Fitzy - Brady All Time Win List

Monday, December 5th

Our pal Fitzy from calls into the show to gloat in Tom Brady's new record as most winningest quarterback in NFL history!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Get our next guest on the show because. If there is anybody. Who is in love with the greatest quarterback of all time. It is our pals did see from county And quite quite a feat yesterday for goat ditzy quite a feat yesterday. Yep first things first. Terrible tragedy in merger could have put it out for underdog until now this report. Yeah it's all right thank you so much as they carried out there that it is sort of somewhat I'll make I'll make that actually accept that everyone else region. Reach these there's like two left pocket so Torre is it yes I would get it you know I'll whatever that was. I can imagine what could possibly be worse than. And fire wipe out everything you have when you don't have credit insurance may be that there's this sort out as it. That target burned out that would be Edward Norton could possibly do worse of these being urged by Jeff Fisher operate. I don't know this do you believe they give him a contract extension. Show and that's a. It didn't do without telling you right now Jeff Eric where Weaver to right Jeff Fisher all lastly all last week you know talk about how like. You guys. There's no way over there for. The next thing you know let does that a complete once Troy brown and then of course is good so the quarterback pressure more jar. Which grew we grew up to. With a ceramic armor the smartest man in the world you guys. Absolute genius. He even knows that skill first of all it you know it's certainly as well legacy as well there must session the current out of the nose off. This is a ghost that's still an aborted overtook it last. Part knock it CAA taking Ambien 10 PM every Tuesday at the Joseph Gergen Gloria now now you like. It credible house sitting at a Montana. I'll send you exactly where this also Lebanese sex robot industry is Jeff Fisher laboratory that guy is a billion dollar. The sex but because it's so much like such a terrible coach. I mean when it comes to game preparation is it an issue. If you can't put your hands on the challenge flag as the as the head coach of if you can't find it is that does that does that reflect poorly on the rest of your game preparation. Couldn't quite a good article Lou confide challenge flag at no idea who we play it well you know it actually was. Well it was simply don't it would hurt strap on and I'm machine because beltway and you're out what they. Thought our. Partner in the it was such a quite. North south about just like. Just like getting like area we have white out conditions they thought about just like equivalency that you're all the often has let me just go down to fighting over the golf course or wins are great effort to or the state ought to get it no challenge presented. Well. The I mean that feat in itself I don't think there's anybody I mean let's there's obviously a lot of hate for this this franchise and around the country and but I don't think there's anybody. Who can deny. That he is the greatest quarterback of all time after that yesterday and by the way is still as he's got a long way to go I mean I. Is so he passes Payton and less games then then now Payton had. He gets win number 201 is the winningest quarterback in NFL history they put that stat up during the game. About fourth quarter comebacks and he's really the only quarterback. Who has when it when it comes to percentage wise. Has a positive level on that as far as winning game in the fourth quarter if I from a combat perspective I mean. There should be no doubt in anybody's mind fifty. Think he's the single greatest quarterback ever to play the game ever. You Bradenton just news. Of Elvin it's soccer club like. Oh yeah there's the case this urgency getting me I would but he does not all of a celebrate it like. I treat it like when I get like a medium silicone air cleaners expert I don't start off of the summer you're getting all of the states at the state Robert Oliver would love so much. Other people say is the most delicious saying. In the world to a major expand its feet there aren't and I mean c'mon we're going what is what we've worked our violate. But dislike for the weather mild racism alcohol and other these excursion of rates zoom I expect. Both. Of us in their regular season. Rambus said that Peyton Manning is about patent. You know both backed peace the job there to do that they have their is that you know apple have up from activist group. Parcells and now the only it's really an army at cherry right. And it got an infinite series and it all. Then you're sick of it about these inner half or maybe even after these. As a result it is secretary if you look at that effect of I got a great kick and the greatest quarterback all I would the most went well just sixty. You have really seductive but at least we got something right and Brady has the most wins ever. And it's it is it's amazing it is. And I know what was it was just the rams but the defense actually looked fantastic yesterday which I think a lot of people are probably happy about. When the defense what Belichick really does that work and let's go to some. Please sir like better Renault group squads see Mod Squad dissenters are all capped off you know. Basically the bad news bears minus button maker appeared in the dugout like that that when the backdrop. Like the bad noise guy candidate making a sick and why pressure. That are making plays not followed another sick like. The defense that's also. You know I thought uncle's cell Alan Branch or aware of the dangers before it was as you'll get these audiences such and resented us. Which I wish I I I never thought he was there to get out of because it's as Newton and his like his fourth forefathers and Ireland. That was good news now. Yes but it's nothing about why roses but I'll say it got next Monday night that's what they're really it began. The battle stretch because the ravens served notice yesterday and hurt the smoldering remains. Of the previously excellent streaking Miami Dolphins route it acts. Ravens on a Monday night in Foxboro. And sort of playoff I mean. You wanna talk about just like mr. Joshua person's race in the rain at the end of lethal weapon there's going to be all right. And I didn't think now we just don't get Flacco shows up it's thought that oh. All all the EO you have Brad joke yeah I think I'll. I fits him well. All all is good this morning here entitled done it's great to talk to enroll hopefully talk to you again next week. Officer I'll start next week after the after the mid Somalia upon everyone get basic here in Britain. They aired each other figures as adult voters that it's a leg up. I thank you could see there's fifty from Tony