Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - Celtics Need To Close It Out!

Friday, May 25th

Fitzy REALLY does not want to see the Celtics go to game 7!

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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. Here's your old pal busy with a wicked case of sports report expected to be honest. On WA EA yeah. A look at business sports report has brought you by the cove music hall in Worcester for more info go to the code musical dot com that's the cool music hall. Dot com. Tom Brady. Retired. A third human senate need movie. Another Big Bang theory spin off. And the pirates of the Caribbean movie. Stay is Grammy sit atop billboard's hot 100 Jack. My grandmother reverse cowgirl on my grandfather. And empty bottle of nautical Jan. My local Stop & Shop or butch is sand sorry guy Matta tips. A blip full of broken sex toys and diarrhea head towards my house. I yankees fan owning my favorite pop. Where we're going this. What Tuesday. Coming back here to do the show's gonna feel like close. These are all things out rather see before the Celtics lose tonight. You know I don't why why not a lot of days I do not want to play the Russian roulette game seven right I do not want. What judge James coming into the Boston got one coming into the TD and one coming into the building formerly known as the fleets and a guy with a chance to advance himself. To a Western Conference finals. That our. Much like. A great Tom Petty song the mast pike right now at your back door wide open at. No youngest Chris Wallace hurt Golden State can't figure itself out right. This is anyone's NBA this year this is anyone's NBA title. And the Celtics legitimately. At once mocked but even being there. She aimed for being invited to the dance of their own volition and not work and efforts right and I. Does the same way Donnie was and look at him he's got a billboard in his own hometown. Let's just came down well to put a little compliment Michael with Adam every bit. Elicit a cat's right he take they take what doubted you all of doubt you'll put up toward the bike. That's the F written way. Well I wanted to get it done tonight get it done on the road you know listen on the road. The road is more than just a sad call Mac McCarthy novel and it territory and on Father's Day. The road is a tough place to work you trade and the road is where the most satisfying victories. Are achieved. And the Celtics can just play the way they play the other night and just give me just give me a little more if I can just get 25% more ally for. 40% more terror rose here and seven to 11% more Jalen brown we know brown down my man. And we're gonna get it done and that's it and now be LeBron slash how great would it be the Celtics and not only punched that ticket. How great would it be for you. To cap off that bottle knuckle gin. Knowing that the Celtics. But the final nail. And the labor and James Cleveland cavalier career coffin. That night OSHA may know that guy here's something I'd like to get going on what that hasn't duke basketball how much you think LeBron James is worth LeBron Jane. Is she dances at a place called out. That knotty pine than not applying them. Answer I hadn't sucked down for an article in those that I wish you could have chosen different words for how do you enjoy them how much think he's worth. Lever and yet now easily 150 and can't do my name out there. That amazes preys on and that why we've managed my hand Xiamen and saying it's amazing that much money enough yellow light beacon atop a variety. Come on what better than that guy's been playing like since before us quiz Grammy was a terrible idea and his dad dad's pants. I met him one time off on on court he was like the nicest guy who's the biggest baby on the court. This is the way that he goes over and basically does his little light. Freaking Shakespearean soliloquy to the wreck every time that he thinks he gets followed it goes over and explains the whole rule book. It that they hand gesture isn't like that you stipulations it just. That broad comedy like just. Except if they play the game puts you head down second out tactic shoot it and let's get it done accuracy or go every day life. Funny story my sister's. Delivering the south of Winchester hospital. Mean she gave private LaMont classes to Kevin Garnett and Paul is that there wholesome weekend for the an ethical. They had a baby together wildly bull got pregnant right now yeah some kind of thing but they didn't know Lamar how they had a pregnancy challenge I never felt that took credit. That's what brought panic set a date back that guy's guy so anyway she goes to their house now my sister's like 49. You know bowling team issue is that what she says when you went to the house on the with the Lincoln at the time in the post were all custom built. Like Kevin guy and it always invited into the family box at the sense than my health and the company railing day to day quality during this guy and. Someone just informing on you textual healing line that there actually is that there are humans and these movie night at 401 that's our weekend assignment. Now I'm not watching any of those who I will never. I would rather actually be in virtual reality of my own colonoscopy and I didn't even manual that no I've had little. I managed Benadryl Michael last last night I had one of put out a plea I gotta tell is this going once again you're listening to the sports and you can apply to budget for basic radio and now I probably did people. Pick a little Judith legitimate movie gadgets that revealed all you dirty secrets of medical and ethical question. A jerk of all time. It yet anyone like Gizmodo rusty nail right down here if you're oh that's that the story I was teasing about or not they need to do that more guys. Thanks MIT still haven't tuna that's the right hand all of that emotionally feels just like. Hanley Ramirez getting tossed out the Sox on Friday. Pelé we have the newly activity for a long time you turn out to be held a lot better than the panda. Hanley Ramirez. Designated for assignment that assignment don't come play for the Red Sox anymore Dustin Pedroia. Join the active roster that is a big test. For Alex Cora because. Apparently so said super teeth O Reilly AK Dave Dombrowski this was actually his decision quote we were prepared to maybe go on a different direction. Car called the Arab members about 11:30 in the morning. I'm getting ready go for a run and Alec says I got a thought be about what we're doing he said this is a move I would like to make I recommend making this move. Now Alex Cora even though he was well liked in the club out by mr. Red Sox to weed out all the nice things about the family love and being in the nation in. You know Paul about his man moves this year because he was on the TV twelve and everything I've. I guess they decided you know what. We got to move on from the big contract of getting it the young fastballs when guys in this though Zarryon and that's it they're gonna do that's I was gonna ask with the benefit of this it frees up some money get go young while they're gonna have the stuff that money in the contract but what they didn't wanna do spend money. On him get invested through next year says Evan relic the millennial guy for the NBC sports Boston Red Sox action he's cute he twelve. This is important if the Red Sox wind up release and handling. His current Red Sox contract in the vested option to play nineteen I've gone right the Sox of course owe him money in this year's contract and new team than signs and presumably the league minimum. The vesting option. Would not carry over us all that money would be like you sobriety any chance to get reside here at this station on. Yet to make like 439 plates or something like a 1005. At bats he was up to 700 between it and knives and appearances too much an issue so. 97 in the Texans as the scariest thing about getting prostate exam is when you're getting it done and you field the doctors' hands and shoulders. I. While all the things I thought I would go down on. While. Who said that. Red Sox open up a three game on this Memorial Day weekend against the Atlanta Braves they used to play and now the dealt with a billion which is insisting that nobody please keep on with the sports. Julio Tim haren against the Roderick sucked last night. They lost in Tampa too much grass Fred beef for them they're Marcelo played the funeral march on the meat whistle and that was. Hate crying about being facetious that they cut to the dugout at one point obvious obvious that the united he got taken out early he was just get shelled ranked and they did and they and a one of the players is talk and don't. And he sickle like this and it literally musical and it look at his crying I swear I don't know of anyone. Saw that but it will they use crying in the dugout I was wants that Colombia. Every now and again I mean listen I love this area. Chris Paul out for game six tomorrow night. But the rockets against the war is which will probably produce a game seven on Monday but I do not wanna watch meaningful basketball on Sunday so getting it done. Red Sox and especially get it done Celtics finally gave one of the Stanley Cup finals Monday. The caps that together they played the golden knights of Las Vegas 8 PM and Rob Gronkowski is thoughts gronkowski and is scheduled to go off at 69 to one at the Belmont. Which should be run on June 9. 69. It's 69 on the 69 square is you have access to my money it's doing with 69. On the ground sixty nines and 69. Right happy memorial they tricked up god bless remember those who served and fell Flores and make show when you get Elvis serve throughout the fall of Fred of those you meanwhile by a right. Take care itself goes Celtics Europa now Fed's. Eight LeBron.