Facts-Schmacks - King Tut's Penis

Tuesday, February 28th

Once again LB does battle with the listeners over what is true and what is not during this edition of Facts Schmacts! This week we found out if King Tut was mummified with an erect penis?

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com beef. You know. Of the Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against LB's I think people just feel sorry. But I can't pronounce words properly it's time for that's she Maxi so these are things that don't need to be workable. Lot of funny comments by the way on the on the Immelman text exchange on its program I really enjoy airless there's another very very funny as they have you guys have an amazing sensing camera. It's very very funny enough you please read the set it free comment the name on the field they don't 90 yes if you love something set it free. If it comes back it's yours forever if that doesn't bully him until he calls them on your radio show her. Those ideas to an entire day. It's. Is doing business as he says he is gambling business these TV and doing business are right. Let's get you facts she Macs this morning if you can outwit the dim wit on this show. Then and you'll be eligible to win a fourth four pack of tickets. For harpoon saint Patrick's festivals happening on Friday. Kick out see Patrick season at the harpoon brewery in Boston featuring great peer. Lied Irish and rock and roll bands and Irish style food. The best known worldwide for its amazing taste the food of the Irish the tires you brought this to be yes recklessly kill it yes the boiled potatoes with zero case so Thelma. Now boiled meat. Meanwhile flood waters have stopped boiling meat oil until upgrade it's goat too hard and Drury dot com for more information. And frank is up first this morning hello frank. A good lord had always hoped that it birdie LB. That's rather Powell frank where you're from until Kim kitten. Hold the dire you always so what do you do. Musician looking for parents and and I just now what what color cards you drew I don't drive them blind I'll. That's at. And you ended on ignores. This. I got to place them honestly. The blind musicians oftentimes. Better at their craft. Because you know if you look at was a blind though. As applying Willie Dixon what's that guy's name shoot the great blues. Blind lemon Jefferson yes and I believe there is blind Willie the talent thing yes yes yeah we know. I guess it's was there yeah on earth yes yes Stevie Wonder. Yes under a book telling John yeah. Kinda losing road house. Yeah yeah. Yes. July's yeah Jeff. They're really don't matchup lately Jeff Healy yeah this thing immediately. I think Roy Orbison had he had some kind of died from goes into the sunglass yeah yeah yeah all right black cars. Frank yeah are at least the least likely to get into an accident that Porsche now and I. So. Back to back it but LB I I I hate to disagree. Bud Black makes people. Seeing big button which black makes cars seem. Bigger ass like it's in your grew role in your face it if it isn't your thing that you notice on the highway would be a black car because of that reason yes it's it says an attraction thing just hard black contracts assigned white pushes up the sun a white vehicle you don't see so much a black vehicle automatic boom facts here's. And I act. At what you know by the logic I just didn't act I think if he flip flopped his entire argument right there yeah it is not a regular. It's it's it's back. Silver cars. Are actually the ones that get in at least accidents I suppose because there may be there easier yeah easier to see I don't know how could that be deceased my resilience than ours but right here isn't I just share the I don't write them I I think create the facts I was about some more on the last. People Wear black Hewlett swimmer. Hello hello hello Cindy. Good morning S. Ethic record well yeah that's she's birthday where it's anywhere you from. Else from rim feel from the what do you do. I'd especially children. Good for you you do in the lord's work do you if you ever go to the Bruins fields there oh yeah and you know premarket. Yes the flea markets. You buy a lot of let me tell you something has the beer can collector. You can find a lot of good beer can collections for sale at the flea market yes present. In line are actually I was actually thankfully it's actually in the news in the flea market in AF to actually go there yet and rent monkey monkey's are able to. Nick around. Stewart sensor monkey to Broomfield. I Cindy. Can't king cuts penis. Was mummified. In the correct position fact or should. I don't know what you could do that somebody keep a clean. Well. That any harm and that's a queen is that I'm gonna say. Back should Max LB everybody you know what. Since the beginning of time people have been infatuated with penises yes I mean who wasn't there will there is a famous lady. That. Contrasted. Rock and roll. Guys yes yeah. The jobs. Yeah writes in the seventies and eighty plaster cast the plaster Caster race kiss as the song about her yeah scenario applies to there you got to thank you Mike Hsu so I mean every if it was around in the seventies. It had to be here I'm back in the days of pharaoh those guys love themselves so I'll go back. It's it is a fact yes it tonight is absolutely a fact I assume that means they didn't do it on purpose I assume that means that King Tut. Had an erection. When he when he died apparently in when he went in there check now. Does that happen when you Daryn I'm pretty premiere of that could it I think it does a lot of different clerks. Yes say Canada or smell it right obscure reference could one day and you know thank you polo neck. Bigger more than happy bird Belgrade. I do and neck are wonderful symmetry ever. Where are you on the bike. Now I just saw no room read. 95 interchange. There's a big problem on the pike this morning there was a truck that team dislodged. The cowed from the trailer on the pike east. Right across from the Framingham rest area so it's screwing everybody up this morning that is a cluster F. By law in Britain. Pregnant women. Can tee anywhere they want to act or she map. Then. Photo Brit got some funny are over there. Let's deal were to go back on the slot. I like doing Gerard Henry Henry the eighth in lop off his wife said instead we get divorced. I got a bowl games could be anybody can PM public so that would is pregnant women yeah. At the fact. Started is it is. It is the fact hello Chris. Pay crest. And try that again Dunlap and Chris either. Here Larry King. What's going all right. That's what Kathy Burke helped make you know it works every week you. Where you always do rep. Or you from Chris. Okay Chris passing gas. Helps reduce high blood pressure fact or should now act. Yeah probably probably reduces the pressure everything about the fact. Yeah the fat content of grass and Africa thing yeah almost anything can you know help blood pressure at the back there five is a fact yeah. So rather than yeah. I was I was used the the legs yeah but that isn't yeah I'm one squeezed out there again though when you didn't mention that the the fact that when it shifted from who this is Jack hello Jack. How are you here this morning ill man happy at their help the only currency values that varies unit would work it's that big a thorough and I'm delicious you're gonna play the lottery today Q you went all right Jack Daly. Daylight savings time was originally created to save energy. However the opposite. Is now true. Fact abortion act. Well a military. Greatness actually fact they gave it to say yeah its a fact all it. Do you know LB what do you say I'm aren't I you're saying about it yet do you know why. It's it is a fact you know why. Because it's a stand somebody is trying to make the money somewhere. Now well tirelessly. No it's because of air conditioning realm. Now we actually use 1%. More electricity during daylight saving before it felt that it was any link that the 1% or is that we've yes though. Yeah that is indeed a fact all right I'll be nice work.