Extra Sauce Episode 8: Behind The Earmoth With Former Monkee Mike Nesmith, The Legend Of Rod Argent, And How You Can Help 22Kill Help Veterans

Thursday, April 20th

This week we explain why we keep bringing up Rod Argent on the show with the actual Rod Argent, Tim Shea from 22Kill Boston let's us know how we can help our veterans, and we go 'Behind The Earmoth" with Mike Nesmith of The Monkees.  It's another Pleasant Valley Extra Sauce!

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Welcome to the extra sauce podcast and money. On the bench and would this jar of sauces. Red pill. This week's episode of extra sauce with the host Mike she'll. And are yours and yours truly gases they are you gonna take credit for this week. How are you saying I'm running away from the Sunday Miller has always shoes are there. But this is Stalin we got a good one ever we ever really really good one I'd let that think we ever really really good one which in L we spent the whole entire day Monday partying at the marathons so I'm amazed. Now we're able to pull a soft but we have an excellent episode of extra sauce to offer you this week. And we'll get extra sauce on the following topics. A powerful. Manly sounding name that we use all the time on the show to describe a person. Of great stature now and I and end. You know a lot of times there are inside references that occur. On our show all the because we've been on the air effort for decades so and you have no idea what they are so we're gonna try to solve every once in awhile on extra sauce. We're gonna try to solve one of those questions that you have. Like when you say why do you guys use this name all the time I don't know what that name is me we're gonna solve that coming up. On an extra sauce also. Will get some extra sauce on a tragedy in this country which I came up on the morning show on Wednesday. When we were discussing the Aaron Hernandez suicide. And I mentioned that there are 22 veterans. Who'll kill themselves in our country every single day and oftentimes. The media. And those who are consuming. The media. Are more interest did more obsessed with a suicide like that of Aaron Hernandez. Then they are. Of those 22 veterans or at least we don't I don't think we all talked about it enough and and ride on sort of talked to Tim Shea. From twenty to kill an organization. That works very hard to help those veterans who may be contemplating suicide in man. It's been awhile. But we're going to go behind the ear Moscow. On pleasant valley Sunday. Which is a great monkeys in a mosque and Michael Nesmith who's written a new book is gonna join us when we go my hand go behind me are mopping diddle little exercise. Very exciting he's that guy whose mom. Invented white out right and and then they didn't talk for awhile he he basically went broke and it's. When she passed away in 1988 he became rich again. Because she had the white out fortune right now this is how to confuse a millennial round. Zach Gaza's Santa Anita Busch to a new to explain what white out this yes I definitely have to explain was that all right so. When I'm back in the eighties or the ninety's when we were physically writing would they hand on a documentary or or typing or we were using a typewriter. We were punching keys and we made a mistake. There was a liquid. It became a little tiny bottle not called wideout too bright and then we would wipe out the area where we had made the mistake and go back right and right over it or type of after dried got there was no delete key no okay the type does not have a delete key is not auto correct answer is OK right right to -- Aramis and Kathy if you opened up the bottle and snorted very hard you could get about it except that's drill every now man but I do about that thing it's completely I mean wideout. Is completely useless now I mean a whole entire industry that existed ice our guys have and I'm no I was still buy it. Mentally I think I am in scenes probably on the black market I'm probably go to Craig's list this like Max us. There's probably I don't worry it's as popular you know here is Bob Miller sells us now possibly do that he's been. Married so anyway. Michael Nesmith who monkeys whose mom invented white out will will join us a little later but up first that's as I mentioned because the morning show has been on. Four where 26 years we are frequently admonished by new listeners that there are many inside references that occurred that they don't get. And one of those is a name that we sometimes use to describe a man of great stature. Rod argent. Baltimore and a and a would come on good Ellison. There may be some listeners who don't realize that rod argent is a real person and I. He is joy he is joining us right now to give us a little extra sauce on being rod are urgent to rod how Mario. Are. I'm pretty good guys Greg C Greg Mike great contest that. Tom Allison writes at did you say right I was just in London and I love when they English say rights are rights. Does well so. Our men. But listen you know we we I forget how weak came to use the name rod argent shoot you remember that it was just it just it this is I think it was from title fight where we do this song identification would listeners yeah and we were doing hold your head out by Agence yes and no well and I believe LB just love the name does well and I rod argent yeah yeah and so images sounds is such a great name it is like it is just sounds like superhuman superhero name right so let's and how it got to be used later Honda. Well till three anytime you want to describe someone of great response yet. So filled freedom username wrote launches a look at. If they use other boats nobody's. I get its idea you you you have you have had a great career and and Mike Hsu mention hold your head up and mend and argent. But we gotta talk about the zombies still don't know yes. And it would do what you're did zombies swarm into the early sixties. We actually got together around buried us so in 1961. On an outcome could hardly believe that we fifteen years old. I was desperate to form a band because. My cousin Jim brought with you later that became I eighteen years. Pulp and being on the member of launching Whitney breaking news. On that big east. Selling albums he would buy it over the kinks. One. I and he plays enact current band as well. That the con version of the band because we've also got. The original members a dissolve base about tangled in oracle with a you know as accurately as as we possibly can make it. Was he Latino policy on team all day it was young team gave her team marais. I'm confident I know he whipped but it but it. I would vote to them yeah I'll blame with you know on the downlink the album that had come dog you know princes that seem claim based on the album oss. Yeah I he was way to breaking it down to where we'd write and I. Oh and all that big east that was selling albums and him in America absolutely. Anyway. He ought have been the console team plays a few years older than me. In and a great local band on I wanted to be at that I was desperate to get about it. I don't I did manage to perform well and I was fifteen. And gene took that to the person has so it is sector etc. so it was all those years ago people would be true even in England reported basis to come out. So who and yet we look pretty early on. What's. Obviously. It's hard it must be hard as a teenager to adapt to that depend. You know whether it's she's not there are urged to read you name the SARS to have a bunch it's r.s a must have been tough to loot to adjust to that a little bit. It was well I don't know who it didn't reveal to quote to adjust to the final vote your life in many ways it blows. Pot. When you're eighteen years old. And you'll end loud music. And EU and managed to get you know that the success it just sent this time he's so good that you that you can't compete. Just at the right time you know when that when the British wave is. Is it is making it helped propel. And and put it to could be in a situation where. Old pretty women want to know you you know without you even trying it. It is his kid to dream you know. I didn't on not to quote which cut. Are you saying that the same time yeah on I was really passionately in love with music. And you know on how to attend either Michael turned on to rock and roll music apply here and you know the thing I don't know when I was eleven years so again it was Jim rolled that putt. The that lately direct quote. And he's singing to the locker sin put beings from another Utica. I'm going gently put the I eight years later. A renewed mythical land of America where all good music emanated volatile content. I'm picked up the number one recording taxable and and any billboard it was the it was out there and maybe two or three in the world. And then I find out that nobody had not lied films you know that little note may have written on the pupil. It would it would tinted dream match and really. While plus as you just mentioned you were clearly having a lot of detail here in nine in America I'll smashing a lot of American checksum that was pretty good deal. Well I'll I'll I thought it was done it was much you can see. That's formed in relation to possible rides and American rights it was if it's good to grade sheltering them. The way through. School I thought that I. As to say you guys are torn now you're playing Odyssey and oracle all the way through to me one of the most criminally overlooked albums. Of the sixties. I put out there with sergeant pepper and with pet sounds people who know people always say oh sergeant pepper that's sounds owes the pinnacle of sixties pop. You are RC oracle equal. Up there there but the delay or anything noodles everything is beautiful on. I would let the bomb plot really appreciate that country's semi and get the bodies we. Will tinted Abbey Road studios as the pieces were walking now having just record is taught him I'm rewarding good seat and it states Stahl. Recording. Odyssey and oracle. So we've we've made in the same studio this same engineers. Almost the same time. But of course you know what when it first came now we look we're very proud of it and it got so contact you review these pot it just didn't set anyway. And I'm. It apparently don't try to it was only about ten or twelve years later that there. The boat started talking about a net people. From competency to. Well let particularly in the UK it was issues shoots dog that time. With it from the unquote you know I'm within it and and and he he quoted as being in favor alma wartime something which he still says and then since then it's never installed rating and is eligible. Every year now than it did when it first cannot even without having had a number one record on it so if the police are historian. Why is it true that time of the season was not really hidden England. Time this season with a number one in almost every country in the world. Except for the UK and is being released three times to my knowledge in the UK. It's never been hit. Pot they all detainees. That it gets played constantly even now on the radio in the UK. And all the young kids now it is I don't know panel but they do a when we played Claxton birdied two years ago. That day you know the young odious it was bad lie a thousand people went completely crazy when we played at 1088 you know is seeking an opening that book. Is it is it's it was never hit. I'm it's this this is a little creepy but I like to do a call and response thing when Danielle who's our news lady. Where I say what's your name and she says Danielle on the and I say Hoosier daddy. And I that's kind of surreal it's a real problems every day that was rod. Rod that was about that was like about the summer of love basically right is our thoughts are about. But it Wallace yes it blows and and you know this and you reading today as well what you need do more you want to. Really. You know if he rich suddenly is is he rich in this sense of ground. You know eight people still vote is he you know did they hadn't told either but beings it is he teaching things coming from. You know about palatable story can Lockett is it that sort of thing as well. It was it's used all the time like in movies if they wanna show like 1969. Resulting in a our measure that five of the six and there was like tampax ad like with a when solidly. Really yeah I'll let you otherwise right ride a did you know it was yeah well our money wherever it comes. That's does Iran arduous ride sensor. That it could not many people could be good good that I don't wanna. One of them more beautiful songs are Muncie oracle rose for Emily. Is now all all thank you played at the end of of very popular podcast not this one what's popular this when I was five who I was asked out ass town I don't know if you've been able to have time to listened to the podcast Estonia always and the show. With that song and if you don't know maybe you should call your lawyers I don't know a bit there. I AM I did an interview a couple of weeks ago and the guy hit OK my first question is. You know what do you think about it expelled cessation or not Saddam out of the way the east I'm and he'd he'd tell everyone about it. I don't have downloaded it the week been so busy I hadn't yet the first episode but. Everybody says it's fantastic and on so on says the I was so proud that they using a gross revenue at the end of each. Each eight East Asia episode here. One of the strange things these when we do that courses you know there are obviously people who relationship but we always have a really. I launch young component there as well and the other day we were playing about as friendly and it was just go to must've been about nineteen years though. Any organization to process it is when we were playing it. And until well it can't be that bad that. I the couldn't open the. They should measure was really moved in and under on that really. It gives me so much joy that that feeling that something you wrote so don't look. Can actually relate to people of this generation you know that and that that was on looked bored and it and edit it goes new products and. Did you let's say you say what Jermaine Hoosier daddy my name is rod argent turner. I. I'm from Boston now a lot of and don't give us yes well you can use like you know we'd we recommend I mean such a powerful name that. If you if you go to a party you're not invited. He just go to the door and they say what's your name recent run urgent rush you don't have rod argent sort you don't have a reservation at a restaurant you say you must be mistaken please look under Rhonda our Jim justice that is source of the name well itself. It quite like China and I get hate. Cannot blackness. Thought I hit a bad path and as you can well I'm glad we're able to track you down talk a little old little bit about your amazing career. And of course you can you can yes you what I just wanna say they're gonna be here playing on C you know cancel all the way through at the Wilbur and Boston. On May ninth in Arizona right to sorely you know Greg on Colin into the next than may tenth I would not be here because and is gonna take a huge amount of mushrooms yeah and oh so Wilbur and watch on wash them do Odyssey and oracle and not the kind of my clothes that I like on on pizza you're tired but the odds are not out of Russia is an awesome my sister you know this if I salute. All right well it'll be great and certainly appeared when here in town in May feel free to come by the studio says he's in we can meet to a person we'd love to do that. All that well yet that sounds great. Thank you very much. All right it's been a pleasure to to solve this mystery those of you who hear reference occasionally to rod argent. On the show you now now and you'll be able to see him at the Wilbur coming up a Mahan and rod thanks Tom for Meehan on extra sauce. Very cold thank you so much about it makes. The girl shocked on Wednesday to learned that former New England patriot tight end Aaron Hernandez had killed himself here in Massachusetts in prison. And of course that was breaking news for most of the morning on on the Hill Man Morning Show. And during that discussion. We talked a little bit about the fact that 22. Of our veterans men and women. In this country kill themselves every single day and why that is not mentioned as frequently by the media. As some of the more sensational news and I you know that question may be. In May be assumed the question asked because we probably know the answer it's it's rooted in the fact that people. Are intrigued by Aaron Hernandez and end and the fact and Aaron and as committed suicide and maybe not. As intrigued by 22. Of our military veterans who kill themselves every single day. But I wanted to put my money where my mouth was and talk a little bit. About this absolute tragedy in our country and what we can all do. If anything to try to help those veterans who are struggling and and so. We are joined on extra sauce by Tim Shea. Who runs twenty to kill. Which is an organization that seeks to help veterans who may be considering suicide and that Tim thanks for joining us an extra sauce up chabot. Earlier in the week when we were discussing the Aaron Hernandez suicide I mentioned. The media focuses an awful lot on sensationalized. Suicides like that of of Aaron Hernandez. And not enough. On the 22. Veterans who kill themselves every single day in our country and and and that's where the the name for the foundation comes from and and so I thought Diana put my money where my mouth wasn't. Talk to you a little bit about that on extra sauce. Tom when you guys. What does foundation together when Tim. Point two celts started and played play thirteen. And it's what was the impetus for you when it when it came to and hit two getting this together. Well I bullied and very involved in that regard it is banned. I don't block Brenda that send. Just learned dank and helped and I empire they've got promoted so called called American infidels. And I'm. We're all blow open. Our active duty and have that presence below and make our community stronger and make America stronger in the pot shots are bad news. To do everything we can to save as that the put everything on the line for our country. And sometimes get forgotten want to get back to. Yeah it really is it's a horrible thing and and and that really is in in and reading a little bit about what would you guys do and and about this epidemic. And our country there really is the issue is that oftentimes these guys come back they've they've been they've been through something horrible. And they're not only forgotten but can't find a real purpose. For them selves here is that does that a good way to describe it. I think it'd that's a lot out of that so why to kill the wall from this other group called. Eat cheap seat. Dot com which is on a courage commitment. And there are group by Texas who started the point to kill. We program. And what they do is. Like who killed. We know. As a nation wide network goes back and advocates. And if you look to go to try to kill block com Il China to be a veteran attitude you'll sleep dots all the country. And we can looming oilseed just thousands and thousands of dots what those dots represent a people that committed to. If they get a call at any turn. They rule. Stop what did open and try and say someone nearby yeah so someone called point to kill damn thing until myself. Where I guess they'll find a limited they'll track but now those that we have someone. Ten miles away and hold on cinema on we'll get some country. Aren't they also be aware the underlying cause us. What trade or other veteran suicides. PP SP. And traumatic brain injury PPI. And they added with Barry. Down in Texas. I believe it's sector. There Lama in the forefront of treating traumatic brain injured where they can actually help these guys recover. And you don't have to be blown up to help keep Fiat. Appeal within. They have some boy got half mile radius of a blast. You can have PPI probably can cut through it. So these guys. Really stepped up they are raised brought the air an idea or is to become a curtain. A lot to me to do is worry about paying her respects. Yeah you'll see why people would activist in freedom they have on outreach program also that they don't. I'm. Debt help what PP SP also helped. The bonding and they also have a great program. That helps. Scott. That turns into uncommitted entrepreneur on ships and helped get him business quietly and things like that. Cindy's they do a whole lot of work on some. Of the veterans and just trying to. Like a lot of us trying to make things about. Attendees the volunteers are talking about the people that are there for for the veterans are they also veterans. Are they trying psychologists are or can scan someone's just volunteered to be there for somebody. Anyone can sign up anyone do we want applied to till ring anyone can sign up to be about current aperture it just narrow ma. You know being committed to trying to help other. And it's not you know it's we were talking about how the media focuses on. Something like Aaron Hernandez and and we went back and forth with Damian Allen and and listeners about. Whether that's the media's fault or whether that's the appetite that the public has and what what this is really about. It is about those who have been willing. To give their lives. For her for us have gone and fought for this country. Pat and our our back here and suffering and what can we do to try to help them through that suffering now. Yeah I did at. We each guy it's it's gonna be somewhat of a different reason all blog girl. Women are killed themselves also. And speaking BB adjustment comeback because BP to EST can be an injury. Well there are lucky BI or physical injury. They've sustained. They do numerous reasonably good girl leaving them an old white leaving someone out. Circuits I had to. Really pinpoint you know. Like eight a boasts six all be handed out help everyone. But the big gainers. And card you're going to do is get involved let. Play to kill we've status. We call the Boston tried eSATA bots and tried chapter. Played hoops to kill up to Boston. Which is a second location. Just to try and make it a little bit more local so we can do we go more. Aren't here then it's weird just deal with the national organization. How what's the best way. For those who are listening now who would like to help to get involved here in Boston. Well it is eighty. You can look up play to kill Boston tribe on FaceBook I believe they have a we have a page on their dot play to kill. Dot com. Played two they also have linked to be error an actual. FaceBook page and just. On social media is really is especially FaceBook is really appeals seat the pushed war. Hundreds of supply to kill. It is one gorloks. Voted at least 23 weeks somewhere in these cell sorting area you don't. Air and would try to push up internal sure a little bit more. Metro west wherever we can. I'm just trying to get the word out try and support these guys. Try and bring back into the big Stanley that we all are. Well as a well known. Big fat pussy I have so much admiration for these guys and these women and what they do for us and I think we owe them. As much as we can give when it comes to helping when this I mean that there should should not be 22 suicides. Of of our veterans. Every single day in this country so. Semi appreciate the work do you guys still. Am glad you joined us to give us a little bit extra sauce on Tony to kill. I opened seven assign it and the only guy we do give Phelps he's reach out into a do or do it again. Before get out of here we have to go behind the air mosque then and I believe because this is a big bucks production though you have a weird aliens evident trailer I only I I spend millions on this O'Leary of your own person I had to yeah Billy yeah MI all my millions went to those who did this for the listeners right and that's that's a million dollars in and pesos up other way. Assists while you are bad arm brace she'll get tired you are I cannot break. All right we are going behind the ear mosque. Extra sauce. The earmark that we are exploring this week is pleasant valley Sunday. A monkey song which was at the time for the monkey's. A completely different kind of sought out and they had ever done before and and for those of you rule or not of these same age issue one night the monkeys were a band that was created by television. For television right it was at the height of the success of The Beatles and some TV producer says you know what. Let's make a show. About a British invasion band. That is you know kick it where is where they might notice that. They're one Britain the band that will Davy Jones right right right but let's not let's make a show about this band yes which thus guy this is beetle like yeah and so. When pleasant valley Sunday came out. A lot of people actually said wait a minute. This this monkeys band dated they're they're not one dimensional there's good is on us it's not just lacks the last train to Clarksville are better whatever. And so it is a delight for us to have a member of the monkeys on the podcast this week Michael Nesmith who has written a book. It is called infinite Tuesday and Michael nice to have you on. Day how aria. Right yeah I could listen our you you have written I wanna commend you because normally. But I shouldn't say normally. Frequently. We get a celebrity book that is that does celebrity does not appear their soul and all and end in this book you tell it like it is so I I give you a lot of quote what made you decide to write it that way. Heidi you know the answer to that the that the precise answer to that is I don't know yeah dependent it was if I was sentence. Looking at work. Whereas in the middle of the stream of the counterculture from the sixties turning into the cyber culture of the teens here. And watching that whole. Are cut. And taking compartments in the middle of this thing since I've been twenty years old. And I probably have a right to step down and and right behind that comes see ideally you don't you don't remember this all of those are you can't. You know write some sort of fact book he didn't keep a diary. And I don't know but I can riff on that you know Idaho player riff when somebody's coming along and is saying do this or. Take get I don't know what to do and not so I can do the same thing with with the effects in the and that fictions are both sides. I can do that with my own but in order to do that you couldn't be released straight up we can't hide anything he can't be no guilt a little leaguer makes sentencing. Horrible that was good or something good that was horrible you got to be straight so I think. That's started rolling in and out on the road steps and that the. Absolutely you ruled that means it was oh here we are here at an acoustic it was the most interest semi you going to do the whole affair the U had with your friend's wife and about how you know later on net that do you really ended up feeling not very good about that. We're doing you know there's a moral. Rectitude that takes over at a certain point we don't sort of think it's got to be a good guy here. I can continue in these bad things are gonna figure would visit him do and it's not working for me. And so it that was part of third just learning. The the first part of that team because of the temple was a television star that I of the future. And being in the television star as a young man and went a long time ago you recently at least this thousands of available partners. And if you think what I'd just this is going to have fallen into a terrible bunker so I found this you know. The world as well mr. Boccieri. But it's not like that and it didn't take very long to find out that it isn't a free ride that there's a lot of also work to be done there's. And you can forward and a piece. Areas of moral turpitude which just think like celebrities psychosis summit which is a you know write about in the book and all these other things that the better but come on do you think we'll have a policy about this. But of course I could say I can't do it like a tell all our confessional or anything like at all I can do is just like poetry like cassettes were all. Certain that at the table somewhere or certain that the racism word just you know talking with each other and and so Lisa saw what was that the new world with tear you in what's his name's Ryan from and I think. Do I tell the truth or do they no offense didn't know you may become even committed deal. So. Doldrums. I realize how close he became when John Lennon which was kind of interesting because. You know the Monkees was really television's answer to the success of The Beatles and then you guys actually became really good friends. Well as we speak and we became good friends in in in the not a way I think you mean it's it's we weren't buddies. I didn't know really well he did know me really well. But other scientists crossed and Pepe has crossed spit in a very. Gentle and gentlemanly way we were respectful to each other and that was that was nice so it was nice to be. Friendly. It on that level with somebody like John John was in his tent sleep. Intelligent and and the you know I enjoy his company is very funny. And we had a good time my best friend in life for our perp but decade was Douglas Adams. Who was an author who wrote that it checkered go to the galaxy. And it was a it was a it was a great playmate now realized that's what this is about this would be a playmate. So I want to really be in the play mean which well more of a plan B which unaware of what's say you know Hendrix. Or or. But you know a guy like Mickelson and and Adams in these guys he's been picked. Big movie stars big offers and so forth but none of that counted what counted was just to these people were for real. And once you get to know that it's not that you become really close friends you just become a easy reference and happy friends and that you. Really appreciate each other way to our friends to. William you allude to the affected that you're you were such good friends with with the Jack Nicholson and now is before people knew what a romance was that people were talking I mean people thought something was going on. Yeah gap road runner and one of whom was my first ride. That is being human Jackie Burton prop that would really weird yeah well look it's not a do you mean you know it's kind of class and I know what you're saying no no it's not like that I don't have any sexual attraction. For these mean and I just have a great affection for a quite the same approach you know it's like. It's when you're in a great team. And you're watching these are the guys play and you know we you with a great band and somebody uses. OK this is my break is my soul when he takes some just mind blowing so well there's there's a great deal of affection for that kind of group. Play you know great quarterback or great tennis center mean that just. It's something that when you're on a team like that you can't help feeling I think that's tripled its yeah that's the way I've settled. But I also think it's amazing that and I don't calls a lot of people know this tools through the book the year you're often credited with creating the music video. Something that really changed the music industry. Drastically. Yeah I know I and then one of the reasons I wrote this up in the book whose first of all I wanted people in the future and people now I don't know how the music video came into beating. But not to take credit for it because it's it was a great it was a it was a general drift of the wind it's time. And I got their own you know along with everybody else. Along this path that developed. The music video but I remember when the music video in my wife came into being and it hadn't been there before dark and so me and built here because I was working with cancer and and my life we were all in the studio realizing oh this is something extraordinary. Well all the time that just stated into the past and the people would compensate you know I saw your music video and you really intended to music video and so on and so forth. They're going to and we kind of and you should put something out here in this book about how the music video came into being. But the aesthetic principles were part was there that's sort of thing. I'm not making a big deal evidently not that they did except to say I didn't really invented that was just present at Pittsburgh. We don't we go behind the behind the air month occasionally and I just before you go oil wanna get. Thirty seconds or so on and pleasant valley Sunday because to me. That is such an amazing song and and what what was the impetus for that sign him and and and why I was at a different Monkees song. Well that was only. Happens when we started the play. We're you know was a television show so we can have to play they had these rock and roll bands and studio musicians and step ever make in the records which was great television movie related to time you know you do have music often side. But it dawned on us you know we're gonna have to go on playing lives to serve I want to see yes vote loss to watch just play alive and we can't go out there aren't. We're gonna do concludes the war Veterans Stadium where you can walk off. And we can sort of make these songs sound good in and and that was that had come out. But we restore writing. And and there are and the songwriters from over their country we're still writing it and so we started civil once we start. Arranging these things ourselves and maybe we can influence the way its decision had some guys play it at that we can play a piece here as they have. We brought we're and we have to play. What Kevin Alexander was when the first songs and it was a first on the chip that would have been around. Not the first time that it was you know he was new on the scene as a producer. And then he came up with that lyrics and he taught it to me and I learned it learned to play it in and that was. You know Algerian Terrell. Who will authors of the song writing about what was on their life. We were playing it in a way that we were the garage band rehearsing. Getting ready to go out on the road and and I was learning the par which I mean that's that that's the best I can tell you in terms of the year that. The general barrier around this room the whole sentence. The book is called infinite Tuesday and it's Mike there is all so mom I. But what I really I really. Look at it as an integrated and yes it is you can find out about the does his argument would Don Kirschner and another another great thing so Michael thank you. Thank you think the. I. And enjoying extra sausage on a pleasant valley Sunday. Please give us a raving at at and please subscribe yes you can you can subscribe to exercise. On iTunes or Google play or stitcher him and give us give us a rating so that you and I. Higher are able to continue I gonna make my millions back from the behind the earmark. So yes yes please give us a good rating I don't I don't I don't wanna ruin your day BS's it's a free podcast so there's no there's lots that there's no way to nobody told us this whole. We're not charging for that we're not up. When I'm making any money you and I were next to a charge for the first pick up that we have we thought about a guy we've got to bomb making it from male financial model. Wanna deal with out of making it paid podcast but nobody was interested though. Far right. Thanks to Mike still he works hard every week on exercise and will be back next week live another edition of our podcast exercise.