Extra Sauce Episode 30: The Top 17 Of 2017

Monday, January 8th

I know what your thinking: The top 17 moments of the Hill-Man Morning Show in 2017?  There can't possibly be that many!  Well, that is debatable.  But in this episode you will here the Moose Soup Lady,Gene Simmons, Danielle coming in drunk, an elderly father talking about his daughter's vibrator, and several other moments that we may or may not be proud of.

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Welcome to the extra songs podcasts. On the offensive. Would this jar of sauces. Bread. Hill. To move both Lara has always a good time to bow and arrow I believe. I believe this is the first extra sauce of 2018. And yeah as I correct about that's your first taste of saws. Everybody's on did you make you mean the year's resolutions writes come on Greg do you make New Year's resolution you know I always. Like this is the first year I haven't tried giving up dip in fact the hood you'll notice and the big fat Lipper and write down I always. Do it in the and I like last year I tried those caffeine. Yet pouches Simon that you I MLS is about three days but this year immunize this you're already did the weight thing because they ran the five K would Julie and isn't that enough I think it is enough actually work hard have you run hundreds and thousands of miles yeah. As an elite runner yeah I'm getting rid of that waits. They're gonna. I mean you know on maybe up try to drink a little less or whatever for health purposes an alliance why make resolutions and then just blow it and then add disappointment to your life and so realized soccer's I can't do this largest on the ball you don't even bother about whatever if you ever at the I don't know I usually wait until my doctors says something. He's like hey if you don't do this you're gonna die like OK that's enough for me so he gives you like three months to live and out our attempt at life changed from a totally China life your blood as the consistency gorilla glue was. So you should probably lay off the fried food. Now on this week's extra size it is. The top seventeen of seventy you're gonna go over. What many of you suggested as the top moments on last year's Hill Man Morning Show. All 300 and when he ate days or how many. Days how many days we were Malia five days a week it did you war why did I mean I didn't even take all of my vacation last year that this thing. I'd days of Dover that are sick days as they might have been a sick day here there are times at the runny ass and I remember I don't remember that's as I was earlier earlier running. And oral virus and and he gave it to Danielle. You out for two days and saw all yelling at you forgiven. I did have the nor Alitalia I hate in the RO and it's it's the worse thing. It's going around now I'd rather of the new or old and a cough because you really there's just. The cost him he just takes everything. Was that Norah you can replace those liquids and Gatorade or whatever. But o'clock and just doesn't go years like you're just desperate to be able to drink something like to drink water to be able to drink like a soda and you can't casinos can make you puke again ready excuse the two entities. I cannot stand the nor wrote to me as the hours. By the way. Extra socks in the new year brought to you by Rhoden Heiser nice people great service and I can attest to that. I had the I had the row denies people do some work. In my place like a third island put it and I did not have a third I'll heeded island and it was a heated island did not add another island. Sent to the same exact climate does it is down at the Florida Keys there's something like that you and I had to get only heating system of ninety years ago and John and everybody recognize their kidney upright so bills they'll do you apartments on our right so you actually did some polling on this. Scientific polling. On a cop seventeen is seventeen is that correct I don't called scientific but it put out there on my Twitter and against the grain and I face so based on the responses that we got. And I think we needed an internal poll of the producing team and mark and everybody weighed in on this so. We begin with the what was a a sad thing this past year and that was that Hugh Hefner passed away and several people. Wanted to hear Tracy Bingham. Baywatch babe name Playboy playmate. She's she's who was in Playboy countless times she had who have she called us when we got the news about half passing away. To talk a little bit about half in the mansion all that and people found it very interesting so wool this is number one in the top seventeen. Legacy should be number seventeen is Ali did they go down in in order so I guess its numbers seventeen. And confusion. But we haven't Oro of the brain I'm not supposed to be doing now you know this is number seventeen on top seventeen is seventeen. Racy Bingham. I have earned them a lot of work a lot of it has been a lot of you know whatever structure half a mansion and it's unfortunate it's. Well I don't always want you. Thank you Derek all of almost all of them on each other as it is unbelievable but you know what happened share things calendar post and I couldn't. He would not go around as I know what menu. If all of Barrett you know things like finger tree about her body it okay with nudity and he relished the epic. I mean protected charity massacre in the chops off. I mean how to look wallet. And he gonna province Biaggi is on you know. He'll need to get recruited that girl and then you have to bleached blond hair and and he had to put into etiquette caught sage. And it makes them work out every day about the surgery they are you look at them try which. They care per your firm by 9 o'clock at night. If you're not Internet late. You. And the action are a lot of holes but he really. About the women he risk you know entertaining eventually either have facts are vertical and targeting. Interesting so we had all those rules almost like he was grooming them somewhat. Oh without bringing you know get your preference and you know after the lunch its turnaround at that you really you know. It is gonna get along and she has to be pretty much like about it now and you have a vote. And when he and in and Tracy when he had. You know all the girls in all 3456. Girlfriends. Today all liquid like what percentage of them. Really liked half. And what percentage were there. To further their program. On a course record or cracked yeah and that helps. You know a lot of women there really chilly lucky am I mean you've got great guy here and didn't care stagnant or take care one bench. He likes to pick a woman you know you know challenging. You know travel everywhere should dinners on Internet on his clothing you get a glance while inherently. Nails done you get your car actually I mean women really Wear and they have did you teach you how to treat a lot of course are actually concerns. Well yeah that was part of that you want it's pretty much. We wanted what he lauded how we want Ed. And I had a friend who used to work there who. Actually used to. I think that the two armed Serb it'll. Did you watch. To do what what them in this that are sort of dealt adequately covered and a silver platter or something pretty much women every year yeah I would go pick them up and clean them up. Was selected. Do you have to credit for that. You have to have one of those like old man pals that he Wang and then. Your friend would. They'd it would bring the sex toys into the room and. Pretty much he had an accountant and my opinion you came out on it and customize market idiots think stuff. Crazy stuff. From the mansion and half stuff I mean and you know obviously she loved the guy yeah she really don't it was a change your life and she's shoes are passionate about it is that code. That she left the speed of them. Many women loved. And have various different ways I feel like have died. Just in time he died just before in the Harvey Weinstein stuff or dental now. Did he. You that you did that it may be a sit on their arm problem and are afraid my own job but things in Ontario. Premier pock a pork chops and protect to have and I just out denial I think key it doesn't feel like he would have been. Dragged through the mud if you and passed away and and all that stuff but I'm all right up next on top seventeen of seventeen. We heard for the first time ever on the show. From DN yells mom yes a lovely woman was assigned Daniel's birthday or her mom's birthday or what was what was the do you remember what the occasion was may have been. Mom's birthday yeah while we don't hear a lot from Daniel's mom and this is number sixteen. On the top seventeen. Of seventeen. We never have you on the show all right. Now now now I'm now and it dale that this is their career and dad yeah. I'm sorry but you've announced I don't know until didn't. Just look now at the growing up did you ever think that dean you know would choose this as a career. I did you actually you know because she can she was interested from a very young age she went to sportscaster camp. But coming up when I was younger Diana. 100. In sports did not out there forecasters can't that was her down was it that was it hosted by a Marv Albert because I'm a mobile. A little bit I don't know if they don't know applesauce stumbled a bit herb listed now whatever they can't think of his name. I'll have to think yes no no let somebody else that Marv Albert it was a Bob Costas yeah I've got that yes. Yeah where sportscasters can UC Irvine California. Well ultimately mean though that a vote. What only time I cried to come home from tennis camp and when I was accounts and Ireland no huddle and it can't you let it one day. I'm you don't have to do with tennis camp too much exercise place but that's not a minivan on the rail she would. She would you know some of the things that we static her and I guess we we attempted it a little too early. Tests out without setting something else in L went to the blessing conservatory of music for forty years we status or forty years old. Was seeing her she's pout about this whole endeavor was it's going to be very came in meeting indicated to us. Yes yeah I. She speak about inner person that actually can do address at the other day so. So you're like a prodigy look at what what instrument did you play I while another attempted to force made a played you know mrs. Roth well until I got I didn't practice and with ovarian and counties to give their kids piano lessons while brown has probably think that we aren't you tempted as well yeah and does not able to learn now unelectable and deploy what about your if you wanna. I'm mothers on the phone. Now. Now let's put the happening embarrassing stories about Danielle that I mean is there and watch tennis. Camps and adept at sports broadcasting camp was pretty wild receipt bicycle trying to hook up with Bob Cox. And it's imagine what that would be. If that's how creepy is that Bob Costas doing the youth sports broadcasting camp and the minute its crew are even Daniel is probably creep in on him shouldn't I have been. She may have been. Are right well as sometimes happens. A by the way were counting down the top seventeen of seventeen as you know and as sometimes happens on this show. There can be. Discord. And and unrest and and uncomfortable things and unfortunately this year. There was a bit of a cat fight between a local news smoke journalist and our very own game and and Rosie woods. Was a woman that we discovered land there was a everybody thought there was a powerball winner in Watertown. And our very own assistant producer mark went over to try to interview the store owner. Any man to Rosie woods who's doing television. In Providence. And we had her on the show she was great bench came on a few more times and being Al. When she was online. Did her that other chick impression and apparently Rosie. Was told by people on on Twitter about it ship period sat. And decided that she didn't wanna be apart of that narrative anymore and so now when we talked to too rosy at that point. Is number fifteen. On the top seventeen of seventeen. I'd get that unit of every line and light. You like give me a group like girls they like and are there ever I'd like to a lot of people feel it in the air right Bob doesn't want it says is that right. Yeah. I didn't like. The hide in light on the long was that you know get that behind when I make fun of myself. I can't have like other people bashing like if you are like bash from an outsider like I'm not exactly. So you can eat it I'm planning I'm happy I. Though it's raining having meeting right. Why am I and I'm like. Well you're going to be blocked yeah I I'll I didn't think they need in dating Ian like getting players that the one patrol. On Twitter like yeah I've seen eight year old and better life. In that about image and anything about it you know like road oh like me I'd hire all the by the Arab. Any Rosie you real eyes like I respond to any steps I didn't say anything to you on Twitter I never bashed you. Called you didn't know when did I bash you. You pet I'm and it meant taking Larry I'm not an American a lot like her at all. I've been doing a characters and horny fourteen and it just so happens toys yeah like working or whatever one actor Eric let me I don't see it. That's not me I cannot. So don't you know that we just a little. Character and it quite apparent how to get it right now I don't need you got here. Apart then maybe maybe. Vehemently treat your revealed that more carefully if your boss has a problem with something like a re open it right. Yeah. I am I have apparently done it and it's not something you eat. Rosie set in the show that the reason why parents to Graham was private it was because they Abbas when he made a joke about it we joked about I'd move us. Great and so was might thing so you don't wanna be associated and I narrative are re yelled at you no problem of the picture up when your answer grand feed of you bending of march air. You're just trying made it without me like he didn't say Alec finally it is like asking women in light. Don't listen to Michelle I don't bash women. We had a little fun bed I'm friends. And Smart Heuer and go on in the mean we all three each other up. I went to huge breast cancer fund raiser a couple of weeks ago with I don't know maybe like a hundred different women who all worked in various. Things in in broadcast journalism this isn't about you it's a character that. No trying to attack your credibility I said many times and very successful under very Smart earth. Map here also attacked by the value. Of telling my every iPod you know on and examined life as it. You weren't in nude heels throws. So don't act as though I was attacking your credibility is that never happened is is I'm. And at the end there it acted don't want that air elect. Whether that out here not about me ever in that I mean look at it you're making it public that the bit about why I care about I don't wanna be apart of it. And I didn't like night that's what I've been nothing but night everybody came on your that a couple does ever like. I'm coworker not many to be like game as well I have a morning airport I gave it I thought I was I had a ball. It's and in the light and happy and with a lot of things all healthy people on social media. How did you ignore it that simple and native people like yourself mr. France all like I am all leverage off. And it is something negative and that people are just being happy mega I'm happy apart and that's really the end of the week. Well I listen I think that I know Danielle really well I don't think she meant to upset you and I'm sorry that. We enjoyed having on the show and I'm really sorry that it didn't didn't go well and I think we. I mean not on really wanted you know I was just like I think the worst part was those very people that got islet violate site you're really all that suddenly. I'm getting all the masses is that the only city in the past you know that's like where's that he and I'm like yes. That same age I'm sorry flat affect you in any rankings. That's what I mean you know immediately get all like you to walk. Percent this is anyone else turned on. Where. I. Sat. But sometimes you gotta go your own way it's amazingly enough life imitates art we're going that's what we need because Daniel was doing that. So long ago as you just US and it's a total and I'm like Washington really. Got that while it's like us and I'm within as it's like a self fulfilling prophecy yes that take that spot itself but the only problem Hewlett she does the impression for like eight years and then all of a sudden they're all parking Malia and I know at the I don't know at the I'm now. I don't know if you're laughing with me or not but apparently people wanted. To hear the discussion. About the third congressional seat here it's a Massachusetts. It was did not solicit wanna hear about it they still wanna know what's up. I don't know whether I'm still around congress while we have you got all them on a mailing us at. Yes send your donations. And I'll decide later. But yes there was a point where the Boston Herald. I broke a story that I had been interacting. With the Massachusetts Republican Party. And that Charlie Baker had asked me to run for goalie that wasn't in the story that was alienate and at that I was considering running for the third congressional seat here in Massachusetts. And of course because I would have to give up my job here. I've not decided whether or not but dollars and then arresting Clinton and how old you eat peanuts. Let. And my massive porn habit I think those things and arrogant keep Eva com like that'll keep you at a congress on line this stuff. This is number fourteen in the top seventeen of seventeen. Greg Hill running for congress. First involve a minute who's like video piece in The Herald today seems like this that they. Well someone of a done deal but I don't know what mountaineers. I have a full time job I have two full time just idea I have two children who have sporting events every. Others second and I brother from the campaign. I'm just here supporting my local sports team physical education is very important and shouldn't be overlooked yes I want avocados at the connection. Oh so I don't know I mean it's obviously when any. Any time you're offered the opportunity. To serve the public and a one month give that careful consideration. I didn't even come up did did did did did the governor you I'm not. At liberty to suggest. Yeah yeah yeah currently I. Kansas. 603 Texas says. The running all make sense now nobody except my daddy look look look at Chris Christie in India is that Texas says president trump senator kit Iraq and congressman Hillman. Here's the 50 wait Texas says you just want the lifetime salary of 200000. Popular it's yeah sounds great note. It's it's really a lifetime. Parking spot that I think comes in the woods is worth more it is intriguing this lie. I was asked if I would be interested and of course I have had. I put I put my meeting shoes on in my meeting belt and I went to meetings and you know why I went to meeting flag. Because my motto is any day in which you get a free meal is a it's been a successful day and so that's why attended meetings that's why discuss that I was on my platform. I was the advanced latest platform as my platform my platform is make a lunch good again let's quick let's make much Liz make lunch great again in here oh here's the Texas says ask not what tiny hands can do. I ask what you can do it for a tiny hands. I should do it just fizzled and grizzly Shipley dude I would put all of those stickers on my car those are phenomenal. Aren't we're what number we got to fourteen. I had to grocers are fourteen I don't know. We got a how creepy is that phone call 1 morning from a guy yet it's not many of you apparently wanted to hear again so this is number fourteen on the top 1717. Who wanted to sell ma'am yes yes it is very Tom. Accentuate picture of ago you know look similar to a Cindy Crawford. And you wish poster during your investigation to find out what her mailing address flaws or email or phone number. And he didn't come Perot. What's what do you do what do you do what do you mean who. And injured not merely that what is seeing the man this is is locked some smoke this is yeah this is Danielle Danielle says this is a ban on how creepy is that what are you talking about. I'm sorry you are photographed you said depth about it and don't Sapp played did you send it through the US mail service the united states postal carrier first first mistake but yes go ahead next what what what what mr. Portman now what happened next. A part of them command post office. For user to take a look at it was only just the photograph that was that. Okay and what am I supposed to do when I get a photograph of a girl. Are you this also check with that the media. After what a contact information. Would it I would or I would argue that what it were wise and Mr. Bush also try to helping out our own peculiar copy in my book what touchdown what's that what the well I was well well what about all those loans and what's your book what's your book call. It's called the secrets of the universe called random. Warehouse in the at all they wanna do is to nearby of the BJP say all's well that would we have to obliterate it that's great agent in order to. Two. Get a book published another regulatory that it is so. Take a hike on is the is support who would you call it more of a manifesto. The men should put one quote I've just how much to say to everybody I understand except Russell chew your calling its novel. Library has a copy of it the library yeah if you don't tell policy library because I didn't have a typewriter and they were the only ones so it. Allowed me to have very a typewriter I get. Tell you something now you seem to be stuck in a particular generation when it comes to the technology and an area where one of we got the we got to keep it. We got the event that personality change start up membership on down flip or survival my aunt from strongest track eight dangerous. I think we gotta get at least I'm I'm I'm I'm becoming alarmed I am IN EL any people that you've hung with gone missing. Yeah that the that would that's one empire send them a letter I'm not a semiautomatic all right well listen I know yes or. You're looking live find out maybe what that woman's contact information is yes. Yeah shall take care of that for it I'm gonna pick guard. I am you know I really address yes I didn't let me give you turner dress me give you Daniels let me give you Daniels that dress and killer should be able to get but that it's. Well I felt I was a little adjusting well. You know sometimes can't use you repeated pieces of mail come in through the mail room and you wonder who possibly be sending means I just got my answer to that. Never heard from that guy again it's amazing how the human mind works like that how the reds' way. Soon you just never know where it ends up that's incredibly somewhere that man has somebody. Locked in some kind of advancement or a some kind of a crawl space Saturday. Some kind of via underground dwelling or something like that public to see the the mine hunter guys from the FBI are on that brain. Efforts ire retire you exactly. Number thirteen on the top seventeen is seventeen is Danielle showing up for work still intoxicated from being out the floor he has yet I read it a ridiculous Sunday fund day ride and immediately upon arrival. It appeared that he was still over served and sell. That is number thirteen on the top 1717. How you want to give they'll mail number out now is this is going to be the worst show of my life well I mean still hung over and I die I annihilate we sell. I saw the snap jab and I was when I did and what are you. What holding my I'm drunk on our children this is my day and jingle out is why we can't I'm a mantra argued 21 I mean who is out on Sunday fun day flowers that won't game was it one and I'm pretty certain I got home at like twelve they're all crying job at an all time low crime area while wearing the same clothes I had on yesterday the walk of shame my I don't know how quiet it down as as there now has I literally canceled front like I'm in Carson and that's well look pleased coming give me an IVE stat hey I'm gonna die that. Means that there is two of us that are sober in the studio this morning I'm championship. And I both got up. The way and Obama and I so proud it's going to be a very addressed in Monday's show only the hill and bill voicemail number. Is 6177795463. You can leave one thing about this. Overs served the DI under any other topic and we'll play your voicemail messages back and eight. I noticed on snap Chad. That you're starting aunt who orders yet we're yeah. On route 101 and not any self kinda started it quarters and then and then we moved to. Whole mood young. And then we run up to Jake in Jose mover and I don't care I thought you heard the getting into wearing white elitist I felt like yeah we're both Darren. The nursing Simmons and hospice care. We had died in their arms like that my flap that that's how I feel that my body is doing random I was writing in here like almost crashed in in nine people are giving it. She can't get here before the start of the show it's okay. I guess start at about Diane you've got it and this is yeses. In the her right Lauren I think it Monday. And coming up at 730. I assume that we will have yet another Monday's much in the studio now. I can tell from the island armed. Definitely be fired today we we'd have we the babies in crisis this morning but partly child care crisis will not a month according putting me and that child you're not even through any fault the man aren't the only person who is coming in with the dog is headed. Late date can't get there for the morning 5 AM babysitting cancel it I'm Kathy Ireland and the jump up the bill next door and I'll see you tomorrow sounds like you're excused. They'll be as the new well yeah. All right it's like the worst possible day for that happened in conjunction with my hangover and how much I acting drank yesterday at your hunt homers Lucia and I. Not everything is murdering now all right all right we guess 90s I'm sorry I am sorry okay hypocritical and it sort of go out there are companies that are. All you want I will drive directly to some sort of a rehab treatment center right after I did it some aren't yet there is there a medic around the opinion of 500 mega sailing halftime degree I think. Pretty laptop is still start at six so seven this thing's been running for seven minutes wasn't illegal logging elect the right here. The best and good. Mountain road that is a real problem is. Kyra eggs and it. So okay so no Monday's much will do this because the newest drunk because so because Danielle has an alcohol problem. It appears that Portland and my dog that woman online at home get a look at that it's. The job. I was a mile away it really was one of the more enjoyable days that at work I don't really I really enjoyed that you know just as she should have just as drunk as LB does yet though that a better job I don't know how that happened at Flickr you know. That's real wealth not a big deal on LB does it because it happens every day there is a big deal when Daniel doesn't. I feel like the way to show is moving we may have to do this in two parts like we may only get up to like number. And her or nine or whatever we may have there or twelve or whatever man do yes there's that much goodness in there there really is there really is. We will be back. After a brief message. From Rhode nicer. Recognize there is growing and actively seeking to hire teams of experienced HB AC and plumbing technicians as well as electricians right now they offer endless benefits full health and dental insurance a generous 401K plan three weeks paid time off and even tuition reimbursement so what can you do how about heading over to organizer dot com to apply now are ode and HI SER quit your job and start a career with the road and Heiser and now let's get to the show. Back with extra sauce and atop seventeen moments of 2017. Hard to believe that it's RD 2000 any team is and then they went by very quickly and it flew by. Really your first year. Back on the morning show right ya. When your career wherever you're coming up is certainly than June man you know I started. January jail last year we started January of last year it's been the cancels a fully hear ya. It's been marvelous having an remark shoe on the program it only feels like it. And as your heels feel like ten years. And I've aged ten years after one of the highlights of the year according to EU was having the moose soup lately on an area. I have to give you credit for this yet you Johnnie McLean an amazing woman they tracked him down on FaceBook right. Yes. And then he proceeded to have many late night conversations with her though not only one that went on for like 45 minutes or an hour it is gone from a 45 minutes which she had to explain to me exactly how she would take down the moves and then guided and are interested in the field as our code. No it was not if you call pulling an intestinal threw the ball poll do you. No I don't I hope that's not how did that did this issue object you talking to moose soup lady for 45 minutes commences you couldn't figure out who the hell I was argument listening to in my blink one side of the covers an area. I do the made after that. A deal where the skin. You know this is like hell are you talking a I Willis is number twelve on the top seventeen of seven team. And the moose soup Levy how one how does one get invited over floor moves soon. Later. Or. Why would they they inaudible need and yeah. Well easily blow. It right around. My friends are calling it out at the you have to write in about an hour by now he. Gets knocked eligible I don't pollute that might. Who Darren. And then I don't dictionary. And I. Got Brandon Minor called the holier Barnett to tackle while you're tired you're Erica and I hooked up the wiring up the back it. I don't come over and I make sure you get everything right earned a commitment that. I go I'll get eat there that he does uncritical allude to. It that well it depends what this. Here here you. Yeah. It's certain I mean the sun on it. It got to give this. What is. About. Good stuff amazing woman cease incredible amazing woman. We yet another interesting interview a Gene Simmons in which Gene Simmons attempted to put me down to an interview and I responded in time to argue both acted like adults present or. I really do enjoy having gene on pat me lesbian and says he does the feelings of this is number eleven in. And the top seventeen. Of seventeen Gene Simmons is my pleasure. To welcome. That of this show. The president of Gene Simmons productions Gene Simmons and and Gene Simmons LLC. And the CEO of gene radio Gene Simmons Jane and give us. What say I love the bill Tucker from little subtle boat. Okay. Subtle it's all trademark. Everything is don't forget everything is trademark hello how are. Well contractor lancet did you have trouble okay. More so let me let me tell you something you don't actually help. Don't study this don't start this again. At this at this Sam Adams Drury I absolutely embarrassed you with the put down so don't get me started again. Oh please remind me of little Arafat we are all old old Brooklyn got a. Have time because that might cut into. Multiple plugs for the a box set so. Listen we've been. You may oh yeah mainstream Simmons Paul thought copy go to. Yes Jane yes Gene Simmons vault to dot com. And it's are what make what were what made you finally decide to do this gene besides money. Does cause you guys who are afraid. Opal hub is simple audio will leave you open up custody of walk. Call your. If I remember correctly when you first work would Bob Dylan he said. Bob I'll give you five million dollars to change your name to dream Simmons does that is that correct. Well we impressionist also cripple it and continued in my. Our listeners listeners are saying my impression of view is better than you doing you know. That's what they're saying right now. I think what they're saying his core group. Jeanne is there anything that you wouldn't sell. Yeah. A crack. Why. Yeah. Well it was very cool little pleasure to speak in the I look forward to the Lexus. And by the way I'm wearing my jeans jeans right now I'm just purchased June. Do you listen with these sort of Java code that sorts. In Tokyo that it now. He's pretty good team K eking dead but he does have pretty good job on head every time he comes on the show every time he talks to use specifically. It's always amazing how you guys go back and forth its bold boast I don't via Gene Simmons is the ball both the yes he likes to call bus it's fantastic. Are right it is been it's been fun so far counting down the top seventeen moments of 2017. Up the number and and we'll do this again next week do we'll give the last seven in because. I forgot how long some of the stuff was so. We can't get all seventeen into the podcast is people will get the next seven in next week but number ten. Is is an amazingly uncomfortable moments. And it is some called the mr. pinnacle moment. It is one of would elect an annual signal we do on the show around Father's Day. We do Father Knows Best that we get a father and a daughter on together. To determine how much dad knows about his daughter it's really sweet and one of one of the fathers this year was clients and that class an older guy has an older gentleman and he did survive Iowa I'm many fathers on the father of they of twenty something year old daughter sell high I can understand now. Traumatic this kind of thing could be but on Clarence was on Father Knows Best and learned many things. That he probably did not know about his daughter. And it is number ten on the top seventeen of 2007 team. Good morning Melissa for more rain today. But now it. I am. I'm gonna ask some questions and we'll see if how well you know your daughter Melissa and it's and we're gonna limit UCLA. Oh how you. How you match up okay. All right. Are you you alone at the browsers or anybody with a just in case it's. Our Malaysian air okay. Clarence that's. At what age. Did your daughter lose her virginity. Hello. She is session this girl just that there are going to be at. I create a all that good he told Clarence. The. Eight. Eighteen and got some bad news which obviously is never been shared before or in. How old were you Melissa. Fifteen. You. The Clarence. Clarence where do you think where do you think it happened. Either. What was it like a model K I mean I was back Philadelphia it was not it was not in a car where it happened listen. I'm. In. Likely remember my high school boyfriend at his basement. His basement you member of the high school boyfriend Clarence. Should do we suspicious of the guy from the start it was justified apparently. All right Sherry let them look what happens if you're you. You threw a shoe let clerics. Early show what a couple that went back to how what what what caused that. I. Remember also that issues on the beach there led invasion and I stepped down on console they don't. I thought oh god I've had the same guys you have to me dollars. Of oh all right. We're playing Father Knows Best what Melissa and Clarence Clarence is in Milwaukee Wisconsin and Melissa's here. And Clarence what type of underwear. Does your daughter affair Thong. Panties. Or booty shorts. Our. It. Then yeah. It does jets. Clarence what about the misses since she liked the bonds. Oh yeah. I. Are right. This is it's gonna get worse record it's better I just wanna warn him as maybe the most shameful day in my career. Clarence. Is your daughter Melissa. A team owner. Or a dirty talker. All. Older a lot. Are you sure about. All I wish. I could still alive. Area correct so. The list that you are a little loud out in the basement. Clarence. Does your daughter alone any sex toys. I apologize in advance. We. Yeah no it brought back. Logic sure won't she knew what other sort. Is that true we'll all now. So the update at three. Unfortunately I think it's a yes or no on that clients are shifted. And what would you guess are favored this I'm so sorry about sincerely sorry what would you guess they're favored us. Normal typical. I love. I want I don't know why you're glad you're here right now brother. A cup. It's what's the answer what's the answer Melissa I'm commitment to make you tellem. Yes that's right in credit all right it's a vibrator. The neutral yeah yeah. Emails that are in a nickel. All right this is used at all. Apparently is that I'll let I'm sure they didn't. Bob Dole it nickname. That's the end of the ripple. I'm stuck. Although I should say oh yeah. I don't buy it did I'm dying. So let's just cringing so harm. Just off I just wanted to hide under the under the console I love that day that oh my god as one of my favorite days this you know hopefully we have a lot of good sports for dads too predictably out of anybody's ever gotten rid of (%expletive) now amount to an angry remember I don't think we've ever received threats now coming to generally there had been meaning no out there that what they're in for grameen and there are a lot of people who freak out when and we but it. I the well that is. The first part of the two part series that tops seventeen is seventeen highlights of last year. And we'll be back next week is another addition. Exercise. And I will be some math we'll have seven more. At top of 2017. For next week right at seven month yes in the last ten plus seven point 07 this is seventy. Didn't drink. Well thank you very checking out exercise this week is you'll like it you can subscribe on iTunes. Stayed here. Fire. Where else we can. Who will play yeah who will play yeah. And the podcast is brought to you by road nicer nice people great service. Hockey next week.