Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - It Pays To Be Smart

Thursday, July 19th

Our old pal Fitzy stops by for today's Wicked Pissah Sports Report! Marcus Smart has signed a new deal with your Boston Celtics! But for how long and just how much?? No worries, Fitzy's got the all the details!! 

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Weekday afternoons the previous seven W fans podcasts are always on. On your schedule at WAA asked. You know I have put up sports. He's your old pal busy with a weakened this a sports report what it is today and stuff. On W 8 AM. Well I can't basis points or point has brought do. As it has been for quite some time now and as it always should be Bagger friends that they called music Holland was done. Do like all they kick ass dudes do him some of the kick as did acts. And go check out an awesome show find out what's planned at the cold music call dot com. Universally I would saying. By obliged. Mostly. Not unanimously but. Largely self I think everyone's pretty got excited. Markets matters resigned with the Boston Celtics that meant. Yes. Has it there's the tepid nation knows tricky that you tepid temperature wise and there was trepidation so what I did was I fuse them together disparate and I'm in my own way it. That's called what Manto. And that traffic into the deprivation like thank you. The really Carolyn Reilly. I heard you grown fairly and I think you've all had a little water holes poisoned with their lack of sincerity. I am so glad that markets Marcum reasons day c'mon Boston give added that. All right so he gets boy is 32 million right. Now I know that some good coin right consider the fact that nobody had really made an offer. Foreman Nolan was hot after him he was a restricted free agent not an unrestricted. Free as a restricted free agent. They could be the exchange of action between the two teams seldom have the right to match any offer right. So Boston did Ainge went out and basically gave me a deal he thought. Was Kim answer to what he may get next year keep them happy realizing. How essential he has to the team. Why don't I say this because. Market Smart has the gray market Smart as the hostile. And there's only want my neck on your Boston Celtics that's willing to go that extra mile and well do what he does to make plays. Now that I can get behind say they let elsewhere once again no one guy Marcus artist. Yeah now I'm glad he's back to seek out. NBA night one guy was we'll need it. Suddenly my interest and Marcus Morris gone straight up yup I I am. Just like the parquet floor hide sprung to life. And yet. Lot of other people though hit the gym. Some guys that they're lucky though that shot Shia market Smart. So it takes to win that's what is the answer is yeah. What is this town to win this league. You need a guy who's a hostile you know that guy who has a defensive thought in deciding your opponent and you need a guy who's willing to have. Go eat the extra mile. I'm whom. The slow isn't it anymore three's there should be a contract in there no this year clause. No more reckless three's yeah. I mean for every time that you now. Maybe he can get like one and and Brad Stevens about okay you learned one ridiculous 33 foot three right. But any around rice stuck around for is that if you million dollars market's march jobs not job market Smart. Molded onto the football stuff you not that Maude then and it landed Roberts or Ted Johnson Jersey away from actual patriots football 52 days and counting. Rookies report to the camp on Sunday veterans next week. Did you let stadium for patriots training camp Tony eighteen last night. Her day. Tom Brady won the SB for NFL player of the year and in this went the other three I was doing horrible Danica Patrick jokes. And shaming everyone in the history of sports with a penis. You know wants anything did. OK perfect amount provision. Now on a patriots on a football type podcast up that's podcast definitely worth listening to called. Comeback season I think it's called. Danny Amendola was you special guest. Act and he spoke freely and frankly as he has this entire offseason. This new well compensated. Still super handsome liberated successful dole out. He spoke on many topics one of which would definitely be of interest to pats people's. That being of course plan for Belichick vs these Miami guys I can imagine it's rally a little bit easier to let loose down in Miami that it was a New England. Question in the post gates is one of the guys when the boys and an end you know you won out won a high hard for your your boys and back in England it's almost like you know you out of principle and principles off yeah. Good way and it didn't matter where it is. You know much respect you know all the all the coaches are giving me the opportunity I can achieve and you know I'm obviously excited for where I'm Madden and in this feature in word about it you know. All at the door hit you on the way to go at the doorway to the good lord split you that dull it's like playing for brown shirt not used I was trying to do a good way. In a good way. Is that thing now. He talks also there in the podcast about how now he and Adam gates coaching in Miami Dolphins eases you put in the artwork he's a grind of but that the boys that they get along really well. You really wanna be bro you coach it's like a parent you can't you have to have a it has got to be the difference in the discipline yes that's got to be a separation church and state or in this case being friends. And being coached by having the disciplinary nature. You can get along like in a friendly this article we'll type way with a coordinated right now. Like Brady mcdaniels he's like his broad broad Nader right they're bros they get along the L each other but they hang out there cool but Belichick and Brady. Yet keep the difference there. You think Belichick is going to be your bro. Jim wants to be you broach it is now frolic on the beach. That's thrown for his view of the pack he's acting now now he's not coming nobody has spiked ball party broke right to whack in the senate his headset. For a look at smashed it with a tablet never now. Yeah are just giving the icy build long IC deaths there. Hey Danny Amendola. Love you kid we're gonna mission here you went to three super ball as you want to god flashy handsome son of a gun so caught to make out Tonya. Hate to say knowing the page it's gonna tell you had asked dazed you know he can you know what he can get down there in Miami nick at fifty she's me you know I can do their Miami don't do that again. And you name them. You can. You can hit the art. Sherry can't. Even in the deck and now those beautiful decks out there and thousands nobody's asked Joseph lacks the decks are huge in Miami. You'd decks. Huge decks lines to get on those seriously though like that's me in my enjoy second place do that as a as a silver medals such as silver medal. Outlook on things as the face congratulations Jimmy drop below. You have completed the heel turn we all needed as you made your way out to the West Coast looks like it the best Coastr in this case the Reagan breast coast. Judy drop below spotted out to dinner with a 41 year old points down with sides quadrupled to laugh last night. Dude check all the just typing or upload new tweet box what version Google is playing its own version Google Voice in court again. Right now I am just check out core problem. Look at they believe that what is he thinking key Arab media. What does he job putting this joke no this is not it just set up dude dude not look at the video they're toasting each other he's laughing this is some sort of add I'm telling you nodded as Dylan dating committee. Auto lowest forms are look at downside though the I have this set out I promise you is gonna come out oh sort of thing weighted ball issue then this is an advertisement aura or hope that. Some then because look he knows he's being filmed these laughing he's laughing. Like you what we'll all my gosh like you wouldn't my god this is a setup she's she's like oh he's laughing is gonna be part I'll go ahead do Margaret. Mark I am it's going to be part of a show. Or I know I see I'm watching her but this is this there or she can read the camera. This is he is not dating funky chunky good for you Jimmy. As a reality show are so obviously he is officially now enjoying the Tom Brady dating carried portion of his. Her path. And lastly let's see Carmelo Anthony and a first round pick for administrator from the hawks. Jose Canseco has got to become a professional wrestler and his the last thing you need to know is we always defend the wall and get told otherwise. Lose no photo New England. It is better to be pros who buy new coach doubted brawl land me. Yeah you know what that's the last guy who made a career altering switched towards the tail end of his awesome this. The difference between where they knew him and where he finished up James Harrison on the cal are proud. They Collin county. In New England is more regiment is more disciplined. Bomb. The coaching is better to be honest with you telecheck guests. Yeah the coaching is better. The plans they put together are better. And they don't asked their players to do anything that's outside and around what they feel their capabilities are. So when you do that and you switch a lot of you know players and and now for certain things that you wanna get accomplished then. You get things done and that's what they have over there. They may go on again have fun Danny. The Letterman related dole. We'll talk to you as soon. That's wickedness as sports H outfits he has always is the best in the business years in the long line of great sportscasters like Marv Albert. Joseph Benigno. You're down oh my god I wanna do I wanna have accomplished about Brent must burger I ask you speak and Colin have fun bags. When these bad bird I'm Carmel Wendy bad bird. From this one in New Hampshire. It was called idea thirty minutes 6179311. Hey hey I have. You'll be in these suites. With Matty and nick at Fenway Park this Sunday to watch the blues. Wendy banned her from New Hampshire so why do you answer Kamal Wendy got thirty minutes. 617911. Half hood.