of fifty million dollars this guy came in here he won three World Series championships in San Francisco and 1012 and fourteen. Comes here gets this big fat contract this is its third year he's only played barely. A combined season of baseball hit 280. Nineteen home runs no game when in RBIs none of his signature and a playoff clutch and the thing the guys most known for aside from stealing. Closed up more money from Fenway than Ben Affleck tried to in the town. Is having you know like I don't actor in the toilet. They wanted to respect you need to work on and a lack. A mediocre count their missing. Yeah and you know yet if you will object. Is there is an amazing act here. I mean that aren't you are not so bad. Hi ALB this is easily my favorite sports report a minute till fifty I've collected minutes and wait wait wait wait. Yeah. Larry and let analyst walk off like a lot not only off brother by we're up against the clock they'll be you know what that means. And my age opal mine here at the half. Oh boy we're here you know at a time and I. Or I want it yeah I don't want to have to get up in the morning. You are you're here aren't you all like eight I want adopting new drug. You know why I put Margaret made him act like. Thirty. Well we outcome we let it just. Duck or are we dabbled in Arlo. They are buried right now be at war era and a while it hurt their. I at all. You know yeah act. That are hurt. What are. These two and now we have Gartner ordered the way duel victory pain my. Redneck. Or good. I I certainly put out there. The border guards are there after what was right there is super great there you act figure. After a lot of worried dot com and they are. Did not aren't LV we've got to go for a. Love you well being lot lot of LB thank you so much for class and up the joint after an afternoon of complete to mediocrity of the best my man avocado. Everywhere yes sir when I hope we'll oracle. Yeah I'm married. What. Now what might not okay. Yeah there is. Oh million for fifty with the sports apart the great LB from the Hill Man Morning Show here on many in nick today Stephens and shoe.