Extra Sauce Episode 35: Solo Sauce With Hsu And Shatner

Thursday, March 29th

This week Mike is solo while Greg is getting sauced in England.  So Hsu nerds out with a Trekkie-gasm interview featuring the baddest mother****** this side of The Rigel VII, William Shatner.  Check out the screening of Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan at The Hanover Theaterin Worcester on Tuesday April 3 with a Q & A with Mr. Shatner himself!

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Welcome to the extra sauce podcast. On the offensive. Would this jar of sauce and. It is solo sauce this week as Greg is spreading the sauce all over England's. I am back here at the beautiful studios in Brighton Whittier extra sauce podcast this week which is brought to us. By erode Anheuser. Nice people great service over there at Rhode nicer. And today since it's a solo sauce I found this a great opportunity to. Do the interview with a one of my idols. One of my in courteous idols ever as you may or may not know I am a huge Star Trek fan especially the original series and the man himself William Shatner. Captain James to Iberia skirt is going to be at the Hanover theatre in Worcester. Next Tuesday April 3. They'll show a screening of Star Trek to the wrath of Khan and then mr. Shatner himself. Will have a Q&A session after the movies all of the nerdy is questions you could possibly think of he may be able to answer. That night I was fortunate to get a fortunate enough to get him on the phone. For this interview and yes I am wearing adult diapers so this whole thing is I'm just basically wetting myself while talking to on. Well mr. Schneider was very very gracious here. So here we go it's a solo sauce. With the man. Captain Kirk William Shatner. Mr. Shatner how are you sir. Really well what about yourself. On doing great thank you for asking a pleasure and an honor to have you on today. I have to preface this by saying I am one of those people. I am a tricky. And I will do my best to keep my composure throughout the sinner and thank you very much sir I'm very excited that you're coming to beautiful Worcester Massachusetts. So my eyes I knew I loved that whole area. I've played some considered. One timer and other over the years and I'm an admirer of the orders. Yeah and the beautiful Hanover theatre it's a great place to. To see the movie and to have you do the Q&A. Morass of con. Have you have you like how how many times have you done this before not this story also this the. First you I have I have done it. A company. His. Played it and they some theaters. And I recorded in the interview I was on film. As they played that film but I've never I've never I have been on stage with this. Following this film yet so I don't know. You're usually after. Half a dozen performances settled into routine that you can judge what people are asking what they're appreciative of I have no idea what's going to happen all I know is that it's it's pretty terrific bill. People love this bill and I'm preparing myself to talk about the poll. Now that those many of said that this is the best. Star Trek films so far ever do you agree with that and and if not which one do you do you think is supposed to. Well apparently that's why I keep hearing. My favorite is structured five I thought that was really. Then it was a good one. Clark Bennett won and he was I think he was one of the producers for wrath of Conn. He I was reading. Mark Altman's fifteen year mission book about. About the the show in the movies and and he said and paraphrasing here that. He thinks it did so well and was such a great movie because it was a motion picture made like a television episode. I think that's very valid. We in the first movie was made it was called the movie. By Robert Wise who was renowned directors. Legendary directory. He'd. Directed the first film. And for a variety of reasons was rushed. Things went wrong in the he didn't have time to protect themselves. In any case it didn't do that well if it is in the beginning subsequently made money about. It wasn't received. In glowing terms. And so. Management. Paramount has decided to. That exist that would make anymore. Apparently. The head of the studio. His wife. Think you've got to do as a parent who mr. defense Erica that you've got to make another bill and that's when they handed it over the television people. And our permit me among them. And they made it for a convicted two things. What do they went back to the original. Concept of having a decent story. And a limited cheaply. With you you know let special effects from. More character only temporary and so we'll see the this subsequent. Movies. 21 degree or another contained. And that those things so. Character development and implore them over classical way toward the dramatic story. I think that's what made the original series so great my humble opinion is that the characters are so great and act absolutely and I think that's why wrath of Khan has really. Stood the test of time because he had such great characters yet viewed the originals series cast. And you had Ricardo Montalban has con. Who was just amazing in that role he was he was apparently a lot of things a lot of pain while he made that movie. Wasn't was amazing in the role and I got a normal little bit and talk about that onstage. Some of these. And unique world you'd think what's the good word that. Rather go to temple. My in my coincidental knowledge of him from early. Has. Seen him dead. In a musical. And why I remembered him. As a young. The revelation. Had come to new York and why I remember discourage dancing and I think chemicals are certainly. It didn't have a huge role in that musical ability remember the name of the musical. But I remember seeing him. And noting. This talent and then seeing that have a vote screen over the years that he played the Latin lover of animals. That he was really good number and I met him and charged performance on on screen their realized. He he bars. That's terrific actor he he might have been terrific classical actor. Who got caught up in the Latin lover show on the the way he plays. His role. Should give them the the imagination. And the depth of him as an actor. I think in that particular version con only he could make it as dramatic. And just you know take it to. It's just so he's at the edge not over the edge but right at the edge. I agree yeah a court I don't know what you write exploits there it. He he was amazing it now I don't know if you if you've seen the Ben and encumbered matches Khan and if you're willing to make a comparison there. Come back doing Carl what. Oh yeah he was in into darkness you may may or may not have seen that 11 of the garden. Cut. Eyes or no fewer in this area and they brought it very very. They brought up armored character yes they did survey he was he played con not I have to say not as well as says this mr. Montalban died. Without the player that. That's Ricardo had. He was so let's just say he couldn't. He went over the edge let's just say this and you really are like Montalban did now he could early on to bind itself. Well and go over the edge. Let us there that's right it's hard to lower the good news inspections at. That's the great thing about science fiction. And I now was a true honor if you knew this rod berries original idea for the second movie was. The enterprise. Trying to go back in time because the cling on that somehow taken over the earth. And the enterprise crashes in Canada. Which makes John in the sixties which makes John F. Kennedy cancel his trip to Dallas and the were supposedly is seen. With Kirk arguing with a JFK on how he should still take his trip to Dallas to ensure that history. So it. Here that's everywhere around me were you hear that again Ellis remark moments book called the sixty year mission it's Smart. Is very good at it and it actually wouldn't write something that he hadn't heard but I've never heard that. Yeah you telling me that is brand new to me. While yacht that would have been adjusting and I guess it was shot down because. Spock had to actually take the shot that killed JFK to ensure history staple it and the studios like I had no way that's not. Yeah. That's very imaginative though. Yeah that was run Barry that was rotten various. Original treatment before he turned it over to. The studio so I don't know if you'd known that I guess not. Well and or robbery was known to. To take historic pitches and make some of those. Dahlia yeah that was pretty that was pretty amazing are we're gonna take a quick break and we'll get right back to our conversation with the William Shatner the greatest ever are. Right here and exercise. 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Bringing and other artists to accompany me. So that'll be available. Christmas of this year. And a variety of other things a lot of stuff. Working with companies like that's over alliance for solar power. Electric. By a company called Avago. PE DIQ and and a virtual reality company. Called Shiva. All of their companies. Working on the edge. That and a variety of other projects that. If they come to. Lights likes somebody projects were hovering in the twilight of solar period of any of them come out of these. Really extraordinary. That at 87. You know no thought of slowing down if not retiring like you made your mark on this planet series. The world knows who you are and and you know movies and and other and other things here your albums. Any thought to slowing down at all. Who well I don't think everybody consciously slowed down as the weapon or not walkers that. They were taking over as gravity. It's all right I I can't from a hundred yards and that's right did. My pinpoint one this oh in those eleven through the U. Brought to. Slowing down like don't think. I've still got. Most of the marbles somewhat shipped. But the marbles are still there. Well that's awesome and number really glad you're still making music. Because I love. Making music and making the tournament and certainly. On that he's being endorsed or I'm. I'm a better have a an unusual time with your audience and I hope you'll be there because. It could it'll be a great deal from bill that. OK does that mean you're gonna do a song or soon. No OK okay hold on to boot up delaying many requests there I mean you know. Yes the overall requests are good. That no hope this thing but I'll be answering questions. And trying to. Remember things that womb that I haven't spoken of before and truth you know things have happened on the film or. Around the filled them. And anything people want to know. I've presumably most real world. That the making. Bill. All right well mister Jenner again it's been a pleasure speaking with the athletic group brought to thank you very much for take you that evening you'll definitely see me there the Hanover theatre that's April 3. William Shatner showing Star Trek wrath of Conn and a question and answer session up and pleasure destructive thank you sir. I. Got. An answer tight. Thank you very much for listening to be O exercised by Cassie solo sauce this week as I like to college gradually back next week. And I will have another episode of extra sauce which is brought to a spiral organizer nice people great service. Don't forget. You can get extra sauce. On Google play. On stitcher on I two and don't forget to please give us a rating please give us the rating and please give is a good rating if you can't. All right it was a good rating and make sure you subscribe. To be extra sauce like yes thank you for listening.