Extra Sauce Episode 24: Why Are There So many Teacher Student Sex Scandals With Dr. Domenick Sportelli

Thursday, August 24th

We have a feature on The Hill-Man Morning Show called "PTA: Pervert Teacher Association"  We made it a feature because it seems like every week there is a new teacher/student sex scandal in the news.  Usually it involves a female teacher having a sexual relationship with a student.  Why is that?  And why are there so many?  We turned to a Psychiatrist who has some possible answers.  Dr. Domenick Sportelli can occasionally be seen on "The Doctors" and tries to help Greg and Mike figure out what the heck is happening in schools today. 


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Welcome to the extra sauce podcast. Found so offensive. Would this jar of sauces. Red pill. If you ever the teacher. A female teacher. That was attractive because. I really I get tea and we're going back to the eighties here right I mean I know them IE I really did not may be somber something every once on a daily. That they'll hold teachers sex phenomenon. I can't relate to a because my teachers who are all. In their forties or their fifties when I was in high school via a note no disrespect to my teachers that Natick high school but there's only one. Yeah and her name was miss bill and I've mentioned her on the show before yeah awaits him many times this season but she now CP is such a smoke show she was and she would Wear like me in the zebra print. Miniskirts. And like the spike belt and and he's you'll remember exactly well yes until it was well all she does she's beautiful and she was friendly and charming and it's you know you just like I all the guys loved her and I'd had geometry whether it was the only math class. I got above I DN when I was an. And it was all because she was a smoke show and on every single day I guess after school for extra help never did that and now. Actually that's a pretty good theory when you think about high school bullies. And hormones and even I suppose at this point high school. Girls and and hormones and that may be. Modus operandi out of beat hire attractive. Teachers still out there. So they're paying attention what. One now like let me right now we don't law and my caiso war a game but let's let's just discuss current events as Procter and everywhere each you know I mean that's the thing that is reason we're talking about this is that. Every single day on almost every single day on the show. There is a pervert teacher association member in the news a teacher and mostly women. Who'll have been caught having sex of their students and were a week away from the kids going back. And we've gotten an actually several of you suggested that we get extra sauce this week. From an expert in not not from one Abbas but from from an expert on why this is happening was it wasn't happening. When we were kids and nobody knew about is is it something in. He in the milk in the water in the in the in the school the school lunch Salisbury steak. Now via a map I guess. It's just I I understand that with the social platforms that are available that. It's virtually impossible to keep it keep it secret maybe you can keep it more of a secret back in the day and maybe maybe maybe it was going on Andy yeah isolated Ricans and everybody didn't have a phone with a camera on it or a social media at like. Their fingertips and seconds yeah you know so yeah Ike I kind of go that. I don't know it it just seems like it's an epidemic to mineral it's a complete check it out yeah it's an epidemic although may be weird just because. It's glorified or it's it's newsworthy maybe that's maybe it's not really an epidemic that I I think it's important for us to cats. Did to try to sort this out. Because it'll it'd it'll rule have more understanding of what exactly is going on and for those of you or parents. Maybe you can do something to prevent it I mean listen the dead. The issue always comes up we talked about it where. It's a bit. It's kind of hypocritical. Because if if you talking about a boy a sixteen year old boy who had sex is pot female teacher and dice. Kind of go I. I got exactly do we buy if you tie about a woman and an older male teacher it's creepy in Iran and and it's but in both cases it probably should be considered to be the same. There's and it should be yes but there is that difference yeah and why. Why is there that you're getting choked up my face you know I say go ahead on this bill and those chances and when I was the only one. Well it's only when she's that anybody needs help just come by after school here it was always like ten guys now never girls and guys sitting theirs is looking at a going does obtuse triangle the are you help would multiple periods shown my approach actor there's all the in occasional words like fornication and imagine during a side note on her she had posters in her room. Like the police of bans Alia in Al and also shows you that she had a great rocker she had a period of poster Bruce Springsteen and the big man. Like you know kind of lean and into each other alive and it was so great and they meter take a mall down why because. I think it's because every other female teacher hated her yeah school is that I'm like everybody yes. Jealous jealous she said it was because during a parent night you know and parents going in and check out your readers school and you went to meet your teachers someone complains. That it is time now writes well it's as she says she put it up there because she likes the music and she wants to make the kids feel comfortable you know like their own rumor some the. Could get a kid in Brazil and I geometry. I I edit sure I had a teacher one time was actually into a Bruce Springsteen and and it was an English class and and we were doing loss of innocence. And she let me do my whole loss of innocence paper on the river on the Saigon river that's awesome and I mean that is not IE eight get. Now you find common aren't paying attention. We have sex on the right that's utterly if you are great you cents a she who went out and got an expert who is actually on the doctors all the time which I am LB and as a buddies watched them over the matter get a day off. They're out there available during that it'll actually be. But this guy is an expert he's joining us now on exercise Saddam and exports Ellie and outspoken many times and on a lot of media outlets about this exact subject he's a psychiatrist so. Doctors were telling thanks for joining us are. Out. Well you can answer many questions it's somebody brought up this week that we ought to try to get an expert. On this on on exercising get a little exercise because it seems like every day. We can do a story on a teacher who was caught having sex with a student. And I I'm always wondering if this was always going on and we just didn't know about it or if it. You know what a great question and there's a lot of thirty year or to really understand the level. And what we're saying we're seeing a water our bureau in older increase but we're thinking more increase in. Being at. And we think their youth through. Wrote a meteor yeah it on the new year to kind of evened things going on the corporate culture changed over the years quite a bit right so. Back in the yeah I mean things were kept secret especially female and male a male student. Melody it's becoming commonplace. Because it's so much easier to art teachers are out on social media and thing like though. Look a little bit more parents are the actor court in short we're not sure that the prevalent that the increase but certainly in the ability of the. What about. The fact that it seems a more female teachers are involved it seems like it's more often than not. A female teacher having sex with a male student. Yeah you've got a pretty secured the back though when you look at it beer. The truth there and you look at the national beer and sexual abuse in the school system with children under age shall. And students and teachers what you see the numbers don't reflect. That email mail like a female teacher having sex with a male student to go out 13 of the hole the would still lacks. When you look at the coal number. Is still lacks in overall Merrill for now. Sexual relationship which is obviously. There are so Britain things get a lot of media attention back there aren't a you know on that. Young attractive weirder you know involved with a year Munich it or not. As is that maybe because I don't know females are female teachers are females in general use social media more. You think that's and so there are out there putting it out there more themselves. Yeah and that's really your that there really good point so when we look at these are really interesting because. When you look at the way a mail. In you eagerly. Involve themselves sexually with a student it's very different and mail and to be much more secretive. And the reason track what you think January. It did when you look at it you know the dynamic of mail are seeing now. Child this year. A male is more opportunistic more like the sexual desire art and art the mail sent to be little more secret about it work email. When if you know get involved with a male student got why guys. They know some are preparing a lot of that it their soul mate. Yeah have a lot more sort of you know interact with them love letters so parent even if you like it will here for the challenge somewhere in there aren't you want to they want you'll actually desire. So much more emotional. And it's more likely that the team now is gonna have more tax. More social media more to get it they look they're almost as a relationship with the L leader looked gathered a group like sexual or together. Yes absolutely is the how much of a factor is it that it appears that there are more. Young. Attractive women getting in teaching not the school my arm that I used to have when 1000 school. Thirty years ago I mean is that a fact Euro. It certainly can contribute right and you're not specifically sure those statistics but it can and but again don't forget I mean. Culture change so much I mean it's so different I think you know not to stated people are better or worse. We hear that the return there when we look at the reason for the email your. We're looking at the personalities. And what you eat and steam here they're doing that. Is that a lot of times we call Iraq the result. You have a young attractive here. And you look at their personality. And in a lot of hatred between concurrent with the family. It didn't learn how to really you know didn't learn healthy social you'll. Their emotional needs are met our sexual gratification. And not necessarily healthy coping skills so maybe a more. It is and I don't wanna make their their their judgment call all but. It is more. You know just the cultural here in the in the type of young emails that are going to be in order. You know it recruitment. You know that at sort of group you're out it's really hard to say why. What I'm saying that. Yeah well do you think. You know we discussed when we talk about about the lies of this on the show. That. Kids are certainly. You know theoretically mentally. Progressing at a faster pace than yeah than they used to and also physically I think he did to go in the so it's that's factors well. The sign shows that as a matter fact of the email are going through puberty much younger now. In the ever and I mean we're talking by year you took the young demo for developer much much quicker. You know and you know I don't know this seems to be set from else where you know we're definitely and again. Bringing up culture is different I eat eat some of these. You know we see somebody it's I mean they're really elected so when they're thirteen or court. You probably can't give me a generic. Psychological explanation but why many times does the husband stick win is. The hunt for a good teacher wife who has been publicly shame for this. Yeah but don't forget I mean you know you have these people who out who have a relationship. Whoever the belt marriage. And in a lot of cases. Now in a lot of cases there's going to be denial or is it not on either her picture. And look and where buyers who and we love the money you know who looked at with them and and you know were more willing to work things out and been encouraged given the benefit of the doubt that they will be our. Now in an Arctic is too are seeing now. Their bill will say the reason they're doing it because they don't feel well picked on because they're not getting the actual actors on the golf you'll attract the arc arc. Don't some pieces are there might feel even GOP. You can feel like you because Ford right yeah that there are a lot of reasons or are part of Spain if sure. And one about it is is the fact that these teachers. Our authority figures in the school. Leading to a belief in them that they won't get caught because. You know you think about you say how does that you know 32 year old woman who's who's been a teacher. Not grasp that big that the sixteen year old or seventeen year old kid is gonna tell all his buddies and then it's gonna be all over. You know Twitter Earnest Graham and FaceBook and everything and that she's gonna get caught. Yeah now you're right I think what can happen. Is that they're they're they're the mentality that created when a teacher when a young teacher is involved in school and they're doing that every day of their life. You really start to relate to the student. In a way that an unhealthy. Like actually some leader has emotional problems with somebody that doesn't appear open yet and and in media had that when I called rapid development where they're kind of stuck in their own adolescent. About it even if they're 253035. Around these adolescents on a daily basis it start to relate to them as if there are their own ears yet do it almost doesn't seem abnormal for them and from there. Right it gone back to why why are there maybe you gave the statistic there's more men still yes committing. Sexually inappropriate sexual things and school by. These tickets. It makes it in the news so much because it's in a way. Accepted. A little more than say a male teacher you mean when it elect a guy says. Hey while yeah he's here than where the teachers when I was and I school kind of thing so you think the attitude there. Makes the press cover more and therefore gives some kind of validation of these these women who are doing this. Yes I do unfortunately Eric you're acting. I think it's still either side inning and I guess you know and that it is certainly looking into that relies a little bit like being. It but it never enough yet as a society think we're more. Apt to look at the mail as you're all global gusting and being. And look for me now are well all right we'll look on your immune to interest staying in and don't forget dart in and look at the reality. You have these kids and let it be it is credit score behavior by every definition. We had it been looked up young guys Don and I wish my young high teacher would Yuma yeah yeah right now both are very different. Different phenomena between milk and you know when will the public received this. But again I really have to pay it no matter what mail email. Is there any data out on the move on and the percentage of teachers dead dead do end to end up doing that's. You know I don't have those numbers for you now but what if you know interest in. Yeah interesting fact that the majority of the majority of teachers in the country actually 75% and they'll. Right that we have a large majority you know he is yet only 13 of all the actual. Union leaders now he got a really looked at those numbers so it's really not a lot and looked at those numbers aren't you. Well what about. In his sits in them. But I'm looking for validation for this here but in the case America it would turn out all right society she gets caught. She goes to jail. And then she ends of Mary game. A student later on and having a child. I don't know it seems to me a little bit the only symbol than it was meant to be a. You know I'm within Mary Taylor turnout art for all intents and purposes. Was in her definition in love with this individual. Now she truly felt. Actor and that's like that sold me before because in some of her discussion when she was you know on it and think and she truly believe that this kid. What's her soul mate regardless of age. So by every definition she was in love with biscuit or. I mean she's seen follow Perot now you know I mean in jail which we were just I think that this topic for exercised was. Spurred on by the story of teacher this week who's now also pregnant was trial from a so well it. The back here's here's the quick back guys here's the is that. You have somebody that's in a position of power right the other teacher that is the position of authority and power and then you have a child. Even if they're physically your ballot right even if they went through puberty younger and it the mail at thirteen but each one right you tell someone that debt under developed mostly an amateur. By that standard we have to look at the stop as predatory. Illegal in theaters you heard that the truth is we are perfect you're in an act you're absolutely well. So you know either way mail on email in on all think we really make that discrepancy. We have the Eagles fan. While it's been really interesting to talk to we enjoy you on the doctors that LB's favorite program by the way when he's home in the heart of the and school I'm sure at some point we'll have another reason to reach out and and a thanks for joining us a little extra sauce on this. Teacher sex it's phenomenon I guess now it's an epidemic yet but them right thanks so happy to be involved in our. So the verdict is why. It was happening all at time and nobody ever knew about it now and the percentage is small surprisingly. There's not that many. It's just that we know about it because it's it because it's a sensational story leak but it's only sensational mostly when it's a young woman teacher right because he he gets sand it's mostly men mostly men with the with the sexual abuse in schools and students and that that's a blew me away if there's always hear about. Brilliant woman and a so there's that's the double standard there's a media bias there. I think there's some truth is that the teachers are younger on there. I mean I think that prices it's only said the high school kids are are a little more advanced physically than like and we are in school yet but I'm a nobody you Greg and what it was like in the show but in Natick kinda girls were wearing. Like genes that one up above their weight and rugby shirts buttoned all the way up everywhere mom jeans right now is actually and leggings nobody was dressed as sweaters with the called for early callers coming out the time to see a naval till I was 25 breast. Set off to bed I would with the teachers it's kind of like the I don't wanna be analogy I like LB but I'm on a diet. I don't go to the grocery store. And by Alfredo sauce I go to the grocery store and buy fruit and cereal cause I don't wanna have it in front of me or if I have it in front of me. I wanna eat it right so if it's not a school Marv anymore it's like you know a 25 real in your only sixteen or seventeen it's. Now and I think the whole thing about. The mentality. Where some of these teachers minute maid never have grown up and Nate they they write the parents never as high minimum dollar relationships. Is style what love is. Have the talked. The other kind of thing yeah well if you're a teacher. And you're feeling the urge. LB at WA AF dot com and we'll look it up in an eight. Thank you for listening this week to extra saucy you can subscribe. To. To this podcast on iTunes. Stitcher. Or Google play were off next week where Labor Day on the ice jam taking a brief vacation all your mind and don't do that. I don't I had an upgrade so there will be no actual. Will be will be working next week but it will be no extra sauce we turn however. At the beginning of September with the next episode. Extra sauce.