Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports - Practice, Practice, Practice,

Friday, December 8th

You ol' pal Fitzy breaks down the sports you today after the Bruins big win and Tom Brady is back at practice!


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Here's your old now they'd see with a wicked this a sports report what they got a digital sales. Most of it. On WBA yeah ball ball ball ball or football hall Christmas is all know it looks auto plus. Whether or not your credit sucks or to make a big box. Looks will get you hate your worker trucks route twenty in Auburn have you been naughty or nice poke ball ball ball. Looks auto plus dot com that's walks auto plus stock car. Yeah that's right here. This is the sound. Of the future in baseball. I think golf tournament. We'll we'll we'll put us in the two companies from seeing. Fumbled through my good. That is and I don't write bad dude that this guy I'd show Ohio it's not me. Show me out tonight. She area Terry yup from Saturday Night Live some. Little dynamite for the same size packs quite a punch that shot a tidy. The quote Babe Ruth the Japanese Baseball. Has decided to come to the states and he will play four. That's upset. The Los Angeles things shocked and I know. He shows a big city obviously is on the post Japan easy for them to come visit tonight to watch him play a close watch. A lot of feel bottom might be Seattle. He wanted to smaller market because he would model the scrutiny. Spoiler alert oh is really big market but the Dodgers get all the scrutiny and everyone's like. I had Angel you guys still where they'd love do. Oh well I didn't know that half. So he joins 510 year old Albert Pujols right Mike Trout. And the other guys. That is the thing about this. Jerry Terry Carrick and this she Shoney's waitress Japanese said yes nominees. Joseph I know it's not his thing. He pitches. He throws a 102 miles per hour what. Any hits. And last year he batted three parity would point two home runs against Daisuke that hits yet and and do a little better than Daisuke this guy is incredible that's why they called Babe Ruth whose scores don't forget before Babe Ruth went over the yanks the noun and a dale 1918 and whatnot I. He pitched for the Sox and he was lights bring in our kids. Question fifty I held without these Japanese players know aren't. It based I don't finish if they start throwing up their heads don't give a whole new meeting too soon music. We gotta be kidding me. I got a deceive myself out. Just stepped quietly I think it. How about the Celtics is slapping the morbid humor I can't stand the sale. Tonight 930 and San Antonio. Against oddly enough San Antonio pars I make sense does right yet but it with those like tonight in San Antonio against the Toronto Raptors. That would work as well. That's going to be LB game out. This veteran coach against the best young coach had great teams you know I love I love that guy in San Antonio what's his name that you know I'm talking about. The underrated coli landed all that type guy can law he's a guy can ball player that's gonna make for a nice watch that have gone. So dinner with the fan but the kids to bed. Little treats heated with the masses than just that. Record couple called les and enjoy yourself some Celtics and spurs about them being used. Or is there one last night six to one. Everybody get in on the action. That was a black and build those that know they worry gang and they brought a lot of bang if you don't I got to do. The Bruins yeah it was a gold body those goal cocky all over the place. Awesome job tomorrow they play the island is that the building formally known as the Fleetcenter. Seven in the PM. Patriots diablo has this practice today he's got a little bit and Elvis but he'll be five they say they'll be that not let that map plan Monday Night Football. In Miami. Tom Brady was asked about Roger Goodell and his five year 200 million dollar contract extension. As he told the Jim Gray. On Thursday that football with a little radio interview they do every week. Brady bone they said that but that's a lot of money obviously NFL business is doing very well he can pick up a lot of checks now maybe they'll take me out to dinner sometime. What to call Jim Gray Brady possibly. She has an informed awful. Like. It's like a pet name on lazy Jim. Don't think. I don't think that's Jim easy. Don't stop and helicopter ginnies that's awful. About it toilets or bonus that. Nate filled the patriots nominee for the Walter Payton man of the year what 27 team. It is a little fun story from Belichick so there's this whole thing on CBS sports now or last night this morning collect the legacy of Belichick. Going elegiac. I missed it missed initiative he gets you hate us jokes on people said it was a very very very emotional. Beautiful piece I saw that clip that think Jerry Norton I believe was in the two weeded out any any I watched a company gets he gets missed so there's an awesome little story negotiate today. Listen to this. The name Belichick. Is actually. Sort of like an americanized name. That's not really his name I mean his name is greatest coach of all time but right listen to this fun little who about how they came over the name. Might as an analyst Stephen Nicholas blitzer in front of my uncle Steve was none Steve Belichick. It really is pronounced in Croatian units each and its Brothers we are near as. Belichick and then when he ended up in the south. And they start pronouncing it has Belichick. So he's actually so he's. Croatian in his Billy she Milicic. He beat me she she sounds like one of media that needed cheap yet for the trainer and rocky four totally Croatian the makes out of presents. Assassin and finally. The can't make this crap up department brings you the saint Louis blues last night. Was short. An emergency goaltender. Who they didn't need to call upon but just in case you know they dressed. To play the role of emergency goaltender the coach I would say they are called governor minor leagues a player's wife. Maybe forwarded defenders shore now. The vending machine salesman. Fantastic yep but to draw that's an American DREAM Act or Canadian dream I guess I mean obviously this guy's really get axed the funny thing is all of this guy's really good at putting the biscuit in the basket well. And that's values those. President it doesn't Austin music so. We're all just like. Was what has the grave yet I'm all right Becky at 6 o'clock hour for more of the same. Maybe a little less land. Trevor laws this guy knows the scorcher all shelf next.