Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report: Here To Stay

Thursday, February 16th

Reports out of Foxboro say that The Pats might be renegotiating Tom Brady's contract to keep the GOAT for longer than we expected... can Fitzy's heart take this glorious news!?!


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. I guess are always online and on your schedule WA AF and here's your old pal busy with the week give this a sports report what it did today. On WGN. What crap the bed weighs five minutes of everyone's time stumble my own written word now Dewey witty and awesome sports report please. Oh. Just when you're thinking it would be okay don't Wear sweat pants in public again. Prepare to go maximum sports dance. I'm talking six to midnight rather. Full Brady bona. As the FB in the any peace have both expressed interest in the greatest of all time stayed in Foxborough for even mullets on her. Brady is signed through it's what may nineteenth season but the fact that he in the team a boat they can realistically like on the real brother that he can stay in play that. Long if not even longer all my god somebody get me a cigarette and ham sandwich because that is positively. Score again as it. So make it full release it now alone now I exile from mine okay the Miami Dolphins have bid farewell to several big name players like left tackle Branden Albert and defensive end Mario Williams. Followed an effort to get nearly sixty million dollars under the salary cap. Which could provide competition when free agency opens and the patriots try to get some of their own stay home. You know bidding could get pretty high Tallahassee. Stop it if you know what I mean. What can I say I have a soft spot for plays with who won just over balls and have last names of carriages in the police academy movies I swear to god. Outside of Brady if there ever played in like Mahoney on the patriots. When that the greatest thing ever posture would Boehner. I went to that. It's making a big green. The Celtics told the 76 is to take their liberty bell and shot it right up there continental congress well a hole with a 1161. Only when at the Guidant. Isiah Thomas dropped a Larry Bird on the sixes and given him. 51 bringing games who taught him more points on the season ho hum another time he took over again fourth quarter and scored thirty or more points to would have still the king in the fought this is becoming something never once taken for granted around town like this guy doesn't deserve MVP consideration. Golden State was articles and state you know LeBron does LeBron was LeBron what who has made a big difference who has had a great impact. Regardless of whether the weather is under six feet tall enough no it's Bob about being in the fought. Now he's got 51 games which when he won forty points a more on the season oddly enough the record belongs to have a check. Who had 76 and sent it back in 19771. Season. The seas are an action tonight in Chicago against Jimmy Butler. I love it when I can watch games on networks named after AC/DC sons and I love how a market Smart last night the coming into his own now. I think Shawn Green and he tweeted that there hasn't been that many steals in seventeen years Rondo was less and of that and he steals he's unbelievable he's posting people love peace and strong he's really be. Get it done that now I read a bunch of people right now earlier today like do not trade markets and you know the worst decision a lot of people want now too because they see. He's utilitarian value is becoming like I'm really feisty Swiss army basketball player on the court for the southern regions graph I still think they need of someone with a bang the boards they need one of the big guy to pair up alongside Al hybrid none of the design meant nothing about the Bruins except for the fact that. Jobs continue to be much like that corporate communications program everyone tells you to use slack around hockey fan because Paula Julie and signed it 25 million dollar. Five year deal. He didn't just command for the rest of the season he's going to be in Montreal for five freaking years on believable and on estate in Reagan's sports history. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman became villains and frame when a labor impasse led him to cancel the 20042005. NHL season. Bettman was greeted routinely by boo birds wherever he went and was widely considered the worst commissioner ever. But then along came this guy name ginger imaging is I'll read their dues pay Roger Goodell. So now Bettman can gladly be hockey Moussa waiting to get out as you know who I named wanna say his name that don't I'm impressed you get might impress who hit well. He's worse. All right that's it for sports I thought my job was adequate please tip accordingly we'll see tomorrow with a wicked as a sports now back to Manny and that other guy doing the radio program.