Extra Sauce Episode 19: Behind The Ear Moth With Brandy And Trying To Explain Your Traffic Nightmare

Wednesday, July 19th

This week we go Behind The Ear Moth with Elliot Lurie, the singer and songwriter behind the 1972 Looking Glass hit "Brandy(You're A Fine Girl)" which makes Greg nerd out...again.  We also try to find an answer to the perpetual question, "Why the hell does traffic suck so bad?' with Texas A&M Urban Mobility Researcher Dr. David Schrank.  

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Welcome to the extra songs podcasts. On the offensive soft yeah. Would this jar of sauces. Red pill. Let's get started I can't I've been. The anticipation is killing me you this is this me. AB. Well it's certainly one of the highlights of my mind 26 years Arabia of these the this particular against the word. Doctor and a moment on the podcast. Yeah we're going behind the year month. And s.'s this is truly like in its purest form. An earmark well yes yeah the epitome one hit wonder you know 19720. Yeah. Everybody has. Sang it madam bar Leo nite yeah. Lot of people don't know if you asked them who the artist was it would have no freaking idea right. It's in TV DC blue moon sees. Is it's a a tale of unrequited love them out. Between he sailor Andy Barr may be given way to Miami OK I'd sell on. On the podcast this week. We go behind the news behind here from August and then after that we're on on the show this week we were discussing. The horror that is the traffic in our region and how it never gets better even after the Big Dig and so she who has tracked down. A national. Traffic analyst writing in and want to hear one that was willing to talk to a yes and and we're gonna find out why. The Big Dig it did nothing to make the traffic back and why it seems like its words like it seems it's worse to me I had and I. I come into the city for events and stuff but it weeknight thanking you got to leave an hour and a half maybe you're just not my stood. Well maybe because you don't drive yourself very yeah I. I drive myself occasionally. But it's just I mean it's it's not so. Will get to that but let's begin this. This sauce. It is a distinct honor. To welcome Elliott Lori. Two extra sauce he is the lead singer. Of the looking glass. A band that had any number one hit in 1972. With William B Europe buying girl. You know you have to hear this song no we just the title and it's already echoing in my brain you're party you're already going to. Elliott thank you for joining us on exercise. It at that this may be no it's not not maybe this is the culmination. The highlight of my 226. Years in broadcasting Anderson it is amazing. To have you on the podcast thank you for joining us. Are there are other route. And we would this affect. Brandy was my dad's favorites on. And so I heard it frequently on 45 record. On big gigantic. Record play yet over and over again executed. And I I've I've always wondered I've often wondered who was that fine girl Brandi hood was that woman you knew was that it. Had you heard an old. I did you encounter an old sailor who told you this story. Actually you know the beast story itself as it is in beta are always threats. I was pretty active in her school and college as a year. Writer of restrictions. Aren't there rugged phones first round that was pretty bitter or in terms. Over in the strawberry and better at that never was there are you know kind of strong order book was bred horse at all but the main theme. Came remember he came from me high school sweetheart of mine and he would actually want and be with them on. And turn your wrote a song girl from dude just personal chord changes and certain whatever came to mind over. And I would seem unable room and went story start from together Barbara bombers. World should should be granted there are brand these little. Where that came. Yeah I guess it wouldn't sound the same if it was Randy your find her on independence from. No no ordinary little oil ambiguity about Thursday's. Where you were you ever able to and of course I would be the one to think about the space them my history about where you ever able to. To go back. And and and demonstrate to Randi what do success he would become by abide by writing hits on. Changing love the letters and and we're able the use that to get her back or anything. Well I did try to attempt in the back but I did not fair as he threw a lot of people who do you wonder are they Burke. Well I've been connected with for a number of years ago and he. Is live in what he has going live up look at the wrong word. And incredibly quick about. You're what seven or eight years ago. Put. Our doing. Bill and he's got a little better and learn our board when appropriate he sort of wood and an original reading your original or MP. That's pretty cool to Casper checker. Yeah that's what's the check I always think it's a waitress thing. How many copies of a brandy. Have penciled in dwell on the millions. Well I really don't know the answer to that because well we we've got a gold record forward pepper was a hit record those basic goal signal. Represented a million physical sales of singles. You know validate between the download and stream. It's hard to find accurate numbers but. You know I will tell you this or achieve these results of streaming and the bureau of millions and millions of streams from the at least for months so it's star here. It but you guys really didn't make a lot of money off of this on its aid I was reading about. You make some money because he wrote it but the guys from the guys the opinion related make money to like 1999. Or something's not right. Well we. We kept getting statements from the record property up until about the late ninety ensured that you still I'm Lee who you know the vote count was on recruit certain. If you're you know much about. Record record company's bookkeeping that's true that's not true your comment. Or the firm to priority ever recoup dirt rancher haven't recouped the experts who are making out. But I'm here Britain Italy during these we refer to get her to call it. Well that's good yeah you hear center. And and I. Was also reading that often times you'll meet people use it. Looking glasses is a New Jersey what is a New Jersey band. I'm in the you'll meet people in New Jersey randomly. Who will tell you know. That they were in looking glass and and that. Is that correct. There they don't tell me that I have I have gotten. Lot of messages from people all around the country girl in terms and so. And with a guy who would you based argument and unfortunately that he has got a little bit where and a glass of afterward many years ago or so there's. Guys running around saying hey icing that's I'm brandy like their Derek karaoke or they're at a bar and now I guess I meant I had hit that sign 1970. Well you know that's that's a testament to the song again not only of people are still playing in a down moaning but guys are still saying there they were looking glass to try to duplicate. Yeah I get I get it figured nobody really knows who was and look at where there. And probably hear. Is chewed that. That the name brand the in 1970 theory became way more popular than ever was before because of the song. I think. Seems statistical information interpret after nine contribute to the number. Girl they've usually been brandy. Are shut up astronomically. And amazing affected the human race news authorities are slow. Was interested to learn that. The bay and sounded an awful lot different than the song brandy and that that actually affected. You may say differently but. That actually affected your career because. There were a lot of people and this happens Libyan sometimes there are a lot of people going to your shows expecting. To hear this yacht rock like looking glass and the guys were actually pretty hard. Rock band is that right. We'll wait we give up as a barbaric and paternity do we went to Rutgers university and we came became quite popular reserve. Or beer and we reduced access to marry them recovers and we will report predicted a guitar bass or drums keyboard. So hard so I was pretty you know sort of go hard rock band rock. And you know bring in the boom where you aim for that record was set early departures are produced from the awards section marked the script or. One of the great section percussion players from the very plan are. And bill we travel we didn't have the ones that are kind of and we'll but the writer and I am the heart muscle or a it was an actual writer British style was very different than mine was a little. Moral. Rock edge so yeah once we have written and we come out and play. Not my remarks that sounded a lot like a brand new record. And we you know it would have to. It would have to build a lot of career. We terms are different from from. Silly and expect to see a bunch a long haired hippy types when man when they went to see looking glasses. And we will we will let you hear them. Music videos. I app where you guys. By any chance. But coming up in New Jersey the the same time bar why's that that degrade Bruce Springsteen once. We were actually go go we've we did not cross after all because. Is. It is apparent that have been called steel mill to congress refuse or barbaric. And they played more in on the shore. And we played more sort of in the central Jersey men from West Orange preferably. A balloon very aware I mean you know. Yeah but referred we were for a absorb them shall revert from which we were aware of them. The Paul Stanley said it that that's on inspired. Hard luck I'll woman. I do you hear from other artists have you heard over the years from other artists that the debris and he was an influence on them. You know I as I've heard that less specific strings and memorable I have heard that story broke through about all their richer. Yeah I heard let the third of their electrical you know. We're certain of who changed or saloons. Didn't send in loans as well. Almond and what about covers. Kenny Chesney does on the do you have a favorite brandy cover. Well no. OK I won't have. Who it's as simple as the original. I would have been begging. It came evening page you can but it's almost a certainty that. I'm glad I would all like it and came with the attitude that we wouldn't need to do is they haven't owned. The way week senator doing in the barker silica little four priest there there are. When they do that they are where we'd be doing the board here. There must have been great for you when guardians of the galaxy police featured branded a you know you I mean you worked in the movie you work are still work in the movie business. In that area you are music supervisor so when I came I do. I don't really good at the board gave that up a couple YouTube governor would comment has been a long term. On the other Robert you know I was working there and beat these reports of torture or executive for world are in charge of music or warm studio to merger were to get the right social he. Put them you know prepared and ensure that they were clear proper order in the domestic users are. Yep it's a different look great with gory. I think the first one. And not the kind of movie that would normally gravitate toward our armed I have heard from the good things about it that are put to dvd year. I refer outdoor. And nor heard all the great subject from very very. I I was a little you a little disappointed that they did you review the birth mark or more than it would editor. And they wanna get a record the first quarter and especially more so we're pretty easily origin and was using just not their. Well this has been an absolute honor and I may be all ended by yelling. And Newton yeah I do yeah. In my head right good good its Smart then we get kids and have a portable. Quote back. Well and listen you know I'm kind of some dam and put together like a whole year month concert for my foundation and I would love love. We have labor and being a man. That would be fabulous look they're everywhere where it was ordered number accurate number for your report. Again Shannon is a big ones they appeared. Yeah Koehler is Key Largo on yeah Key Largo birdie and so Keeler. They're. Now and so on me and I you know I'm occasionally wildfire. Gets it's in there and so. And for some reason Benny Martin donors yeah I'm betting on us. In into the and I thought tegra. I think the goods and feel it but the good thing is that nobody would come there like when they went to see looking glass they would know what they're gonna XP they hear what they were gonna expect the economy. Petty ignorant and you're good about Brandon and the great big I have learned to deal Pringle. I could sing every freaking word of its you know really want to now well Eliot thank you so much for joining us to give us a little extra sauce on brandy purifying your ill and and we enjoyed. I can't about it. Course. It's all downhill from there I mean now that I've interviewed Elliott and talked about brandy is really not much else left the Dillon a career I can even hear what you're saying now because the song is just full blast in my brain right now. On the show this week we discussed the never ending traffic issues here in the city of Boston and throughout Massachusetts eye and can I just say this what this came from yet some sitting at home. And I get a call from Greg. And he's like she knew what do we like a traffic expert on the air something amiss Haram wants when he ate for like two hours this particular. It's the worst it's ridiculous you kick that you can be on 128. At 11 AM or 1 PM. You're not going anywhere or 11 PM support a terrible idea and it seemed to be expressway site and in the pike and and meanwhile we spent. Billions. On the Big Dig and I'm not sure I'm not sure that it did anything. I'm convinced of monkey was driving down would have not gone I don't see Monty would call me a popular should do something about the strike call on experts on them. I'll give you a bottle of your knowledge and so. We went in search of a true traffic expert. And came up way is that David shrank who is from Texas a and M university. He's a civil engineering focuses in on a traffic. Sounds very excited and and knew we wanted to acted David about what exactly is going on here so David thank you toward joining us. With a little extra sauce on Boston traffic. Appreciate it you have you have some experience driving our our highways and byways here in the commonwealth correct. Yes I have been up to Boston a few times in the last couple three years than. Drives some of the road's life 498. I'm not a I 93 so I I've I've been on some of them I'm seemed to track. Well at a discussion on the show the other day and it appears to me anyway and and threw a lot of listeners. That. Things have not gotten better since the Big Dig and in fact over the last year in year and a half. They've gotten worse. And madam. She went out and found New Year's you know you're in the area you're at you're an expert on this kind of thing. If it does this happen in major metropolitan areas where you undertaken a major project like the big day again. And then added by the time the project is is ready there's there's way too many cars and it did basically out does its purpose. Why I would say that tend to think there yes it does happen. And in some way she you almost sort of want it to happen. Because if it if you if that city and area or region is not growing. He's not increasing population is not paying jobs. Do and it's probably not not a good economy going on locally. And think you have you have. The luxury hair and if you were called luxury quotes. If a place where there's a lot of work. A place where there are a lot of schools. And also a place where people want to come and visit. And so all those things combined. Means there are a lot. A lot of trips. Occurring in the region and and even support trips meaning. Commercial activities truck delivery things have to happen for all those people to live work and play in Boston. Then it's that someone from out of state to see something actually positive. I'm Bob traffic we go yeah today that's unbelievable. I'd I'd driving Houston I'd rather doubtful worked so. I see them be saying you know and but as you pointed out about the big big you know yes it takes a lot of time for something that that Matt is to be put in place. But in that amount at times how many hundreds of thousands of people moved into the Boston region. You know I'm an and we still have relatively low fuel prices now compared to. Ten years ago and so there's there's there's the added benefit I guess you could say. Driving is still relatively comfortable from a price perspective. So there's there's a lot of people taking vacations. Long drive. It's a trip to to a place like death. Massachusetts with a history and and obviously the tourism locations like dictate that such. How I am when it comes to the viability. Of a public transportation. System. When when you look at some metro areas and and traffic issues how important is it to have. A well running viable public transportation system because we have some issues and ours here and I wonder if that's a factor. It's it's with public can actually transportation period it very. Localized. You know system every city different if it played out differently it has different needs in its veteran you know that be instead. An area that is so compact. Like. Boston and you know others New York consent trend in the northeast. Public transportation hasn't as the opportunity to work pretty well because there's a lot of opportunity to use it yeah unlike the sat southern and western sea they're so spread out. There were designed around the automobile. You know that's not the case in the northeast and midwest. And so there's an opportunity there. And and I'm I'm certain that the transportation agencies. In that area. Are working together to try to figure out how to move people. The most efficient way it's sometimes it's the problem Westwood transportation is it often takes a decade. To go from this is a good idea. Can actually having not been out there if it involves concrete meter leaner bridges in those kind of things because. They don't happen overnight and unfortunately. Overnight another you know hundred family moved into the region. Right when he did speaking of tunneling what do you think of Ilan mosque. And these tunnels that he wants to build under major metropolitan areas. Yeah it all if if you sit here a hundred years ago and says. We're gonna have big big projects. People would have gone crop. So that's kind of you know. Wow and so. You know I I think that the future of transportation. And you know even. Our our urban. Living. May look very different and be very different than what we have what we know today I think back to. Ten years ago. And I barely knew how to use a flip phone yeah is now much less the one I have now they can put a man on the moon the second seventy. Via. I in Boston for a long time it's it's changing now. But there who would there were not a lot of options when it came to affordable living in the city. And I'm wondering if when you look at metropolitan areas in traffic issues if that something is well we have an awful lot of people. Who need to commute into the city and out of the city taxes go to their job. I think that that you see that a lot across the country. You know be the downtown and lifting don't lots of those kind of things are. Are not something made me. A younger person can afford as an entry level salary kind of saying and so. They kidnapped little for a little further out. And and no a family may have to live even further out if they want a standalone. Home with a long and all that kind of thing just because. Those prices drop a little bit but first you go and of course the jobs. Don't necessarily move out they may stay in. Central Boston or or at least congregated in in the more urban area and so you you tend to have this. He's in workflow warning now or in the evening. And you know you hear the stories come out of California that people with two or three hour drive. Because they're living somewhere where. They keep they can afford whatever they like to schools and other things that go along with. Q does that help some patients but they stand you know I don't know how many hours we dragged him back and forth and LA Orange Beach area. The question don't go back to mass transit for element and I think it's about more about willingness to defining quote the movie singles where a character who was promoting Micah. Hyper. Luxurious train. That would have go in and out of Seattle and no one would back him because and this it was the same answer every time. People love their cars via you know their control they have the music they want they ask them to whatever. Interact and other people right so have you ever studied on how. Is there a way to lure people like is there a way to get people to actually use the mass transit system more besides the basics being on time preclude preclude always crisis on its. It's hot lanes. No that you eat there's been a lot of there's been a lot of studies about that. And even years years and years of work Leuer. You you've gone back to their British original five about cars and flexibility and all that you know there's a certain type. Of job or in police. That. And he's been. Handling of that it. That allows you to do that public transportation. Because I don't. Necessarily haven't had absolutely dead maybe leave early and pick up a sick child from school or I won't need to. Ahmad doctors' offices near term might work on public transit lines second I don't need the flexibility of Michael larger day. Those kind of things. That type of person who works well for. There's been a lot of my efforts around the country. To. Provide those kind. Sort of drop of the hat services. That when your child that gets sick you have a way of getting back out keyword. Suburb or whatever to take care of that. In in some kind of reverse commute sort of you taxicabs sort of thing that we did you out there. Because there is the need for that and that's those those things that keep people from being able to to jump all Leanne for transit. I've always wanted to ask a research scientist like yourself this question. When one in hot and went and if you don't know where and throw it way way. When an object is going seventy miles and now a car on a highway. And it's rolling on at seven miles an hour. And then all of a sudden all of those objects stopped. For no apparent reason and you'd get up to where that traffic. Is snarled up and driving you up a freaking wall what is the reason why those cars that were doing seventy unimpeded have to stop. You know. It. There's no reason at their nut and that the addition. What do work free outlook creates. The traffic GM on the pike everyday I mean it's like. Every at some point ever if everybody's going 170 why does anybody ever end up doing 25. That. There is so great there's there was a great visual that was that was created to explain this. And so. Everybody needs to go get some some dry right. And a final. And start pouring them right into the final. And at some point in time it'll actually clog up and quit running through the final. I that generally is what happens all the patriots for a few of those grain. To get kind of turned sideways. To lower you know not flowing through the next thing you know which clocked at. Well that same sort of thing happened on roadway in that. All it takes it one car that is unsure where they're going or make his 218 Wheeler expected that coming down and entered tramp. It's sort of sparked that that. That effect. And then the rest of us are screwed and. And feel good that the price you know the Debra probably you don't see that at 2 in the morning as my accurate and maybe even mid day. But when nurse when the demand is there and everything to land route on the edge. Congestion. You know all the attention that that first. That first you. Small. Pilot light in his next thing you know red light red light or night at a very slow and now back in after the by the time you get that there are different and if they not have happened. Right intelligently is never anything up there when you when you get there because you want Murray you wanna yell at somebody. I I is my final question for you David is here in Boston. Does it get any better or does it get worse for a us. I think I I don't know that it will get what a lot worse and and I say that without with a little bit of hope. Yet technology technology is improving things it. Even something as simple list. Information. Likely she's ways stuff like that right there like exactly you know ten years ago you know we we didn't have all these things. Some areas had this changeable message signs and stuff that would that would display hey there's a crash kept it this interchange. You know avoid it. Well that was useful righty started jester pattern and I you have these these devices that are telling you may be how you ought to go back to trip on a daily basis. And then we'll have. Cars they're talking to themselves and to the roadway infrastructure. And hopefully windows all those things are. Put together. We have lists of that. Right in the final effective. And we get a little bit more of a smooth transportation. You know flow happening that kind of if if you and I if I I am not certain about where I'm going in I'm driving very cautiously and I'm. And maybe it might break him couple times and trying to figure out which plane that need to be in. We'll my car and those were consciously go in and it doesn't it breaks contain then maybe I don't start that the Marines affect. And of course the economy slowing down so. Hopefully going forward technology helps. You know we're getting we're getting smarter about these things every day. As safe as any. Really had an internationally. We're getting better about how to deal with this and coming up with new ways so I look I am optimistic in the future. Yes they're still going to be problems because you have. Five million people in the Boston area trying to maybe get to the same place on the same day. And so there's going to be problems but I hope is that as we move forward Dan. That we're a little bit more. Who we're operationally. We're we're more efficient. Because of the technology and and all the capabilities of big business. Well my expert I don't know if you made us feel better. At least we feel like there's something about it there's an explanation a better understanding though is if that we do we won't yell as much that well. This interview is happening in the slammer. Route people enjoy your weather because you could be and you know the south and beyond. That's true I that's good David thank you so much for joining us with a little extra sauce on the traffic around here. Appreciate enjoyed it. That's gonna do it where else do you go to get exercise on brandy and the traffic in the city of Boston. Although if you mix the two of those together. Traffic is just doing worse. It got halfway going to be arrested. Unless your pastor here because of the traffic. All right thanks a lot for joining us this week were exercised. And you can subscribe to exercise our podcast. On iTunes or his picture or school play or you can just go to WA AF dot com slash actress lives. And will be back next week.