Extra Sauce Episode 5: Bob Saget Doesn't Roofie People And The Documentary "Tickled" Is The Creepiest Ever! PERIOD!

Thursday, March 30th

Hill-Man Morning Show News Director Danielle joins us for Extra Sauce on a law that will let woman have time off for their periods and we talk to comedian Bob Saget about the quality of his stool.  We also talk to journalist Hal Karp about his experience with the documentary "Tickled".  It's creepy sauce time!

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Welcome to the extra sauce pod cast and mind. Sauce it's on the offensive. Would this jar of sauces. Red pill. I want to oversell this week's episode but we may win some kind of an award. Based on me to get well first look at the Ellis is here for the start of exercise I think it's always nice to have you here nice to be here. Com on the episode this week. We'll get a little extra sauce by requests. On a new law which may allow women to take time mosque when they get their period. And will also get a little extra sauce. From comedian Bob Saget how nice and are gonna delve into a topic we touched on briefly this week. One of the most disturbing. Documentaries I have ever had to watch I do agree but called tickled to witches on HBO. And it is about its. Some thing that was. On the Internet. That did not turn out to be what it really was like a lot of things that affect the mind blown but you're here. Because we discussed on the show this week this law in Italy. Which would give women. Time off from work while they demonstrated yes and no there were a lot of listeners who asked that I get a little extra sauce on this. Because we had a chance it's harder on the show though we literally at the delve into a. Deeply. And it's an interesting thing. I don't like you're using a lot of uncomfortable the scriptures for the segment alike what what do you mean I don't enjoy it deeply exercise in and of itself. And he's here and embraced my five year old self doubt Alice and it's a topic that men don't wanna hear about right don't wanna talk about when your man stretch during which is why this whole concept of he'd leave. Is a little high EC ridiculous to me ot. Those little background history on the concept of menstrual leave as it pertains to the workplace 1920s started in Japan. Where they. Crack at they'd be drafted national policy. That would give women time off. But no pay. And several other countries have since adopted policy difference it's Indonesia when we get to paid days off a month for their period really yes figure who paved it now. South Korea you get paid time off if you stay out of work if you got to work during your period you get extra play time. Halftime. Philly and anti whiny at three paid days per year for your period in all goes into part of the thirty common sick days that you get. But it did here's a question is human rights issue or is it sexism because I Philly people can argue. Both sides of the coin here. And how we need to address it meetings Healy pop from accounting comes in and he's like everyone present the figures from the reports this week in Chile is missing. I mean did they just look up front and say wind chill is out sick wink wink yeah. I mean that's going to be a. All this other problem and it's going to be isn't it going to be somewhat embarrassing or error except I mean and right now no more embarrassing than getting a colonoscopy and telling everybody else. That's her awareness turbines Carol marathon but it. It's I do like one of the most embarrassing things and on the fifty year old man I still can't get over it. It is when you told the have to grab while you're at the grocery story out. Grab a box attempt parents it's like the most I basically let us absorb and CER what's the delay do you want to glider did not like what's what's the media pocket size and athletic he kisses. Am I have to grit like you know you have to get a doctor's know announce your stick my you have to provide upon receipt store boss that's gonna take a few days off I Syrian. You know and then it it makes it seem like we can't handle. The workload right that's why it's it's not get a you know we already have to deal with the wage gap it's gonna cost employers more like. You know managed care rid of the 200 dollar for a new cell phone thing. That the price for the new cell phone was always built into your monthly plan that you paid but now they just changed everything with cellphone plant as a single woman taken time off for her period he's like Rangel if you get three paid days off a month where he's been a payless overall if you're gonna. More and I'm Reynolds yeah I now know outside I don't think it's I don't think listen I I stand by you. And if you want a little too close and didn't if you want you can have it out but I don't think women wanna be identified. As the sacks. That needs extra days off the because for bodily functions layer see I see it as the human right thing. Because this is something that happens with the women in differ women to different degrees. But it's it's something that happens then we have to deal with it and I think we should make accommodations for that now. There's a whole other level of inequality argument now it's like the smokers. What about women who don't get their period when about women who are menopausal doubt about. Individuals who identifies women. I don't have female partly what are played this year for Brett take off two days. But just got to give hyperion anymore I have to sit here and work with you should not one if I'm a man who identifies as having my period as as you might as those who work for me often say I am I will have better value yes is yes your days Yasser. I'm fine. Well I think we should work on either increase sixth time in general or you know paid paternity leave first firfer downs when when the mom has to be because I think. In QB great to have dad's home you know for that at beginning of life for the kids so I. Are on stuff like that for now. I it well you know why eight begin the podcast with this topic why because as they say in the news business if it bleeds it leads. I'm so oh well let's face it they yeah I don't know. Thank you very much for joining us on extra sauce our next guest on exercise is constantly trying to get our attention. He will be he. He'll be in town and about a month. But he wants the plug that show endlessly over the next ten or fifteen minutes right that's all right with the new ship us final in the alum he just turned sixty. We are now joined by comedian and actor Bob sag get. They're well I'm only fifty a month sixty like you all on. So no zero gravity gravity straight who actually amount amount that are reported four year old Garrett dessert. Period but there right freezer. There are so border. A commitment. As it has is getting old resident it affected you at all. Well bottled up in I clearly believe that the managers cleared over the have a warmer dating a woman whose. A woman portrayed tricky scripts for me 37. I've ever dated very little she uses a walker you know theater. You're out of here I'll do overvote. Or does little girl the workers puke. And my friends sort of a personal matter of them probably hear visit geniuses. For. Don Rickles does appear random. We're getting a local matter respect you're chief Peter you do debate be and I'm like. Holy crap on the side. Is that. What's done. But like Kenny you know Don ripples. So much followed. The system is such sweet he's so far they have been. Call to refute cigarettes are stealing and he goes well I have to do indicate you're out of my life. About those guys are not like you think about Blake gave some of those stories about Hamburg. Or you know he mentioned Norman Lear or Mel Brooks or I mean Mel Brooks was here recently. Doing doing some thing. The gulf Borough doesn't feel young Frankenstein yelling elect go to like out there were dollars and retrospectively could do anything there's. They share the movie ready yeah. Just like he. Death and he is unbelievable. Years. I would with the government leader. Quote just another version of you which was on American pastor so EPS. Mel Brooks came up to be any great mystery is that a local groups but ultimately quick. And it goes I'd be the only one we hear rue likes a and it does little bigger by the yelling all clerk. Jewish bed yelling it you bet that's it. Incredibly Smart but mean you think about it you know coroner Mel Brooks. Admirably here to change Beers made all the television Booth Stiller comedy that we saw. So it's been stirred your beard respect that's critical and they still I don't at a it's your quick I go you'll look all of bill. Pretty lucky to the other rubbed a comedy of and a regular movie in July and and you know Brooke that is stuff that you that you couldn't do a cure all over a year backcourt now almost you know. Those movies still stand up though and I won there and would would no disrespect to. The hangover films or board neighbors or it but you know DT like you know whether it's young Frankenstein. Or. He's like things like blazing saddles and selecting date they stand the test time I don't know if today's comedies would Bob. No those couple of that they did it that good and honorable anti since the end and that is it is it news as a pretty damn good thing it's it's. It's really consistent yes it is at a pretty high level. Will step up between the others you know are so I've watched your partner's side and maybe fifty times. It's since these are you know and here laughing and you stay the same jokes. Wanted why you're watching it was rocky aren't shopping as. Jerry Zucker confirmed in my symbol that they dropped the social Churchill LA piece of crap. The cherry picker wrote airplane and wouldn't let his brother David as chip Abrams and you know I have pulled his brain. For everything you don't feel like gladiator movie surely you don't mean it. If you don't see chrome animated you know. Airplane it is another movie I saw that theater. Thousand people and they it was just they were scoring in those whose the mayor and ms. what seed do you remember played. As we'll see breaker I think the blanks battery that span. Yeah and I guess I did you can say in us and on the podcast OK okay the the those are cool with some stupid but it produces and ships really go to percent owner of a sudden. It. It is defense of both corporate (%expletive) yeah. So bad. Just past series they're Rio Rio to Annie goes though there was still dismay about the props department that's so there'll. Mode murderer her heart because there are adamant agreed it was like a Artis. It's that it felt gross suited describe it as you are sure that the Pentagon that. And it at sixty that's probably what your bowel movement is gonna look like later on today a part what will grow your I'm fifty should know the numbers that forty I'm not brag about because your whole I'm I'm I'm ready embrace your complete government. But I don't think normal thing I think you know I guess. In eighty years is yet mayor Kurt. The idea is close to go on and hunkered. Hear your creditors put her role in. But right there are currently direct order of those decades of an upper level work and the harder step to do that are. And of course of birds pull our house but that they won't go away so let us. You know there are open up to rural. There's certainly remember orbit Japan's led to a spare her current structure. And it's super carrier ring Godzilla that's great so close and so I ate a few of the people and out on the other. Bob. Clear that there's. I'll (%expletive) Oh bond. You know your Macs but that's why I kept the ball out of recovery at the world market the device so it crap but nobody. There's certainly been good at bat that actual friends who it is for a best country is certain players. The Wilbur. Yeah it's a great. The U I it like I mean he must love stand up it because it's got to be we were you doing this this tour is four months ended so it's got to be. It's a somewhat of a. Of the. Pain in the ass some days of traveling all over the place he must love doing it. That is happening that's really reared and makers everywhere power even burrows who bought the last which is it sheer death. And so will our because normally do this special so. Work it you were hit and and then you give the supreme being and it treats standing here people that the currency is not see anything being seen before. And then you know for an encore visit do music are due out stop people. Single all of those groups came below the two have NC near. It's just really. An over achievement carried. A whole host old school metal Ella to Google you'll want to guys that are Cheney. Well so subdued. I guess she code as GO profane. Step I just do it tried funny that is so you know. Hope the hole don't be so we were like what are you were like gates' candor public. Demo what I do it. Premed classes I don't know what. It's a lot of people here really freaked out when they say. Bob Saget America's father. You go to see him and his activities cities' dropping F bombs are so right now. Right but the thing is when you look at history and now I'm I'm nearly one blessed and trust. And that medicated people would do enough and I just to have little or so where are written itself star rated comedy at the Wilbur. He looked a Google backed right Ruben doc amount. O Klaus Von Bulow if. Let us know that that was a silly thing I just got to know already. You have a great let Carlos I get a lot debt and because as long as we idea. It just it obviously every single person in in comedy basically knew about the cost beefing correct. Pretty world tour yet so you knew about it. And did you think it was it like over done in order. You know just a rumor that people talked Oleg maybe it happened once or. Miami did you like it I just it's amazing to me. Well I you know I was in positive sides seem thing that it should even consider that. And it and it wasn't you know there watching you know can finish her and they took him into. Well you know I I am which sided which real says sincere and I can't fault you know the C gather influenced me. Bet that was Norman Maine my nose Richard Pryor Rodney Dangerfield but Don ripples those are my guys. Was caused the it's it's. Renewed so who stood. And what he did and news good actor would you guys spying but he did show our respect every rather lecturing. It's just. Crazy shopping and there. We he would have a good news and so you are those her tirade and then they fully you have events is so flawed. They're they're they deemed him guilty to edit it seems like. It's seems so that's what he is but we don't know they have perverts court who are so. Well no I guess we don't know but I mean the. The driver of the 4050 people come forward. Yeah were the qualities for us to do that you know. And it's kind of missed a psychic like it is a psychopathic thing. It well. I've had secured come forward. Because I had a general news and there Auckland that if they ever talk. So yes I said actually that you didn't even pleasure them they the dead and so. They know they admitted today admitted making love steel but they said there was zero pleasure involved whatsoever. Yes there is no more is nothing they kick early. No nothing nothing good happened if you're claiming that I did they think there are so that's his business. Did you ever have did you ever have sex with a woman. Who was so well and who is now who was so into the full house thing that it was obvious that she wanted you to go into Danny tanner mode. Long long long while law you're having sex. That that has happened the weird now like that about by. Become a character. But answer questions about Sheryl. And then the biggest those killed as libertarians all have to those questions but stay most. I don't know if that causes me to retract the yeah yeah right you need the Niagara. Well I don't need to be the right right through those guys if you're wearing that says and it's in the capital bring him back there OpenId provider type spirit duct tape up. But that's at. All right well I'm hoping that when he comes to town in a few weeks have come in the studio again because we love having in. I would love that I am going to your eyes you guys the best of every family income for the show which you do that yes it's Saturday April 22 Bloomberg. Yeah and tiger chirps opal well over a cure Merrill upside or whatever. And just pulsing LC that didn't report serious one verse at stoke purpose. We'll see you on Friday Tony Ferguson and as always great talking about. Thanks appreciate it went to Europe. This may shock some of view but I recently became obsessed with something on television no I don't get to watchful eyes open and but I became obsessed by an HBO documentary called tickled. And in which she journalist from New Zealand's encounters other journalists and uncovers. A bizarre Internet scam. Involving videos of adults athletic man tickling each other. And as it unravels the documentary gets we're and we're and we're wouldn't would you say issue and I'd say after users so that I'm imagining past people listening this podcast going hello how. Not out going I'm out of here up up up I thought that yeah it is they're really though the level of weirdness in this documentary just goes sky high it really does and we're lucky to have one of the journalists featured in the documentary helped carve on extra sauces leaked to us talk a little bit about tickle. Our regard. I B I became intrigued. About tickled. And shared it with a with a with a listeners and I don't know I guess the overwhelming. Response is how odd the whole entire thing is this. Being involved in that he did do you find it to be odd and weird didn't and an amazing Odyssey. You know I had given that I was originally involved and it seventeen years ago when. Filmmakers contacted me three years ago saying that David the motto is still doing what he was doing what I. Unmask him in turn over the FBI I would I was shocked yeah. It's interesting I you know I want those who haven't seen the documentary did this to watch it and and and get it for themselves but. It to summarize. A reporter in New Zealand who is. In a one of these reporters who generally doesn't feel good story a funny story comes across this. International. Tackling federation league and and thinks it would make a great what you think it would make it great story and a competitor an intern stick yes a competitor and you're. Who see her writing clear competitive endurance tickling which happens to be a league that is full of athletic young man. Who are too are oftentimes restrained. And being tackled on a bet. How many can unfortunately see the direction this this is heading in so. He is immediately. Hold that they have no interest in an interview. That. The dead today identify him as a homosexual and in their emails. And lash out at at at him as a reporter. Hands. This begins the Odyssey of him trying to get to the bottom of what this competitive. Tickle league is all about. He you'll however have an amazing experience with the man who ends up being. Behind this whole entire thing in and I think you're story is one that's interesting as well. Yes thanks it was sound. You know what what when this story first came to me many many years ago comeback kid in Australia. It was it was hard to believe you are back in it was. It was shocking especially when we find out what you know his true identity is the way that they got this I don't know if you wanna hit well over. Well yeah we did too I mean tell us about me either you know being reached out to buy this by the skin Australia. So I I was doing an article for reader's digest magazine on a group then call cyber angels. Is like an online vigilante. Group that helps people that were being cyber stalked remember this like 1999. Like Internet was. A wild wild west you know if people were being cyber stalked and harassed. And they called the local police department they would say like upload your computer. Didn't really are they the data really. That they knew it could do that it is still today every we have this huge issue with the international boundaries. Which is one of the reasons the motto they would get away with what he had you know continuing ongoing basis. But I told that people look tiebreak goes I need to use because somebody has been helped repeat some victims that it can help. And they said well there's there's one online percent. That's been kind of the legends as cyber harasser and cyber stalker this woman in Boston. Mean Terri desist she's a college student and she harassment he teenage boys who you know after they refused to make these tickling prettier as I really thought it was a right about that. Absurd. It was a picture of it that. He was using you know it's good to misrepresent himself as a young college chrome Boston of course. In the very BK here I told the what are the first sport I ever talked to you I told them like it has ever done heated this might be a man. I mean it immediately seen god in me. You know that it was a man yeah there's you know a woman would not be inched it kind of but I am. The boys that never let the boys were horrified they're like what do you mean that there is simply that they were actually in medias were. You know a man so that I pellets in Australia who told me that a a cyber into the contacted him. And given him this is it file that you look you know in the movie and told if you send that the Kerry issue believe you'll mind. Even a victory it was been other than Texas is prime living and really the middle right through the Archie you have to. I never like sitting in the dark in my operas like over eat it if I think you like. Oh my god like. This guy who. Up principal are an assistant principal or counselor at school like. They had all of has put somebody hacked his hard drive and you know I mean we don't know for sure but. But it had like his resume a emails to parents. It was great to get everything you like there's like this this of them man working with children every day. And doing what he was doing. Now with the with the these online tickle videos and essentially online extortion. Use an. In it in Los Angeles when he showed up in yeah LA premiere you know is there a great I mean you know just be you know and and here it. He always thinks he's this or yeast you know I think he was the smartest guy and the room. You know I mean his mug that says arrogance that night in a lot of that there are some of those Q and hey it's not. I think get online and like FaceBook why hideous but you know I mean EP basically told bill and I you know everybody in the movie's going to present. Yeah you know. While hill was you know he was he was he'd given and again I I struggle because I know there are some who want every. Intimate detail because they've watched tickled and then there are some O having yet so I don't ruin it for everybody but I mean he had all this money. And he obviously. To have them a fascination with that you call it a fetish if you want watching. Young men tickle each other and so he created this whole entire enterprise. Avic get a run by fictitious women. Who would request these videos and I and his lawyers at isn't it funny you know I'm no lawyer yes I mean did you ever vicious or did you ever. It will likely take a guess at how much he spent on this over the over the years. It's in the millions I mean he was basically spending and higher industry. To service him himself you know I'm economic and you can navigate small film industry. That was making movies just for years I heard one person consumption and it won't you know at some point. I would wonder like how many meteor about that we now think it that's why I don't think it's really in the end. I think he definitely had a better about it I think the better series. Kind of quickly because. They're happy you know he preferred. Straight boy raised me upside down for us at yeah English so homophobic. Even though he bird watching video of them boys tickling boys. And that's where I thought the schizophrenia or the slippers I I think he is homophobia was so great when dealing with the guys from New Zealand. But he'd like to watch though the boys I think he hated it about themselves. And that's about himself yeah yeah it it projected. It's self loathing projected outward. Yeah there are millions of dollars CSC is. Which is insane idea go one of the lawyers Kevin Clark beat him right up front and the end of the documentary said you know we're dealing at a level. Where we're dealing with so much money where these people have a different set of rules yeah yeah up and I was so you know. When. Using the female persona. He was he was so threatening. And he was you know he he was he you know. Is sounded like he would carry out those actions however. When he is confronted in tickled he almost turns into led the pussycat leg eight you know it's it's it's it was a weird dichotomy. Yeah I mean honestly did not seem to mean a person would be like a threatening presence you know like like in LA. It is kind of a bizarre presence although I will say like the common humane. Which are in the tickle keying up when he was talking that Diller and on the street after the movie. It has the comments he made about David fair here coming up reporters on. Cool products I mean yeah I thought I need to get the homophobia like reset like you know your family man you know you know why are you associated with the king red green. Like a racket yeah they like the guy at all I. Look they're a good chance you're probably in error like. What about her big you know what about the early on. When he was torturing that that guy. Who was acting as the agent. With regard to the death of his brother and tort. Yeah it is rather torturing is an unbelievable the mother might care. You're with a poem about don't you wish to vetted out the other you know David is dead near Iran's allies. Erica there was the detail like sending the birthday card via you know who just like the level of cruelty by email and and through digital. You own mail and stuff yeah and went to and the level of creepy NASA Amanda let's let you know he really. Early on. Identified. The Internet. As a place or he can do these things and get away with it any dip for quite some time until these guys came along. And really became the this is the warned that thorn in his foot. Based on and based on their investigations so right now he he recently passed away. Yes it is and and we don't have really anything further other than his appearance at the screening. Anything further from him in which explains his actions or or comments on it right. Now nothing else I mean. You know besides he passed away all we know we hear what confirmed that the medical examiner. Of the counting. So we know I mean I'd I and it people who suggested that he possibly fate is that. But. I just don't think in this day and age even with that amount of money you could buy out you know government employees to that level. However as anybody could do it. Now he might be the one who would do it now and what if you let it snow possible. Not tomorrow or like you know like give it five years that I got a call my other journalists. Saying like we just I'm David D'Amato he's the only idiot yeah it is. I probably wouldn't be that surprised. Out of all the stories you've you've covered where is the strength. When it comes to weird. This could get remember warm. And this a step whenever one of the weird I mean. It it has so many bizarre or bend to it you know and we. And it and it copper so long I mean quite honestly when. When he finally went to prison in years ago I really thought the story was kind of over you know I thought like this would be a wake up call for this guy you know. Now I cited going back and forth with a woman on Twitter who was claiming this whole thing was fake and that it was all actors and I have to say it. It does get so weird it gets so hard to believe but your your view you said no you're you're pretty sure the. Survive the opening of the whole thing with a documentary that I beat. Part of that's like a really terrible idea actor I mean like we'd all be accurate straight appreciate it and that David and Kevin are actors that. People even then at Sundance were like you know there were people there. We're asking an editor re all you know is that it is real it is some notice some documentary you know like Spinal Tap him to let you know. But now it's it's real mean I'm real you know gave workers real pillar Israel and I was I've lived the story you know. And it's it's quite real I can assure you. Unfortunately. Some might say now Israel well the air the documentary is called tickled. It explores the competitive. Endurance the world of competitive endurance tickling CT and and maybe and the man who is. I'm pretending to be various women and and doing things that shouldn't be down on the Internet and and Hal thank you so much for taking time they give us a little extra sauce. Yeah hey desire to be under. I mean the first time anybody's ever said it was an honor to beyond exercise I think so a all right well let's Ralph yeah thank you very listening and if you enjoyed yours or even if you didn't and you feel like lying. Give us a good review please. All right. Rate as high rate us review us. You can subscribe. ITunes. Or Google play. Boy stitcher and we're always begging for her ratings and and reviews and will be back next week was another addition of extra sauce.