Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - Danny Amendola

Tuesday, March 13th

Fitzy is not happy about the current state of the Patriots.


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always online and on your schedule it WA AF. Use your old pal busy with a weakened this a sports report like a defeat of today's jobs have been. On WGM. And taken away game man. And yeah. Now there. The process they say. He's got a plan. Mr. aggregate speaks for itself. Why is it always happen this way. It always happens they come for guys right and in this case the Super Bowl champs that please post a couple of. People coming after the pats play is. To begin free agency like they want the Super Bowl meanwhile Philadelphia's. Like cited in Greece that it ever want to pick up a big defensive guy from here they trade like a bag of balls in three. Speaking cheeses over that again and I are awesome defensive guy the pats. Savage today. Most recently breaking news in case you hadn't heard. Malcolm low. To Tennessee. Five years 61 million dollars the Butler did. He laughed not that we white tipped off February for a little bit of a sneaky peek. Little spoiler alert back then. Falling in news rubber gloves during this rule. One play. Special teams one guest. When he wasn't Kennedy plan 2018 and beyond. Five is 61 million dollars to Jain. Form plant personnel evaluate a front office do John Robinson who now runs the titans. Oh yeah we'll remember the titans as the team that all the pain wildly for Obama. As Georgie can't tell me just a few minutes ago. Georgie Gibbs said. Yeah you know what Butler made basically one awesome playing now Tennessee's picking up the tab for. Five is 61 million dollars. To got out of Tennessee. Joining guy who ran the front office there fallen patriots great Mike Vrabel who Jerry thought an earlier call as far as tired. The greatest free agent signing by bella check camera correct he's now the head coach down at defensive minded guy and his boy Logan Ryan. The best tackling cornerback and I'll football now the second best tackle and caught aback and all football plays for the Tennessee Titans. Thank you Malcolm violent thank you act Mac underscore would be easy it was always be easy in the end wasn't a body. Thanks to the civil ball thanks to the greatest deception and patriots. Super ball playoff and basically in my estimation is. Football history. But the other one for some reason that hoopla they just left the patriots. And we're all not surprise and for some reason it doesn't I guess because we are mostly prepared for this right. But the other guys that left today. Not that's what prepared for. None of us saw this coming there was no way and you know what that's what happens. To always dangerous to assume. Because when you assume. Guys like Danny Amendola and up in Miami. The RD party you definitely not over. How are you handling it like god. This think of all the dry panties all of a New England Patriots nation today the patriots hands infected just took a huge hit. With the Abdullah gone to the dolphins. Two years 121000008 point 25 guaranteed. Way more than that that's probably a pain in the last couple ever since he sighed as big deal back and join their team to replace Welker coming up in welcome played college in the same place they are attracted. But I digress why am I more upset about Malcolm Butler and I'm way more upset about Danny emit. Dude it's weird Danny Amendola. Did he play off. Did he clutch playoff dole ever wants to edit everyone know it you know it was when Belichick who always were told my. I gotta get out he would surely as opposed to a year too late yet maybe it was the the hundred plus the odds in the two touchdowns against the jags in the AFC championship in the little toe tapper Reno for the game winner like with only a couple minutes left. Maybe it was the the budding romance and Belichick was like yeah I got to cut this off. Brady likes him too much and Medicaid Brady artist knows. They it was probably checking some Beers in New York right now which is the at a handful of like he did last night on the cold there Brady. JA FC ought rye Tom Brady was on bring in late night TV last night. Chugging Beers with Stephen cold there we haven't played a whisper of audio of it are even made mention of it today why. Because the patriots have been absolutely savaged in free agency. And it's killers you know. People like. Aspects in outrage you know like Belichick's got to plan. You know backed all the deserved to cash in this was his time. These peak in market value right patriots are never gonna have fought their fifth receive this kind of money they got to get younger at that position while mob you know what. I don't like being told it's last call. I don't like being told I'm too loud. And I like being told to grow up and I'm not allowed to get upset about another grown men laid my favorite football team to go play for another football team that plays into my Dwight. And up 20 feet deep and puts it. Each app. The dole left. But adult. Always like three games of the patriots real quick. Eleven catches iron twelve he had the divisional round seven catches 84 yards two touchdowns in the AFC championship they catches. 152 yards in the suitable. Hey but you know what we we can't Kenny Britt. I'm not concerned. Insert nameless. Slot receiver here let Brady work is TB twelve magic one year you'll be an all star team. I don't forget about any of them. I thought we'd be talking about crazy crap like Jimmy Graham go into the packers' Jordy Nelson vehemently Sammy Watkins getting three is 48 million bucks to play for the cheeks. Al that Wilson. Who can't even carry a quarter of dole is lunch. Hit in three years 24 million to go play for the dolphins. Teddy Bridgewater the jets Sam Bradford showed up with a gun and a masking. Robin twenty million bucks from the cardinals for a single year hasty in to the Broncos John Elway settles for the dollar store version of Kirk cousins. Let's get attorney is 86 million guaranteed. To quarterback device I called it. You heard it here first awhile ago but you're paying attention. If you're too busy taking Danny avid golfer granite wall tell you what you have on cares about the right size the patriots the Celtics they've grown to plan. Mean the patriots and Bruins I don't. Runs appointment. Is the one thing I guarantee. You gotta get the Foxboro fields. When you listen to this little bill attribute. That we went up I can't say anything else did this is the year Danny will always love you did it play out. Well it all. Okay. Okay. Okay. Farewell Danny boy farewell. Lot of happy strippers in Miami tonight. Duties bringing. The single hottest woman and all of knew it doesn't matter to south beat those guys had he caught a glimpse of a cult I have but I mean as I always say you Graham was married to Israel in her prime when I'm gonna training hooker. You know and I'd just I just I just have to. Like. I thought I would most of Obama's proposal I don't check in if you click so he'll argue Elizabeth Hurley who nanny. I still have feelings I need to go through Rihanna. Well anyway we'll try to post that tribute up on the website to put out there to witness in the in terms. That's all I got.