Extra Sauce Episode 25: Is Boston The City Of Cheaters? We Ask Sports Writer Bob Ryan

Friday, September 8th

Does the recent Red Sox cheating scandle pile on to the reputation that, when it comes to sports, Boston is a city of cheaters?  We ask legendary Boston sports writer Bob Ryan for his opnion.  He's actually pretty pissed.  


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Welcome to the extra sauce podcast. Sponsor events and would this jar of sauces. Red pill. What is it right this. The all podcasts is going to be about baseball I'll come off here because you're booking. The podcast guesses at all I say about that about about America's pastime as. You got married at Fenway Park for crying out while it up don't bring up. Nagging things like that Austria the oval running over your lifestyle. A now it's say listen I get added everybody wants in the did the Red Sox chief I'm just not you know I I used to be listened. It's well documented. That. I was in NASA bit valley Little League star and star. I as star yes star I hadn't had the incident at second base where what my uniforms star pants sweater. Raids and though at one point I enjoyed baseball away more than I did now is it as it becomes is it as a people is about other things become fast. I think I think that your life has become faster yeah onto the new war writes you are future representative I was Massachusetts. I'm up late like you know line he had I mean gosh I mean that's fast paced enough infinite life watching dateline on Friday and I things change and I used to be nice to be really and a hockey and a when LB play those like when I was really in hockey and I'll be retired thousand I have no use for the sport that is think homebuyers and a I think football is I just. I had so much more watch rifled ball game that I and and that's a game that's become faster I believe well bigger and better not just not just the game but the the whole machine in the whole advertising and promotions and so also game that I would much rather watch on television not because of the lazy food factor bridges because of the replays Sunday when you're at the stadium with a bunch of people. Like I was the other nine. You miss stuff because you're chatting barrier going up to and grabbed a delicious. Carrot stick and and dependence on the service. But but you know I mean like you miss things when you're there. I get to see replay allies and on Andy's oh but anyway you know I am taking it to me baseball. You know football's very structured maybe that's a great you like this that are more structured there's a time limits. There are plays against plays and granted things can go haywire not everything goes as planned via during a game yeah but they're just it's just more structured where baseball there are so many variables. Imagine if it to imagine if you will if it's that Tom Brady. As long. That throw a pass. A complete the play to hand the ball off. As it did. Dustin Pedroia during an at bat Arafat and wait and that that's what I'm you know the action and the snap my fingers. It moves along right. If it moves along. I think that's all to me that's American that's why it's America's pastime because that's America right there I am quick you don't have time let's get it on top scratching your knots fifty times and adjusting year. Patting laden and year but but anyway on this is a big get. For exercise. We about the Biggio lined by legendary sports writer Bob Bryan. Is that coolers all over television now and I think occasionally still writes for the globe I don't Friedman to gloat though. Unknown by him. We're going to doc about the Boston Red Sox who are accused. Illegally. Using I. Passions are illegal it's a criminal offense they. Broke the rules by using technology to steal signals right now the stealing. Of signs. Not actually. There's no rule against that I believe that's that's a Manfred says yes and let you are allowed to steal signs aegis Bryant used technology rise as deals as it is a part of the game yeah which I find funny that. You know stealing something. You know as you're stealing bases but stealing you know signals now you know it's like fighting in hockey. It's it's a part of the game that's used for specific purpose. I mean the question is how does this reflect. On title town. Business. I mean. The patriots have been accused of cheating several times is there is there's some kind of aid a trend developing here in our city and IE I can't thank our next guest enough bird giants that doc about that. He has Bob Bryan and Bob thank you for being on this half mast little podcast. It's always an honor to speak video. Oh. You know you you've been doing this a long time how how big is that when it comes to baseball scandals Red Sox scandals how big of a scandal that's. And tried. All ma ma am let's start. End quote and find. Geez looking at. I'm incredibly amnesty all of these. Aside. And and I'm a baseball. I. Most and I am most. Minimal should understand what he has a motorized can it be catcher is out of all. Are ultimately. Should. Amount of signals are. Apparently you so alt a runner cannot. Biggest oil and figure out what's going audience however that you arrangement that would signal. Are. You introduce electronic devices mechanical devices across a lot of pop. Eating it's been going on on. Under fifty because in the nineteenth century and early twentieth century and that little 21 century and century. Scopes are often used all of his older whites. In the note. In nineteen equine and report is beating a wonderful book. Talking all about the giants. And what it is assigned an example and I keep you once you missed it. He's urging an eye on 111. Of their final four being the culminating with on its own running. Ninth inning in a loss GD. Spoke well of the center field in the and they cheated but I'll. So. Then you know. Not all about this technology is doing. Robert and I must. The moment along with the spirit not I'm still. And spoke a lot don't even understand. It a lot about. You are in deep. A moment. Where I am a huge. Not quite from the most got such a series except in a and I miss out and right and right now I'm not excuse them from trying. They were caught in a manner but I'm on the mute about out there. And up in the world or discriminate all of the Cheney and John are not being opt out a lot of unanswered question. At that can also be like a deflated football argument where you know the the outcome of the game made you know it doesn't weigh whether it's the colts doing when anticipated it doesn't. Matter whether the game is impacted because our. Got a quick break. Anybody that's you know the Panetta always amused you got quite. It was the fact that you do final score forty of the eight and back the putter this book abuse. Operate better football and they're one it was a very clear up what's. We had an apple on our. Intention technician and there were punished for this part should be quite orbited if you want. Nothing to do with its. Eight would be it would. Opportunity for those were picked out two hottest tickets for transgressions over fifteen years old magic and take the one owners. Pretty himself was damaged DR was the it was. Some of the while this one this whole other model. But about this. And I got it published. I don't know what that number on it should be. You know I you mentioned the telescope with the giants in center field there's been one out there for I don't know how many years now stuff fifty maybe it's called television camera if they can Ellison when there's you know they have bagged the shot and every single television broadcast you can see the signals. So how are they gonna do something about that effect that's why the Sox are suing news countersuing the Yankees is they're saying they use in the nick either yes that. Right now I know it's not all. Well. Exactly I am so a good deal. Of I have to. Changed terminology that's killing scientist in a legitimate thing doing it with guys. But what. And again this should be part of its it's a chat but both are. And this is not permissible. And courts were obviously as a resident. A Red Sox season ticket holder has his own. I don't gonna be of course in a writer such an odd and that is that now and people an opportunity. To shop across in. And I'm now we are for ever in which he never quite a bit. Picking up on eight because it was a stroke and ridiculous this is. This is more over. On the side. Yeah he's an arts for all we went into me you when you know. I went to eat out with this. This thing and over us about these teams that we. While this is eerily similar to spy game. And I wanted to ask you. Whether or not this is a situation like yours you live on out on a cul-de-sac. And the husband next door starts cheating on his wife. And then. And and view it does it become okay in your mind to go ahead into that because. It's it's so similar it would with a regarding the use of technology. I. Think it's an eight. Not yes. You know we don't know. I don't. Know. But. Indeed it did it you know. And it like death bed we'll get a deathbed confession I I think I played. And this case. About the timing you know I. The others I did it. Holloman Jalal Al. To be right but what about Igor is a basic goods such history and immediately we I doubt it is complicit in that closely in yeah basically endorsing it. And what he's cute about this either and I. Thought it might yet. Let's now. I gotta tell you I said the same thing the other day issue when and LB is that. I think Dustin Pretoria has had kind of odd hard working in Al. Lunch pail type guy image and the the way he acted in the hackers sleep thing and passed quoted the IE on mine and that I'm not in the clubhouse like you guys are in eyes so. It just it's totally changed my impression of him. I'm disappointed about it quite frankly I mean obviously group but it activity he is now. I'm not what is even look at uncle luck is improperly placed baseball. And and and I'd like it that it it would tributes crossed my are beyond that but he will be able late in the Arctic and how we come at a great iron on the ought to shake it Roger Angel with regard to RBI. We should be these people as people. Supposed to players in what I missed. And other edge in your brain they are what they do. And mean as much as. I'm not cynical and I don't want to embrace it it's hard not to when you were in your honest and let Dustin Pedroia. You know what though it does surprise to Pedroia just because of how competitive he is I see him as a guy that will leave and go to. Doing something against the rules to win now. You know out and it followed an upper you know it's disappointing and I were it and the leader and and I will be not the leader but I don't want I want it that these needy team this the what you believe is. And I and so right now we don't. Bob as a as a historian not only of the game and the Red Sox is the what do you what is the worst I don't know the incidents what is the worst Red Sox cheating scandal in history are. Are there and but she can't I don't know opt in other. I notably options. 11 September. Who will not let that out. She's in another. I mean she. Can't get anything comparable. I mean the only thing I the government of recent notice is David Ortiz in and I follow you mean you need to go out of economic and I know but I'll. Opt. Out and I don't know if there were any you know if there weren't any no. On average now. Not just in a piece. Are we're never gonna notable truth that other era and whether or even beyond that however because see the ball part of it. The fact tactic it chemists and typically this. And and and as we learn from the east Germany all I'm and I'm. I thought we don't know what's gone on it until I will never now. Oh and with Ortiz got it the best of our beat. It up in how it is natural over the last ten years and I'm. It's plastic well what anybody which may be true. And end. Director. And I think we need to last year was surely running up and up. And I'm in that we know is shortly. We've beaten you more than 95% sure that I'm now we. What do you think Major League Baseball does about this. I I think. India exports to wipe out to all of course. I. Were talking about. Money sign out between 500 and that million and all these a minor track temperature not of course. What do you think of this. Conspiracy theory and I think a listener brought this up this week. That this was manufactured. Because football starting and they wanna revive the old yankees. Red Sox rivalry like it was in the bitter name calling and things like that and this is just Major League Baseball player in the media. Not and not enough. And if it's requested that I'm not a conspiracy you're in general terms. In general terms and Doug. I'm now a million that's lenders that the rob we live we now live in the city of cheaters that's saying how we mean and and it's. Now it's so frustrating you know that that they had an idea I mean I downplayed the plate because. Not. I hated what happened was reprehensible and that was Belichick over reaching our course. And and and really that's it looked like it undermines its been punished it was ridiculous. I don't really know what to make it is. I I'm quantity and it went up in Chad should be punished. In terms of actual accomplishment remember. They couldn't get it without space so whatever it was important to well whatever we do it at Yankee I thank our rights. About help assist the suggest that no one of trouble and come back in India. And how they keep up against those believers. Now I don't mountain snows it work it's that they are and why why didn't work and. Yankees aren't now Bob Bryan always great to talk with the event. Okay all right we'll talk decent. Depressing we're now known as the city cheaters I knew I knew I knew it was gonna I know and any more upset about it than anybody of course he has his best he's a fan like he said he's a stand more than anything else I Iraq I mean anywhere deluge going to be you get to travel you're on a beach somewhere parents and this is where you from I'm from Boston popular theaters trainer now. Everett's our street patriots cheat and a at the way it's gonna be. It's humbling to know. I love the telescope's story yes it's just. It's a shows that you know it's it's a funny technology story has now it's it's apple watches yeah but it's gone from telescopes. And it's just speeches like she'd like not cheating but stealing signs. I was dual research and echoes the first instance of a mention in the press is in 1988. Was that Galileo whose idea this telescope like Christopher Columbus. Built a diamond Donovan Dominican Republicans. You know that's why the dominicans are some good analyst and LBO he says that. It's located cheat to win but that's not really Lou philosophy that's not philosophy of most people will and Ellis said if I'm not trying to steal signs. Then I'm not trying to win yeah yeah I'm IA I I guess. Eight you can have a difference of opinion on that and write them and you know what if they wanna bring technology into it I welcome it because that will set up some kind of Major League Baseball KGB for each team was surveillance acquit. Meant an infra red cameras in the it'll look like you know it looked like. Homeland there and listen look what the flow out because Xenia Ohio and ovulation and we don't thank them for. I well Mike Hsu and I thank you. Checking out exercise this week please subscribe. This podcast. On iTunes who play wars that your.