Father Knows Best - Part 1

Friday, June 16th

Every year for Father's Day the Hill-Man crew like to invite fathers and daughters to call in and learn more about one another and bond in a little game called "Father Knows Best!" How well do these dads know their little girls? Here is Mindy and Dan!


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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now everybody. At this hill that morning Joseph presents what is your doctors. Fathered those fast very good position with your host in the left and happy. Everybody's daddy. Red pill. All right it's an annual tradition on the shelf unlike any other. It's Father Knows Best and of course Father's Day Sunday sell. Every year we try to get daughters together. With their dads and create sentimental and emotional moment in them before and what took so yeah. Before the big day and would like this could try to figure out. How well. Fathers know their daughters is so we are about to be joined by Mindy. And her dad the end and we have Donna pre interview would mean the so we have some questions and we'll see how mean the and her dad do. When it comes to matching answers and I have tickets giveaway we're gonna go play the game several times this morning daughters and dad so you can feel free to call any time and get yourself wind up and I've biggest giveaway for primus or. Queen would Adam Lambert or Iron Maiden for our winners today so let's go ahead and meets. Mindy good morning in these at how are ill. And get there until these artists they'll be nervous. How old you Mindy. And 26 years old OK and you when your dad are in separate locations right. What town do you live and by the way. And in apartment. Okay Springfield way. And where is your dad this morning. I'm not saying double does that tell you enact a. OK let's get the end who is your dad on the air with used this morning hey Dan. Good morning how are you Dan. My old good. They are cared it'll be it'll it'll be it'll be somewhat painless and over collect all right so don't. Now. Dan is mean the year your only child. Yes okay and do you feel like you guys have the pretty close relationship like you know an awful lot about her life and stuff. On my I would hope so all right. Well. We're gonna chuck right now and and though we'll see how well you know you're 26 year old daughter Mindy. And we have asked her some questions and if you can matching answers and and do a good job that we're gonna hook India. With some tickets and she can take you if she wants the concert right. I you ready. Our rights DN what is the age. At which means the lost her virginity. It. I remember coming home cry and and it. Still hasn't degree. Ball. Well wishy. I'd say fifteen or sixteen following. Yeah the one. Bill. Eight yeah. Are they think we have base a little older guys that was basically. And yelled at or maybe maybe I shouldn't tell you that way. You yes six to sixteen years old. And where did it happen. Where was she. All them. Yeah hope there was an out somewhere. Not the great RT and the he's gotten that their work and how yeah spousal. Obsessed is now the verdict there's there's never home so it bonds and more timely. And for their extra for extra points can use and I mean you do you know what his name once. We'll put on them it's like it used to DOT. Hold it at your nickname. It. There are I don't know I take it. I know I didn't ever laid back kids play a lot of guys didn't help we never let we never like to kid. Yeah that's it John all right this is this is pretty. Dad has Mindy ever been arrested. Yet. And I nailed it scandalous that soundness and do you know what four. Yeah I do you have another dime you call me crying what else. What was it four. In the humid. Did a stupid college coach and friends and I had been drugged them. Well yeah is on. Now that you've got Bacharach these guys are doing pretty good by LA you're doing pretty you're doing pretty. Irate. Hasn't been the ever had sex in your bed. Or actually my mom and my uncle dale had a sexy grandma and my dad's dead my mom never looked loaded down. With. Well. And never came home without a lot of bit so moving side that they know. You say no you've got that right thankfully it was it was watered it and that's ready on a honored that I. How did it did it then you he'd been heated topic got to go to the worst us. No it wasn't always like they do no no no he needed. And you know like get the pretty warm and sell its. Ten points in the car and. Dan. How many total partners'. Has your daughter Mindy had how well they're all that. That. Oh boy it. All of I know I'll get my got a light and there's so right now she's doing. And yeah that's the numbers the. They multiply the it was whatever answer they give you multiply by three because they'll ask her why we have learned an ego. I. The I would say. I I'm pretty long. The known to. In Baghdad time there. Mindy how how many how many partners have you had in your short 26 years. I think except when he entered yeah. What I did give or take well practiced plenty of dad's. And years that I thought it feels seen enough is enough. I rags. This might be tough even for me but it's a game right it's the radio game yet isn't just a radio game went on participant I may when prices now right dad. Does your 26 year old daughter Mindy. Went out and let it. When it comes to oral does mean to hurt the. Doesn't mean it doesn't really preferred to give her singing doesn't mean. Doesn't look thirty give or receive all you. Oh boy. Did. That at. That night air quality. Do the right and we'll also get involved in charity. So that ever spirited yet it's I. All. With the ought to keep it you want to keep this new guy you're gonna have to give. You. She got a daughter yes your daughter isn't here. It's an age yeah. Hair and EU are a fantastic. Yeah I follow. Apologized to cook I my sincere apologies. And you guys fantastic where I hope you'll come closer it's all about communication between fathers and daughters. And Mindy nice work you and the new guy that I mean I could ever sounds like you know get out of the house much because it. But if you if you ever when you finish you guys can head opting in you get to pick whichever concert you wanna go to you are right Mindy. Yes I guy. Am happy Father's Day where an award cared. And Mindy tell it tell him that by apologize to yeah on the radio later apologize and act. I've I've yeah. Is there a lot distillate fuel mutate give my damn he had. It's the back back back and I think. Eight I didn't ask that question the spanking one then obviously we'll save that there. I okay so. All right guys thank you so much and hang on Mindy make sure you hang on. In nice where we appreciate that that is. Game number one we still have to go by the way. Asked us if those aren't on the dominant tradition on the area that. That's and it's a big guy what a great attitude nothing to these areas during an indication if there is. There's father and daughter love each other and and we have a new I think we have a new code words she gives a lot to cheer each. That's what hopefully revenue code in the Soviet I.