Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - Carrying On Without Hayward, Son!

Tuesday, November 14th

The wins for the Celtics just keep on coming! However, we just can't help thinking how'd they'd be doing if Hayward was able to play...


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. He's your old pal did see with the weakened this a sports report that it. Just. On WG. The wicket with the sports reporters brought you this our buyer friends that I love Boston sports dot com live and entitled that he got the responsibility and rumors that he would do games. Get graying. Become a resident of Pennsylvania. Broke through and so much more when you get some of that new fresh here at Iowa Boston sports. Dot com and when the many things that Belichick right now NC amendment yes that's a literature now finance. Well you know it's not funny how awesome this Celtic I was an awful so anyway and I've while like it I'm really not a fan of its. Tonight the Celtics know that matter. Unbelievable. Hoop ball that they have been playing on the point 72 on the eighteenth season now. Paula they had hand I would imagine how good they'd be. Yeah well also of mine and had a penis should be my uncle. I thought this kid in the car fatigue yet listen I think of a lot of things that ride in that commute in from you know not building you do you Douglas silver lining okay it would have been great neighbors you this year no doubt but now. All the players that have had to step up in his absence they have a year a battle scars and how much better will they be when you add him to this team that is now more sees it well. The development. That Tatum. And Jalen brown there I have to bear little extra responsibility everybody they would have leaned on Hayward a little too much nobody should lean on right now he's only got one good leg it's like a ripple when you lose a player like that these other players have to step up and the other guys have to step up so there are getting more time there auditing experience it's gonna in the end to make us great this team has great. I've just out because it is team is not good they're great. They call that the doppler effect. When there's a ripple in the forms of them right. All right there we go. Right now and I feel lots of it which is great. Hi tonight their play and then that's it brought collect Tyree is questionable but is likely to play he's got a fancy new protective face mask after the facial scratches. He received with that collision with Aaron being his last Friday night at the god and that awesome a come from behind win against the Shalit hornet's. I'm questionable though how good these Reagan Celtics have been twelve game win streak while the two with a season best team in the NBA. And they gulf a lucky number thirteen and the borrow loved kings. Wow dude. I mean the nets they kinda. We cannot owed them one because they basically recited the franchise back into when he their team with the most lopsided trade. Since Herschel Walker went from the vibe from Dallas to the vikings but by holy smokes. I put nothing past this team out. Is nothing more than a Meryl Streep movie that I hate it is highly something I'll ever leave in the lap of the Celtics a week ago movie that's out they've ritzy new that you idle idle hours Seymour Hoffman is an. Unbelievable before I let the last personal planner that whatever they get to be a doubt fans to the moon say speaking of Carrey's mask you wanna spice up things you bedroom. We're autos clear plastic masks. The owner. Yeah it's. Let's do there's there's an tonight show. I don't know how you put up put on fifteen to be honest. I mean if we just all listen to the drop kicks what that actually be better for the next ninety seconds I've seen you hit people for much less. It doesn't spices things right up. Say no matter all kids. And foot bomb. There's no evidence that brought into the NFL that the patriots tampered with Martellus Bennett on his exempt from. Cheese head nation back to patriots nation so eat your stinky limber and like it pack your pals. No hash tag body gate this year scandals. Not wanted. He is just the didn't want to play there he made his way back here told everyone not to claim them and then Belichick did anyway. Because that's what Belichick does he does that he does things that other people say not supposed to do. And he played them three catches on Sunday so you can tuck it and socket now someone else who can docket and target. Roger get out you know his current contractual. Requirements his request that is dealers and even up for another two years. Roger Goodell on his next deal with the NBA as commissioner. He gingerly deuce whistle overhear what was this he wants fifty million bucks CA healthcare for life in a private plane if somebody told me. Get Al wanted fifty million bucks and a private plane and we never had to hear from again. I would head right over to that go find any page and it leaves turn in the rest of the week stricken money 5 o'clock. Fifty million a year and now Jerry Jones owner of the cowboys doesn't want him getting that DL because they're all up and downs over the protest. You know who liked Colin cap next citizen of the Aaron general general. Point mob quarterly whatever the hell the name of that for him magazine is. You know this is done about like Goodell vs Jerry Jones the battle where no matter who wins we all free and loose who cares. In closing the Bruins their action back tomorrow night against the ducks of Anaheim and hopefully they'll be able to they're losing an island because all they keep donors who have these days maybe get a win you know Thursday they're against the kings point there is going to be good one. Roads against the kings Thursday night football on the cell that planned the warriors. A modicum of import. And we remember Bobby dog. Who passed through a different door today that it death. As he passed away at the age of 99. RIP Bobby dog a great Red Sox shortstop. Eight time all staff friend of Ted Williams. 1937. To 1951. One of the greatest socks of all time. Said Red Sox. Principal owner John Henry today and I actual quote. I'll be you know responsible. Baseball giants. It's too soon out of the wounds. Maybe even when this hall of fame achievements at second base. His character or personality and children. You didn't. I played second base apparently not shortstop. I can I'll type it exactly I'll probably have to do sports again maybe others what made it goes doctorate and that's it down news tip.