Extra Sauce Episode 34: Revisiting The Aaron Hernandez Case With Defense Attorney Jose Baez

Friday, March 16th

This week we talk to Jose Baez, former defense attorney for the late New England Patriot, Aaron Hernandez.  Baez is one of the many involved in the case that are featured in the Oxygen Docu-Series, "Aaron Hernandez: Uncovered".  Does Baez still think Hernandez is innocent of murder?  What does he think led Hernandez to kill himself in prison?  He answers these questions and many more in this week's Extra sauce.

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Welcome to the extra songs podcasts. Also offensive. Would this jar of sauces. Bread. Hill. This going to be great exercise price for a we can do that right manipulative I'm not extending into knots and I get a cutoff man like him choking on a chip here but. Where do issue grow. Tickle me again and he'll be you'll be hip as ever on me so you're no longer going to bro shows it's brought details for shows specials aka precious extra so welcome to exercise and it is brought to you. By road and Heiser nice people. Gore rate service. I can speak to that from personal experience animal over to the lean to and though and they that's an amazing they did amazing work over there that's a lean to with a violent. Small island tiny tiny bright and talented man and and the most important thing it didn't track a bunch of mud and snow and in house does. That really pisses misses. So they with a little booties on the issues. Us again all the road Anheuser and they are bringing you. This week's exercise and we are getting extra sauce on something that we talked about on the show earlier this week in that is. The two part oxygen series on Aaron Hernandez. That I say Aaron writes and I said era in the Iran. Aaron Hernandez. And oxygen as big a good job of these exit convicted double Natalee Holloway thing which rat watch which was which was really very. They did. Disappearance of more Marbury more armory that right now that's rated at you know talked a lot about on the show. And Saturday and Sunday. They are looking into Aaron Hernandez and we are lucky enough to be joined today by his attorney Jose Baez. Who course representing Casey Anthony in and we talked an awful lot about attorney by as one that trials were going on. And he joins us now for a little extra sauce and Aaron Hernandez and the two part oxygen series this weekend. We talked a lot about Q throughout. There. The ins and outs of this case. So I'll I wanted to start off and talk a little bit about seat tees in man I know that you said you think that was a big actors in. What happens. With Aaron Hernandez still feel that way. Well you know sometimes when I talk about CP. Things did missile interpreted. And and misquoted. Put Europe side at first the more I think anyone with CP. Significant issue in the fact that the brain is what makes Cisco and you know unfortunately we don't understand enough about the disease. We don't understand enough about the break period. But I I can I don't think there's any down. It's it's served. I guess our Central Park drive it in and so it was before it wrong when it comes to the brain that severe brain damage. A lot of our bill so there are a lot of things are much to be questions. In the world and the society that wants all the answers right away. You I know that that as a lawyer. Year. Bounds would buy certain east you know it's strict restrictions on what you can't can't say but the the do you believe there. And Hernandez. Was innocent. I do. I do and and then let me I have to qualify that answer by the fact that you know I represented animal in the ball gates. And along like Arabic and they haven't ordered Ortiz. To a certain extent. Everything that I know Bob barricades. I I certainly think that there's our have a reasonable doubt. Moody's. But he would be guilty so meaning you know I doubt that people butchered that money. And so did the prosecutor which is why they charge of the joint lecture series. And couldn't prove that he was the actual shooter but a lot of people forget that and off. Really don't. Understand that distinction but it's a significant one if you're talking about a killer. He believed he was there the night in Boston and question. Oreo. But not our argued about it well either. Among I asked about Boston because it you say you think he's innocent. You know what in the Boston case it dude you at least think he was in the car. Not in the car now. I'm macondo well interest. And remember I don't know if you're appalled but there were three eyewitnesses independent I would see the place over the W. Which is about. Growth quarter mile away. I'm shooting. And even after it even shortly after the shoot. And this was done is chilled out in the courtroom buying certain. Cameras that. That based on time. For when you give me an example there was a bouncer cheer. That got off work across the street. And shortly after crossing street was seen that saw Aaron over W. That individual. You know we have the time stamp well when he crossed the streets and it was at a after. The Time Warner or shortly thereafter. When it. The prosecution says Aron was over by. The top garage and about to commit the actual crime or had just committed the actual crimes so. That was just one witness. We have another department witness which was a doctoral student. I don't know if you remember but he was Sam that took the photo with arrogance cycle cheer yeah that also saw him over by the W. And then another bouncer. That is now firefighter. All three of them. We're independent had never spoken one another about that about what they saw panel testified that they saw Aron over there. And then you have three other eyewitnesses that saw air that's union also warned would long hair and court rules. In the passenger seat of the car where Bradley says. Erin sitting. And not to mention I mean I belong you know with different reasons you know all of these not only reasonable doubt but evidence. That show that Aaron didn't commit the core. Got the pause for a moment. I wanna know why Jose Baez thinks that Aaron Hernandez killed himself and I'm thinking about asking about Casey Anthony running naked through the law office if if if if you think that won't of course you think about it now and you starches. But we're gonna. A pause briefly. And remind you that exercise is brought to you every week by rodent Kaiser. Recognize there is growing and actively seeking hired teams of experienced HB AC and plumbing technicians as well as electricians right now they offer endless benefits full health and dental insurance a generous 401K plan three weeks paid time off and even tuition reimbursement so what can you do how about heading over to Rhode Anheuser dot com it will apply now ROD and HI SER quit your job and start a career with the road Anheuser and now let's get to the show. Why do you think he'd kill themselves. Well. You know. When you have CT a disease of the brain and I think logic goes out the window. I have spoken with him hours before is that. And he was happy to be desired I'd never heard about beer. I think you know I I think it is clear medical evidence that. CPUs. Is directly correlated. And linked to suicide. I mean you know we have to do was look at several other players who have who have been through that experience. And then we coupled track with its it was the worst case of CP that they had ever seen someone his age. I think not only did he have this disease but he had a bat and I'll miss you look at the circumstances surrounding it stepped up Karl. And and and the things she did just before dying he continued logic wasn't dominating in his mind. Goes lenders don't make a lot of sense. It's. You know the whole act and make a lot of sense. Considering yet hope. And you know older it was a real optimistic time money when he passed and I think it caught me completely off guard and the car everyone around him completely yeah of course it's is that you know he's stepped in to. You know another person's body and this was another act that was another human being kind of how we feel so. Jose what do you say of people who's who say that or they alleged or the A they say that and knowing his conviction would be voided by killing himself that he did this on purpose to get money for his family. That he was OK here's a look at that life in prison anyway and he didn't wanna spend his life there and he knew there is no way of getting out. So this is what he did to make sure his family was taking care of. Well I I would say that that's the most ridiculous thing ever heard of because of the fact that. It doesn't make any sense there was no way of knowing that he would have gotten any army intact but still no way of what about you that you can actually getting quality corporate friendly advocate and as a result of this but I mean we have a pending lawsuit yeah well. I mean that that's years away and we still don't know will be able to be successful regards so. You know it's it's something that. His daughter could have sued or after that but anyway if we're able to make the connection probably should. And there are just didn't understand both types of legal principles. That are we ever discussed that. Are certainly just don't think they're back. I will perform at the increments. YouTube included the patriots and cracked. Do you believe it is that the patriots are responsible somehow for. The story of and that's the story. Well here's the thing that a lot of people don't know about it is that. There was a time period which you know so was aware of these the consequences of repeated head injury. They were aware of it for many many years and they created the to try and get out front of the issue. And I and any potential losses they created. Different medical studies. And they put. On the qualified people on the medical studies. To come out and days that repeated and injuries concussions are a dangerous. I am and did not cause any type of permanent brain damaged when in fact there was evidence of the contrary. And that they went out hold their players. That it was completely safe and I think it's settled certain protocols. It was it was very but it's it was compared to by members of congress. The very similar. To the tobacco industry and what they did to mislead the public. So you know we're not talking about. You know it would not talking about. An organization with clean hands here. And while a lot of people say well these players assume the risk they do to a certain extent. But of their studies in the in this organization knows the dangers and those specifically being told otherwise. That is a problem and that's actionable. So bolder move poses certain things that allow the general public really doesn't understand is how far they weren't. To try and inform players say it's okay you can get a concussion and you know rest without a little victory get back in the game. So it and that these repeated head injuries which are getting and repeated blows during practice and and and and the games to that they're not dangerous at all and and that's simply not true now with the medical evidence shows and it's not what they knew what the time. So. As it relates to the NFL yes and there are the New England Patriots are part of the NFL they're the actual scene that. Participate they participated in the study and on top of that they endorse it. Have you seen the oxygen series and advance. Are these certain groups. And asking certain cuts of it so yes I kind of keep the vital. Cut but yes it seems certain types of. I was an interest thing you know. Yes hacker. It's funny because. They're reporting. That they ended up finding out that I need to know. They have they have witnesses that people who spoke waves. That I had never met overheard. There are stories. About Erin and their connections to earn and some of them were quite shocking. And it's it was a interest in the city. It was. You know a lot of it right you and and there are things Butler so. Sodini as we watch we may come out believing as you do that there Amanda's innocent. I wouldn't go that far and hopefully one. This is my low back. Documentary series. It would it does do is. If you what's the norm also that are apparently it's what it comes to about 42 minutes of Politico reported to but it becomes that that's the headline. Which is the main storyline. He was the thought he had at all it's too little way and he's over that's what you get 42 minutes. Well the documentary series that so the other side. But he is also so different perspectives from people who knew him. I told by our I explain my way view certain pieces of evidence. It's CR series interviewed her release she talked about their life he talked about what's going on in the backgrounds. Or a lot of this is happening. Some of the thread from Hollister interviewed for the talk about. Who they knew something you know another with a person with a with a teammate. Also talks about its friendship when there and several other people if college girlfriend. It is in there as well so there's been a bit of a number of people will never spoken before our planned. And you're gonna be a different side to what you would normally see in an inner hurt and it is a documentary in fact I've I would. But our outlook. And I got to ask you before you go you still think Casey Anthony is innocent also. Except that. You know what though we can know what can have a conversation about or where he's currently. Well there's other questions that I wanted to ask and I'd. And his nose was running around the office. You lied to the cup. Unit I would I would say that actually. People say they are outraged by the verdict I think yeah I was elected we choose to the blind lookup. Not tonight. That's a pretty good answer listen thanks here in the army and not a great up and aren't they care. Her lawyer you Jimmy you have the believe the client is innocent right as that it is that a thing I mean I. I guess you can represent them if you think that there guilty but they deserve good representation. Is Weil that. That would mean you know a good lawyer would be what is the correct term support someone who we were talking about it in regards OJ Simpson. That he believes. That he'd did not do the crime. So what is delusional is the word delusional or Israel Israel socio path sociopath something like that so you have to leg. In your mind be like. To do it but then you're like nine and to do that and I guess they have lawyers have to be socio paths to some degree. I mean I don't know it's sound it sounded to me like he really believes that Aaron Hernandez. Did not do the shootings in Boston and he also believes that he. Did not do Oden Lloyd murders so I don't know. I don't know about Casey Anthony and I think he probably thinks Casey Hampton he said this is good. The NASA. Hey Iowa and New Orleans paid for a minute but I know that's another poll another blog yes that's more exercise it's a lot of zones where that's a lot. It's. Well thanks for listening. And if you enjoyed exercise. Then please subscribe and and also gives good rating we didn't really mean we begged for creating so it was good rating. And subscribed exercise on iTunes or stitcher or who will play and we'll be back next week live. Another episode. Cash ops rock for.