Extra sauce Episode 37: Behind The Earmoth With Todd Rundgren

Friday, April 20th

Once again the guys go "Behind The Earmoth" and explore one of the best break up songs by legendary musical atrtist, Todd Rundgren.  Greg and Mike talk to Todd about his classic, "Hello It's Me" and the upcoming Utopia reunion tour.

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Welcome to the extra sauce podcast. On the offensive. Would this jar of sauce and. On March shoe hello Oreo get right to be so lost. By the way at extra sides is about to use this week and every week by road nice there nice people. Or raped service and eventually. It's rumored day you're going to need your air conditioners Summers and I don't believe it it's rumored it's oh. I dole the amazing people organizer and them come out to the Shaq can get everything don't write it you know you mentioned it. Earlier this week we never got to a winning of course it coincided with another mention of most of silver you should just learn to like go outside that podcasts were talking we're gonna talk about the best break up songs. I'm yes there was a reference to break appear mosques and I did. You're correct about that I did that suggests. That we could share. The greatest break appear months of all time I don't know. If day are gone if they have all of the in person break up near mosques or they could be. Over the phone. Break up mere months now of course in this day and age. We have the tax break up that is the most common way in which or I guess maybe it's the FaceBook. Status breakout status change Alec you don't even know bright and tell your girlfriend or boyfriend. Throw changes or notification. Does single all of a sudden it's complicated right. We get a random tax which says today. It's been it's been cool. But it's but it's been too long. And then another and any hit. Text breakups on Oneida. I am sun early and but of course the Electric Light Orchestra oh god has one of the greatest telephone breakup songs ever. How loud and oh yes how are you address telephone have you banner are tired and you probably have some of these could feel free at eight and all the one of the greatest is actually called the breakup song called Greg can you out all like you know such great here mop it's it's one of those two resorts to rock and soon yes this rules of the and you listen to the lyrics like you know men are Hawkins is blowing in so ironic that is out rates on the good one via and then there's love hurts by Nazareth. Yeah I. I mean. Yes you got your correct. Although I feel like it is. I do they get together it like it feel like there's some resolution at the end that's on my kids now are usually too busy slow dancing does. Thanks very high and oh yeah so that I you know suing make the move now back in those days. Middle school dance hmm. Did you choose this slow dance with a teacher because your fascination with the older women you know odds are it's it's it's again something so beautiful and those and you decide it disgusting really. I. We are going to and a few moments. Because Mike you mentioned that we had never covered the the breakups on segment on and Hill Man Morning Show. We're going to go behind the year mine. Which is the odd round and who is the artist responsible for yet another. Legendary. Telephone breakups on right you don't want. Men you know again it's like what I've just mentioned it's it's it's nice to. Yeah beautiful melody sounds positive I'd listen to the lyrics though. Varies I feel like almost every counting grows on them could be considered breakups on because Adam terrorists is is so. Mentally does come modulated by every Maria that he's ever and I in his life right I think that Annie song the Counting Crows do it could be about. Having a three way with the top three Coachella supermodels. It would still sound depressing. And it's absolutely. If anything else idealists well. Fifty ways to leave your lover. She's here illegally deep earmark on Allen's here that wanna dolls Ayman. That's incredible so can we throw love stinks in there. And via. Yeah yeah I mean elegant dumb yes yes absolutely absolutely. And then. I'm afraid to throw this out there is he'll just terrible harboring while it's low. How can you mend a broken arm shock and can hard. Yeah well I mean. If you'd think about. First the ball there's also some great country great cops on Alia in now and some some of the new country you hate country you know I KIN country. I hate any country artists that dresses like a rock star. A test will not hear yours your this in any of that new country it's like a bread sandwich. Via you know all that stuff all are cut like I was just listening to a great break up soon. I sure it was a more of I'm dumping you tune from Laura Lynn you're here called the hill. No she talks about it's almost that your sources talks about the husband steepener down because this keeps getting her pregnant she keeps having kids. And then treats her like crap and then she discovers the hill. And she's like I'm put on my hot pants and my tie to shirt I'm gonna go on have fun because I've discovered the hill seal later. Or some of those users into the panel though right oh yeah. Absolutely yes unveil some some of those sides that's that there about it is when female allies does it that's about that afterwards yes. There's there right right off they're dumb act guy and that thereof the next neo. Some of the new country it's you know it's like okay you get a mention your best girl your truck your ball cap. And you're darker side. There is real the really really good country music I know you make. Them. There's some really really really. Well ot Todd programme is a legendary performers actually coming an ounce in London and you want ago. Behind the Hamas. Yeah okay. Before we before we do I would like dad since were we doing here mosques and and and I am a fan. Finally crafted pops on elect to risk my reputation by recommending. Austin by Augustine. As as the break ups on the notion. She said you think she says she thinks I'm on a bonds and it in nine. Augustine. That we needed to cry. Details. You're really new Piccard drive. Let's go behind the year model. Go behind the arm up this week with a guy who's got a pretty good catalog chill. Yeah catalog Joseph the musicologist would say he's got a pretty good catalog yes many hits tons of music. Todd ran grin and of course everybody knows bang. I don't wanna work on a bang on the on the all day him and he was and the band has Sully out in quite some time. And today we're going behind the Fairmont on hello. It's me. The great break of sign and the odd congress and is with us right now. You know from time to time we like. To go behind the earmarks on specifics on its. And I'm often ridiculed on the show because to me hello it's me. Might be the best breakups on in the history of break up sides was it written as a break ups on. He because I was still without actually the first song I ever wrote. On what I put the best together realist you had to have a ritual material couldn't. So for the first Arlen actually sat down doors song and pour money emotions. In there it. And it eventually was about it you know break up by have a high school but I tried to make it. What I wrote the song to try to make it looked as if I did the breaking up close to the girl breaking open league. Right and who doesn't do that not everybody does that. No you didn't break it with me brought with you. Saw how old were you when you wrote that. Or maybe nineteen. While you I think it's pretty heavy I guess it was a high school break up but still pretty heavy subject feared for a nineteen year old to be ready. Well I did you know like milk that for years. Because of almost erode like 100 civil about it that it would finally came to my senses so in the middle of something anything. I know the feeling now Joseph fil Breck that's all this started is is it true Todd that without Boston radio that's on May have never been hit. I don't know the facts behind that I do though. Previous of that I had a a minor hit record cold we got to get through woman that was being played at pebble in the Boston area. Until they started getting. Bomb threats from militant feminist group who took the early this man. Song of the year or we'll bomb your Rick if it is out there. And I don't know Wednesday. Actually kind of I don't say badge of honor book but it and to. Get them much reaction out of people over something so silly scenes. It didn't seem powerful actually it. Yeah yeah well I was under the impression because I'd been told the story by a legendary. Whole legendary radio guy that. Hello it's me was that beside and that WME acts in Boston had given it a spin. You know when the record guys want them to play the gay sites on and off that was if that was true. Well that's. Actually did happen you know I didn't wasn't sure how that little phenomenal and got started good it was the beside of NASA's first single which had opened my eyes on the base side. And we wanted to be you know Pete known as they brought convinced. We promoted the east side boat that somebody apparently your friend flips the record over. It became kind of film a minor hit for us to the point you know I had left the band already. And and it wasn't expecting you know to actually. Rejoin you at any point both we did do a few gates together just because of that has become something of a radio hit. And then years later I thought you know I think maybe I can do an updated version of the song and that's the one that most people remember now. Yeah yeah I was gonna ask if it was sometimes we talked artists and a song like that the becomes a big hit that they don't necessarily feel like sounds like the band. Can become a curse like that was. We we went behind the earmarks on brandy. With the looking glass and that song was completely different than they than they sounded like and then they kind of get frustrated because everybody expected debris and to sound like that all the time when they saw them. Yeah that's no that's true you know or people get angry if you don't played. No particular song exactly the way they remember it. 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You made your money from the recordings of the music and the turing was done to promote that and now it's completely reversed itself. Well we could've done those big productions and so forth so without toward support from them on the label. The we didn't really I'm not sure how much of that we ever recoup. All that there was economics of the big labels that allowed them to promote and support acts that were as popular is like the big sellers. And that's one of those unfortunate things that's going away you know kind of development of New York artists. Over a period of time. And we made you know I think what made the most of whatever it is they gave us something we trouble with the pyramids and sphinx. Like it's huge Jones and first city like big screen video as a regular part of the show so. I think we you know we didn't squander the money on you know like puddles of cocaine or any thing you can actually see what we spent at all. Yeah. You know as time went on our. Our relationship with the label cool but it was more cranking out hits and for the tour supports stopped and we. Eventually decided that everyone in the band had to go take care of their own thing. And then we never really got back together again except for brief tour in the early nineties. Only went to Japan. So this is it has been thirty almost 35 years in the making. This particular tour. Well we look forward to is seeing new year in Boston. On May sixth. And Todd thanks third joining us and giving us a little extra sauce and I guess at this point annals say goodbye it's me all right. At quote hate him for who he brought the community. I can't see in Boston time and I think of us. If they'll be weird be crying. Yeah I'll actually doesn't cry over break a. Signs just cries over the soft hands of World War II veterans. As it. All right thanks a lot but listening. And we'll be back next week. Weekend there live another episode. Of exercise. It feel like we hear it please subscribe. 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