Extra Sauce Episode 18: It's A Game Of Thrones Nerdgasm With A Cannabis Chaser!

Thursday, July 13th

Get ready for an orgy of nerdiness as Game Of Thrones Obsessed Greg Hill discusses the upcoming season premier with the Queen of GoT Nerds Deanna Filsinger.  Then the boys talk Cannabis Business with Cannacon organizer Bob Smart.  Cannacon is at The Hynes Auditorium in Boston this weekend!(7/13-15) Get more info here.


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Welcome to the extra sauce podcast it's Monday. On the offensive. Would this jar of sauces. The red pill. If you're not in there and stop. Podcast immediately. Bit listen. We do all kinds of things on exercise oh yeah and and we have been discussing. The season seven premiere of game with drugs all week he has I happen to be assessed like most of the the world. So I thought we would dedicate a bit of the podcast today. Too little their talk I'm game at Johns and talk about what's gonna happen on Sunday night right now. We shoe was able to because he runs in nerds circles and now we we communicate. You're able to to attract down the ultimate. Oh game of drones neared she's and yet and it's and a lot of people think they they Xiamen there it's. By acting like they don't get to ever hang out checks. But there is at there's a whole lot of their thing going where they have it's almost like the male players. Know something the rest of us don't them because there's some Hotmail manner as there's some. There's some hot female nerds Aaliyah and they have them to themselves yes they absolutely must have something in common Portland the secret out great it's like when you're hanging out in the Star Trek chat rooms right. And does some random FEMA on their checks and we'll hear you you guys have summing comment automatic deal like the hand held Fraser do you have the full on. The flaunt postal. And I'm like yeah DT all the way. The so you'd tracked down DN now what's the Ennis last Phil Singer right and she's like a renowned. In policy and sinners now and she was kind enough. Online. Via podcast and after Deanna and it talked about it. Can icon which is coming to Boston so we'll bring it back when the with a little weed docking them after game. Night. The Anna I am told that you'll the world's ultimate game of the rooms neared. All right editor. Now actually sound like kind of acute there'd I mean I you know that are there there are cute nerds out to issue you know this. In the track he and on the tricky world are you wearing chain mail right now. At that at Merrill OK just checking the a name that archer really. Deanna Troy. Yes Lou Ali you've got that right what's wrong with the lead got an issue. Hello so your so your parents were were a start with they were rookies they were nerds do. Ya know we're gonna hold and Adam are you gonna do all your dad was a tracking. Nice now do you still live of them. I'll get got a right to call loosens up there all thirtieth. Now listen I can not be more excited about season seven New Hampshire you feel the same way. On how are you so excited yeah I think the. Let me ask your question this is just this is aid before we get into specifics on on nine game Tehran's this just a a a routine. Question how do you personally. Keep track of everything because I'm fifty sell it gets confusing I think. Game of drowns his dad. Over a 150. Different characters says since launching. How do you like do you take notes the you'd did you have like some kind of an excel spreadsheet or some Audi dealer. They didn't have a good memory. I had him. I have read all the books militant group podcast. Or washed ashore through like three times thank. He's honey it's the fifth at. I read what I mean I want myself when I watch it at my act when he watched it for the first time I watch it with my parents. Yeah via via ground yeah I mean you have that a little bit of time and hand sang and I and I neutralize focus on televisions might. On so listen we have. We we have mother of mother of dragons. Heading toward king's landing with the army. On do you think is there an alliance formed an and if so which alliance of like what alliance you think it's form. I I wanna say that demand and and John talent rather than that team up eventually really I know the effort that our culture and don't tell it's gonna EU. Dinara. Going to drag in town for the first time. I'm trying to convince to what they showed that. If you don't see someone dying and they didn't diet and daughter now and it went back to dragons or maybe not what it's like I'm home. We're back could be interest and. So that's kind of like when we say on the show no pictures no proof if somebody got right is that it's somebody died interesting so you think. All right see you think that that that that's the alliance that is formed. And and and and then and then. There. Our ability the Pia on is speaking at Johns now. What is your opinion on what was going on line. You know he he was he was named king king at the Norton and then. We see science give me a wish a look. You. NN and our top returner who played on pushing have an interview with out someone calm and she. He said that that she thinks that that look meant. That. That she was like oh god like I could have taken power and now they've chosen him keep making eye contact with. Peter about like our own now we have to take John down I don't think that's the case. I kind of think she would like I don't know like now I have to defend my rather against that crazy her man. Well that's what I mean what is what do you think he wishes thing is like what is what is ultimate. Mission like oh what is he I mean obviously wants power and what is it Z he's got to try to get in. Sciences hander whatever track I mean yeah yeah kinda. Yeah I think you click one of like typical like creepy stalker. Has finally dies and T the only reason ninety. It infatuated with our because he was Benoit was I'm not. And it. It looks just like her with in the books looks way more like her look exactly like her. And I think that you just like drawing his infatuation of Allen over on the on. He's a manipulative bastard. Yeah well it's kind of like going issue and I'll be you'll out. She takes the mom. Yeah that's no good guys and minds LC is the elderly audience that I realized we had to bring men and perfectly good discuss in a wonderful TV show you. To an elderly porn while your king Mary you must have a question or two there and I just. Does admit something to you yet now yes I've never seen one episode of game of the bronze. And what is wrong with him Hanna what is wrong with the I've been watching you in Al. It's kind of like to me and I'm not comparing him it's like The Lord of the Rings thing fantasies is and mystical for you to like and yet I don't really lean towards that you know like on the side flag a war but ultimately when I tell people that. Your reactions are very mellow available and yeah it's like as an need to BB. What's that he and the true. Well there's a lot of people I mean listen. It's it's been an amazingly. Amazingly successful amazingly thought out it's so there are people probably who. Are reading about it hearing us and and who don't watch who are wondering how the hell. They're gonna catch up on six seasons by Sunday I mean that's. It's but it is something that you can. Don't think Deanna you can get a listen there's a lot of characters there's a lot of story lines. Their story lines just go away from the beginning it did. You know have to come back before it ends next season but I'm I think you can get a pretty quick don't think the end. And only hit like it's not like it's one of those TV show but has. 22 point four episodes this season and their party that season there's only ten appetite fatigue and so that. Kind of my argument to people who are not let. And then my other argument their only character he only realized that no matter what your preferences they're going to be someone that you connect a someone that like make you wanna watch the show. I cannot connect I can't connect with the lady more a month because. She likes sauce and knowledge is she's evil geez she's what the deal with by the way we eat is she what's what would you think gap or this season. The little girl yes yes he would. You're gonna kick out of town but aren't there. Well I'm not occur I'm not talking about the the crazy ER you talk about the crazies start girl the one who big the dude in the pie classy spoiler are sorry yeah I'm tired idea I'm tired of the little girl. Those air and then you've got. The kid to start kid who turned in to the three I agree then there once. Now he has psychological amazing psychological powers in the can kill people correct. I don't think he didn't kill people with goat Howard. I think about it though in conclude that and I am still so unsure what to think quietly. Tried to do more research on what the heck that was. When Matt episode came out. I don't I don't understand that. All. That he is gonna be. A brick of knowledge a lot of the character yeah. It. It and hit it Aiken. And I aren't anything spoiler alert now rate now have radar target areas. Has on her dad and a. Now is that you are you a 100% confident that. OK I mean this I think most everybody believes that that was what was revealed but there's still a tiny bit of a question to. I think it's more can all that applicant can come out yet but I'm and I'm like. Almost a hundred I'm positive. They embedded in the book I hate those people don't like we notice here's an idea it's not an applicant even out yet. Books they're they're on our day. Off book now on this season is the first season their off book. Kind of had these inspectors. Kind of art book. It can happen characters but there's. I'm not that like in alignment but there's no up or like all of the heat combine that with all the books that have come out on fire and there's no notebooks that yet. What do you make in the trailer and you watch a trailer obviously. Now a hundred times have watched it. The what do you make of silence when she's talking about the the death of the lone wolf. I'm. All say they have that they've been at epic and I think what I'm from the beginning. That I I think that its forecast currently early summer but are reunited and and it's one of them go to option doesn't unite. It probably got. I'm so excited I wish it was Sunday night right now. And I and a million well you know on Deanna is having. Party apparently a viewing party. Apart hair look at neighboring quarterly Seaway appetizer is what you get like trophies drink like rhyme Alan and Alan. I just got an order from a friend of mine you know what what do you we'll whip up at the game with Ron's parties there. I mean oh my god. Early in right hardly. Yeah. I'll it. I'm fine Akron and I'm thinking why I didn't. Now. Nine under. I know one thing you don't want abuse at your party you don't wanna be sitting next to light locker when they get hungry. Now he's the secret that castle they're now by coming in like a secret campground Matt Cassel played a great. Click on a special link in it only works like an hour on buying one to but it turns you into a light locker why she's here. How can I not know how did I not know about this. Why an hour now holy (%expletive) I gotta get I have got to get that. How do you do how do you deal months. And man whose parents or perhaps album as president on Google news and and then it brought up beloved Brady is quick quick and it broke. Put the matter but aren't what do you think happens what do you think the white markers though. Well I am. I don't know this. All I know. I think on the books they have. Like the battle of fire in the battle I yup. And we call thing is that on a great empire iron into everything in. And like ultimately I think that there is going to be a battle you know light blockers and that track and of the dragons Alec. Fire incarnate. And the white walkers. Our I incarnate and you. Then rumor. That. That Stark's how Blake needed with white locker Sunday Starks had some. I blood in them come on now with a star and the target area and. Yeah. I don't know where I'm going with that but. Now that's interest there and saying. Well that could be eventually as those alliance. Or at least they convicted certainly involved. And what's the is Sam. Harley the name of that of the dude who was the I mean guys the night watch guy who had the baby and everything and and. Appeared last. What is woody what do you think happens with him. And we'll hit that citadel a silly. He's. I feel like you're going to be kind of like Brandon dark and that he peppered acknowledged. He does have like he has another Valeri and sport. What side. Who doesn't. I said who doesn't but it. How many has only a couple like in the world like spring and how the hilarious sort of John does. And Sam Harley does. She's on the as the other one to the other one Jaafari had but. Conference says. And that's the common what is the blaring in soared due doesn't. Made with. It like it's made with dragon fire. Like they're really old storage they never tell all I'm. They like only get stronger kind of thing. Yeah I Alec the only things that can Alec. There's the difference between like that general Tom began like king of the late lockers. Like there's the big bad rap guys. That can't be killed by like anything else. They can only told by the end of malaria and deal. So the the cooler and sewers like begins to move west rose yes could you sense that NASA's and cut any day and has an ego like India and extra set of steak knives for yeah. Allow. I'm tale I can't wait until Sunday. And the it is I assume minutes. I mean I shouldn't assume. Your belief. On who ends up trying something. At the end. Is it. Is it's or say aero anyway what he who you think wins. I need to our team and I are you would ideally like the scene. Because when next partner and conquer what struck the originally. They had. The reason that settle with the dragon or three hasn't because they had. King with its two sister lives the Concord western. So there's great dragon obviously there are abstract one at John Hurt as stark black maybe you write another and that they're a rumor that area has. Partner in blood as well maybe he would let the battered and the three of them were over the last stroke. I think sloppy and yeah. Well Syria and now I mean he's basically. I mean I I think you've been damaged. Which to me is crazy because she had sex with her brother which is like K okay. And you know he killed his father nobody liked anyway and he's in he's bear trap when I mean that doesn't seem. Fair. I cannot bear it. At politics turning around because of the year a little different people. Well. What time is a party start. Are there are a guy a form we're making in our making that net eight property and like. Off on the ground. Napoli do on them and it out then a formidable acting turn. Ago Greg to losing this thing. I Wear glasses so I can and it. Re doing dragon mean on the grill. You maintain. That an eye on. It amounted to serve up the mountain on the on the real yeah. Non does not get killed. I like that means without the need not mean Perry gaming somewhat. And well it is the end the ten ultimate season. Of games are the ones you can hold that the end is very excited and and thank you so much for giving this year in sight. There's so welcome when I guess we'll check in again insurance. As we continue with with games I'd thank you yeah. Andre call any time. He'll be on with the parents may want to be utilized right yeah order it. Let me guess GameStop. Some comic bookstore. Now I have a real. Yeah. India out of it he said that we have boyfriends. I had one night along. Thanks. Thanks to time. Thank you don't mind. Yeah there. One to eleven now. I don't think you could have you. In particular group ever lautner to me about anything. Impressive. Number of points lower there especially which you brought that should the snapshot. A day like just about way and Heidi caving those on the animal there's a 150 characters and I am sold that I only remember who late twentieth the Mars. You guys are really no turning out as I was on July dollars in their chasm and a complete utter and complete entered as a can't Icahn. Is happening in Boston at the Hynes convention senator year attending this yes I'm going to be it's ending and you know checking out the is a business. Oriented convention and a so if you're thinking about getting into the business this is the place to go. It'll you know give you introductions there will be people there you can talk to. About all aspects of the business part of campus which is huge so far elected officials ever do what the voters said they had to do and make weed legal this is the way the you can make money can learn how to make money yeah Exxon so yes well joining us now on exercise it is Bob Smart. Who runs camera caught. Rarer. But I think there is a sometimes there's a tendency. Offers some that are looking at the business of marijuana. Tool it made me chuckle a little bit and say Leo which donor is going to be getting into this and made a wink. When you when you look at a state like a Massachusetts and any experiences with the Washington. That is about to embark on this whole thing. That estimate is there as far as. The all of the revenue that will be is in associated businesses. And the blood big community of Colorado. I mean Colorado where a billion dollars. Not a good person or elsewhere. Just Canada's business. And created 181000. Jobs now. Is Colorado that's just Colorado and a half a clear message that. Just a medicinal marijuana when that passed decrees about 2000. So imagine where it started and I kind of money in Austin. At one point one billion dollars. On camera. You were yeah its here and yeah oh yeah well it's like you know I'm in the I am in this spirit business. So I think about the I think about the time after prohibition. And you think about the opportunity that existed then and and you know would grade course there was. You know you had to deal with the like the Al opponents of the world or whatever who was this still wanted to be involved but. It's kind of like a a golden opportunity here for many to get involved in this. Other relatives there earlier as an arugula thing is seen can't account of what we try to teach is. At the growth of forty. And the you know how many pounds aren't going all over it might might be Canada's industry. And this is using money and you get the easiest course in the world. If an easy. Access to anybody they can make it move it and you. Yeah its. Order. And not even close look so look out harder harder than just about anything policy which I think it would be. Harder because of the scheduling of canvas of the federal level so but it makes it even harder for other people to maybe want to invest. Or maybe even take people seriously that wanna start a business right. Oh totally and indeed again I just can't one quick example. And I used to go home guard that your. That is exactly mechanic problems but I'll show up art shows all but herb products and services. When you about the panic on our campus and particularly low level. There's 60000 people helping him if he sits Jupiter's a federal crop. There's not a candidate there. At home. It for us district and get painting has been extremely difficult. No we aren't the only show even even looked at several more we spent the money in the Simon you do in panic I'm actually at the federal trade. So chill out. So it's and instead of a home show it's like a homegrown shell man. Yeah. And the thing like so. When you win when when we go what kinds of things will we will leave experience. Lots of luck of the isn't unlock circle the products. In the big topic he's. Even clearer focus crisper and there are bought. And you guys are that are working on what sort McNamee ever meet you virtual. Quote up area until you actually have a lot way to get a life. So you didn't bring it doesn't know what is happening that's about so problems like somebody we really focus their show on growers. So you're gonna steal that you know a lot of things that'll pick a smoker those jobs will be easy. Better product better yields. Now cost program was going to be something. In this industry and as you as it does it legalized there in laws and computer and the players. That's equipment business that the five most were playing to their cost for. And reducing the cost program at Washington and down it down below nine dollars and cram in retail store. That's right where I was selling. Medical before I couldn't so yeah not make any money so that's the thing you're really trying to bring out is that kind of education. Is this really is business it's not. Disarmed in the garage. Right and and and win that and this is something that OA's kind of been a concern of mine when trying to advance. The cause of legalization is that there's a stereotype. But Greg got a mention there's a stereotypes there's the guy would you know the the guy with the dreadlocks and he's in a drum circle. You know he's wearing a tie dye tank top ten and you know it budget but this is business and so there you know. People have to be taken seriously unfortunately you know perception is everything. And would you want yeah best with a with a a person like that or would you wanna invest for the person who. Hill has their stuff together and there's this seminars like that right there that that teach you marketing. And and Bradley. And there's IP we've got it would got drug retro arrows they expressed go to the bar and all business. He's coming out to talk about marketing and branding. And we've got Cheryl Truman coming out. He's been doing marketing Indian chambers industry's years. She's very it's fortunate numbers just don't get marketing in the social media. Feeling all the different what is dispute that it has so special. So there's that their genetics. IP. Especially the genetics. Well like I assume husband and I thought Erica on how the federal trade. There's a lot of companies out there that just don't have any of those things that's important. We've got a couple some of them. It's getting licensing him that type of thing. Are mentally we're a lot more seminars on all of a utilize them. But look how seminars and at least what's going on. And don't get cute Jackson and I mean councilman. There are running for mayor. There and run for a better. Andy can now like like comic con. Anybody in cost him on the and if anybody is open anybody addressed his teaching job or anything like that. You can just have been a bit unsure. All salute. We want them none of them from day one. Armada has the blue nose. You can battle to older use would return to upper 70000 or he would. Seems like forever notebook computers you know neglect along. Home the whole thing with the and that's really what can only part of the I was like we don't have smoking and so yeah he went in and it's also what we kept our price you would. You look at the other big business. You're exposed that are out there. It's the superb book that the door shall and it excludes general public don't need that to check. You can go on. That's right now discredited when there's two parts past. We love you you're their ticket. They completed and a con get beat all capital letters and get 50% up any tickets Sox hit Isaac and get a ticket for Tony. Clemens stepped up yet though that's similar note in our economy and on balls. On the fiscal side of it had it blows. I'm not charging for those on a summer so. And it doesn't start summer. That's for sure he'll sit on them of the frequently as we get a big party for a bank well with paradise. I haven't been that that group of both Corey went over that a practical and we looked darker side to the but he insisted on an application both have been up and Villanova. When that are more between them and not quite there. They're welcome cover. But tennis garden yes we that the equipment. Yeah and doctor would be great thing. Canada our our own boat load of investors that in her. It's in their company didn't go to. I know one via among the many experts the space man bill Lee will be out there I think Saturday. Her former Red Sox pitcher he he knows very he was he was kind of pushing all of this stuff. I think when he was still on the Red Sox yeah. When it was don't know playing for other etc. Or go to our group but everywhere yeah. He wanted to assert some kind of economy commune some Communist bit Maoist pace commune in the that we do with. But what wave back in the days ahead at this time yes he was way ahead this time. Our bill look Gordon room. My item number. Or. Yucca guys yeah what's the website and and again give that gives that code outs of the people came to the tent there at the data content. And then age now where you dot org not dot com or. And the coaches can McConnell fifty. Tonne fifty. Aren't. Well I think it's it's an amazing opportunity it is build the business and if you are not to print or you're probably already in the haven't gotten involved yet. You're starting to be behind already arid zone and. Definitely. Here at all interest in the campus industry's equivalent to about Janet. We've learned a lot of this road courses so later Wednesday. Allen who we were put here certainly the average don't quite cut the nation's. Well really about good luck with everything animal we'll talk to you soon. That you referred me to get. It's pretty cool man yeah man that you may give money. While growing we need you big money grow read the Bible we need a candidate I grow it Lima but it ultimately and teachers in forever. Anybody Nolan have been doing inventories. Would be Monica's problem at that starting a business and enters the you know you gotta follow Tony Montana's ruled there never do your own supplies. This piano is the way. Or myths. We're missing like half of our inventory bro. When he says spreadsheets. Human energy dreams she. She can't see you can't use the pro forma as ruling paper. Yeah. Anyway yeah anyway those of the people were imitating that are going to be billionaires I a year earlier about a thank you very much for listening this week to extra sauce we will be back next week as long as I'm not taking some other vacation days. And it. Another exciting episode. Exercise. Subscribe. At iTunes. Horse picture or Google+.