A familiar name will receive his 5th NASCAR Championship Trophy this weekend in Charlotte

Wednesday, December 6th

NASCAR Modified Champion Doug Coby discusses his 5th series title.


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All of the NASCAR touring series will join Camping World truck indexed in any series teams this weekend at the annual awards ceremony in uptown Charlotte. While there will be many Indian champions crowned like extended the series champ William Byron Camping World truck series champion Christopher bell. NASCAR NT series champion Alex today and came and pro series east champion Harrison Burton. There will be one familiar name to the weekend list of champions. Milford Connecticut native Doug Kobe scored his fifth NASCAR we went modified tour championship this season and his fourth in a row. Recently Toby caught up with the motor racing network on our NASCAR coast to coast show. With but you log in Maine to discusses these then out this year's title differs from the prior four. Yeah well thanks a lot but he can't throw on the hot it's really surreal that we were able to wrap it up at constant fear and I didn't get to talking too much this year little. Talking paean now look at the Obama pretty good. This championship is somewhat. Comparable to other such you've had or one other at least when you had to dig yourself out of a hole last year was another one of those but each one is unique in its own way. What makes this one unique Greg had a chance to sit down to figure out what is may just one more unique than the other four. You know really I think there's a couple things that you know my mind first and foremost is how we started that he then you know what our other four championships. It seemed like we started it he's not a role and we wandered in note two or dreary do that in the first five or six and really set ourselves apart from everybody and the other years that were kind of close to seem like me in the middle that either and we had some hiccups here and there. If it was different because you know we started this either without a terrible run in my opinion emerald beach. We had gone down there for an open Joseph prior to the tolerate everybody opened shows to a bigger you're going to be really good story that we did in our. Q I get the job done and the united meet them is data from Beirut cause the last I could never recover from that and then Internet straight to go to confidently got wrecked on the first lap on the jet you know when a caution came around a guy behind Israel must oversell. We kind of started to eat then you know you read it down an advantage from where we typically would be. And you know from error now like we were not at all. You know five very racist or something like that we only won one race this year I still managed to win the championship though. Your guess is as good as mine as to how that happens but. It is sure that happened and really proud I'm making sure FEMA really happy for my guy for all the work they've done. There was the tightest finish of the season for you as far as the championship run just six points. Over Timmy solemn Mino and Timmy I think at one point what about forty laps to go. Was either tied with you or have the point lead by one it was that close talk us through the race on Sunday in. And specifically the pit strategy to pit stops midway through the event. Two Q out of the lead and put you right there in the middle of why I called they are an unstable field a lot of cars and drivers that. We really haven't seen much this year producing more cautions then. Then we we are used to. Yeah yeah to correct you a little bit I think it might have been dropped into my to have the point lead or Qaeda or allow yeah that's still rubbing in the top three. So previous down here forget about the arm of the 51 team you know had the pressure they but I do you know that's dark strategy. The rape kind of unfolded in a way that didn't really go toward what we had planned. You know weekly papers you get the whole time in the first being together that saw the error 500 compound right rear tire on the car. The that we could see how the car was handling on that and then the second thought would be to put our three hired gun to go you know pretty moderate and the way to rate played out with Jake spelling having some trouble at the beginning there we found ourselves leading moderate early on with a very good race car so we basically just. Decided that we would they know. And lead the rays until somebody papadore until we led the most laps there won't be got the 75. And got the bonus point for leading the most laps we decided we're gonna come into the pit. That right rear tire immediately after that. Well we didn't want to have happen look come and one time for three tires. Later in the raid and end up with a race car that was too tight for me to do anything witnessed by had to rate people per one virtue positions at the end if the points for that close so that's why we didn't do that stuff. And you know. If there was a lot of quote there were a lot of close call and there it was. Like you said everything with them unstable cars the rookie drivers them you know people that we don't it would be great again but I. I kind of fell in control the whole time you know I could cure when I had duke. And when I saw couple Carter who are gay and after with each other IP far enough away just so that I did collect on the spot to get around the debate gay gotten in trouble and a few long did end up getting into trouble and we were just fortunate to not get collected in in any of that the accident but you know you never know how the World Series you're gonna go and our whole plan load. Good to play offense Debian and and have a car that was good enough to go forward and we needed to gain a spot rather than trying to hang. And try to prevent people from taking pot though really the strategy wasn't exactly what we had hoped or what. In the way that it first has not worked out and everything else kind of work and we click. I mean is it B it was part of this because of how this season started. At Thompson with the icebreaker unity had a rough started in India to take one whole lap. Before your day already ended and year finding and he didn't have nearly the competition or the different drivers. For as many of them that we're there for that event as you had for this one still a lot of that goes through your mind to try to be a little bit more operational the more careful. After what happened to Thomson earlier this year. Well not really and I don't think it was mile applications are not be careful that caused the issue that popular do we you know check up and then thirty feel later got run over Europe you know by somebody who wasn't paying attention our spotter look and attention so I really did think that we've learned over time that the more the more you try to be cautious in our period especially in the last three it is in a lot of championship blah by another driver you just played it way too cautious. Let people go by him didn't read the harder they could have to maintain her positions and then they get run over by somebody else and I mean it at figured if we were gonna get run over elude the championship Iowa got to be because we're playing. Playing afraid all day. You know we were I drove that race pretty much right up until twenty to go and if I were raising that rate in the middle of the summer. And I think that the way to win a championship of the World Series does you just go do what you typically would do and try to put yourself in a position. A valuing your car that you know what you have to make the change you'd normally make and then. You know yet alas Tony laps when I saw the 51 and 8516. In the eighties you kind of battled pretty hard for the lead. I wanted to be on the bottom on all the restart that I could bail that he and feel that I had to I mean the the concrete outcomes and not too kind to modify that he can how can do it so I didn't wanna be stuck on the outside. Even though the outside of more the preferred blamed for gaining spot on the restart. But he mentioned in our opening set that segment that this is your fourth consecutive title that puts you in good company with Richie Evans and Jerry Cooke is for. Consecutive time modified champions. Reset over the weekend in post race you really don't wanna be compared to those guys so why is that. I don't think it's fair I don't think it does anybody any justice and I think if not are stationed at port haven't. You know I'm I'm not out there cutting myself that. Anything more than than the five time champion junior champion and we are in error that we raised and in and I don't know how I literati can tight back in the sixties and seventy's or eighty's and ninety's for that matter and you know I don't like that they are looked at stuck because I think everyone about who's won anything in any series. Deserves our own play in history and and kind of just need to be prepared yourself for the people great and now so. You know we never looked beyond our competition that's on the track every week and I'll never look the other air to modify great thing. That they that I could have or would have done it. Done that in that era. Media whatever maybe I wouldn't and the only thing that we know that would fit the there's 2000 and word that the team right now that's been able when these forestry and hopefully hopefully more than forestry. And know wherever the record book end up when I'm retired or wrong wrong. And people can start making comparisons are right now you know we're just enjoying competing against the team that we have right now who we know are really strong teams that are evidenced by. The fact that we only won one race this year on the theory. And I think it's good to modify great thing to have. You know I think my car that setting the bar very high everybody's keeping up. There is that saw the very good to see the strength of the teams that are shaping up and how good they're getting every year. It's really just make her an exciting series and you know I know it kind of boring for fans and they'll be able to do the same team winning a championship four times in a row but I assure you add up. Need to hear from all of this year's NASCAR touring series champions seem that NASCAR coast to coast dark side by Ameren dot com. Or your favorite podcasting application. Or Wednesday December 6 this is pot tracks on the motor racing network and I'll Ricky.