Extra Sauce Episode 31: The Top 17 Of 2017 Part II

Wednesday, January 17th

We continue with what some call the Top 17 highlights of 2017 on The Hill-man Morning Show.  In Part II you'll hear Curt Menefee's amazing breathing skills, LB's mammoth Moose Knuckle, and our friend, World War II Veteran Larry Steinfeld. Who is really too good for this podcast.  

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Welcome to the extra sauce podcast. On the offensive. Would this jar of sauces. Bread. Hill. Fox ask this is actually polls show podcasts and confuse closed just asked me. Oh podcast also full shall podcast cast blow or roll by the way. What an innovation. Full show podcasted issue people seem to be lava man nice work by others you know it's Grey's people like in different parts of the country Ehrlich on market listen you know it's it's nice Kansas. We did that me going good job on getting the whole show up there now like can listen on my way to work you know on my morning light and real delegates would succeed him out there is transistor radio. Next Kansas I don't think he's running an international harvester. And he anyway welcome to exercise. And this is part no. Of the top seventeen. Moments of seventeen top seventeen in seventeen we've gone through last episode we went through alive. And we who. We he relived the fake news from The Herald that I was running for congress. Wedge which in light of all these embarrassing. Medical revelations about a president I am glad I didn't mean I don't want my I don't want my real weight getting out there and that I think your fully qualified. Michael. I don't want my overuse them in Bible album titles to be known by the American cancer over use of ranch dressing steel armor. As a surgeon general call I just thought a great idea oh god what if I can take my ranch dressing in pill form. I like that and eliminate the need to have a salad with a wireless are used some kind of like International Space Station astronaut something death now that you can't really tasted. I liked everything yeah and all over your hands every time you mention an astronaut or space. I I get a weird urge. To have. Ate peanut butter Pillsbury foods to. Which is that when I was a kid remember Australia when I was a kid yeah. There were all of these food innovations that came from the astronauts now and Pillsbury for awhile made these amazing snack foods sticks. In the in the peanut butter and chocolate for and they were the issue I'm pretty sure they were all. GM hole and derives all of you know preservative. Build. You know whatever their make apple ads that I'm better at NASA but do it there there's you have with your tang. I was never big impact he Stallone of the tank really and and later allowed there was vodka. I actually agreement a lot of ice a right now that's probably agree to and it's delicious for a while I was on a league crystal light to mess with crystal light with vodka. And I created the drink which actually called crystal right. Which was. Is a deal is vodka crystal light. The raspberry tying them and that'll a little bit solar rule but it does little zip line and Republican line and a big and enjoy like the fruit now really seemed to me that would sound great way to line my goodness that too much effort involved in what about the sunny. Like the sunny now Greg is a fan growing up in the you can buy those big man mommies the buys those big cleared. Plastic containers. The bug juice like the late on the gallon John it was like knock off cool lately and what it wasn't our Amex audio isn't a brand Kool Aid it was like Sarah opened and I mean. Advisor to and I don't know why were talking about drinks but as long as we are. Odds are actually was RX guy grown up that aren't and you take differing society I could pollen count are it's like guys or beat thing that we are acts yeah you know grads are now sounds like cling on general now really remember that all haven't lived in the events are acts as RX it was a state wasn't a mix it was like Sarah. Okay and he put milk wired. It was a completely never happens are acts I granted dean and milk real of them my parents used to make me. When you're sick or lake was no wonder it was when I was granted dean and Miller out who's gonna he's not all right so it really it would it would make the milk paint in it would give it that kinda. Now granted dean sweet taste that's how you have the same actually. As the grind and again in children Indians and rulers are well this is the pieces of bad cocktail podcast. Rescue bazaar is it uses some kind of liquid refreshment podcasters. But it is extra sauce and extras sauce is presented every week. By our good friends that road Anheuser. And if you need anything done around the house there the people who do so each BAC. Plumbing electrical they'd they'd do it off and and they do right they do all right. So. Top seventeen. Of 2017. This is part two. We have seven of the top moments left. That we haven't gotten to yet on. I think you've selected this because it was an uncomfortable interview because our guest. Refused. To pause and let anybody else talk is that why you chose Curtis Eric cartman at peak yet and I mean was he at any point a swimmer. Or some kind of deep sea diver now 'cause the guy didn't take one bro we talked him for I think it may have been seven. Maybe a minute yeah yeah. Didn't stop once so one point we all just kind of sat back and drink coffee does he is just have gone one he's sportscaster of course you see him on Sunday before the fox NFL games. But Kurt Mann of the I wrote a book about like the greatest moments in sports there's been some of the great like losses in India and demand. He would not he would not stop it's amazing he would not allow us to get one word in edgewise so. We're gonna relive that moment. The first of the remaining top seventeen of seventeen. The speaker of the patriots also talked to Pete Carroll. That's admirable loss. Yeah I carpet they're raping Erik and about law. The particulars corporate that the purpose feasible for Pete Carroll. The victory the patriots had regular against Seattle. It was Super Bowl well I think that. That it kind of different approaches and I think that's kind of what for the arts and things like that having the book Ramirez and those guys didn't do what they actually had been talked about depression he winner and rotten really. Really good about what happens when there are those final drive you don't report that it public speaker David I read it before but those are alleged he's like what happened it was a miracle of miracles. Defended. A look down and the other thing you know boom he's got the ball and these weapons inspector at all from Robert copycats it. You see the replay you know look at if that happens he could put that alternative as head. And they become men. Look. Replays later what wannabe with touchdown pass to Plaxico Burress and the bill a lot of people wondering what Everett story right now with so that DP because according to call them a blip. And he is called. Back I think he didn't. Responsible all the people I think we call off bottom line up one on one on the outside obviously with his as quickly and he called the opportunity I was is that over the blitz and he doesn't blame Judy blame themselves. We didn't respect in the world junior because when he came in as a fifth round pick it Diego Junior Seau was there I don't that you otherwise of the genetic article moderate wing he wasn't playing his rookie year he didn't do anything be worked part off and junior respect that we always had a great relationship for reasons juniors came to the report. And didn't you know he's like no let's not run it juniors but no let's run it and just because you admired and respected judicial watch you advocate Golden State. And the public in some balls in the air India. Five foot eight or propagate this six foot five but of course they had no chance and he blamed himself for that mental error. More than anything else its commitment to. Questions people would want to shoot all the terrorist. And obviously you wanna look at these people wouldn't just about winning a game that was about and we knew believed. He. You better. He went against his own. Don't what was his own self and I think that that would. Have a negative figure why he had the trouble given with certain farm is certainly hope that snap out of it he's a better place army field and he thinks that it helped it become a better opportunity throughout his fifth biggest piece of applause that if kids have they played an important I think it was seriously he holds the opposite that he. Probably work with what he believed was right. He feel bad about it obviously again he wants to win it but he doesn't beat himself up. Because he did that would give domestic Pete did what he believed was right and it did work out okay. The book is called. Pausing isn't everything I mean losing isn't everything Kurt thank you for being on all of us. No problem anytime guys okay. That was worsen trying to get Kevin Smith crap. Home will not. He's a robot that must be a television thing apple yeah had been wearing was he worked with the well he's got like moves real Dallas coach who's on fox. The military jets and Jimmie Johnson he's guides. What's his face from Charlestown and played for the Ohio an hour he's at how we line I mean it's got to be better be tried to got a word TV thing that you have only like I'm thirty seconds in order to say every act and even bust his balls above nine point meal for yankees are now. It was Saint Louis and the ABA Peru and claimants aren't 117. Men treat it that much different didn't LB regular Monday to Friday show well at least they'll be when he runs out of breath because the trail. Of his colleagues at. Amenities strong I mean that guy should be like a saxophone player that was never stopped now I know this is supposed to be. The top moments of seventy. So I'm not sure why you included. Yours truly taking his shirt off during the show people wanted to hear that again it was certainly they were they were titillated but it. I think there were traumatized and then I guess maybe that's the allies. It's. Maybe I got a little more confident you know I I got myself back in the reasonable shape this year or last year and I have to thank. My daughter Julia effort challenging meter run five K Whitner and so once he's just that one point does she say. Oral never talk to you again as she did not know she you know because I pay for college you have the suggested to that is yes it's about what. But. I did take my shirt off during the show at one point shocking many children and women in in here is that moment like this sure does I think is pretty pretty should it was right so that's. I was trying to be hip with the. I saw you actually can't see that so nobody due to how different how it has it has it both ways rank via Danielle now so when you take it off and throw on the floor right. You see you go right now in this him. No yeah. And. Look I'm and yeah. We are you. Pictures yeah. I was tired. I don't know if I'm 10 not 9 morning. And I'm looking and you as a -- and hold on let me relax me flax let me flocked to be gonna think of a lot on that iron. Yeah I don't exhibit at. My daughter's well I like my social you can sue meaning I love it. It hasn't rung. Her up. There it goes here you know so there are no yeah 21. Have preferred Bjorn did joining the officer Kanye narratives found. I kinda hot yeah. I'm 41 years I've been here you've finally pulled MLB good yeah. Served as an area I don't want that on any kind of social platforms as all's I know what my not a matter. I BM WA announced very if you could figure out how to tweet and I finally listening yeah Augusta. Early. It yeah yeah so. Now I don't if you're driving in your female. Don't thankful don't look at that because he made veer off the road do. Over arouses your boss man I'm telling them easy to Musharraf previously. That. To compare to how is Jonas. This fairness Estonia yeah looking in the pretty good yeah. RX. Let's see what. Please don't tweet at homestead tax asset. Backed a a spy special requests. As tag be used for him. But only pick up again are now instead at midnight update governor I was he wants it was a love and that is. All three G does help me Papa. We have a guy that we are lucky enough and that we are honored. To talk to every once awhile his name is Larry Steinfeld he's a World War II veteran. He's a 101 years old. And he we met him on the show because he was in the news. When his apartment in Waltham was robbed and some jackass stole a scratch ticket winning scratched it often so it was in the news we reached out we called him and we became friends of them and I absolutely love this man to death is one of the greatest. Human beings I've ever met mile there is not. An inch or a bit of (%expletive) Anywhere near this guy now he is so straightforward. Completely honest yes. Just it's it's you know it's it's so good at doctor them there's no there's no hesitation. You know he's just that could he's a good man and listen I think people sometimes the road that term. The greatest generation around and other people roll their eyes and room and wireless integration. Honestly Larry is he's the greatest generation alike I don't believe that we will ever we should let's aspired to be like him. But I don't think will be like those I don't think will be like those people I mean I I spent half of my. Half of my free time. Lying on the couch falling asleep to another Netflix binge I mean I. At seventeen years they were lying about their age to go now and or their bingeing on golf World War II have announced they were betting on OK yeah. So we wanted to include a highlight from one of our discussions when Larry. Is one of the top seventeen moments of 2017. And this is why and Larry joined us after we had our first launch with Larry in 2070. I enjoyed every bit of period. And it's fantastic Larry is so good to me a member Danielle when you guys were talking back and forth I felt there was a little flirtatious very. You know certain. I already and I have not. Had any problem consider it rude woman. And assembly Andre you know all of all of this Asia but I am sure. You to know what that oh yeah. Tie the bats well. Where you are me prior notice and Larry there's a woman text the end we we have a text line so people can text in for us and doing that and I don't like the reporters that. And she says. Is Larry interested and a younger girl I'm 54 and. I'm as liberal regime saying it now. He's 54. And she says the issue stripped it will play guys says deployed grandchildren. She's doing yard and as soon as I finish instant I know. Get my grandpa yeah Bob yeah yeah that's why they made the Viagra. I think you're gonna load certain that if I ever know why and where I would bet they go. All of rude person find out what I'm supposed to don't. Amazing guy now people always ask about a Larry's moved to a nursing home. But we should try to get on the shelf and we'll try to get on the show and yet we should we should try to get them checked jacket. We wanted to include some music. And some live music because from time to time we have live music on the shelves and in 2017. Our good buddy Ken Casey. And the drop kicks came and and they played live in the studio film ninety of them and in mustered up there is no word to move if there was. Unbelievable amount all the Mandel ends in the guitars and piano as an almighty god it was packed in there and it sounded awesome believe though do include. A live performance from the drop kicks oh the way it will play play one off the the new record called Sam wanted to blow like it isn't. The age of innocence and enlightened between like. Nine and twelve and just do normal mischief before them. The real bad stuff starts all right drop kick Murphy's in the studio sand lot is an innocent. Yeah. Senator. Yeah. Case. I this area. I'm not doing this next one I'm not you wrote it down but I'm not doing it mama I'm not while I'm I'm not. Just because I mention. An artist on the show or I dare. To karaoke and artists. At the great New England barbecue festival and and they died doesn't mean I'm responsible for that I don't think there is. And mean evidence on this particular subject more compelling. Then this is that this incident right here that the sad death proves that this proves this actually exists yet this doesn't. Listen there's theoretically been. A Hillman jinx has been in existence bird a good portion of the 27. Years that should. I believe it first reared its ugly head. Well we have a Red Sox player on our show weekly. Named Shea Hillenbrand. And Shea Hillenbrand said some unfortunate homophobic things with regard to deal obscene and he was traded. The next day now. He said those things on our show now. He what he said them. So he wouldn't trade anyway it pro seven somewhere else. I just happened say in our show I don't know that that's objects baba at the James that he cities' felt compelled to sit in on our show correct so. They're four. Any time that we haven't mentioned somebody and their older a day they often die I mean to me that's the course of aging in this country it's not a jinx thing and we may have a player on my crystal game in the next week he breaks his army acute camp waiting out here Julian Edelman it's right. So but anyway. I did. Do an amazing. Karaoke version of Tom Brady's American girls and that's also very Contra or at this year's. Great going and barbecue festival I don't know what she's about him and the and later that night I believe that Tom Petty passed away unexpectedly. So hours I believe this is way and we were discussing this and. Golden. We know there have been bank. Yeah I am so there and think do you think time of all time at an unbelievable. The gospel not told that an epidemic in Obama. Can. I can't remember one that has been more boldly and I will say that and I would just as there would I was taken aback. So I mean certainly it shows I've never I've never done karaoke again it shows that watch use it to do lives in karaoke I did. An unbelievable. Version of American girl by Tom Petty and and shoe place on the show yes it's now Saturday. You don't want him under the bus with this and unfortunately. And fortunately we've lost Tom Petty but I mean it's home injuring since nine. I mean it's happened before where we've had a guest on and they died women. You know a monster. And it's never this is very aggressive excellence I was I was taken aback and that way I feel some responsibility and must admit. Monday through 40 PM. Unbelievable. Greg. Imagine if you're saying a Bruce Springsteen song this weekend at the barbecue that instead of a bomb petty won. And that message he never order and it's a simple not anymore I'm concerned about going to see Bruce on Broadway easily. I think you're sending email to cancel it. 9411. PM. The work and then it wherever you go on petty that third and a message. Clears we'll. Pulling up on immediately following I mean I can't imagine your phone my I was getting out all day every day I need to text of that in one pile on my comment peeps that Twitter notifications. Like. We're calling me you'd cold blooded. Jinx killer and. 520. Times and. Greg let it all as an effort to believe that this film and getting. It got the accuracy of a laser at it that all these new people alone. And that message. Seventeen of seventeen this one does not involve death but is it does involve somebody who is close to it and that is our sports director Lyndon byers. Bob this is. A moment that will never be forgotten. Every year. We are lucky enough to join you. And the American Red Cross with our annual WA AF blood drive in and every guy show up in and give blood and and the Red Cross is so thankful and so week. I this year however we all showed up. At the Sheridan in Framingham except one individual. Who didn't we demand met the memos didn't hear us talking on the show the day before and also lives the closest lives yes lives a very close to the flares we were broadcasting and that individual. Arrived network in Brighton and twentieth street is name is Lyndon byers and this is one of the top seventeen moments of 2017. Well you know you've been doing this show over to. Long way and gain the now and I you know are arguing throughout the whole entire show in show about who called it. First. Predicted it a first this morning that we would be alive at the WA AF blood drive and one of us. Would to show up at the radio station and not at the blood drive in Framingham. And amazingly. The individual who probably lives closest. To the remote. Application that I went to the I believe LB is in the studio and brighten this morning hello hello Lyndon. We're we're we're broadcasting live here at the Sheraton in framing him on and off the signing of the emails or heard the discussion on the show yes yeah activity for the you have something in your mouth right now are you eating breakfast or what I feel I may and I made them and slamming a Bengal are mostly nights so I think that's American dollars that that's so. You wait did you just what is forget the the remote hero or idol I think it was you. Like I was Sarah might mind he's born alarm went off women walk up and apparently and yeah lasted. And I was I in the best years. I was so excited. When area when I when I pulled into the act parking garage. Just because I I was on time. If I do my first person there who thought you'd beat all of us Nazi our cars after I'd I didn't really escalate I was like all of my car and I did that idea I I did Apollo do. Yeah raking in fourteen minutes yeah he'll blogs aren't even here and I want I want I walked into the studio Marcos there weren't. Well listen. What is your plan do you want us are you there or are doing on it coming out here I mean I don't know what's that what is the consensus or whatever whatever you I'll do what ever you want me to do have flown to mean is there a chance that mark is gonna accidentally shut the station off during the show or something weird do you think an entire world and as I got I gotta give the kid credit he just shrugged and obviously it raises an amber does so I don't know. But why would I care what Douglas and all these fighters nearly a thousand dollars and front Rihanna I don't know how to during these lights on and remember. You know in my eyes look just hang there will handle the blood drive from here in Framingham ratios are you now meanwhile other let's say you're a steak guys could take half an hour forty minutes to get out here as well I got through did I get the guy plays the is he. May he couldn't give blood anyway because of the days you got to have. From the is that the shell fish from the threesome with Paramount. And they shelled out there shall I. Three with Pam Anderson Ryan to really on both there you are silent video I was hostile to be asked to speak gets a little bit in my beard got great. I it happens often times I forget where I have been going nowhere for the last twenty years every single obviously when you name me one time you showed up at the wrong players ever I've noticed that right but it happens the price how many times is absolutely. There are rumors that's out flags incident where he went out to act Guam and then there was the gardeners thing where he went to garner instant or where was it's I don't know them around here tonight that that one. I'm sure there's others I've forgotten it happens it happens shot. Are right or down 21 remaining moment. And that tops seventeen moments of 2007. Team we are gonna share that with the two in just a moment but first. Extra sauce is presented every week by our friends at Rhode nicer. Organizers growing and actively seeking to hire teams of experienced HB AC and plumbing technicians as well as electricians right now they offer endless benefits full health and dental insurance a generous 401K plan three weeks paid time off and even tuition reimbursement so what can you do how about heading over to wrote Anheuser dot com it will apply now RO DE and HI SER quit your job and start a career with the road Anheuser and now let's get to the show. Kind of a tossup only got down this on what was going to be number one I mean these these are really in no particular order. All well although I wouldn't say the term toss up when talking about but hey that's as you you know every year into I'm not judging. These particular two things could not be tossed out there hanging so low that it asked abut a there was an incident. Pat this year's jingle all the way five K for the Greg Hill foundation that has left many. Scarred and unable to function many it's left many whose side. Still seek seeking counseling from a therapy mr. Reyes psychiatrist because LB war. A polar bear costumes to the jingle all the way five K without any underwear and and due to gravity and age in time. Many things have dropped and were I guess or bigger or you know I don't know what they. The stomach morphed into the genital area I don't know what I don't know was it was costumes sides like seriously. But but a photo appeared. A photo appeared after the jingle all the way five today. And at that led to countless discussions about LB and his Canadian moose knuckle. And so that ends up being the number one. Only on this show would that be the number one moment of 2007 team now let's that. Lyndon byers showed up not only did LB show up but he also participated in the walking portion of the five. 22 miles on the walking course. Any polar bear suit. And I got to tell you something there's a good about it there's a bit of bay an Internet controversy over the picture view in the polar bear suit laps I don't know why. You haven't seen yet know all I my god haven't watney I heard it with what. Let us sausage there you have to take a look at my Twitter feeds Twitter okay and the it's the moose knuckle and every thing is though it's basically. On so many times I gotta tell you something it is willingly white noise a good point the photo. On my Twitter views extremely. Awkward and I'm comfortable what I don't think wives there's is that when I bought my first putt and student yeah. Yeah it was like fifteen years ago. I into I was you know I was like 210. Pounds territory parents. Let's see who wins. Well those letters I hate it if I. Tuesday when you choose you'll. An attitude doesn't mean they'll diseases doesn't fit discern you know. Well it is and where you went over Baird. He we Nelson took a lot of photos and well willing and eases you now ladies yeah. I'm I'm. Well I don't think that's the indications and on the suit every night. There's so. There are some things that appeared egg but I I I don't know I don't know anyway well well it will be so with that photo do we but at the Buick a caption god mr. You know where I want to put on Twitter page cannot hide I I would answer community standards guy. Well that does it nice work she'll. Nice work that's that's a whole year in a nutshell. And another animal stuff and I think what the whole year a move stuff. And another year gone by another great year another grade years. We will we'll be back. Another episode. Extra side us wage you can subscribe to. I iTunes. Or at who will play. Or at stitcher. Thanks for listening.