Facts Schmacks - Was Bea Arthur a Marine?

Tuesday, April 4th

Once again LB does battle with the listeners over what is true and what is not during this edition of Facts Schmacts! Today, we find out, was Bea Arthur in the Marines?

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against Adobe's I think people just feel so. And I can't pronounce words properly it's time for that speech next season these are things that don't need to be workable. Happens when you let one man speak about Star Trek can get so obsessed with a that he can't stop thinking about it for the whole wrath of the entire. When I bring up at the Arthur question. And he's really you know it's really getting into a tailspin all right. It is 707. And for you and we have passes for Monday's miss bikini pageant. It's happening at the gloriously adorned pool house of Ernie Boch junior. We will not have salt debate there but we will and a five star is now is it slow day. As a and B a he yes old rilya achieve in writes it's enough I don't think that I I think that. That developed organically outside of his control and meet and choose out it is as he did in name himself salt while we will have a five starship they're preparing breakfast. And the party continues all day long. Like music from steel panther and so if you are able. To outwit the dim wit on their shell right now than you'll qualify to win a couple of passes. For Monday's myths about bikini pageant. Excuse me out first it's map this morning hello Matt. Say good morning guys you guys hey let me first idea at a try to on the ticket for a lot Gregg you're the best thing you know you Iraq. Yeah. It was them back. Helping get the very I don't know what I'll say it but you know that you're you're number one man accuse you to bring all the got a look at the talk show I love within you guys you guys are awesome. I would look optical and the others this so it's you know Ernie blocked great and he's done so you got. Listen I think what you I think night. I think he paved the way through a for a win here you can if I'm thinking now we will and we'll. Yeah I mean if you went and developing Smart. My quite. Well it shows an overall problem it's just they're gonna have to win yeah there is still an answer I. I have. I chose this question form Mike Hsu. The legendary actress Bea Arthur. Of the golden girls this is a favorite program yes and the in the in the in the the controversial as the controversial show mod. Which she was the star of was once in the Marines. Stacked or should act. One in the marine yes. Our article. Okay you're gonna go fact gonna. While. The top one. You know I did I believe it is a fact I'm of the go back to you aren't. Yet it's a fast yeah. Be really yes once in the Marines was extremely urgent it explains her character on all of those shows and yeah it's she was resting beat face which it no she was no wrath thing it was beat all of that. It if it hadn't been done yet I demanded. Noted golden girls creative artist Mike Dennis and do they Bea Arthur. Marines makah we he's that would be amazing really yeah Leo we we yeah. That's the list yeah 'cause I was there after our he's amazing angles pen and ink sketch yeah yes OK excellent all right saying you learned something every day hello crests. Thank you. Mario. Tikrit itself. It's. Got. Great but are we thought if it. All right thank you appreciate that's your fault no you lose hang on Chris that the out there after president Benjamin Harrison's wife died. He married her niece. Sacked or should it. It is. Our our goal. A fact. All right LB was Benjamin Harrison president Benjamin Harrison the OG creep out factor smacked by a vacuum is day. There and everybody was increased her yeah yeah guys were Marion twelve year old and thirteen year old cousins and soda yeah it's. It is the fact the how it is if all the facts. Yes well then. They just got married. And it didn't matter what the it was because they were all gonna die in in like three years it's gonna be dead by when he fell. That's why many many people I don't say this myself but many people say marriage was a great concept back when people have to be forty yes. Not mean I. I don't I don't say that I'll self docket but there are many who say that marriage was a great concept art when folks to be would be forty however. That is indeed a fact hello Melissa. IIR. Yeah no argument that all the what part of the case. North comment past outings and out right here at LT and it's it's only Julian Paul Pillar that acts I. Have a Lipton has Barry yet in my place and I has sent out earlier this panel and I are friends of the air hopefully is ready it yet. All right now we'll go live memory just gonna given to him and embody. And he did Beckett you know where are you I select. Well that's fantastic and his girlfriend all right well. Melissa Alexander Graham Bell was the first person to say hello on a telephone. Fact or should act. It probably act. Probably fact nobody. I'm I'm thinking lives might be a trick question but it's an. We've done that it did get a little fact and then in didn't you say. Watson. Come here. He did say wants income no Watson come here in media was at him was that that yes. But I'm sad to say Melissa he was not the first person to say hello on the telephone he actually said holy. Comment on the telephone number and I always easier yachtsman yes yes so that's the way it's valid right right as a whole lot of Ole Ole boy and it was Thomas Edison and I'll be the first person to say hello on the telephone and then. Nobody said oh boy anymore after that don't we sound like a bunch of deed that rain sale boy. I guess you know the ships and we're not dropping anchor here on the coast of you know the the Antigua or something like this message channels and get him to say Shell's address. All right did you say hello yes hello yes this. I am. It is through you aren't ready for oh boy. That was not right here right. He didn't. Chickens. My Irish. Dreams. Soon. Okay. To what played. Right. And our way up again.