FItzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - Beat The Yankees!

Thursday, October 12th

Our ol' pal Fitzy is back with his 'Wicked Pissah Sports Report'! Fitzy shames the Cleaveland Indians for not defeating the Yankees last night and Matty shares us some information about his Yankee loving booking agents..Listen to hear the whole story!


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. Here's your old pal busy with do we keep this a sports report why didn't get digital they just did. On WI AEA yeah there's a sports reporters brought to this hour about the fine folks that I love Boston sports dot com. That's derided the so Bo van like me when you eleven time out to god you got Barack spots about it our apparatus that. The eighteenth. Hey when I mean may seventh sweet news swagger I had out that I love Boston sports dot com or any of their actual physical stores like type places. You weigh your emotions obviously like me that I loved Boston sports. Dot com. I love playing. My level evident title and a root for my teens and carry army you know what he loved doing scoring. Quote playing in a real lives sports city. That was his quote about coming to Boston how site used to play here. Really what it was we shots by Ed and a sick burn in the direction of a place that needs no shots fired north sick burns. The believe land right on by the way last night. You had once op. Beat the Yankees. Protected tuneup and lead Cleveland and instead. He human chains. Thank you know and yeah. What sucks I call our agent. Don Meehan makes agent could see in New York City Tony Burton and his assistant you hear the most teetering at dom buckle associates on the New York. There's like you did hinting predicting. Hey man be to make Baghdad this thing yankees. I. Am I guarantee you a lot of people right now on 495 and the plight were super curious what your agents assistants would do it in New York. We thank you for. That very necessary still is asked in addition to tonight's Pulitzer won't pay us. Well they go right wanted to go take a running group mercy back decade. Anyway. Yeah Cleveland below last night lost 52 they're up to about them in the series DD great glorious go to ground. Read go lottery as Greg go areas of the terrain there and think well. DD the rice who speaks five languages and had I hit the series to Obama is off the presumed American League Cy Young winner cool buff you up. And of course that Brett got into that 900 pitch at bat up Cody Allen in the ninth to bring it home everyone's favorite human the nine foot seven. Whatever the hell is name is the one who eats all the guava paste from Cuba it's. I you don't talking about overall this Chapman and you locks it down for them that they say yes. Cleveland Europe tour not that he's got to win one out of three couldn't do it so now this yanks move bond. Just like I said I call that I say it's got to be a scant dodges World Series look and better and better every day even though I. Ross who has had a joke that went on the there. The search continues for an actual Red Sox manager nobody knows who it's got to be some suggestions so far have been. Anyone but John Farrell you know Alex Cora well I gave Caplan great Bernie from weekend at Bernie's. If you weird to have a little sitcom star male look I love welcome back Carter as much as every or anyone but to have him coach the team doesn't make any sense that was Gabe Kaplan. Well. Gabe Kaplan former Red Sox and rays senate this is actually very Smart it's the analytics is good motivational type guy yeah so Celtics played a pretend basketball game last night that was their final one before getting ready for Tuesday night. When they travel to the believe land the brand new. So put grain Boston Celtics in pursuit of panic AT. Tuesday night against left Britain. Let Janet James. And the Cleveland cab only days that should be pretty free and awesome I for one can not wait even though I'll have to. If he needs of that a lot sport wise tonight that might be baseball let it bother to check them too busy. It excited about the patriots of course play Sunday against the different gang green. The New York Jets breaking ground both limited today at practice what they are out there knicks all the removed from the injury report. And the jets there is banged up as I planned on being come Monday morning well and breaking news for all you fancy freaks out there. According to the AP which I think means. Agitated plus. I so love that bars in North Hampton. All the ads do influence. I Associated Press excuse me. Different AP does not Adrian Peterson a the federal appeals court clears way for NFL six game suspension of Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott in domestic case. Please try not to get into an accident as you pull over on you way home. And try to use the mobile application of whatever fantasy league year end to pick up Alfred Morris or Darren McFadden. Once again please drive responsibly. As you try to fill in the Ezekiel Elliott all in you fantasy lineup you're entitled snowflake. I don't come back the 6 o'clock hour duke probably much the same. Second Burris probably worse in the first and tell that I'm forever moss I always know the score this is your Alltel fifty from Downey has not come with the weighted. It's clause.