Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report

Friday, December 15th

Once again your ol pal Fitzy breaks down the latest in the Boston sports world!


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always online and on your schedule it WA AF. Here's your old pal busy with a weakened this a sports report what did you digitally jobs have been. On WE EM Lincoln had that Barbara artist brought you about Brad that I'm off Boston's Bard's I don't know Boston sports don't come. Right now I don't know it's run. I'll so I guess that ever okay. That makes sense. Hey when you're super fan like me and the holiday season you gotta get your act together. And get their goods in here get here India soaring by squarely on mom sockets that thou shall apply that. Well visit them for everything your fan came in Spartak desires and dialogue. Boston sports. Dot com. Well that's it nothing else needs be said. I did yes get out there and let the men do the Manning let the football do the football and no more talk do the docket Sunday for 25. Then ran their big can't do bad on me did the year's day stint as. That's right from highs failed actual drop Chris permanently answer and day did he hear me decade their big men of. That's right. Sunday port 25. At that I have officially Knight is wanna close my eyes and MP Sunday at 4 o'clock and I mean I can't think about anymore I have not been this excited since February for patriots football game. It's go time now you've probably wondered okay fixed. So who else is ready to go because I know the pats hours banged up with three quarters of the kind that I bump into on Soldiers Field Road the bike and 495. Glad you asked their friend Alan Branch that's right ankle felt. The man in the middle of a mountain of the line. He is out saying get me started last Monday in the melt down in Miami he will be a no go. Trey flowers is at the last couple games the best as Russian defensive linemen defensive end type guy. He told Jeff how the Boston Harold Wilson they still day to day but I'm feeling good and then he did. Say. That. Or even though you knew that he would now. Right right also questionable Stephon Gilmore David Harris Chris Hogan Brandon King -- way Matthew Slater Kyle man no I. Let Adrian waddle feature quite as seriously at this point now just say everybody's question wolf they're all probably got to play but it. He just slap a group designation just team wide. How about just you know what the injury report this week displays them REM everybody hurts their young Abbott that that a runoff all the names just imagine at this point everybody. Is deemed op. And because it's free in December of course everyone's going to be very have you watched a football game I guess even the goat Tom Brady has. Achilles heel. Much more time he has not that I haven't terrible stomach it's obviously another five seconds on his lapel and all right and look where now croc he does not want to talk about that one game suspension not out out he said. His play is gonna do the talking watch Scruggs Sunday pay the pats back to wake rock says sorry. It's seven catches a 190 yards and two touchdowns that's how wrong says sorry he is virtually unrecoverable. As is. And Pittsburgh has never. Had the answer for the most Pittsburgh steel that is never played it down for the Pittsburgh Steelers never grind out these surprise Sunday. It's goose appears atop Heinz Field that the Israelis McGraw. We're talking about grunt blowing up that stadium the way Bain did in the Dark Knight rises this is on body. Ought Kenny Britt new wide receiver the patriots at this week. Tom Brady said about the new guy hopefully catching passes on the outside may be taken place of Malcolm in the Mitchell. He's gonna have to go out and earn earn everyone's trust to get out there taking any break. Newton's. Belichick on Bret is been productive player in this league we'll see how it goes we'll see it's only been a couple of days so we'll see how it goes. So he's pretty so he's he's confident he is to out funny and knowledge connection and it's still super super duper confident and make a prediction right now. As a matter fact yeah ride fifteen touchdowns. Fifteen touchdowns and catch fifteen counties around fifteen touchdowns right now you know what the line at Vegas and don't know. But Britain the bank the blood bank yeah I'll like this that Heidi Cahill yet and you can take that to the bank to the bank. OK here we go we got out all pay. We just we get some fresh audio. Actually it may even not even be the fresh his idea but this might be yet this is a new little feet to thank you very much this was. This is called. Quip of the week this is the ballots the dollar check of the week what college. His favored by member them that they onside kick mine and I. Or at a marine lieutenant dike fails sidekick wears you out you know like those are gonna go to doctors definitely go to an. That play that one single particular play it was basically the entire Miami game in one and one boots do your cell. Is Belichick talking about that this is a great lessons we. This reminds. But I don't think. I carry out. I mean is there anybody else has better what they do is there another who's the Bill Belichick and Bill Belichick. Belleville Texas easy teach. Ring and he he would be Egypt that this volatility helped him. The G and 7:30 PM at the billing formerly known as the Fleetcenter. That's going to be a good one Bruins they'll be playing tomorrow 5 o'clock. At the very same place the building formally known as the Fleetcenter 5 o'clock against. Dollar range is garage day of our ranking as you ask. He's in rank his original six on a Saturday afternoon at five that's what's up yeah all of this is basically just fodder to get me turtle Sunday at four point. Carlos Santana. What are your favorite musicians. Well they look at bad bank. I'm going to hello flat I guess I'm width. The family's. Three he aided Gail. Six big man he had. Dad does not Red Sox Todd get GAAP Carlos Santana former catcher first baseman a defensive. Designating it a person you know signs with the pillars of Islam must act and the Nazis in the Red Sox can get Joseph finish. 111000 games by the Yankees in 2018. And finally Richard chairman. On injured reserve all year woes killed the doctor Lee for the rest of the season. Diddle pays for the plays Tribune. Five most underrated. Wide receivers he's never had to cover in the National Football League. Jermaine Paris Rome used to play alongside Richard Charlie now plays for the jets define digs. Plays for the Minnesota Vikings Golden Tate used to play for the Seattle Seahawks now plays with the Detroit Lions people's Marvin Jones junior what's going on. As the Detroit Lions and number five. Well Cooley and it movement. Underrated. In terms of GAAP. That's about that element that's a great to have virtually a household name at this point and still gets under rated and even play this season imaginative that's will be next season. When animals that. I've been settlements on. Tom Brady does I think Brady misses in the time that the pits are watching this team is like all of over the way the defense has been able to play. In spite all the injuries in the known names in the whatnot but this offense has been inconsistent spotted a time and the reason why is. It's the age old argument who Mexico is that the Crockett the element and you know they work. They work equally. Each is was. Responsible certain components of parts and pieces of places and things have gone to get Achilles nick Reilly Arizona Blaine right fox fifty you got old oak cliff teammate got a throw it to Hartley dykes or we've got on the put him to throw it seriously it's like Irving Fryer I stuck a knife stuck in his belly nine it was wicked. Anyway that's all we got here from the watch and the wicket business sports it's your old outfits even town is dot com hang ING FY cable.