Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - Carry On, My Hayward Son!

Wednesday, October 18th

Our ol' pal, Fitzy, chuggs into the studio with an on-time, double-sized delivery of local sports news, somewhat derailed by overbearing sorrow around Gordon Hayward's horrific injury. Stick around for our exclusive, moving tribute to the fresh-faced Celtic!


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We walked in AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. And I knew schedule and WA AF done. Here's your old pal busy with a weakened this a sports report what the digital. On WI AEA yeah. It was it was a sports reporters brought you this hour by locks locks his lowest price of the year liquidation sale going on. Right now you will be approved on site that day. No deal will be turned away route twenty in Auburn locks auto plus dot com that's lucky Arnold plus dot com. Well what else is there to say. What's to be said when it's all been said. Moon. That Hayward path we watched last night knicks swat off free in the mom are. Five and a quarter admitted into this season. And the guy we were all the most or at least tied for the most looking forward to watch him play for the Celtics this year. And no album body Jones. Not for that reason. Goes down in a heap of pain. Twisted ankle. Busted leg. Gordon Hayward. Not definitely down for the season. However little startling painful shocking. And that's just all the terrible suites people that work here since when you watch the replay. Who game a little but but what Jay crowd. All I'm saying fifty. We'll get to that in your sports report later. I gotta say one thing that was really impressive. Was not only just the almost comeback ability of the Celtics. I mean I would have thought that these would have been left for dead dead in the water has done is go in the believe land last night. The fact that they came back the technically it's not about Cleveland. Squandering an eighteen point lead it's about the Celtics coming back and fight for the fourth one lead and almost went. Jalen brown a 25 points last night. Miss in the three to could've tied to the and carry Irving coming so close also hit but he rim tip tip that he rooms so close to tied it up. As time expired. What an effort what hark what's Celtic pride on display last night and I love to see in how much loved was poured across the league. Cross the entire universe. For Gordon Hayward last night tweets from. JJ watt you know the thing it to about season ending injuries of course while Georgia suffered a similar injury a couple of seasons back. He's up he's playing he's at an elite level he's at Oklahoma no he wasn't that there is punishment. He's doing all right the Celtics got his back the cavs got his back. LeBron helped him out and went to visit him in the locker room Isiah Thomas between them up went to visit him in the locker room Julian cattlemen sentiment nice two week. Daniel Murphy in the morning showed it necessarily right that nice this week but she doesn't have to worry because she did not win social media ask cloud of the night. That of course went to it's it is. Real skip Bayless close although many refer to skip Bayless says this is Crimea and talk show seriously. Sports argument nonsense when he's there. Well that absolute ass clown if Gordon Hayward has gone may be for the season low bronze path to losing a sixth championship. Just got even easier well if you. Too soon. One of the two of you belong together on a show called way you know why you more question your. Now. At the Celtics fan moving forward. Can we start saying we are triggered an offended by the phrase. He broke his ankles. So on some under the crossover like we broke his ankle and I think that things triggered not competing rate is thankfully only dislocated his ankle and broke his tibia. All right island slide and on treatment you know I'm having a hard time wrestling with the idea that mammy and not have to be a fan of or at least take a tactic like a moment or a couple seconds to appreciate who. Kobe Bryant. Buyer of easily the most expensive. She diamond on planner Kobe Bryant put up on his IG. Earlier today be bad he said he frustrated scream cry self. Blah blah blah blah blah focused on recovery it's a long journey that's a loss of me when you return eleven new perspective you'll be so appreciative of being able to stand walk run. That you train harder than you ever have before you see the bullies grow within you best of luck to you on this journey my brother. I can't believe Kobe Bryant of all people. Getting behind Gordon Mayo and obviously this guy is the love just like I. They love the idea that he might be able to make it back who knows he hasn't had surgery but he could be back twilight saint patty's day. But a lock at the Irish come on talk about it deadline deal now it hey we're back. It'll be after the Celtics to see how they keep their heads about the proverbial water and I highly competitive Eastern Conference. Tonight them right back at it. At Boston got 2.0. Against them merely walking a box that's got to be proud to walk. Again those would say here. Some. Right and team. Politics are oh all right good Houston we have a problem you let the Yankees back into the I should do. Game five coming up what it television box and just a matter of moments. And Dave Roberts is celebrated a hell of an anniversary yesterday and Red Sox Nation as a manager of the Dodgers is only a game away. Firmer turn into the fall classic after the Dodgers took out the county's six to one last night. Game for us tonight with a one person pitch into the Dodgers. Opposed by another guy for the cops. What we come back in the 6 o'clock hour we'll have everything you need to know about the NFL. All things football and of course. The New England Patriots as they prepare for a little game uncertain at this man made out of some rematch of vacation amplification. Ramifications to it so. You know I left the deposit once. In a rude shock yet. Down there and you know they have there them branch of waters down bank. That's violent to deposit. That relationship was not built on trust. You could just say a rear entry sexual device. And I never want to AQ have you been great. We have broken and so sadly is Gordon Hayward did BAS Celtics to tip it up pretty soon at Boston got 2.0 a kid ability formerly known as the plea today in the building Foreman of the jobs and their. Against tonight again familial OK but the Greek freak and all those guys. However. Gary on my Haywood son will not be joined them anytime soon yes he does have a fractured and dislocated tibia he is weighing his surgical options. As I speak words of the micro and you listen to them these figures right now according to. Drags on the threat of boxing league source tells him Gordon Hayward is deciding between surgery tonight in Boston. For an Indiana by a Doctor Who performed previous surgeries that. Butler and you know it here at the guide tonight you can tell you voiced tackler and then sniffer in this tip with her honesty of bodies there yeah. Fans are organized and get well cards nation for Gordon Hayward in the concourse at section nine tonight Celtics game. Particularly well. And if we keep doing that their artillery they carry it out there also bacon many cookies go to law would Kentucky's. Yet him like beanie baby. Lot of things to cheer him up. Maybe it's at a moments of specials like stop blazes this out that if the children as I thought was that the children inside an awesome but I don't see adults. Adults right guys just ridiculous right that is down. Like to white there's one thing. Gordon Hayward. Please like singing happy birthday to grown ups and restaurant and numb that's enough. A lot. Theater people I never want to grow up Rob Gronkowski. Now there's a giant childhood makes me smile every Sunday. Graf was asked today. About not being able played so we'll ball 51 of course what would the rematch is Sunday night on the sniff on NBC. That's falcons. At the razor blade stating he was told quote we've been given a really highly strict rules not to talk about that game. Wow well meanwhile the falcons a fully embrace and it their all about it we got to learn from it we left money on the table we screwed up we'll covenant for revenge. Patriots never happened it shows you the difference right there never ever ever happened. Missing from practice today hobby line be of course he was reunited with his wife in the hospital after that terrible accident there and Saturday night. Also missing from practice. Eric Rhodes Stephon Gilmore that's great you want you to toss quarterbacks that and a week you got to play for your mom it's a new Austin who parred. Julio Jones and Foxboro so that's gonna work out that defense is secure markdown yeah they're they're great wreck Birkhead was back but he hasn't played two games this week too if they. Chris showed it was limited practice. His ribs that killed him. And did you know Tom Brady. Was voted in a poll on the Aspen. Do things to superlatives. The quarterback most players anonymously. In the NFL wanna sack the most 50% voted Tom Brady won what the most sack. But who'll win the Super Bowl the most in the next ten years. Deck press got no Aaron Rodgers no Cam Newton now plays a grade. Tom. Brady love it. I also did you know this is a grilled piece reddish area on the way out the door all Andrew Luck yet he was thrown he was may be in a plague and now he's get a cortisone shot is not gonna play for a while. I was that seasons decoded percent enjoy your reps get Obama poured out like he did something wrong is a new South Park game called hole but fractured. Poll but fractured. And they. These guys always taken the big you know what if he doing something right this like you pisses someone off and they get dig day strikes out partly a game. If you cheat supposedly trying to do something illegal. This is what the video games as. I am praying dilapidated and even finding out if it's not cheating you're act. Well I feel like that rotten guy and I'd interviewed for managers today the Red Sox here odds at six months after knee surgery he's gonna recuperate. Handley his shoulder surgery went well and the freaking yankees are being used in game five. At deaths that to point out a case Yankee Stadium in the Bronx well if that Hayward I'm on a mission until I see again and who knows when that'll be. All I know is when you come back you gotta give the year all I hear coach Stevens said it down but a full recovery is expected. So commute now fits in all the way it mrs. Elvis fans all of a team green nation. This one's for you Fella. This is Mona. He's done better. UN sorry yes okay. Okay.