Finish Me Off!

Wednesday, December 6th

Matty and Nick devise a dastardly game wherein our hapless listeners are tasked with helping things reach their climax!


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always online and on your schedule it WA AF. Let's play show a new game. The story is almost complete it's almost there and got. Cool great soccer and those but can you help finish me off and start him with Matty ended. Let's don't need to yeah. I. A girl seems there is. Pakistan. Giuliani. Anna. Did not an issue law. You can now object Meehan diva and movies on iTunes or anything. All wiped out a minimum he button recorded in 2012. Guys did really well. Okay this well. It's me out we give you a news story. And you have to finish. Finished the story's incomplete if you well and we'll have audio clues to help you let's start with Kara who's in her car camera. Hello how are you. I get you ready to play wonderful things yeah I can barely checked Jack has that precedent instead is that good good. Right now we're in your car is it dot com or Kara. Okay it's our car in her car makes sense all right let's get started shoes and I start nick go forward okay. Cholera. Donald Trump. Gave a speech today. And everything seemed like it was fine. Periods. Political or religious. Israeli and Palestinian Jewish and Christian and Muslim to join us in the noble. Last. The lasting peace. Thank you. But things got called for a stay on the homestretch while wrapping up the speech trump. Either headed to enter come loose or had a mild stroke what for what phrase did trump screw up was that hey. We're going to make America great again. V guide that the United States. Or see America at Fiat. Are. You think he screwed up god bless the United States well let's see if you're right Kyra and her car. God bless you god bless Israel. God bless the Palestinians and god bless. United church. Her car. Started our our our lives each additional health club before what happens I think he's got giant great big. Next. Then it moves to one met met the one from there's a move there from the outsiders. Well Matt Dillon that don't land sea and saw president these guys that don't sized inches from the sighting in right yeah I was either dentures or a million T had in our control or he was literally falling apart in front of our game that we won't Wear that as a record does the united church for an iron. By nick let's play with Kyra Kyra don't hang up by the way your your qualified on hold let's go to Kristin from Rhode Island hello Chris didn't. I heard. Are there actors to an hour right a year ago. Mariah Carrey boy she can do anything can't she. Her fans were amazed recently. Added trick she performed at an autograph signing listen. I'm convinced that all right Carrie gets special powers during the holiday season. How she's sitting. How did she do watt while signing autographs. Did she pretend to day. Hover over the crowd using her holiday magic beat pretend to sit on an invisible chair on stage or C. They can't be flat ever boobs and that was it. Are on you're gonna eat. Make candy fly out of her group's. That apparently dated my dreams let's find out how she's getting on an invisible chair. It says right Chris to. Obvious without Rhode Island doing audio thank you playing let's go to KC was on the road two of Plymouth which I think was like the version of I was a thinker who did the boxed him Mariah Carey was using this tight dress and her two strains powerful thighs. By Casey ready to play. We're shouting and hey Joan make good win Georgia had a dog named big boy. Baseball I don't bit someone so the poll done showed up. And when he bit that dog and a deputy so did get it done shot the dal game. According to Joseph the deputy Don told them today and cut his own dogs have now. They didn't force me by gunpoint. United but it was go to jail. Richard Belzer. That was not merely that wanted to cut the dogs hit off the standard test rabies now what our nation that all of joke do next. Hey call lawyers sue the department. Be called dog the bounty honor or city cut out the dogs and stick it to Kroger shot mag. Jealousy. The cut out the dogs there. In my opinion as well trying to drive. Yeah golf. Bag and we'll home. Of Carter Baghdad. Hang on the line. Hang on the line K see you are qualified let's go. Two hands and sing it is and and it's incredible story let's go to Rick shoes on the road also Reggie ready. Yes sir it's dire words now there's idea I body. Saturday Night Live comedian and actress Kate McCann was on the Tonight Show last night displaying some of her vocal talents. What is it that Jimmy Fallon asked her to do locally in the clip I'm about to play you here's the clip pretty. As the yeah. Okay what did Kate McCann at what does Jimmy Fallon as communicated to do. A pretend to fall down the stairs. Pretend she was watching as the falcons fan the fourth quarter of Super Bowl could be one. I'm gonna go would be dark you're gonna go with being. Hit and I area. You are falling down two flights of stairs. Eight pilots get one more contest the o's don't Nathaniel and Kingston Nathaniel are you ready to play trying get another qualifier here. Sure go right data here we go. Policy. Amanda is at 33 year old British woman. And she is in love with Lunar New Year so much so in love that despite their open relationship. Her and the many here are getting married here she is talking about love at first sight. So it just seemed a little bit this site. And made that blitz I'm on Monday Olympic team and 53 is well. And I'm in enough community from here are the main reason why didn't they mean yeah doesn't mean. All right so there's just some what her love from the veneer and there are love the first site in their opener relationship. But you need to finish us off when Amanda marries them in the year. Who or what is she marrying day a member of a popular folk rock America out of band. Vis a chandelier. Or see a big thick Yule log. Boot. You think she's marrying a chandelier let's say. Such as things move within sight. For me that when it went shun millions. Well done case they hang on the line. She's actually. Married are sorry Nathaniel she's actually marrying a chandelier. That's not a joke. Ridiculous she gave her you have sex and cars yes she's that's related to its there's a name recognition. I crazy being American yeah okay we have power in the car. We have Casey on the road to Plymouth. I was on the worst. Johnny Cash. And Nathaniel in Kingston where else are short club tonight. Well that's enough and work hey who's going to see the Bruins the wheel is spinning you know that sound that cat music means that really spinning. That would be one of point five or blacked out like the word out he put on game. Why. Knobs and like for like the pictures. It is. On line six number it rained out that you all the hello congratulations. Where scenario John and you have wanna pair of tickets. To see the Bruins vs Columbus on Monday December 18 at the TD garden experience Boston Bruins hockey. Thursday December 7 at the TD garden. In the B take on Arizona popped up to 7 PM it's Ticketmaster dot com efforts to David you've won tickets this data for. The lineup hit rather. And golf now being sorry Kate he's sorry. Five NFL.