Extra Sauce Episode 32: The Worst(Or Best) National Anthem Fails

Thursday, February 22nd

We've out together some of the worst National Anthem Fails of all time just to show you Fergie's wasn't that bad. We also include what we think is the best ever.  Please rise for the suck...we mean sauce.

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Welcome to the extra sauce podcast. On the offensive. Would this jar of sauces. Bread. Hill. Flops podcasts. Start stock attacks. By the way. Extra sides is brought to you by Rhoden Kaiser nice people. Great service. What's your EU EU demanded extra sauce on everything pretty much well. But if you called for emergency. Extra sauce secession. Line. For. National Anthem performances. Based on for. He being in the news this might hold rating on for years say if she was a better singer that would have been a great National Anthem and oh was jazz the numerous swinging. But I thought it was great. I've I thought that was great and then she started singing and ilsley you should I just don't like I mean it's it's been done so well so many times. That there is no need to try to make your own it's not going to be your own song and I think people do that for different reasons you know they wanna. Make. Make some kind of statement you make their mark in history right and there are some that have successfully now. But you know some of the best ones are the straightforward. But that's as I was like I'm just started member remembering all the awful anthems. I'd seen a big events and organizing some pretty bad anthems I'm not a singer but well you know look at there's some people who I think their careers. Have been helped it may be even made on an amazing. Nationally. Televised. Performance of the star spangled banner like Whitney Houston. Yet that's okay Whitney that that's like. One of the deal all and all great national anthems and that really helped with legally would rise to but it will agree that that had a little time into it also. Because it was 1991. Desert storm was happening right Alia as so yeah America without feeling that yes she was feeling it and you could tell so that there's a little. Timing thing and now once. But Fergie did the anthem at the NBA all star game this past Sunday. And dead way in which she did was not very popular while we want we listen to a little bit for those who may have missed it. Fergie Black Eyed Peas and and solo artists. I happen to. Absolutely. Get emotional like tears in my eyes like Greg's easy. Italian chicken type tears in my eyes. When I hear errors on big girls don't cry and love that site about anyway. As of the secret ingredient. Do you second guess his ears as well I've made up my own you know I've made that he's chicken I've made that yeah thanks take a rest be mile and a unit itself try anything to Melissa Phil Brittany just cry on after the chicken and let it marinate with the bitterness broken hearted such an emotional emotional sometimes under big girls don't credit. But anyway here's Fergie. And her performance at the NBA all star game this week our star spangled banned. It's. Yeah and it's time. Saying he. The not good -- I could have been good if it was like Ella FitzGerald via Aretha Franklin and a somebody could handle so you went over some of what you believe are the worst possible performances of all time of our star spangled banner so we can compare yeah OK yeah I'm I'd listen to a lot of really bad national anthems here now what do you wanna start with let's start with and I feel bad because I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers and a huge huge fan and this is when fully. Proforma Josh Groban. I think it was the BCS national championship it was 2010 and we put together a band I guess. They just did its us. It sounded like a really drunk Salvation Army band with a completely sober priest trying to sing over Amanda hide the fact of their out of their mind because Josh Groban has a good boy Yasser any sounds he sounds great but the band you don't like band sounds like they're falling out of the back of the truck okay so that's let's take a listen this and Josh Groban you said at the national championship game. 2010. And with Lee and les band. Which probably it sounded like these missiles that it was a group. Song. And you know. Or. It's. Yeah. We. We always. CNN. As the. And who. It's. Little. Game. It. I would. I get you I get we saying it Josh Groban sounds good out in the band has nine may not sound like they're constantly falling down. I ate I notice on your list here because school is you you created this list they noticed that year singling out Steven Tyler. Which of course he is a native son here and I understand. And native sons have bad days. This is this is pretty pretty infamous. From the Indy 500 in 2001. And you don't like the fact that he is scattering his way through the the National Anthem is that there is that he is a master of scanning yet there's no getting around great singer. But to this meticulous on. Hand right now I know you listen to you mean well Mike Hsu says that this is on his list of the U worse. Performances of the star spangled banner. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. It. Is. People are not happy about that now time. And they've Sherry didn't mean any disrespect well I'm sure users China like we talked earlier trying to put his mark on it. Just. Did he fit yeah that's all. News he left the mark like the one in LB's underwear yeah else these boxers or is that that was the mark again it's a Bruins got a Scott Stapp from creed. Yes did the anthem and this is prior to all kinds of niacin or maybe it was during. It's hard aerials. Chemical issues that he had going on it's hard to honor my belts a delicate creed song and all he does that's the problem I have with it I don't I don't think it ever heard this oh way today wet what is this from. 20052005. Yeah. Another automobile race BS is the Ford 400 OK and pool. Not good Iowa this is Scott's. Terrorists were. We. And various. Spin. Yeah I mean. The anthem our star spangled banner should not sound like a creeds on. And if you watch the video of that one you see all the racers standing there it is just grimacing. At that Villa in looking at each other like what is going on here driver that are now. We're gonna pause momentarily. So we can and present our sponsor information for her exercise and exercise is always presented. By road nicer. They are when it comes to the plumbing and each BAC in and in the electrical work done they do dollar organizer. They're great people they've done an awful lot of work at the at the Shaq ins though for me and they're just great people so. A brief message from Rhode miser and then will be back. With the rest of the world bowl performances of the National Anthem on extra sauce. Organizers growing and actively seeking to hire teams of experienced HB AC and plumbing technicians as well as electricians right now they offer endless benefits full health and dental insurance a generous 401K plan three weeks paid time off and even tuition reimbursement so what can you do how about heading over to wrote Anheuser dot com it will apply now RO DE NH IS ER quit your job and start a career with the road Anheuser and now let's get to the show. I would back and we we were talking about for geese performance of the star spangled banner at the NBA all star game on Sunday. And Mike Hsu demanded an emergency exercise episode on the worst performances. The star spangled banner that she's not the only one now know who who's who's up now. Olympian Carl Lewis is a great athletes yes gold medal winner. Not such a great singer yeah remember that time in it was like late eighties or early ninety's. He actually went out on to war. When I was in north that NC college he he went on he went on tour who are singing really get a hole like did dancers really hit a hole like show. And he played a North Adams a college and it was it was very very painful of one you know Almonte are cheap beer and it kept me in that seat and it was just it and and so theories. Is that the a nets bulls game in 1993. And this is one of the most embarrassing ones because his voice just. You just can't hit the notes to me and then he crashes and he burns and he tries to come back in many crashes even worse here I have that same problem and it's why don't sank Brian yes in less Ontario keying Americans drove it done karaoke doesn't count because again it doesn't matter yes synchronize time so over its karaoke that's I think that's what that means in Japanese correct me if I'm wrong that we don't care what condition you're in just get up there saying that. At least we can admit it right. This is Carl Lewis. I believe wow. Where is no again. Street. Yeah. And they don't. Okay. I. Stop this. I. It's. Free. I pulled. Please never never never again mention imagine that on national television now entered your messing up in front of millions of people the most important song. Then yeah now I can't believe that you have included. The legendary. About Callaway on your list of the worst national and then performances should I felt bad I love cab Callaway love his music while demand blues Brothers yes he was great I mean who else can go. Our arm out Miami's. A moat shock legendary jazzman. This is just he forgets the words public. You know yeah that's I don't know for its senior moment because this was 1986 is that the Oakland coliseum via there's no risk on the jinx here because he's no longer I stress I do believe he's in the of these Pasadena. To the bandstand in this guy yeah but he it's it's just embarrassing in the video is bad because you see is guys. He doesn't know coming up. He doesn't know what the next words are up Tara you're just gonna help let me just wanna help and what are reached the screen and help woman is a success. And I low cab Callaway from the Oakland coliseum in nineteen. EB six putts so. And we had a look forward to wow guy is loves me maybe Newt who's right sides and right size a and you are. Ask me why not us we're still. Moody's would be good. First thing. Saved that I. I'm still laugh. Guide you kind of feel that I'm sorry south. A if I'm sorry and now the org guy even in that he doesn't get a break for me I may you know what I mean. Are and then last I knew this one was coming Roseanne Barr. Who'd did the anthem and a aid Padres reds game and in 1990s. And offended nearly everybody in the United States of America and most of the world would whether horrible performed. Right it did you know she said interviews later that she she started to linemen she just said ethic and just went on and I'm just gonna ruin my eyes ruin and ruin myself but it just seems that there's no redeeming qualities of those whatsoever this is the greatest of the worst ethnic yeah this is the wherever the worst really yeah. I. I and the wars that salute doors so I mean that's comforting probably for Fergie she's not right on the worst version of the ball I'm she's just analysts Roseanne actually tweeted I thought my version was better after fur she did and hopefully some joke at XEI lasers joke and yet these. Two probably feels there man. Well I can't get out of here without playing what I consider to be perhaps the greatest the live version of the star spangled banner ever. Oh which is the version that's rename rank court did with the fans. At the Bruins game. After the marathon bombings here in Boston and I feel like we should try to redeem ourselves and and save everybody who's listened through the the misery in the and horrible horrible performances. Within excellent performance so. Two and things here behind notes no pun intended. Omelets licences the Boston garden and two Bruins fans who had just. Suffered through. An awful a couple of days here in in in New England the MM and in the US because of the marathon bombings in Boston and rename rank court starts and often and the fans takeover. Ladies and gentlemen. Please join together and sing loudly with a running around the corner and tonight's national. Opportunity all of Boston's first responders please welcome. Golf Boston fire department honor guard him. Tonight huh. Olson he. Use. He's. Gone. Yeah but dawn news. The news. It's who wants all Brunei. Oh. Yeah. Crying your time I'm not till spot you're crying right now it's. I can't hear that without being inspired I now like he did don't want a new race outside and screen America when you hear that adamant so yes it's episode yet he's amazing you know any season retiring Idaho. But hey he's he's belted it out for how long we gotta get him to come in and do the anthem on the show Monday before. Before it's all right. Well that's exercise this week and emerge. And C edition has called for by Mike issue and as presented. By road and Heiser so check them out. And if he enjoyed exercise to make sure you subscribe to podcasts ago. A date and and get it every week you can see that on iTunes. Stitcher or. Google. Play in will be back who is another episode.