Extra Sauce Episode 22: Pooch Hall From Ray Donovan And Radio Gold With The Late Great Glen Campbell

Thursday, August 10th

This week Greg begs Brockton's Pooch Hall(Daryl Donovan from Ray Donovan) for answers about Abby's death and a Radio Gold segment from a 2009 interview with Music Legend Glen Campbell who passed away this week.  


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Welcome to the extra sauce podcast. Also fans and would this jar of sauces. Red pill. Spoiler alerts. Will be discussing episode one of this season of ray Donovan and we will talk about. The massive. Spoiler. That that occurred in that episode I'd wait a minute you you've mentioned it on there I sound like a hundred times totally a spoiler and as well as people would it mean communism and I'm just warning everybody. At that and his warning news that we're gonna talk with pooch hall who plays there'll on rate diamond he's a local guys from Brockton man. And we're gonna get exercise on underage down and and so I'm just trying to issue the warning that we talked about Abbey's death. Or at least what. I think is that these death and Brian that's that's still open there right Gabby I think Abby is. We're gonna do that and then. This week on extra size. We arrogant. Do little. Radio gold segment where is our interview with Glenn Campbell. From 2009. Cities it was a long ago going Campbell passed away this week and amazingly talented musician who you're talking about. He has. Studio or Q is it before he became Glen Campbell solo artist he was he played on countless. Here is Colin Campbell the session guitarist. And he just looked up Glen Campbell and then put the word guitar next to it on YouTube you'll see some of the most amazing guitar playing. You ever seen your life they're two guys who you really don't know him and like Roy Roy Clark forget you ha yes yeah yeah well. Again and there's guys like virtuoso guitar player and realize that he was really considered via an amazing guitar player I collect yeah I actually remember you did those commercials and like the seventies maybe early eighties about how to play guitar and you put the colored stickers on the threats. Each agency guitars and a closet callers. Thought yeah I would sell that they would Oakland. Clint Campbell just witness that playing it's unbelievable and he played you know with a wrecking crew via a famous game studio musicians whose. You've probably heard them playing there is hits through the 60s80s. Well rattles off were Glen Campbell passed away this week to complications from alzheimer's and after we talk about ray Donovan incessantly and in an overly enthusiastic manner. We you'll go back to and interviews that we did we did Colin Campbell on the Hill Man Morning Show as extra sides by. I made the college talked about on Monday and decided to ago. Ray done and in over a game of the rounds and then I got on the social networks and realizes. I'd missed the best episode theme restaurants ever so I immediately went to the dvi in and did they were right. I mean two great episodes of two great shows this pass and I don't wanna do this Sunday night. I'm completely screwed and had two televisions watched both of the same path as Alex again I don't know that Larry Flynt did. But. Dare all on ray Donovan is portrayed guy. Coach Paul who's a local guy and he joins us now for extra sauce on this season. Ray Donovan on showtime. Our thanks for being on extra socks man. The great thing about the passes. We don't have to worry about spoilers there's a rarity issued warnings a week ago right. I. Listen I'm sure you wanna say anybody wanna say I do back here at home and I'm sure there's there's people who you know lower. On the I grew up Brach and should who have died. Rest in peace different mind grateful and form. You put you put the pollen Procter and budget to play with sports or play a plea I played. Almost. But they are more. Up in. Its use them and that is something boxing. And about Brockton boxers. And hearts and parents yes. The oh so listen. Abbey. In I guess Abbey's I mean can can we confirm release of the of their Abbie stand ammunition dead. OK I viewed as the it isn't so it's a little tricky OK so that's all well and that's why we have we have the watches or feeling because. What holes he's in his like proposal. Put together. What. As happened as far as like the first episode. And it's going to be a completely. Different when you guys seem different season yeah. Be. Was. You know the casualty. Just this whole crazy world beaten. You know so you know we've lost about it and. Yeah we don't know what to. Coach or not these. You're not clearing anything up we lost the diamond we don't loser I that it. I mean I can't figure I the the flashback things I like impersonal it's way different this Ceres week we're surprised nor what did you guys find out. And it was it was either he's kept that secret. Which we always kept it under wraps yeah it was. You know what was the word. When did you guys on these guys first find out that that this was a way to see all man we first found out probably need. A month. A month out before we start issues like gave on producer. I think his car and like the big about it geysers. Know what he won't believe this should know who wants the baton. Yeah in those big bill we're gonna be made and changed this year in Arabic or Rodham hesitation really good good news. I mean and you know so you put all my stroll in the pool you know so. You know they see me make this change in. One shake up raised world. And you know we you have to go there but this season. It it's gonna be like he says different and we kind of had these flashback moments of and it takes place over like I think we. Are the theory is going to be difficult but we came in flashbacks. You know what happens. With all of their own rating on all of us that actually reflects would say almost the months from and so out of the party. I'm guessing war I'm guessing that that is the the woman who's seen you know right before the car accident. That's Lilly Simmons is at the actress who plays there that day that she becomes. Involved in some way with array. Of course yeah portions then benching Q okay. The she you know I mean will they and then. Is grade them just edition. Amazing this year and student killed it. Well top EU can't act of loving person you get to act two is Jon Voight. And the F Shriver and Susan Sarandon. Are you ever and you ever intimidated by that. No. You know because. You know number one them on from. Back home and know that. Back home with just the top people would not intimidated right where mass holes were not intimidated by where mess halls not intimidated by and body. No and then that all people understand that you know it's just that we don't win out troublemakers but we. And the world Wu who handle our business. We take care of our own and so with me have always been you know I'm a fighter and welcome any challenge and you know just you know being a fighter affectionately than just being fighter and life. No I welcoming challenge my wife and I was fighting every day because you know in a way. A game making sure our family is because we have especially daughter. I was starters has to go all of these and we're trying to fight to raise awareness. So we we welcome any challenge and you know being from back home she went on. And you know I I'm not intimidated by and one there and being so just me and makes you better win is they. It challenged him back in itself. John thinks he's better be in the better I didn't get to work with and you know season brightly you know we spoke in the trailer and as you know passing from person to my things and she saw some. I feel like ray always needs. Like a mother or father. On you know he's interacting way. You know as a character like he always has to have somebody who he can go 20 sure and Susan Sarandon I think is gonna is Suzanne it's going to be that person right. Prefer the sure it won't know that you watching guys like waves so. Broken. And he can help everyone else won't get the job done that in itself. He's just so people can and it made find themselves. That's what he has such and it is dynamic with his wife and so insisting. In all as far as their mother dying and his sister dying like you know can be. It is relationship with women are are just so that you stay. And that's if he got the issue is just simple wooden. From him. He really killed this year and in. Between. Gold from at the scene. Season. To the other girls dealing with his own daughter yeah I guess feel a lot of colors from earlier this year. Yeah I can't wait figure out in a short coming right now and what the what the tech connection is between Bridget and the guy that she was hanging now is. During the premiere. Well I think. No means being part. Ray's family you know you're you're you're going to be in for as some type of roll calls serve as some type of damage control or just you know. He'd he messes review just based selfless but liked that you've. Yeah and then walk while relatives who work Bret follows my father you know. And just the mess that you always caught lightning needed. Even tortured souls who I know Mickey ya but in his mind thinks he's doing the right thing. There's John lately you are. Did the ever tell you if he'd like if he based any of that character on a Whitey Bulger. And he he never. He never. Said that first day but yeah he's he did some research. And I'll be honest with you when I first into the series tonight I've I've followed without waiting word I've that. Mickey was. So why he care yeah but it could be he geek because of bad. Just with the charm and just uses these races is. What you know is quick trigger coming. James Woods played the fictitious wade posing character. I have. I have friends and put them fragile our police officers and in our map who some of their fathers and you know their affiliations. You know police. Affiliate you know they why would the bad dude. Union and I feel James Wood. Wasn't bad it could have been hit. You know me see you saw black mask and how crazy journey. Jeff was playing him or Jack Nicholson. Why he wasn't it. So. I can make you make that everyone was making like you know everyone loved like yeah you know it's it's it's it's similar comparison. But he's not he actually looked like you know a lieutenant in the sense. And you know the way and its own character from race. And so I mean you know. Let me ask about what about a what are and I completely because guys so we see IV I feel like the let grade down with league guide Abbey's death in my in my warm there if that he's dead so confusing. As I mean. It is is like I say that I. Mess around with ray Garvin and his family. Nobody's safe if waters. What can happen to you. As far as betrayal. And no loyalty I mean Moses Brothers. But you know if you've if you messed up he you give you warning. But messed up human terms and as significant pipers so. I have I have he crosses the line. And let this is. You know I love your freedom. Yeah. At a at a that we you look at you look at it seems like Darryl has kind. Moved up in the world he's obviously a big part of the business. That it and all of that all of that kind of kind of explain itself in flashbacks. As to how can we got there and so you know my character. I just I just wanna be accepted as a starving. And it's like whatever it takes. And I mean break in the law that means you know. You know going to go the car like let me show you that I'm. I'm. Able to be a part of family and in word you and I can be good soldier. But also watching the way I also feel especially this season and also. So epic come into play my own as far as being like I can be read. I could be my only god. You know and start to stand up for Mickey. And not let him get away a lot of crappy old news last week he. And really taken a stand you know like it's almost like. It is doubt could we are sure that you we're sure they would say what would rate you. Yeah there are back at you because from the area that but he because you're from media ever. Find years self correcting them on on a Boston thing or oh my group move forward because Garrick they. Very good you know but. I can only show you know I can only tell. Adam. You know I know in the beginning. I know in the beginning. We had a a dialect coach and we had a and Biederman was the woman who created the show she did a lot of research. And I I and then once you've cheap laughs. And you know gave hard to go over I would always find we would be talking about things that happened in Boston things that are important. And it's kind of tough because I'm not only in this thing looked like we have yeah it jarred all laughed me. What's it like where does this mean via our explains Dan. Let no one of those things about you know raid on an and I you know one reason why a lot of excel is that Rashad back home that he well. Is they they keep it honest as far as often as far as. And we are the people. You know that there's no one like us who are all of them you know. You know where people yes that they can't be duplicated so I trial offer that authenticity. You know. The Red Sox Tom Brady. I mean even the Celtics need you know certain and certain attitude they don't believe it is like. Captain you know are. Very mean and I try to make sure that they have as acute as well and yes we have no way. But Boston. Does too. So you know I we started share. I thought the key because there's one and then. I don't think abbey ever really got accent right no disrespect their ideas on. You know on any one I had on and population ever really gotten it soon. He's trying to pin and you know it Paula Irish. Yeah always old Irish the that may have something to do with it via. You know she she she tried it and you know but I can definitely tell you. With her fiery others Brad I know a lot of girls back own that are like. Yeah that's you. Are right now. And it's it's been great having on again a I think. You really honestly. Were world around you and guy. Thank you I can't and so is is that beat dad and his is she dead and what I and a it was a cup car accident it was a it. I mean Shaq I it was it was so shocking I made the decision. I give guys credit because they made the decision he went against my judgments. I was gonna watch game I was gonna watch him at their own lives. And TV DVR you guys but they made the switch and then I'm like holy (%expletive) Abbey's dead like he cannot believe the that this happens though news it was a good move good move by a I gotta say that there was no car. It was not the car accident okay. Or there wasn't car accident but the car accident did result the death I'm out she dies if you dead. Now OK I could we got some you know that's. I recruits it's great that it's RTM and you guys you guys in world they brought our eyes and what's your what you call on the patriots undefeated season. Well because I don't want to have an undefeated season and then yes seven championships so that way we try to make sure that they. Work out any kinks I mean both hopefully they lose the one they lose whining get out of the water to get a kind of worked out most can't but you know at the end of the season so walls where that they be. Yes I'm 100%. Iowa thanks for the exercise sign ray Donovan we can't I can't wait through this week's episode don't talk decent rate would do well. This. At least we know it's not the car accident we again we got something out of them I you know auto on I don't really watch the show on or even though we got anything out of you believe you don't watch ray Donovan guys that much I don't have showtime column but I gotta get down every every. Every network everybody has their own app where you can stuff so again that's another warning again to steal cable from somebody that's illegal quotas OK come on this and I'm too busy watching Star Trek reruns and Bernie Mac show. And very exciting life steely eyes that says is there a setting lines of one thing I got a recommend is the movie war machine on Netflix really yeah whose and a Brad Pitt's and that. And Anthony Michael Hall senate. I was actually a bunch of great people. Brad Pitt plays a a general who was charged with trying to and the war in Afghanistan. And it shows you. When he asked to deal with at a bureaucratic level. And with the Afghani government and all this that it's very good it's very good. Loves the war movies. Utley did you see fear yes. Notes mr. being disturbingly graphic Hoff. And enough with that one was he include the that goats they had like they do with the goats of wars and yeah now was that. For that was. And then there was and glorious bastards yes now which is great and there was also. The one where he was the the spy recently in world ports deal. Oh yes that was in England was yeah England's I don't think they were in England and they were and France. He was rumored to have the affair with the Guerrero that he was. Making passionate left in the car in the movie ride called the large order rename Maryland in arms and messages for him and and Angela well now they're getting back together suppose that's the breaks there's no way through them. Because he realized how much it was gonna cost. Two or she realized how much it was in the past that goes through it deplores the are right. We continue who is a legendary musician who passed away this week Glen Campbell pool. Is ED one. And he anyone when he passed away this weekend. We were fortunate enough to have Klein Campbell on the show in 2009. Almost eight years ago now was this the interview where he learned. He had all timers. And he was trying to do as much as he could yes yes he had just found out right now diagnosed. He of course around toward yeah I know is knowing full well that he that he had alzheimer's who went on to it and they have filed through he can't get out there and do as much as he it is a great documentary. I'll be on the all the me now about what what he went through so. Little extra sauce on an interview that aired on the Hill Man Morning Show in 2009. With Klein and Campbell. And I'm delighted that our next guest on one of my. I certainly am a fan of his work super talented musician was on TV when we are grown up with his variety show my you know late father huge fan of this guy. Scott. Does have a great he we have mug shot in the so I kind enough to come on the program this morning. On the Hill Man Morning Show WA deputies Glen Campbell. Good morning thanks for coming on the show this is a thrill I must say in my little my late father's huge interviewers he he actually purchased. Rhinestone cowboy for me when I was a young the law yes. Yeah and amazingly I was on with a linemen for the county in nip wins this gaffe you didn't just say that the yeah. Please and I went when I was a kid one of the first impressions I ever did with how hotly at all. Except for a minute his famous catch phrase. Well that the how was telling was the should the variety she'll on Ford. We've known about five years you know. A sorry thing up every song ever. If there doesn't know me Raymond and not let it out. Was is it is it true that deaths were Jerry reed goalie Gerry Reid got his start was doing that show with the U. Yes it is. In the he was fabulous yeah wondered how well that guitar player in the world. Well we played we played southbound and when he passed and we have great respect we had a month show actually not east and now he's bounced down and down we had him on the show him. And and do you do you remember that you you play day. A picnic or some with Jerry you're wearing now are kind of gene daisy dukes you know it's all little stated. We lose that ranking on the guitar. Forward. Well we let's say we are you injured re perform again using in southern nights that must have been 77 or later and yeah like look like an outdoor picnic and you had on. Cut off Jean shorts in the tube socks at the strides that looks are quite. Frankly quite frankly going to look like you're gay porn. The stuff I. Hope I thought ma. On an Illinois I don't. I don't remember that that I hate us so volatility that Jerry reed he was just awesome. Yeah what a great great talent. Yeah really truly work to so many great people I actually I actually wanted that we like to sometimes do little true false with the the celebrities I was wondering if you would do that with us. Okay our rights. Rhinestone. Cowboy is used in the famous parity of our youth mr. John's true or false. Well the false it's not in missed I think I don't know. I think I think it is as a yeah I think it is in mr. you remember what the question was it replied don't no I don't remember the question. Let's see Glenn care. And Noam not the movie that did you remember that parity sign it was gigantic where they used clips of of those of of hit songs and I was at a guy was interviewed John camera range cameramen was you've. Oh yeah OK yeah I don't know and I bet if that's slip I don't know. Glen Campbell Glen Campbell did a movie we Leif Garrett Kolb the rhinestone cowboy in the pretty boy no talent. A is that true about that record title. And that's balls but I don't you do a movie at least you didn't. No I think you don't I don't know I don't know and I got to tell you something you want to begin all these things out China and it all right what got away. Not life and not an apple. Thank you would on my TV show to support on it's sort of a late Gary yeah. No movie grindstone with the Dolly Parton and Sylvester Stallone was based on rhinestone cowboy. Mr. Dallas that he is getting money for that. Now the doll line. Glen Campbell writer Glen Glen Campbell great golfer once drank a shot at square rule the dean Martin's golf issue. Shot of what I've square mile dean Martin's we're not a big hit oh game could it at halftime drank a lot but I didn't never I never saw him drunk and you really never it never got drunk. Now he'll have stated. It will go away e-book and TV unit and when he is doing the TV show you know everybody want my body felt. You know and it would do it this slow run out and do it this sock that was. Follow what law. Like LB you know it in and out and a program of perfectly functional alcoholic and I I'm still entertaining and I've got my in my house together it's on line do you. What's your thought on year you have the infamous mug shot of course The Who like battered do you not like this retake it and yeah I don't think. It bad now it's at dawn yeah I've amber I'm not. And upload guided it winds. Cry over spilled milk you know he'll always be crying you know yeah. That utility's power guy I put my. I wouldn't put my water thing on the back so that they show that stuff off you know. Yeah just let the Florida that sounds like a country song right there yeah bureau is crying over spilled milk you always crime. Yeah. That's going Campbell you've had you have had an incredible life those on this I mean it is we think about. Was your second life the EU that was married to Mac Davis when you guys mats how did that how did that go over with Mac. All they were gone long gone for the two back at him. Mac had him and of which you can use golf. The odd Tanya Tucker you guys said you know it's all right. A volatile relationship right. But it was who who who. Hadn't realized that. That would that would so that was in certain some and I definitely stepped into bits more market cap off. Half half half I went out we all have. But I I've had to do you have. Both feet yet believe me Atlanta as he beat I think he has four wives Lakeland. No oh the media. Create three a game three and it. I cannot I don't know what it was. I could not pick a pickle what was that one technique and an update you. My wife and I Kim and is that very kid she is the most incredible woman and I have ever met in my life does it is an Ivan thank you know I was getting down on women told him I said they are. Are some out there that Scott in common sense and knows what they're saying it. That's that's you know it that's why you drink it's like you that's what exactly why people drug addict Marat it great if you quit it already syndrome editor at the so. That's that's. That's. I UN the greatest hits the idea. Yeah. And that's that's that's great when an accomplishment. Hi Def that's it and that is something they take they take your song like Wichita linemen and it's totally. Run it through a process of some kind of justice is as good as it was there a better. But with the technology we have now. Big letters is this is this album the one that you cover the Foo Fighters and and and well thought out on the list of which are on Galveston you know erotic art. In as a bill does does covers he did that the good riddance I agreed was excellent and hours and dissolved thank you are. But I know the that is the one thing that Greg does not have the Glen Campbell has a MySpace page he does so we're not only you can actually hear some of the suns from the greatest hits and they they sound great. Well thank you. What's everybody out of everybody were to mean you played on he played on strangers in the night right to Sinatra on I mean out of everybody worked Miller's Johnny Cash having him on the show. Mar oh yeah I mean. Who who is cooking you say is the greatest entertainer here entertainer you're it. Tom Jones was cool. Yeah and I've owned onstage. Cash had a much charisma that was incredible. But I think of the product bought state too so period so jump in bumpy it was. We're turning. Yeah quote. But the growth it. But the big chance dollar tartan. All sound it out TriBeCa. Position at did you ever hit that. Now that it's being looked over rated she was really a great gal. Yeah I'm sure she was like hey listen it has been an honor to have to have believable that the rhinestone cowboy in the show in the in the the greatest the greatest hits is out now get it you'll love it. And maybe could sing us out with a little rhinestone cowboy going Campbell. I gotta appreciate your cards are not go around don't make no glory. Ride on all our tennis star spangled probably know. It had gotten a band. Yeah. Gave them. Lose. Greig at stuff. Sad that he's gone Bud Day who left the rhinestone cowboy and other greats on the southern nights yeah. By the time I get to Phoenix. Of course Selby is favored the lineman of the Wichita lineman and and Canada united today it whether it's in is only would never in his life was up on the telephone. I mean on purpose and say I was probably run into. If you with a scar but like I'm going to fix 11 and advance our it would probably support wise it probably needs to be through you toward Ryan yeah pulls. Certainly that would once. Thank you for listening to exercise. Enjoyed it please subscribe. On iTunes horse picture or who played will be back next week which is another episode of extra sauce.