Extra Sauce Episode 2: A Day Without Women

Thursday, March 9th

In this week's episode of Extra Sauce, Hill-Man Morning Show News Director Danielle joins Greg and Mike to discuss "The Day Without Women", we talk about the film "Greater" with the brother of the main character, Marty Burlsworth, and we revisit what "Traditional Style" means with our Radio Gold segment.

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Welcome to the extra sauce podcast. Ten months. Sponsor events and. Would this jar of sauces. Red pill. Welcome to episodes do. Exercise. The podcast in which we examine. Which particular topics from. The previous week's Hill Man Morning Show main need a little extra socks and coming up on this second at this vote. We will tock is Marty whirls worth. Who is the subject of the film along with his brother Brandon. Which is called greater. It's a football movie that I legitimately. Added. To my list. All time favorite football films that are based on true stories in and Marty will join us shortly. Talk about that movie greater. And later on. Will get a little radio gold extras so us from a dad. Who has a unique way. Describing a sexual position. But right now. Appearing for the first time. On an exercise. I would like to welcome. Our news lady. DN Donna to the to the exercise studio thank you for having me it's great to have you here in ten Clinton invited to pardons monument is. Whenever we're calling it well it's it's the monument is podcasts than the Mets now is that because your heavy odds it. Probably OK drive and and the issue of course this is also here in and I am actually having and he is actually appease these. What's the sighing he's he's not heavy he's my brother he's. One on both now. We're gonna talk we're gonna get week I had a lot of techsters and and in a lot of tweeters. Who asked. That we get a little exercise. On the day without limit yes which which was Wednesday. And so I thought it would be appropriate they wanted to you'd come on and. Jonas in the podcast I'll because I have a vagina right yes yes yes tonight right or does yeah just give them a woman you are on the attack about women's issues -- and during this segment would you be more comfortable if you were sitting on daddy's lap ordered would you prefer it and would you prefer to view it's that kind of nonsense rhetoric coming out of mounds of men all over the place at student trump run its is that what it's now. Am so just you being creepy you have been hole on number two yeah I'm that's one thing. I make creepy I play enough force. Now would I be creepy. If I was 32 and she acts and and like I had. You know strawberry blond hair and men you know wagons. And Paramount signed and and and and I didn't Wear glasses at that I'd be envious smoke should be like a mell spoke show yes I don't know if you could use the Danny thing it doesn't really translate with the younger guy beat you'd probably get away a little down his. Into the unfair standard than you ignore and that aren't you as you can call or anything you wanted to fewer fewer one of the not that you're Corey. If you're one of the beautiful people now and a I mean we talked about it before the beautiful people get a little lie yesterday I guess atlas and the the rest of a sudden most of stuff that trudge our way through life did you know working in and and taking care of our families and the rest of that nonsense like the bumper sticker on the back in the Prius co exist on co exists can't sell any. There is a lovely woman who listens to our show her name is Dana. And she called on Thursday and she felt that I had this respected the entire women's movement. And in fact it the way in which. I was talking about the day without women. Was dismissive. And the dead that then as as a guy who has a voice. Although I haven't really had won for the last week or so but as a guide the I hybrid and I have an easily voice yeah that that I had missed an opportunity self. I wanna listen to a little bit of what Dana said right now on actress Haas and and then I wanna get the female opinion. From a woman who speaks for all of them and all of us Damian Allen just a second this is Dana. Who called the show on Thursday let's let's solve this like to rational human beings what what's that don't tell me what I've done to upset you. You don't give that means but it I feel that and men who aren't in a position like you are your support of women's movement but he's still intact all. So you know I turn the radio and I really enjoyed the show after it got rid of furious years ago I turned into our show it. You know my go to jail. And it's disheartening and disappointing when I hear. Tone of voice used or you know men who go out to support like they was gentleman who's going out to port. The women's movement in the game that women in the lead you to trick to it. This is that you know his that was shoes said that I was out I was coming out and mom Angela and now we'll listen to his news. It's important to be accountable for that doesn't understand the impact that it has people who are not. Educator exposed to powerful limit. So you work and me every day you have to go yeah I'd like to payment mortgage on an imminent. Do you think that. Debt we missed an opportunity on the day without women. Or do you believe. That the day without women. Missed its mark because all I heard from women who were calling our show. Was that they were participating date they wanted to go to work they like their job they like their guy. I think it's. You know we need a certain to hone on the show that I think people sometimes miss at times yeah we we try to have fun and we try to be funny and well we approached serious topics we tried to take that same we now. At the risk of jeopardizing my position on the show Greg I'll tell you do have a dismissive tone we talk about the stuff sometimes. But I think that that's not in the scripts weren't out there isn't you don't have to print often do I I have to add lived here today but I think part of it is just. Because of the fact that I don't think this was a well organized mission like for instance. You found an immigrant. Was trying to showcase what life would be like without immigrants because there is the possibility of people actually being deported from the country. So dame without women tried to. Piggyback on that by essentially doing the same thing in saying hey we're really important. Look what happens when we're not here but the reality is. Even though there's an equality in the work place in some places even though the wage gaps still exists at least in my opinion. Women are independent and they have jobs they support families to support households. It's not realistic to say hey I'm just not gonna go to work because a lot of employers won't support that kind of the thing. And I think the problem was there was no real call to action with the movement look back on things that have been successful in the past that it relied on social media okay. It's we'll take something like number coney 2012 yeah OK so everybody was posting about how well we. I challenge you to find somebody who thome three facts about coney today in 2070 I thought the guy was like an artist that staying at discovered right. In in Uganda or something and they are doing they're going to be doing a video together I had no idea. I have a horrible dictator child mongering whatever ends. He'll tackle thing was about slow activism and activism is when you post something about how outrageous something else has been you don't do anything Barack. Correct and you look at something like a LS ice package shock that so successful. Not only because there was a call to action to do something with the videos but also because if you didn't do something. If he didn't wanna do the ice bucket challenging had to donate her box right yeah so it was. Pouring it was pushing something in a certain direction the day you women didn't really have. As far as I'm aware a cohesive back up people and know if they were not supposed to shop and all are only shop when he known businesses. I think if there were a bigger thing that said hey yeah out. It's a daily el women but. Here's where here's what you need to do beyond nest like Paul legislator do this do that he so it's good lesson actions to Tate beat what people didn't really know what to do so what should it have been. It should have been a day without sex a day without sack because that's my only thing that would have gotten men's attention. A day without policy as well yes that is I have confidence every with the there are part of our like Internet I'd like they guy gets any mean I want. I guess anything I want my pilot trio. So women should have held out pitcher and said in fill the view respect the us and you are willing to give us more money in the workplace yeah. We're Hannity sex of the panel I think it you can use your right hander left and what Arab whatever device I grab one grapefruit. You want. Those first days after trump was elected what made those. Protests or those gathering so successful there are millions of women that showed up in cities all over the world and on Saturday. There was a lot of it is simply have to learn nobody adequate now are down person it was over the weekend right okay now what did they without sex be better on Friday or Saturday. What a lot of. I say let us see I mean realistically if you get and I feel like. Not act at I think I'd have to look back and see when people having the most sex based on the surveys that we do from time yeah on a show but I any get a feeling would work because many. Are very. Simple creatures we are. You feed them you water them yet pat them once and awhile. And get an Internet business and Andy get on top of the men yeah your item and CN NEC and a sleep intensively throughout the night yeah and that's it so I think that it it you know if we here for gun into a beeping like that we've batteries. I'm also proposing a couple other days. I'm one of them is very appropriate for our state I'm proposing a day without bad drivers so I want. You'll just have to move to the midwest now now and and I am proposing a day without rude. Retail. Customers like things I'm proposing. Also a day without food posts and social platform Cosmo yes sure I have to it's a sickness I have to and a day without subtleties and ago so. Just one of the things I do that sects if we look back in history we can be a time where it worked at least anecdotally. Let's Estrada. Which was by air softening switches agreed. Written piece. Though women effectively ended the panel Tunisian war are refusing have sex with their men who were the soldiers reeling so unless the men stopped fighting. They wouldn't have sex with that you're way too Smart for our show and for this but I'm actually happy to be here and they can see something that not have LB jumpin and only and it came out. I've and back into points and that's showing and. So castle at its work before him and your proposal. For the next women's women's movement is a day without sex nevermind that somewhere in Ireland and yeah put it powerful bomb glad you came by. Thank you for having me thank you for stopping by and I left the list of things for you to do forming in the opposite the now instead of taking over there and take care guys again illustrate here again Toledo where it. That's Danielle. Who is tired news director. Say we gave birth titled news director shoes she's not happy with the title. I mean I went that's seems like equality I have a title I'm like in my titles poster whatever I divided it up now what we call you I was gonna say I've heard titles. Heard phrases I just heard a lot of things no and thank you very much for joining us on extra side thank you. He may be the best NFL. Player I had never heard of and the story of Brandon girls worth is one of inspiration in dreams from an early age his dream was to play. Or the Arizona razorbacks as a walk gone and he made it there. And made it much farther in fact all the way to the NFL his story. And that his brother Marty are told in the film greater. Starring Neil McDonough and I mentioned this film on Monday's show and Marty joins us now. Or a little extra socks. Hey thanks for him don't get as its pleasure. I guess I guess I'd asked first if you're happy with the job. That local actor Neal McDonough did when portraying the way when he portrayed you don't. Yes I have today and Neal do it for you and then got to know him very well just as simple person really cared. Long epic fail. And was calling and I'm so he had mentioned it several times and Peter is that. While he had seen the script read the script. What very excited about be offered the role. I am pretty obsessed with football themed films and I have a pretty well known list of a favorites Bryant's on his right at the top. And then remember the titans. And any given Sunday and the the list goes on I I haven't added one. Until very recently when I watched greater last weekend. And I your family story is an amazing line I think the film is is is made them much better for me because it's a true story. And Brandon. You know day in the beginning of the film maybe not we were not sure whether he's going to be an athlete or not and and he he is struggling a little bit playing pop Warner in India even struggled a little bit in high school in this is is that accurate. Are. Reacted very accurate. I'm pat would we go out and when we expect a lot of lot of school groups thank like then at down field Brendan. Wanted to park bank cut all white. Tell the group did you did not see an all American football player what it was around nine opinion so that was so far this bankrupt your. Ball so maybe just like any other Kiet and that's that's just don't want to we wanted. Have these kids it. You know he didn't start out if the dog is that this guy so focused he's got it all together people will be. Great he's gonna go far but just like the other. Child at that age discipline this you know and a little overweight and have that. Just a normal kid and the waves depicted in the pay Almonte was of little. Little tough opponent was the governor I want to have a little motivations. Which he didn't have a law that black and white as he got older and maturity and the he just all of it and and and then became you know. The great player person you know that the current. How. How early on. Was it a dream of his. Play football at Arkansas ought to be your razorbacks. Yeah and you know what you're not from the area could not from Arkansas. What you know it would Digisette cut pretty would understand that you would join in in Arkansas we have no. I get the geeks are the closest thing we have today protein would be the Dallas Cowboys. But razorbacks. That they retired in offered up every young child that has in the dreamed up playing. Athletic so all it's it's all about razorbacks so from the very buried on page. He he wanted to be right back defensive unit depicted there and they don't. So in high school Brandon dream is to. Make it to the razorbacks but that was not an easy thing for your mom to accomplish and UN fact as his brother. Were somewhat that discouraging that goal right. Somewhat that little bit of that movie but I. Give of give a bad it did give the title of it was over the script. I'm not a bit more encouraging then that once depicted but it makes somewhat better. Movies that's why but. You know that blade movies are right we poured over the years if you can't develop a character so some of my doubt we're mighty. Maybe doubts of other people. Around other family members more distant relatives. But he did get a lot of disparate that we got a lot of discouragement. Even in our home page down a lot of doubt. People would tell totally Indians have so he's going prime play over the years you know and it is just sort of you know what whereabouts. Not Swedish so that's not what happened. You know you mentioned motivation earlier and then now all this discouragement what was the biggest challenge. For you with brand and as you were such a huge part of it. Closure biggest challenge in motivating him and how did you overcome that. You know what what it was like we look at the movie you know he's younger he's hit just two regular he had been and I coached. Do you know how about it all back then and had no kids of my home and that's why the league was back dated very competitively. I would have been coming out and work out with my team when he used to ever let your soul. We got out of that he would be enough he moved up excellent play of Martin. I didn't network element into the wanted to rent spree it witnessed at the end of practice so yeah I was always trying to. Pride of pride to push him to be more richer than really is each would awhile are needed to be but you know. My lap and assets that we were great parents you know but we hit he would do at all and that's kind of that's the by the way out was that. I actually needed to force meter ransoms. And I got big and that is. It's. That's double where Brandon we had to get up into our league and you know we've if there's there's a rule and they in the league that you got out. Bat ward got bad every player wants to play two meetings in the field I told him about that that's the rules but it you don't. Do block out what she did didn't you know that's not gonna that's not a rules of left and your family. 5% in the league little white every week and he would do it. So the Arkansas coaches allow him to be a lock on. And your mom. Mortgages that house in order pay for that one year. He then passed the struggle to make the team. And how when was it clear to you. It that he was gonna make it in his dream of playing for Arkansas I was gonna become reality. Once he got don't camp but in the pretty crazy than velocity you know he he really but it cup only a met that first you know what. Today. Because he gained so much wiped. And at a market pulse still had the old Astro turf. A home field in the last year and it was over a hundred degrees and obviously that their he graduated. It's seventeen years old. And so he's over 300 now that they're just. Suffering. But want what I would that in practices. You could see. The coaches were working within. Its. It's it's. It was gave him the respect of his teammates. That's when these these sort of there's an apparent that it's. You know this is going to work because it back on the Wii does look on his mean most importantly our hometown of paerson is that he had the ability. To play and actually we felt should build scholarship but. You could see he that he would without speaking a word. Will always win over. The coaches the teammates wherever wherever even when there's a coaching change. New coach to come in and it didn't take very long related myself you know let's all watch it here. Brandon became an all American. And then is drafted by the colts. Goes to mini camp and in the film. We see the the colts coaching staff tellem. That he is going to start as a rookie you must've been an amazing day for him and for your family. I was what it was then that we don't we picked him up mom and I picked him up at the airport. And and these these Helms fought all the coaches say it and he said I'm starting. That the government starting or otherwise so I mean we were you just don't cloud nine and I mean it's just incredible one thing. You. You've followed him all through his college career and then it's over but you know what Brandon. There's the next step in where we're going to be you know beautiful watcher employees in the NFL level that's something network's support for. After being told that at many camp. That he would be starting in the NFL. On April 281999. He began trip home visit your mom. And on the way. Brandon lost his life. And I I think it's easy. When watching this film to wonder. About the family's reaction to that and the film portrays it almost as if them in your mom's case anyway. She was happy that that he had achieved those amazing goals that he had in his view maybe maybe not so much but. Did you did you feel like is that you were robbed the NFL was for a year your brother was robbed or word do you feel like his story. From where he came. To being a lock on an Arkansas to making it to the NFL is is indeed achieving and streams. At that. You know it was. Just a gut punch. You fell. They felt cheated. He felt that it was aren't fair and the that producer the director who wrote the script abandon the script sit down there's so many re rat. I nailed it I mean I really nailed it. Because that you'd think years ago and it worked so hard. Ought to audit the fairness in this. For him to have finally. There beside that. Just want Conceptus debt could get where you can now it's finally not had a really bad from all the work he's done he's earned this and then these dome. There's an expression that I love. Which is I believed I could and so I did. And I'm wondering if if if that is your brother's legacy in cents. It is. It really yes because. He believed in himself once again very strong fight but believe it himself. And but in the dome. Which is very clear cut cut the told him it doesn't matter what anybody else but it's an only meant what he thinks. And Pete that's what he went out and so he believed in himself he worked hard. I would talk to him almost every match at ten minutes secretary and home phone. When he was in college. Durden during practice started football season and skim. Even in the early time at and had to go to they've become what the real with it and then I'd never want her to incite assistant hard. I don't take second is that this is you know about the die out there on the field because that just wasn't him it was just. Next step so goal oriented. And he just bought into the and that's that's kind of branded message by the legacy and we're very proud of that. The film is called greater. It's the story of Brandenburg all's worth and Marty girls worth and Marty thank you for her taking the time the beyond exercise some of us this week. All right guys thanks so much for having them and I appreciate it. This week's radio gold extra slots is a listener named Taylor. And her dad Jeff who'll probably never forget the moment. That he joined us. Our game we call Father Knows Best. I I would say issue that this is every father's nightmare yes being a father myself as well as you I can't even mention participating in this although it was for Red Sox tickets at the time was up for soccer I guess I may do that for such you'll you is do that I don't know it's so it's pretty awkward it does. Jeff as a unique way of describing the missionary position and and other things so. Wolf flashback. A little radio gold extra sauce win that Taylor and her dad Jeff. And the game called Father Knows Best. How are you. I'm right here axle and time and where where where you're from Taylor. From what OK and and how old you. 23 years old and your dad is Jeff you're are you what are you doing right now we drive and a worker where he'll. Under your driving to work okay and where is your dad. And not a bit and guys know each other pretty well. I think pattern out of our premiere questions at. Well let's see you wouldn't let's see how well Jeff knows he'll hello big job. How are yeah. Yeah doing great. What are you doing this morning. Just hanging around this. Hold huge. 63 years old do you still work you retired. Well. Disability right now. Disability what did what was what was your job. Can I think excellent we'll save I figured lovely daughter Taylor. That knowledge could. That there is don't be nervous this will be this will be fine organs harmless we're gonna find out how well Jeff you think you know your daughter Taylor pretty well. Okay. Now the guy is she still live when he or she moved out. She's moved out okay. I so we have some Red Sox tickets for you on the line Jeff. And and now we have seven questions and if you do pretty well we're gonna give you tickets okay. Are we. Jeff what was the age. At which your daughter Taylor lost her virginity. I think it was actually. That's an Taylor right. No. It was the Jeff she was actually a little bit more innocent than you thought it was eighteen right. Right it meant that the training camp and we zones and a couple of Jeff do you know where it happened. I've really go. We wanna take gas. At all. It would the little what was what was the location where anywhere like where where was it. That's right Taylor died it was that the boyfriend's house. What did you think good thoughts what did you think of that guy Jeff did you like him or did you know we was trouble I did you talk to think Andy's view especially elect him now. And just where is the strangest place. That Taylor is ever have sent us. And I know I don't know we'll announce within our own up to tart and yeah. Just. This strangest place. I have no idea what did you take you gas. This one's gonna hurt by the way I coach. Coach. No. Accident that you now. Could you could you tell. You'd where the strangest place was. I. Heard a church and hope that you are you are religious man just. It. What is the age Jeff that your daughter Taylor had her first drink of alcohol. Well. Sixteen. Well again she was better than you thought right Taylor it was when you're seventy. Seventy dazzled and Jeff what kind of alcohol the things she had her first drink. Taylor I believe it was a wine cooler correct. Yet finals endgame goals are as Smart and Calipso cooler you that that. I'm Jeff has has Taylor ever stolen anything. Yeah yeah oh what that what was it. Sure. It was Taylor is that right. Now old book what was the what did you steel. Eight loss came out that the jury via the maker. Well look. You guys aren't you guys are doing pretty well Jeff you're hanging in there pretty well for for a father mean. Now if you nail this one then you're gonna get to put the reds likes to end. But I'm happy now and you'll now I I think I can the candidates. And the Jeff. Yes. What is your daughter's favorite sexual position. It. I believe. If Italy it's crazy. I think traditional. There's an awful lot to do not enter the traditional. I've bought by traditional way I would do what does that mean. Does that mean missionary. Oh. Taylor that's true yeah right yeah yeah yeah. Okay. I don't think I got to try and get mail the last politician. Yeah. I had. Yeah. LA it is. Good job. You're gonna go to lay out with the Sox game. Play and Taylor we're gonna hook you up to. So happy are you guys are. Happy Father's Day to the both the deal okay do. Jeff I hope everything is your heart okay you did on the hunt yeah. If there is a favorite Hill Man Morning Show moment he would like to hear again as radio Gould extra slots that he Kim. Hit me up poll as the kids of today. Forms Twitter user Graham. We're all the show our next show. We'd be happy to play it during upcoming episode the phone right yes and no power yes you could say there's a write us a letter. Play it on an upcoming episode. So it's thanks to my colleagues. Danielle and Mike you and thanks to you to listen.