Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - To The DL With Hurt Feelings

Friday, July 28th

Our old pal Fitzy stops by the show to give us the latest hot take on the world of Boston sports! It was announced today that everyone's favorite pitcher, David Price, has been sent to the DL the morning before he was supposed to take the mound at Fenway where he was going to meet a chorus of Boos.. Yuck!

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. I guess I'm always online and on your schedule it WA AF. He's your old pal busy with a weakened this a sports report what Annika defeats of the day jobs have been. On WI AEA yeah it's. A. That you've got to. This month. And are yet to save lives and let us bring it. On the generic radio voice of the hill yet one job lined job. We get President Clinton was brought to buy new backbone. I've got an idea. The Korean companies looking at you on the ballot factors dirt and tilted thirty to 50% of all styles. Now they're July 30 all the right Lawrence and Avon locations. Nick and I've ball where new balance fantastic sneakers get you to the factory store tent sale. Yeah. Well like shipment out of Boston. What in the actual free is happen. And you'd be in Hammond would be the only rationale for the first two hours objectives slap happy. Well well actually we just got audio. The audience enjoying your performance so far I. And that was 30 thank you. Not want. When he again. You know. Okay I. I know what that is that is patriots training camp. Damn right rat is then that now. Hundreds and thousands of human beings that gathered at day two of the 2017. New England Patriots training camp. Do cheer on the got the great one. He beats well the GQ BT FB. Tom Brady and Brady take in the field this is the cheer they gave them as he just stepped out into the field before he died of freedom thing on day two. Of contact in pet free practice I. Do you. Yeah. That one girls screaming really loud though kid mom everybody I tell you what did. I saw Tom Brady run that they've taken the field in those years and you know I got free in cigarette. Nap after that actual audio of your inner monologue when he sees Tom Brady story felt so good what debris around the field. Yeah. Oh looked as Tom Brady. Brady in his red Jersey disk drive maker as the field. Deeply income. For me c'mon you throw you honey you know you wanna throw that out route to cut so. Get hit rock at the scene. Wow look at that there's hope these wide open. The man went. Right. Jimmy geez no slouch either now. Day after. As Brady does Leno get some Gatorade all right. It's does do is no way. And a couple of hundred throughout. That was a robot having a rowboat. Said Iran haven't safety for the New England Patriots quote I don't think anyone has a lock to make this team them except maybe Tom Brady. Write notes or words of haven't spoken competition has been ferocious according Boston Harold Jeff. He's not a native American. While. You know what happens a comedian that you make it feel located I don't via I am more terrible version of myself I am SKB's. A Boston according to Jeff B how. Brady Gilmore and Eric wrote stood out once again. Course Brady's gonna stand out. I mean but god sakes look at me so gorgeous she's so accomplished so many rings. If Tom Brady. Now Stephanie Gilmore had a nice first day and today I saw tons of footage on the tweet box of him breaking up passes and look at like the 65 million dollar man that paid and to be. However the third cornerback Eric Rowe who they got for. Like a second or third round pick like a ago. Mid round flier last year for now they spent a late round pick get them is a former second round pick of the Eagles Eric row. Decent third quarterback last year for the pats this kid is making a play. To either take butler's job if he gets big bucks after the 47 seemed. Season elsewhere or. Or damage is gonna have an incredible incredible. Whose secondary who literally everyone not named Cyrus Jones has been killing it at patriots can't. However the world has such a pet owner of that hot takes a flying fast and furiously in Foxborough everyone's an amateur GM right now which. Predictably is the railing coach valid Jack. Know you guys are asked a lot of questions but will we see from the stones and from that we've yet to put on heads. So. Understand that you know this pretty talented group evaluated in this room but in all honesty. Are valuations come war in training camp when we actually practice and we. While right now again crashes when that talent in our own planet is just watch it we don't need you Ilan mosque good Matthew Tesla. Who got now a check that's all the electricity we need. I've got just give me more that just somber hoodie. Why can't he become the White House spokesperson they'd be better give be awesome if a lot about Garrett mascara remove scare remotely do them I had. Today. On the joy and the mood he's ready I love that I don't want my politicians talking behind this agency in the time that you and since you last defended someone on your radio show pilot writes previous kept fighting got replaced by a guy named John Kelly I saw that breaking news and I would have gone with a fine. New and all that meant. Perfect move. Yes iris Jones the aforementioned second year what returning humans slash nineteenth cornerback. The highlight of his patriots tenure so far is that from drop in every pot and get sent his way last season and being put on skates whenever he was thrown matter in coverage. Was get into a street today with Chris Hogan said Jones spoke while it's an emotional game. Not that important it's over and done with and by over and done with I mean I enjoy seeing you next year on the jags iris Jones. And he happens it takes to the news about David Price rather yes. Yankee way your QB you know we might did not just you bought ten game homestand and a ten game trip to the DL. Very interesting mr. manager. And I think in the time that David has been here he's felt before a lot of expectation a lot that's been. Part of his time here in Boston and I think he's been able so stay focused and pitched extremely well at times. Yeah times at times yeah 62 million dollars worth at times anyway. Is it. Forget perfect kid. Eduardo Nunez has been activated DeVon Marrero sent down via the little Maloney expressway to attack it which means. Rob buy out dead his days with the big club Connor right now that kid goes long Dong Fenway this week gap go deep and hard. Long ago a couple of Papa. Steve's do you want me to call everyone else for the intervention or do you guys. I got to turn tables and a big old Don. No one else sneezing or anything else besides the playing Kansas City the rest of the weekend. And put any luck you'll never have to hear that audio while much of anything for many of us again. This is 55 downy does not comment that he GF while obvious totals with the wickedness that dear god what have we just listened to spark.