Extra Sauce Episode 26: Dreaming That Scott Peterson Is Innocent

Thursday, September 14th

The A&E series "The Murder Of Laci Peterson" has practically convinced Greg and Mike that her husband and convicted killer, Scott Peterson, is innocent.  If you are unfamiliar with this case you can get more information here.  They talk to show producer Shareen Anderson about the new information that has come to light from the documentary.

Also, by request from a listener, we talk to Dream Interpreter Mary Jo Guadalupe about our dreams, what they mean, and why some are recurring.


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Welcome to the extra sauce podcast. Found so offensive. Would this jar of sauces. Red pill. You know I'll madly in that shower veers. I think we're going to be able now to the monitors speak it's. I have this audio of Larry King L Larry King Narnia. He's the king of ex wives may get. Ahead at next on Larry King Asia and a I have this idea oh of legendary. Talk show host Larry King. Discussing recently. That. He used to smoke she hours cigarettes. Why does not yes I guess how we'll put it is our guest while I was a heavy smoker but I never smoked in the ship out he was smoking three packs a decade he just said Peta said. Lung. Surgery procedures bank surprise on button back how many whip well what's the most you've got to do that in. Fifteen I was smoked two packs of when he five maximal overrides a day to day. I start in the morning we do first thing roll out of bed gusted up lighter smoke but let above but you know. But I wasn't so bad that I smoke in the shower that's unpack. Shall cigarettes. Yes here's. Larry King. I smoked for thirty years from age. 1817. To age 53 favorite truth that day is the heart attack. I never smoked really emotional week perhaps today. I want all of us and rewind sixty cigarettes a day so when you say you're you're a small car to me I smoked and now. Now I just I just wanna I wanna and Matty and nick have showered Beers and I wanted exercised have showers cigarettes that's awesome that's awesome how do you physically do that I guess it's the end he. In likely where you see those people drive and around and they have their hand out the window what do you cigarette yeah I'm guessing that's not out yet I've captive bred is out and it can't smoke filter lessons you're gonna go in the shower because he's is he getting you know is again you have the filter there's so. You wanna get wet. As Posey could just smoke near the smoke detector and then you would NAFTA turn in the shower on because. That water that starts to come down if you get caught some really set up like a sprinkler system the sprinkler system and not on update via the ways shower wanted to have a than you waste your your bots that. You don't wanna waste tobacco. You know how that goes c'mon I wonder if any of Larry's. Fourteen lives ever locked into the bathroom in the morning and he had fallen asleep in the shower smoking a cigarette while leasing don't sense that's technically etiquette on fire is again an ashtray in the shower like these have on the side a pinball machines. Let's ask Peoria all ahead show or your sister is she a hour. Wow. I'm impressed she our ash let's get to show our shower buyouts and it's. Where bug while she our butts at shell are here to us. Larry king's widow. Anyway. Jar bouts we have a well we have a very interesting podcast by request later line. When I talked to a dream expert right. A dream and interpret a dream interpret because that came up on the show this last week so we wanted to get some extra sauce on what dreams mean and what common dreams but before that. I've been talking nonstop. About. The any any series the murder of lacy Peterson and this is a high profile crime Scott Peterson. A fertilizer salesman. Was accused and then convicted of killing his wife Lacey Peterson who was pregnant with the child. And I believe that everybody including myself. Since this happened has believed that he was guilty as sin now out as one of those people was that he had the he he he. During the time that they were trying to figure out who did it. Turn out that he was having an affair with amber Frye. And I think everybody pretty much was convinced including me this country's in debt however. After watching all five. The episodes so far of the murder of lacy Peterson I think Scott Peterson is innocent and he he's an innocent man is sitting on death row. And the final episode of it shares. And it Tuesday which it is September's. 819 nineteen. And we I'd joined on the podcast by Sherrie dean Anderson who is producers and director of this documentary. And thanks a lot for being on extra socks. I've been I'm obsessed with true crimes that anyway but have I cannot I have not been able to stop watching and I I feel like. And probably this name maybe this was the intent I ate. My opinion has changed they feel like stop might be innocent. I'm hope I'm hearing Matt melodic people. Definitely. There are a lot of unanswered questions. About the case and I feel like we're attracting some other than that answer questions and there's new evidence. That you'll see an episode six you know create reasonable doubt. What made you choose this case. I'm. In Sydney I didn't see. It was just by hand my work on their UConn documentaries. I was. I started researching this case. And I'm actually never it. At the time that happened. And I was researching it being. On the boat watching from the movies that I felt like there is. And he didn't sit right with me about the case and I felt like there're a lot of questions that you that are. And eventually I got my hands on I'll transparent spent a lot of the the Babson. That I was hearing about in books entities and I'm on television. I would cry second and look at each transparent and get a picture. Mean there's there's I don't like their way. You know there are a lot of they would need to do you know. Can would be I don't really look at some of these and the evidence and them. And ask more questions that case. There is not really a single shred of physical evidence against Scott Peterson. Now I mean eat for him to live killed her. And and you know had to be somewhere else because the tournament and on there's been nothing right now and then. You know I was just I it was blown away by the fact that they that then he would do that. And then take the body to his office and then start. Answering emails out and and doing work and why would he got that to me is one of the most shocking things that it that I learned during this document. Great and they aren't there other things Q. You know he was he had just gotten more doctor cool. And he wanted to resemble what he wanted to start working on the project. Trying to figure out but yeah that was another what you do in the morning at the office. Yeah a lot of a lot of things that. You know you'd kitten in Cape Cod. Certain things about that a certain circumstance evidence. In yes that advice that he's guilty by. They're gone so popular reasonable interpretation her for everything. And client is innocent and no it in it definitely does not the way circumstantial cases are. Certainly I think. You know I am trying. There was so much media coverage and yes. We're being in society you know a student in terms of guilt and unit where he ever got to trial it was it was very difficult to argue. You know elections where a lot of the things. So you know obviously we're taking trying you know in bias I indicate that there are a lot of things a lot of unanswered questions. That hopefully you know we're addressing and I applicants expecting people be really surprised. I feel like me Nancy Grace is it use it doesn't look good in this and I and then you know you mentioned the media pressure. Then the the Modesto police they have they have to convict him he had to get. You agree a mean they had to if it wasn't him at a fine somebody else and they weren't able to fine but he also. Because this. This is one of those high profile cases one of the first ones that was. All over Larry king and all over Nancy Grace it was so much pressure on the police department correct. There is a lot of pressure on the department. You know eyes are on them and note a lot of people feel that they got tunnel vision. And it didn't investigate. The disappearance but currently he investigated Scott's guilt. And yet it. Amber Frye. Basically provided and you know and I happen and you can create. A lot of. I right that's what nailed it for me it was yeah when Google and amber Frye showed up. Ice and oh yeah he's definitely guilty on any Bruce Collins here died and and everything you need to be. On the run. Look what switched it for me watching this. Was I forget which policeman was said he wasn't trying to hide killing his wife he was trying to hide. Having a girlfriend having a mistress and that explains because a lot of a lot of people if you watched the slide people say it's the way he acted. He he didn't act like there's a Y Digital Life without missing it was a crime and he was crying he wasn't emotional and I think it's because he had to try to hide in plain sight and that's really the only way. He could react. Is by acting like. I think that's I think that's true I think I think there are a lot of things you know I don't need. You know it was said that he thought he he was. Emotional content you know he and you know a lot of people that he wasn't looking bird like and and got. Wasn't true he was actually looking for it like he's going hacking out fired that the volunteers that are he was trying to strategize with. With volunteers who are looking birds in that humidity is talking to people impacting that belong to the police. You know and so. His behavior can just imagine like being in the spotlight happening within. 24 hours you know media and dot partner Howard then everyone's accusing you you know happening deregulate the appearance. I think that stress the strain was incredible I can't even imagine what Abbott house lights. Am I mean it's. I understand that sometimes the witnesses. Saying that they have seen things but there are so many witnesses. In that iron. Either and it appeared in in the shoals earth are referenced in the show who soccer. Walking her long after. Scott had gone to work and then gone fishing. And also though. Several report this violent. Com or at least nonviolent but it but it angry confrontation that she had with the guys who wanted the dog to stop marketing mean did you find a lot of did you find a lot of witnesses. Who felt like they had legitimately seen lacy Peterson. Yes they were there were a lot of witness calling. The Modesto police department and in. NN reporting. You know having seen her having seen the top. I'm having heard strange thing happened most of those witnesses were not called back. We don't typically does not follow up. Listen I think is really disturbing. Yeah. That's the big network trying to highlight and and I've gone and hockey and these are there other. I'm journalists like Ted Rollins in our series he'd hockey. And he would win that interview that they were all very credible. You know it it it's just the media really. It looks like the the way that the series goes that the media. Is kind of at the root. Of all the questions because they put so much pressure on on the Modesto police department once they found amber Frye. They thought we have stuff fast track to this to get all these are the whole all these press people out of town via. And to not make us look bad yeah and so they'd ignore it is you know and I am you know I'm not a policeman and not a professional but it just seems like they they just went with something. That they knew was easy via you know and India and when it comes to a human life for or murdered this. You know he glide as he lied about their me you know his original interviews EU show his original interview with the police and he lied about Amber's and their marriage was great but again. I think he can play devil's advocate and say. You know for a guy who's having an affair and all of a sudden his wife disappears and he knows he's going to be the number one suspect. He knows that may be the girlfriend part is gonna come out and that's gonna convict him Ryan. And that and exactly and that's and that's what he actually does say that went to bat. I'm not move exact words but you know he he knew about it in. Amber Frye was young Q. Public and and end. You know immediately start you know focusing on amber and there. That he would stop. Searching for lazy and you know I think behind him and I was truly what happened that volunteers and their sat down people and I don't automatically. You know concede that he was guilty. I'm and that's like led to him running. Well what will we did what do you what do you make of all the stuff that he had the you know he had to he had to dye his hair and the ad Viagra and his car and he had cash in his do you think he was gonna run when his playing golf that that. I'm now actually don't think you're gonna run he was actually. He had he would. And sort of beating him nomadic life for a while he obviously can't. On he had media camped out on how all the time cropping hands. He you know eventually moved down Q. And Diego to be with family and he was basically staying at different and we numbers sound bad. Getting out of that car and and when the good thing that we don't going to do. Wentz. As an important part. Kitty is and is it is the fact that in the tactically cat. Complicating his car. To try and other vehicles that he had their rent vehicles he had. Our vehicles he had Q and eventually he bought. He had his mom got that. Brad Mercedes upper hand that was the one that he was driving when he was elected. And yet only had to a couple of days actually in in trial turned out some of those things in the car. Didn't even belong to him like it was a night and the cards actually the previous owners that actually that was my night and it about it remove it. So. You know he had can't figure he had clothing you know he was basically you know. Going from Stanley. Number account and my number town so. You know they he was elected you're actually going to crack the spam me at Torrey Pines golf course Clinton and north of San Diego. Content he changed his appearance because it is constantly being tracked by the media out. Really. Private investigators. You know trying to iron and then that they could take other. All of it you know as if he I. Yet property that believe many times. And he didn't. And he didn't you know and so. Serene it our our what was your goal going into this I mean was it to have like a Steven Avery scenario where. You know this documentary will bring things to light and get him off of of death row. I don't I think I think from me and the other. Like he never really show. An attack how people ask questions about the conviction. And we have good leads. So both sides I mean they're going on in the sense that believe he's guilty and he's where he needs could be. But no where. Other people are questioning the verdict and her you know good reason to question. And an episode six definitely. A lot of momentum and I questions will be answered. Now I can't wait now it was so hard it was getting late last night. I want my wife's totally addicted as your life now or watch it together and she was like screaming while you listen he's one of those guys I get a price on me he's one of those guys that I immediately thought was guilty yet soda and and it's because of the way he acted it was when the amber Frye thinking not exactly I'm exactly like everybody else in exactly like the police however. The police are not posted the widget which is if they're not supposed to identify a suspect and and that the evidence around that suspect to convict him and they convicted es he's kinda throws right it's just it is very compelling. And I think I've changed my mind right now I think there's an innocent guys sitting on death row. IE you know I don't know. I mean if if he didn't do it at the have any theories about what about who did kill lazy. Well I there there are there is presented in the heat is. Petition which is basically that. The new evidence that is. Was with California. Court has done and the around the state is reviewing it currently. In the there're there are things that happened. You know provide. Possibly on amateurs. You know the burglar is definitely. A possibility that. Sunday that they're looking into you and again like pat wasn't terribly bad. The home across the street was the home crisis because we're polarized was burglarized on the day that she disappeared right I mean is it weird coincidence very weird. Yes exactly. So I'm together at those are our questions. Don't need to be. Now that's sounds like we're gonna get some answers the episodes. And great work by you and your team it is compelling television. And I say free free Scott Peters out your I know it's not gonna watch it tomorrow on election. Thank you very much for joining us on exercise. Oh thank you so much for having Ian and thank you for watching this. I can't wait for Tuesday now I know I'm I'm totally like. You know she wouldn't give up any info on it when it degree he'll have a bigger hill on the gun and what gets me is that. They and it's so many details that could have come out at that time. And Wallach but they. But if you if you believe that. Sometimes. The police. Make the evidence to fit. I suspect are rightly suspect that they have right like for instance. If you believe that about Steven Avery you round of Stephen Aybar right if you believe that the please just make the evidence fit in then. That's the wouldn't come out because the Modesto police didn't want to come Reich and an increase case the police had a motive. Yeah right because of the lawsuit the millions of dollars and in like the Avery friendly and in this case I think it was and I blame the that if if he is innocent I blame the police but also the press it was the media pressures that yeah they had to come up with somebody because it was and she I can't I mean it was. Bigger than. The Iraq War was going on for a time and it was a bigger story it was like the press made America think it was so obvious yeah and so. All the whole country was looking at the Modesto police departments and what he's stupid I want a guy that we know he's guilty he was having an affair with ease right he doesn't. He's laughing individual or he's you know he's got a duty. The sell its oh so you out so our dreams and earlier. And the Hill Man Morning Show this past week. We need discussed dreams sack I discuss the dream that I have where and the says nothing to do with being a man who wears glasses where. I'm a minute and threatening situation and I can't make myself punched the individual right who's threatening me I think it's there when we're talking to a John C. McGinley. And he says no I have this recurring dream dominant car accident yeah kids well that's because Daniel says that he's innocent on a sex or and that's yeah oh boy. So we decided to seek out a dream interpreter and give you little information about what your dreams mean. And joining us now for some extra socks on and dreams. Is that Mary Joseph Guadalupe day thanks for being and I exercised. I pick one of the weird things that came up during their discussion. On the morning show. Was how many people here have similar theme to. Dream it's right or how does that. Actually quite a few is there a lot of common dream like people flying people falling. Yeah. We I would like there was a common dream. Of not being able I mentioned this stream I have some times where I need to defend in my family here. I'm being accosted and and I can't bring myself to punch somebody. And may use several people accidents that they have that same dream that happened I was at in my head and and somebody else is it. So dream girl all the way back to play or read it all yet but carts that the by your psyche. So you can understand it means but yet at what's happening in your wife but that threatens to interpret it dream that actually Yale. So we yard during different than it depending your family that you can't bring yourself to crunch somebody else. So the first question out at you with who leave your family do you feel like you're defending your camera problem. Usually it fights in lines. Close friends yeah that makes sense. Well it's probably my daughter's boyfriend I mean she's twining and I still haven't adjusted to the fact that she's she's got a boyfriend so I met burger and that's able to. I see I would think I. I would think that you know a guy with glasses and nobody should be trying to start a fight would mean anyway I thought that authors. Is. Shoot you mentioned. That there are several dreams that you have rightly so I don't know if this is because I'm in a pressurized cabin but every time lifeline. I have the same dream and I can't can never sleep on an airplane because of that I'm in a school bus on the only one I'm sitting like halfway back. And the bosses going over club and that's obviously a wake up you know screaming yeah. And I don't know if that's is that like a physical thing because you're on a plane might have that same dream and a. I think it's your own fear. Flying to eat at them you get the as a by going to offer a clip that just the different vehicles. Our transportation by going up but it still be lying. There are your heroes crashing landmines not what might not come back to. Right okay so even though I I don't feel like. I'm afraid to fly there you are deep seeded to. They're some of the year that the only guy. And I hope I make it category. Now what is the most common dream. Is is there are we able to are we able to determine that. Honestly I'm not sure for me it always like fear of flying falling. I get a lot of questions on no it does I get a lot of questions that. It be aren't falling and just. Your afraid of walking to a likely what's coming next via. So it looked like being afraid of the challenges that are coming toward you up so it wouldn't fight bail at our at our nature to elect we can't bail. When as a society we need someone that we failed we're actually learning. A lot of learning her. There what are some other popular what are you hear about. From those who are working to. Keep us that was mentioned on the Shia alliance and a. A lot of people what their teeth falling out what I did it well right about getting old. The arm on the Hannity I'm some of that is maybe you're not speaking your truth maybe somebody. Why they are born they look really really annoying you know but you can't speak up you get they not been. So a ballot that arm of the problem of people that eagle farm or did he get dot. Those are not speaking not something and then. They need to get something out of and they need to tell somebody something and they. We Austin but a lot of it too is vanity. We often hear. During inside the simple mail mind mostly. From women. Who have patted. A dream that there husband is cheating. Is at a very common dream and the is that. Sometimes. That's called projecting news is that it's going out there. A lot of women you have that -- actually a lot of men do cute they just don't always genetic yeah. I used to have that dream a lot when I was younger. What that is that's the only your own insecurities. Can. Am I not me in this park and needs then we don't see it that way because we're not looking at ourselves in the dream is very Leona like woody don't. Silly as that actually it's actually our own security not meaning and the person needs a dynamic might not be good enough for the practice round where. Very poignant because I've had mentioned a few times and I wake up so angry in my life I can even talk to us at times that you know. That one point and I woke up in my I don't like a violent enemies like up the how to drink look at. The coffee and Betty do you wake up from a lot of drained feeling it very really illegal but those what I call a dream emotions. Yeah it's easier and you kind of have to let it fly away. A lot of people were talking. About dreams involving work in a job that they do. And they show up they do that like I've had a history more I show up. Added to be on the radio. And aides I can't talk into the microphone you can make anything work can't make the buttons were at the same exact injury I'm one what's that all about. Saying it am I doing my job properly MIA what am I going in my gonna go any higher in the profession. You know or not and have to work is you're afraid you might not meet the expectations. I would say the U ability yeah I am I doing my job I am I giving them what they need. No that's what I try to do every single day try to give these I've given so much to these people I have led. These people and that's a year hundreds sat right there still get it yeah. And what not and you gotta come to the conclusion that we're never gonna satisfy. Everyone that we work for. Moderates are bought whether it. I and whether it's a young listeners. Some people and the like will that Apatow went and got an ailing 95% of people gonna love it but that 1% armed and like it connecting lines. What is the strangest dream that somebody just told you about. It's really it was a really easy one for me by. Palestinian kinda made me laugh. I had them they call me saying that they kept trying to set. Me. I clean sheet on Apple's site that. And they kept halving extreme Maria currently. And it was very upset about it so I kinda act and that very night away and even trying to lose weight. Have you been worried about your weight and then from there what did you know that. And the bed sheet that debt represented and then she represented their quote. They are spinning like they used there. That's why now. Some interest thing I've never had a. It'll it to light up like a lot of psychology retreat. We have a guy on our show LB who actually needs to Wear a king's she'd as a shared currency's because he has lost the hasn't lost weight. I well I can yes that's what I am a tree I have the most the type of dream it's always kinda different. It is being back at high school or college. But I'm I am the same age as I am now I don't sounds creepy that does price yeah but it's like I have to go to school again and I have the schedule in front of me and I can't seem to find my way around even though I know exactly where right now. A DD get anything like that. At the very common dream up the other the other part of that team that's very common people back in high school. And they can't remember they'll lock and number. Yeah I get stuff like that and a. Like why can open my clock and the clock at forty years like and I opened it. Cut about how. You going back into. Maybe because you're getting older. You know looking back at your past what you used to be yeah. And not being able to open a locker like maybe you can exercise. Released in May be used to be able to run ten miles but now the belly run one. Then rides and now we used to be she'll night ice that's pretty Evan. And I don't mean and a negative way in just. Looking at we get older we look at our younger doubt in my mind I'm belly full. But he embodies kind I mean I'm not really. OK so I it's like I have on sale I I think I'm younger than I really am. Zealot that Iran lies back nine I mean it's a well they've already documented that the well. Well yeah that's that's kind of what it's like it's like you're looking back it's a pass on it to look like he's greeting your youth. And another way to look at it is media being too serious and life. And you need to have more fun in in high school in colleges and he's got the most fun. You. You're you're at Harvard and right now I have a Sam the house responsibilities. Of the show and basically that is the. It at all black carpet welcome back are needed. So you might want to have a little bit more on take away a little bit of extract. Really our dreams are a reflection. In it seems like in most cases of the anxiety or. The years that we that may be is not. Consciously went out consciously aware of that but it's hanging around there in our sub conscious and that's when it comes out. Okay. A lot of other any dreams that are just that I that I am like anxiety filled that it is likely what's it like how the public or yes I and I don't have a so much anymore but when I was younger I used to be able and in my dreams John. Not necessarily fly. But jump like as piously jetliners. Like 30000 feet in the air recently and be able to jump in and land safely it's now about. It's just yelling at super power seat leg as it gets to me at that knowing not a game that we are based some of them are his diet and east. That are. What you want out of life some of them at some game that very prophetic and get China to let you know he is at Koch at the wedding you know. This is the direction you want a government. For instance. My whole life by the name I've been like it had been a medium but I would close down the only had a game about signing. In the attic fining a spare room and a towel on the second floor. And when I got it was and when I got back it was going on when I came out without doing when I'm supposed to do with my life. I had a dream that I that room. It was still the talk kind of stopped and it was stuck my with a child. Slept through it got double play and I like it are confident in my favor pitchers. And imagery my call my aliens that look what I found. I had my whole life. Need. So my dream economy I had something I wasn't using. Rain and rightly or when you tell how we validated from rule. For me that would be the treadmill that I had in the house forever that I haven't. That happening yeah. All right well listen is it possible. For those who have questions about their dreams to contact you. The low income they do that. I'm have a website its merry go. Ask Guadalupe bank. Dot com dot com okay yeah. I'm making and they can look me up on that and I -- started out by duke on reading. And I will be doing that dream interpretation cracked up an hour on the when he started the emperor wears that. On it's going to be at is the hearing are. Okay grant whom they will see you there will tell you more about our dreams and thank you for joining us today. You're welcome thanks for having me. Do you think it means. If you have a recurring dream that you're naked. And here at the drive through of Carly Joe's bikini buries the stand. Is sooner asking for a friend are you driving a stick. Is echoed I don't know well you tell me I'm ordering. Oh music and Jolie stick April up a fifth set up a hard thriller. I. Thank you very much listening to exercise you can subscribe. If you enjoy the art. The artistry of my Q you can subscribe on iTunes. Off our Google play or Spitzer and will be back next week who is. Another episode. Extra sauce.