Extra Sauce Episode 27: Helping Vets With Film And Jordan Belfort's "Way Of The Wolf"

Friday, September 29th

The Grandson of the legendary General George S. Patton doesn't lead troops, but he does lead a program that helps veterans.  Ben Patton of the Patton Veterans Project helps vets express themselves through filmaking with the I Was There Film Project.  You can get more info, watch the films, and sign up for it here.  Ben tells us about their latest collaboration with UMASS Lowell and a little bit about his Grandfather.  Greg and Mike then talk to the guy Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed in the movie The Wolf Of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort.  His new book, "Way Of The Wolf" shares his system of success for any veteran or novice sales person.(don't worry it's all legal)


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Welcome to the extra sauce podcast and London. Sauce it's on the offensive. Would this jar of sauces. Red pill. Yes Baghdad they'll look bad Jack. I'm a big fan wolfman and bad. Lou little accumulated 88 near imperial. Yeah man I am I don't know what this thing is. With my voice I don't feel that like I don't I am it's a cold Ehrlich. It started Thursday anyway I woke up in my throat was killing me and that and I haven't in my voice sense but other than that you know does that. I would like exercise has done us terrible for him in my body overreacting Jim actually nurtured into good a shape as righteous act drag race it's like one you know an alcoholic to stop drinking. You've stopped eating anything greasy fried your rally is now like oh my god I was going on here my organs like. Is that Cahill what does it what is lists Lee at least stuff let's run them through here is I don't like this. Well we got a great podcast for this week despite the fact that that I'm on my death bed and we're gonna stock acquitted Jordan bell Ford who is the subject of the film the wolf of Wall Street which is an amazing. Movie. And he's got a book out and he wants to teach you how to sell anything so he's gonna teach your IE can sell ice. To the eskimos. Now that's a racially insensitive thing that I dissent and that's an old saying it's okay to say selling ice to the eskimos there's rob and I I you know lines I can't keep track of a future Halloween you can't do Halloween and he can now. You can't Wear brown on Tuesday's I don't know what's next. I'll object for Jordan joins us though we are going to be joined in just a second by Benjamin pat. Who is the grandson. The legendary. General Patton. Now blood and guts yes and of course portrayed in the film by George C. Scott. And add an Oscar for that knoller did memory he didn't accepted. That he was one of the guys who didn't accept it. Yeah outline wants that it was it was in protests of something you mention. I can't remember but he was one of the people that didn't except in protest for something well Benjamin as a foundation. Which is call the patent veteran's project. And my shoes suggested that we get some exercise on a program that they have called I was there. And wish they use film making. As therapy or those veterans who are suffering from PT EST right and it's not it's not like in her view films that somehow like sitting them in a chair and interview him and this is these are the vets in cruise. Making actual short films. And kind of just letting their story out in a creative way it's really it's an amazing various and so that's really moving expenses are really really amazing. And Benjamin Patton joins us now to -- about that Benjamin thanks for being with us. It's very interesting years you know you're grandfathered. Years father. All all served in the military. Was there a particular reason that you did did did you feel the calling to do so did you not feel it was it would where you rebelling our way and what my major not following their footsteps. Well actually I spent my most of my child so wanted to be a navy pilot and when I got to the door that. You know I looked at my grandfather's crew and my dad's career and and I just felt like he really needed to get onto that field particularly my family can NFL linebacker. And I particularly think in my father's example where he. Graduated from West Point six months after his father died and in you know and as a result took a free car accident in Germany. And I remember so I restore my aunt that someone came up to the graduation that you'll never beat him and your father was the congratulations anyway and this is. On the first day of his career which was pretty illustrious but not world famous. I'm just to the highly decorated his dad. And and just as great soldier and and a good man that site I just made a decision that's. You know I didn't have that burning desire to to be in uniform percent but services that really strong. Element mission and our Stanley said the work I'm doing now the veterans that feel like is. Sort of I would make general on my right children one of my left shoulder be smiling right now. What are your what are your father. And your family think of the film and and George C. Scott. Well that it was only five when it came out and I remember seeing the pretty young age but I think my father. My grandfather died and 4045. So he didn't obviously can move out of my dad died when he was brigadier general and I think no one really felt that. George C. Scott looked or sounded like my grandfather but they felt they really exuded the personality. It's anything they thought maybe he was a little bit of that Viagra for the probably had a more nuanced. Personality but no he definitely portrayed him to vote him I think of him and significant way I do think that the one area where. My dad in my mind and to disagreed or were and people who knew him. Where the fact that where were they that worried that and one line is that I just what guided by god love that I love award I think. You know from what I understand it and he loved the game for the tactics that that the strategy the camaraderie but not so much worse person day. Yeah. If I thought it was a great film my you know but it's it's always interesting when you actually know somebody and then they're portrayed him and in the film whether they get a Renner and. Well I think a bunch of times in the show my eight year old whose name is tiger. The film probably in the next year which is though and I saw that so we'll see these things I think it's a pretty timeless film. Can you guess at what year grandfather or your father. Might think about the NFL controversy with regard to kneeling for the National Anthem. You know I would say that the outlook. I delegate any real right answer on that to be perfectly honest I think that personally. I think my grandfather and my father were fairly apolitical in fact my grandfather's Kerry felt that. He felt that does soldiers shouldn't even vote. Which I don't think it's been really the right answer but I think this you know the military nothing works if you don't do your boss still either do and I think that. They would have felt that that that the National Anthem is a political and that you support the flag and you stand up. Matter what but personally I mean hey. You know it's like burning of the flag I think he sings her are getting caught in the thick of it and things I think free speech is free speech. So I don't know that they would have taken a position on a percent but I know in their case they would have that look governor. When that National Anthem is played the matter what I believe on the stand up and. Ball's in his thing that we talked about the film because. The patent veteran's project is all about. Collaborative filmmaking as therapeutic intervention for veterans and and and families and I have that seems like it sounds like it's a really cool project. Absolutely well I mean look they're they're we we know we've got 400000 bats in Massachusetts we've got a whole bunch in the dealing with with that peach yes either that. Still very highest suicide rate there are some wonderful therapies offer by the VA and other places that are very effective the big problem is that a lot of veterans just don't. The sole source surrounded by the stigma of that but the thing they're just not ready to fit the part of the of the therapist and white Toyota wherever it is and and do counseling so we're doing something it's kind of a key anyway it's for people that. If you're reluctant to go to that formal step of stuff counseling or treatment. But but need some way to express them at the experiences they've had. In theater or just in the service in general that defy you know that that that that that there are reluctant and not able to communicate with and conventional way and still making. It a wonderful. Communicators. Medium particularly communicate emotions and so. So what we're doing is holding multi day filmmaking workshops were veterans come together are supported by a professional filmmakers and create narrative together in community. And and find ways to creatively expressing that they think they've been through and that seemed to have a very positive effect on their PTS decent and their outlook on life. The the program I just wanted to ask you the program began I think in September 11 is that when I read and are in sorry in 2000 in 2011. As a correct. Yeah and 2011 guys you know tied it at the height of the worst I started. Wondering I was teaching don't cancer teenagers and a lot of kids are working adolescent identity issues and I started to wonder where the same process. But working together in a collaborative medium you know how many it's very hard to make it don't buy yourself you know. And working together and creating airlift to help these soldiers they were. We're transitioning home and sort of coping with what you call the new norm and it really seems to have. A positive effect. So my question is since 2011. Have you been able to see any films that have actually been made. By those veterans who attended the workshops. Every time compete and the workshop that make themselves so we have over 300 short film that is made. Now some of the veterans have gone out on the film school but the objective of the workshop and that is. Kind of project that I wanted to speak about today if we have time. Is is actually. The process of creating visual narrative is what other veterans. And the and it's that process that we're focused on not so much the outcome although yes there are many don't it'd been. Produced by these veterans in our workshops that are on YouTube on our I was their films. I was there on the dot org web site and number YouTube channel I was their films. So the results of the workshop ourselves now how many of these guys do is not going to professional occurs that's really up to them. You know I prodigy com to find that this was something helpful because. I would never put these two things together I would never you know I know there's organizations that were you know they organized like say comedy night so they they go on. I don't like out to elect outings like hikes and things against veterans together and never was thought well let's have them make films. Think about it I mean really we know that narrative and story telling has a great value storytelling in a way of communicating down and print Austria since the minstrel in the and prehistoric life signal their tribe pitchers on the cave walls in the ark La Tex and so forth. So we know storytelling is the guy who we now know that it storytelling and certain and narrative. It died of understanding where you've been through articulating expecting to other sharing it with other so now we were simply accepting the most. Easily you know that most ubiquitous and powerful communications medium ever designed devised by man. And this is potentially YouTube generation better and so makes a lot of sense. That that they would use this device to communicate and it's coming to transcend language that that you know no matter what your culture you can understand the the video and I think that's kind of its basis and the great value of this particular medium than that before. It's clobbered as if it requires you to kind of work in community and others and that's something that's Sebastian younger speaks a lot of bad. A lot of community is one of the great. The great impetus for a price pollution and suicides and other things bad things would that happen to veterans when they come out of the military is their right split in the lungs you can really make it so Malone so that's where that's what he did it. Those veterans who may be listening ordered or family or friends who want to recommend this to them. How how they go about getting into one of these programs and are there any here in Massachusetts. Absolutely right now. You know I knew that he used that word and I'm people's minds right now that the that the Vietnamese victory that VA's. Pretty innovative thinker actually and and they are are providing some support for us to do a particular side of workshops in Lowell Massachusetts a lot to weekend of October. We're working to actually the University of Massachusetts Lowell and we're putting on two workshops to go Friday evening. All they Saturday and all this Sunday on both of those weekends and a veteran can sign up war on terror better a post 9/11 better in this case and find out. For either one of those workshops India part of the first ever study on collaborative filmmaking as a therapeutic intervention and that so the way they would do that. And it's free in fact there's a small stipend provided the veterans who qualify its. They can go to our website I was there are films dot organs to be a little bit and on that it lets you click. And then you can then you're there you know that it's semi green on number and I are some of my off so called them back tell about it. And then. Have been going through the application process to be in this studies so we can do workshops a lot of different places that. But going to I was there films dot org it's just sign up is the best way or even just calling my office 917326. 2872. And will speak to them in and and if they're available for those those one of the last couple weekends in October and Lowell. And willing to give up the weekend to make movies with professional filmmakers. It's a heck of a lot of fun they can help themselves and they can help other veterans along the way. And in the interest of remaining a political I want it too much about this but I will say it's nice to hear that the VA under this current administration is doing things like that pride and seems to have a new approach to trying to help veterans. And I just hope that they're coming into the fact of which people have known for a while a lot of veterans who lost. The last about the ability to suicides and coming hawks they're coming around the fact that one other conservatives rather effective therapies. As many as half of veterans. A drop attended that has posttraumatic stress. You know just undergoing some level of stress and and traditional problems do not seek care. And and so this is why we're coming up at an innovative solutions like this so thank you so much for having me on and show I know a lot of veterans watching your show. And recommended that that I come on top Q. Awesome I have one question and I'm gonna ask you so like what Greg asked you earlier. To speculate on what your grandfather may five because there is that incident with the with the general. In Sicily. Where the reprimanded and slapped a couple of soldiers sewers suffering from what they call them shell shocked. And what do you think he would think about this program. Well we say that of course my grandpa died here twenty years before the war. Let but what he he certainly had a run and wouldn't you know it had this happen I think excuse number I would say this is somewhat represented in this situation. My father had a similar incident in Korea that knowing what was taught him was another soldier that leftist posting my father. Out of Panama limits but but I I let my grandpa and my father was famous and certainly my grandfather source for taking care of their troops. What are we getting cleaned out skating between having the best equipment there have been. Very very well known among their solution this so I think. If they stay understandable. A broader definition of care for the soldiers they would be very supportive of this and what's interesting is both of them were filmmakers we have. Dozens of out of home movies show up on my dad. And my grandfather threw out there. I've been career and I just think they would be I honestly think there's a job on one children and on the other shorter waiting until you can take some ground and driving tanks through that. The gap and and how these that's. Well Ben thanks for joining us and giving us a little extra sauce on the patent veteran's project and the I was there are filmed workshops. Yes and that means the outlook. When and and get it signed up for this this fortune I'd be happy to talk to each and everyone that interest and thanks so much. Sounds like a really amazing project. It's great it's it's great that you missiles were welcome to its rate that's. Well the Oscar winning film the wolf of Wall Street. Featured Leonardo DiCaprio. As Jordan built forts and Jordan joins us right now he's got a new book out. Which is called the way of fuel. And Jordan believes that he could sell you anything I mean. And is there anything that I mean it when you elect maybe a make America great again have. Let's not you can sell I don't know okay cease let's see ya Jordan Belfort joins us right now for a little extras Hamas and willful Wall Street and his life and and I guess whether he can sell Mike Hsu make America great again and they join. I hope it's okay that I begin this on a personal note but IA at a very close friend who passed away. Who spoke fondly of a year earlier experiences together Kenny should died do you remember Cammie. Of course yeah. Eight goes yeah goes way back he said. When the movie came out that you're exactly. As portrayed. Oh. But rather than in a long time at the way yeah I did and unfortunately did pass away from cancer but just of a phenomenal guy and I think he I mean I think probably. He knew he used a lot of your methods throughout his life pretty good pretty good sales guys. Well on our I know without bulletin. Gad the Kodak. About three years ago Kenny passed away. Who I am I how close was the portrayal field and willful. Wall Street is this something that very close closing and as much in the first can't lose very accurate the second at Cadillac because I actually left the. A left of the farm. What I did that meeting and and I deal in the movie you sit on falcon I'm staying right well that's what actually happened that down the actual world they are. Org this is good you know that we're trying to get that you know you could speak it's where. Well okay yah but look yeah we got. Oops it into her own like running out on number really I pay them and listening to items that are really because the F bomb attempt. Treated like cells meaning like Katrina like a wolf of Wall Street sales and Samaria where. Against the reboot it. So I'm and I think what was the question you as you know the middle so. And how close how close you were saying you. Still in the movie you speech because you know I immediately answer is still I'm staying right that the attack actually left in the in the real world. And I ran Steve bad chooses that a company. So numb to that so that once that happens things animal wacky they had been doing things that I didn't actually do but I understood why he did that he narrative of the movie was. Much but it would be in the boardrooms of the board with a wild place so but all the older have been pretty actor betrayal. The book is really really do I think what occurred to him he is when reading it. After after you say it is that were all selling something at some time you have to be selling widgets Ayers selling. Penny stocks that are are selling shoes were selling ourselves through. We're selling an idea to arcades lower selling ourselves to a future spouse ever. I think that the debris. The biggest one of the biggest states. That so many people lake that that are now looking to succeed whenever the building's day. The eight ticket sales just for sale people it's not true it's just that. You know we were always out there you ideal out they're trying to communicate our thought ideas. Hopes and dreams in a way that connection and a people's interest they demand. And also get the thing that action but the portable or giving in and out that's still what you flying. Is people that. I mean really Smart people put up great ideas struggle and we can't achieve success in the end and the reason is is that they lack that. Port skill that. Which is deeply that closed the deal and do what shall we share an idea. No way that that turn people on and and this book really regulators failed to present to build the way of the Wall Street wanted and it's. It's denied it certainly is creature out of recent increase everyone's closer really does an amazing track record of helping salespeople. But come properties is. But those were not this fatal. It's still the idol not to sell more records. You know it'll show you a little more powered lights and and an end to me. To go through life and to be a Smart hardworking doctors present at the struggle to the that you don't know one thing he had a really communicate that the that the shame. And humane you never know when you may have to sell somebody a pan. The radio right. Are you. You happy with the way your life as I mean you've gone through union made he would you know he's in the movie you're making 49 million bucks a year areas that need outage oh lead did drugs needed. You lost your kids that would allow you happy where you are now. I am pressing him and happier than I am right now they have an amazing. Woman in the allied signal wiper would get up to ten years. I think happy happy wife happy life try and get to a great that. As very grounded me I love what I do the same I love my career and I didn't get to the streamlined system. EO meg in 1988 and. And it was so powerful in the leg and a mistake I made that announcement that powerful. They had camp with the ethics and capabilities Yeltsin a couple of plays. This time around like you know well include teaching the straight line around the world in 2008 in the beginning. I'm so careful you know do with ethics and integrity and to really make sure the system was just sole. Right on target. And just seeing people now for the last ten years used the system. I get hundreds and hundreds of emails every every month the people and abuse in you know it's turned a life round about the feel of the book was difficult the right to be two years. To write this book I really believed. My heart is what is the change a lot of people's lives and now. I look forward to that over the next COQ most of but getting to people like me and you know just you know to get the stories back at him he's also been. Jordan I was blown away to find out Tommy chew on with your cellmate what was what was of a big lesson you've learned from what I call one of the founding fathers. Pat Dawson Tommy great brilliant guy like. Well I think what Tommy. Taught me a number one was deal I think he reinforced to me the power of of of actually knowing. But I'd have a strategy to know what you wanna do those I he told me to write a book that you that you got to write a book you know he's deliberately started the whole journey for me. I'll avoid try to write am I right it was terrible and I actually to learn at that teach myself to write Kinect it's one thing that people don't always a opens in only one achieved something they have they have a goal or vision for the future. And we could be certain CU skills that you have to learn. And I took the time to teach myself to write an open and available you know it's going to be Jerry I'm on right. Well I think many people that they feel there's some natural born failed to about them not somebody the rest settlement have to learn have to you know. The ability to support or read a book something he's persuasion. And I learned then that would in jail yet to learn the skills that. Are part of what you going to do and frankly when it comes to us sales persuasion it's part of everyone's like now what you do you're always gonna have a certain aspect of your life. That the net that all seemed to share your ideas people and get people to join in the to become part of it so that was on a great lessons. Really persuasion and use you say in the book is the most important thing you'd have weathered the union doesn't matter what you're selling. But if you offered. You know whether it's the three tan Terry on all of the basic parts of the strategy you offer ways. That people can become battery itself and in selling and selling whatever they have to sell. Yeah I think what I think that what one thing out while we'll play that did that come sales with a straight like this very easy to learn. And it's not about. Becoming an expert sort of speed that is good enough factor is working I'm really really yet it's EO stressed two goals that. You don't need to be an expert clothes or to have failed to come up up up up pocket acting like that would. That people would great ideas rightly or I get to attend and it and on the scale radius right. But you had to communicate there are already well guess what we've gotten to explain your idea you'd trick you know that I didn't go without like a six. You can explain to people there are those who what and and and the and that it even that the bag you found that right what you want that in a great idea and make it sound great. So this book literally the system world. Take any let's look at his bully or not your faculties. And you will do little practice is not that much. You can take the system and become good enough. That it will not be your ability to communicate to hold you back. It won't be communique to be good enough to get what ever you want my and it you wanna be felt President Obama and yet you need perspective in the from a top producer nick on the money. Well Jordan thank you very much for joining us a little extra sides on the way of the lost and it's a great booked in and I'm glad he came on us in the give a little low little exercise thanks man mark later. I gotta go get some tea with lemon and money and some honey an awesome elm bark. And whenever other remedies. Grab ranked. I'm not a doctor Greg but crab Rangoon and a couple of years them literally. Yeah look what it's done for me at this picket. I we are back next week we another episode. Spied upon. Thank you Mike Hsu thing user please subscribe if you enjoyed what you period. At iTunes or who we'll play our future.