Extra Sauce Episode 17: Creepy Callers And Confederate Monuments

Thursday, June 22nd

This week's episode features what some call the creepiest call in Hill-Man Morning Show history.  We also get Extra Sauce on the recent controversy regarding Confederate Civil War monuments, including the one on Georges Island here in Boston Harbor, with Historian and Civil War expert Kevin Levin. If you want even more sauce on that subject check out his excellent blog, Civil War Memory.  The Sauce will rise again!


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Welcome to the extra sauce podcast. On the offensive sauce you. Would this jar of sauces. The red pill. News discuss the podcast this week. Lot what is it now you would be very upset about this. This is the last exercise before her vacation eons so the year not going to be able the dock with me what I thought I was doing and all rush extra side. Next week you were kind of guys are off let's and you can if you'd like all the greatest moments tonight in Russian history view he's gonna be elected a five hour thing in three we don't like a rush album that's one's gone yeah ours is right and it's a line. Are you not and vacation without asked are you Greg not working well you know someone's got to work that's not fair. So it'll be it's his name the American have buyers and company the Noah jugs in the deuce and now down now just me is going to be on the issue in the morning it's like a vacation my key in the Malloy and answer hates all rush is all the time you play Iraq signs them and interview old ladies of the news celebrity birthdays and that. Steal a page from oldies and look into the horoscopes OO seat now. Now if your object. Today is going to be a great day's drive you to invest a little new business horoscopes every every week is 720. On countless did I mean I'm happy that I'm going to be an occasion and I am kind of sad that your not I don't know it's going to be like a vacation for. It's a working vacation because of the WA AF celebrity daughter Alia that's a lot of work. It is awful tired and stuffed in (%expletive) faced local charity. There really is signed into your charity golf tournaments that there are some people who might overdo it a little bit all of that is yes it's. I mean. I think I don't I still believe that LB is not picked up the golf clubs that he left at foxwoods after the celebrity golf tournament for years ago I think he just left him in the bag remain ever got to him so I. I'm in as a lot of many people you think have done that Ivica at a irony that that is yes yes you're. La I I forgot so my clubs that's how I'll feel idea. I mean the guy you make funny golf collide golf and well enough and less unless you're drinking. And eating them. And there is beautiful girls around there's no other reason to play all right and it's not you're not out there trying to work on here now if you'll do those things in my soldiers go to a strip club this right right exactly. A we we are off for the golf tournament at a Mohegan. And those that Helen and those are. The few times I was able to go there. You know I thought I had a lot of fun because I wasn't playing golf price I was hanging with a bunch of drunk guys trying to drive a a golf cart I think regular mass I mean we've had some amazing and interesting. Celebrities participate over the years I think years you're. There the year that Vince Neil played in the so limited on the time I was there for value of their lives their for CC DeVille policies it over with poisons commercially out of rehab. Surrounded by drunk people on easily cancer and yeah about the place you wanna be if you're freshly out of that hold them although he survived. But hopefully lessen them I'm hoping that a not I don't care about winning the golf tournament I only care about winning. On the blackjack table which I'll either come back. In a good motor American abandonment. Eyes. A while ago will judge. And then of course the B we've talked about this before about it. The outrage. That is creative and some of these blackjack players if you there all the ticket on fourteenth Mario bros you soon old table up and I mean that's as well the difference between you and them. Is that you're not you know betting the mortgage on your house all right carefully and I really athletic and has and it's not a life or death situation literally. Now down there and have a good time I'm gonna lose a hand the person I like like it literally lose a hand some people do that. As their job like they they go to the casino every day has their job. And it you know they stuff with X amount of money in and then they make a couple hundred bucks right and I'll get yanked silence someone came into the studio was dismissing you know all that oh wait that's my job cuts without treatment yes if so. Our last episode of exercise before the vacation but we will be back in a week or two or whatever it is. And an excellent podcast I think this week where gonna get to. A radio gold segment that is often requested based on the new show intro that you did for this month of June so. Older and we're gonna go full. Full length phone call from the creepy guy that creepy Cindy Crawford guys. And then. On the podcast. We during our breakfast with the baker segment on Monday the governor. Was talking about being in favor of removing the confederate memorial which is out on George's island. Yeah and we will be joined on the podcast today. By guests who spent a lot of time examining this issue and talking about it around the country and does spent time in New Orleans and and that's really the city where most of the confederate memorial and statues and things are coming down. Seoul. I think you'll find that interesting in and I can't wait two figure out whether. Our guests will change my mind that I don't. Generally think. We've talked a lot about this on the show but I don't generally think that history even if it's unpleasant. Should be erased. My us you know things happen in a certain period of time in the country and then later on. Generations later people says that was that was right that was wrong and and but we don't. There's not enough time is on the money it is they should not mean that we have enough. Efforts to go back and constantly erase history I think it's it's a monument to monument they would mean depends like what the intent was or where it is the you know like there's a place in Savannah Georgia where. They recreated a smaller version of a plantation house. In the middle Savannah and they did this I think in light it's just ten years after the civil war and then they put federal housing around it. So was basically smaller houses around it and it was like it was low income housing and was mostly. There was mostly like former slaves and stuff yeah so basically they built this like monument type. Plantation house thing and had the former slaves live around it kind of like. What they were doing before hand. Really yeah yes so so like that's like OK that's got to be changed the yes Barbara says on there you know kill whoever you know get out of it but I I totally agree with you great is we start getting rid of stuff I see it is someone trying to revise history. Yeah you know also forgetting about it we're like worse here is so interesting the way things happen like EU reminding me of I think it was Nelson Rockefeller. One of the famous one senator the grand. Cool. It helped create. Colonial Williamsburg which you've probably went to Mario. At school vacation trippers. Of filter brewers at great field trip and and down. He you know the same kind of situation existed in in what is now Colonial Williamsburg. Where you have a lot of poor families. Who had owned the houses there. For generations back to you know were you when slavery was abolished they've moved off the plantation and lived right there. And he wanted to buy all those opt to create the living museum that is Colonial Williamsburg. He sent rather than go do it himself because he was Nelson Rockefeller would cost more he sent. Out like a local minister. To go around. And cut deals allows people and because they thought it was going to the church. They got way less for their home and they should've gotten for their home which is it's ridiculous that California but I bet it's it but it's in bed it's a historical thing that happen in Colonial Williamsburg is. If you go there it's pretty it's it's it's pretty cool three you know it's it's like Plymouth plantation on steroid yes he Kathy Acker epic epic yet. Let's get the radio gold extra sauce. And if you hear that a show intro at the start of our show. At six the and you've heard. A little bit of this particular call that we received. Several months ago from a guy that turned out to be rather creepy. And so in a very complex way Heath yeah. So this is a radio gold extra sauce this is Jeff on the Framingham forward studio line morning. I don't want it to sell ma'am yes this is just okay mom. Essentially live picture of a girl. You know look some ultra Cindy Crawford. And you wish poster during your investigation and find out what her mailing address what you're email or phone number and he didn't come Perot. Plus forty to what do you do what do you mean who. And in doing nothing and nobody using the man this is is locked some smoke this is yeah this is Danielle Danielle says this is a ban on how creepy is that what are you talking about. I'm sorry you are photographed is sent to the difference I do you send it through the US mail service the United States okay first first mistake but yes go ahead next watt wonder what mr. Portman now what happened next. A part of them command post office for user. To take a look at it was only just a photograph that was. Okay and what am I supposed to do when I get a photograph of a girl. Your sport should check what do amid the media. And you know what a contact information. Would it why would or would I do that what it will analyze that mind mistress spoke to try to helping out our own peculiar copy in my book what touchdown what's that what took place. I was always what are those loans and what's your book what's your book call. It's called the secrets of the universe called random random policy and at all they want to do is give me a book of the beaches and say all won't work we've. You have to liberate inventory agent in order to. Two. Get a book published the other two there is so take a hike on is the is support who would you call it more of a manifesto. Men should put one quote it to how much to say to everybody I understand except Russell chew your calling itself. Library has a copy of it library yeah if you don't tell policy library because I didn't have a typewriter and they were there on the one side. Allowed me to have a a typewriter under. Tell you something now you seem to be stuck in a particular generation when it comes to the technology I mean I want you. We got the we got who you beat him. We got these and then there's an open changed our young men are shining down now. Let her survival by anthem song is track eight dangerous. I think we gotta get he I'm I'm I'm I'm becoming alarmed I am I mean how many people that you've hung with gone missing. Yeah that. That would that's one empire send them a letter I'm now semi automatic all right we'll see Dario yes. Oh you're looking they're trying to maybe what that woman contact information is yes yeah she'll think yeah I'm gonna get going. You know I really address. I didn't let me give you turner to only give you Daniels let me give you Daniels that dress and killer should be able to get that benefits. Well. That was a very interesting well you know sometimes. And he's he repeated pieces of mail come in through the mail room and you wonder for. Possibly be sending needs. I just got my answer to that crap. I was a serious a week we have to do the IG a picture can we do that. Privilege and Jay want to damage I'm gonna go to him to grab the letters that have been sent you home and that you haven't picked out that. I don't I look that no I don't play them I know I have seen that thing there aren't well anyway. That is is it's that is the way we that's an excellent way to begin though Wednesday program. It becomes a much clearer why it's creepy when you're old tired thing does that mean he's layer upon or. Reliant and I don't believe we've heard from that individual again no further communication challenges reassurance you know you get any letters I got letters telegrams. Received I've received some players that can't be like the creepy list or scariest calls I mean you aren't and then you're like year year eighty year history there there's been some other ones do you ever fear for your life like for real guide to I have feared for one time I feared for my one guy who threaten my kids on a voicemail message via abouts and I got locked up. By he thought he heard voices stalking him run the radio and they you know and they aren't although they were talking to a UNLV they weren't saying what they thought they were wary it's a eight. Once a month we had the pleasure of having governor baker in the studio with us for breakfast with baker and the governor comes in in any answers all of your questions and all mark questions and this past week. Governor baker was asked about it. The confederate memorial which is on on George's island and you're gonna George Allen several times is awesome yeah I seriously it's it's great get on a vocal out there and and it's a beautiful place. It was a prison camp for confederate soldiers during in his civil war. And there is a monument there to those soldiers and those who have read and it's and that in fact the governor because we have a little clip from the governor when she talks about this. Feel like it's offensive so. On this is what governor baker said about removing that confederate memorial on George's island in Boston Harbor. When and he was on the show this week. I think. Historical monuments again no problem with calm. When I wanted to remove them or with them being there I know from a historical monuments as a general rule OK yeah. But that particular historical monument am given the way the wording works on that and the fact that it's located on public property. It's a bit beyond and glorifies to some extent. The voice of the south and in the war and that's a problem even I would like to see our. We can't move that. We sent a letter to the secretary of State's office because that is that is on the national historic register so. I can only be done through a change at the secretary of State's office who oversees though historic commission stuff. We were normal letter and asked them if they could find another place to put it. All right so. The governor thinks that maybe it maybe it should come down on. I knew how do you feel I I don't I don't think it's showed via. I I think it's an eagle at this is when are we talking about this before this is the perfect place it's the it's the context ya as you go to entered why do you go to Georgia zeile these days. I mean besides having a lovely picnic in the I think they have a restaurant there Baghdad Hugh Grant like god died there grilled cheese sandwiches and Dallas I would go of it anyway as her field trips for school right so you learn you need to have that representation there the and that's a good place for. I'm the time yeah. Well we'll see if our next guest is able to change your mind and my line. He's and historian. Named Kevin eleven. And that rhymes I don't know if that was on purpose or not but. These he's involved with a bunch universities. And I spent a lot of time. On this confederate statue and memorial issue and he joins us now for a little extra sauce on the Georges Island confederate memorial. My partner I know you've done. A lot of work on this and put a lot of thought into it. To me before this discussion you can change my mind and he you can change them or but I'm somebody. Who doesn't believe. Is that history even even though it may be distasteful. Should be a race and I'm I'm curious as we start this extra sauce discussion. How you feel about that. Yeah we're American argument that you hear quite all the public debate. I'll let let me project a different way of looking at there although I look are sympathetic to abort. When you're trying to make. Wouldn't suggest that monuments are not so much about. History as you wonder standards of corporate history that we learn. I stood in the characters that we've learned from reading books written atop. Monumental problem memory arguments are about what a given individual or unity. At a certain time in history. We want you to believe about the so so there's a distinction I think that you have to sort of acknowledge here. But every monument. In a way actually itself you recent history so when you're looking at a monument for example. I'm Robert. That was placed. At a specific point in time. About historical figure. But to really understand the mind that you have to understand what went into your understand who organized the money the fund raising. What would credit the dedication addresses. And how that monument and maybe most important. How that monument over time. Functions in a given community how he would eat that monument. That's a great point I. Well the domino when he was in here asked me if I had read the wording. On the confederate. Monument at Georges Island the memorial a memorial and I happened. He said it was it was pretty offensive is that is that correct. No I get that oh we relative. You know many monuments and markers around actually throughout the south. You have placed you know anywhere between 1980 and 1940. Europe and of them actually do know celebrate explicitly. You know white supremacy. And they sort of wax poetic about the Gloria lost cause of literacy itself without even acknowledging. So the book the place of slavery and the preservation of white supremacy and you know in the confederate war effort. The marker right I could get better understood that the marker or yeah it's the both ways but you know it all really is it lifts the thirteen and rhetoric soldiers that died. At the prison. It does of course include the confederate seal it includes the letter motto with god as our defender. So you know certainly you know you have the right to be offended by that. But you know it's again compared to some of the other monuments are far. Around the south itself it's a fairly mean. In scripture and. Well I think. I'm from what I've read on your blog and some other things the the most controversial it's. Wording I think on the marker would be the war between the states. And. Yeah and that has everything to do with with whether or not you believe that back. The right of the state to secede from the union. Was justified the constitutional. Well. So certainly some people will will take our. You know I've app that specific reference to all. Of the civil war but I like and let them know suggests that a comparison here. You know people have ever visited downtown just well he'd be public art and be even memorial or the America pace memorial which is on parks where. It though it is very easy to merits it depicts Lincoln. Hovering over. Eighty slaves who would kneeling down at its easy. A lot of people look at that monument earned their first response regret it looks like the way they're shying. We can choose and and this place in the 1870s. The only problem my neighbor. And I would suggest that people go down there and actually spent some are important monument there actually be more trouble. By this specific monument compared with a long Georges Island of the way the emancipation and the notion that Lincoln. Just sort of handed African Americans and their freedom. During the civil war without any help on the part of African American himself with a very many people today. It's a very demeaning depiction. And even a racist depiction of African American and mr. just all of a public although in the ball on the downtown but of course because of all the buildings surrounding it now. Yeah people get that much attention to what the first dedicated. If there was an open space is very clear I shot right up bought the Boston Common right after the state helped itself so we'll have a dedicated. With a fairly important or very important site. So wait a second now you people have an issue would Linkedin. I mean what are the what where does this where does that send one isn't it well. And wherever you want all in all I'm suggest is that sometimes the it's perhaps all sort of error. He would be outraged that were supposedly supposed to. It would let your. But what if it doesn't give you a sense that mine. Change mean over time how people perceive them. Changes overtime and we're doing work throughout much of the country right now warming Charlotte so should Gary. In Orlando they're removing their confederate monument as we talk but one. Our we we discussed on the show this past week also the the monument this statue in Houston. And there were actually some armed. Houston nights now from Texas Texas guys who were out there. Trying to did they had heard rumors that that was gonna come down and that now there's somebody who you know he would be essentially. You know built that city and and you look at the history of America as a father of taxes in a gallon and because he was a slave owner. Aids it's it's much like annual hall and I don't know where you stand on Napa. Do you think that we need to change the name of the annual hall because he was a slave owner. What he didn't sort of trust the Sam McKee what was interesting about Houston was. For the people of some of the confederate heritage music came out the spending. He monument. It seems to me that people understood that shouldn't have actually rejected. The receipt I was rejected absentee in access. And look here here's where I stand or meaning or monument. It's accumulating it originally decided. To put up my and then it's the community that originally decided to maintain. And meet you have to come back in the end to the need to be after I'm back with our whole community perceived. A designated space or commemorative space. I think you're Americans we have a streamed out of it compared to the rest of the world. Regarding monument. Even been the main replaces. You know it American soldiers down the statue of Saddam Hussein after the invasion of a lot of the Americans and 1770 excellent have a big. Tore down a monument to king George. You know in the former Soviet bloc countries that the book all the Soviet Union. You know they tore down monument after monument to Holland and other Communist leaders many of them are now in museums. But they never get a somewhat strange items that are in the when it comes to. At least and even though the possibility of of what just destroying monument I mean perhaps just removing them and relocating them. You know. We're them to be properly interpreted in very. A museum space where people really understand them. Richard I I attacked her before I believe that in the end even in the case offend all it really does come back to the community itself how the human. Proceeds. That it's an expert. Richard Huber in the lot on this you actually read you were down in Savannah Georgia recently speaking on medicine. And so would you say the main issue that people have would most the monuments that are coming down like New Orleans and Saint Louis. It's because it was part of the confederacy and the confederacy supported slavery would you say that's the number one issue. I think I think that's certainly you know. Writing the issue I think the other issue that sort of pushing their. Is that what that suggested earlier these monuments or not at a time when a large chunk of the community. Specifically the black beat. Was barred right legally in many cases from taking part in the discussions about what kind of history. To celebrate summer and it lead in the civil rights movement beginning in 1970s. There once you begin to local government change in terms of racial profile. Now more people are able anchored our discussion. And for the first time. You know debate about how their tax dollars. Are going to be used to maintain you know some of these some of these monument on public ground. And neither Batman that that's what the country about that democracy and actually being able to vote. Boy it sure concern. About. What you see around your community right and whether or not you believe that you are welcomed. In your community. You hear that expressed are quite often but certainly. These are our tendency not to focus on the opposite of slavery. And race. The current debate we're having now about race relations are older. It's seems to me in is sort of shaping. The the with a bit of a monument and history. Where that. Then do you think we should have a vote on. Stuff named after George Washington. Or Thomas Jefferson. As they were despite being heroic figures founding fathers they were slave owners I mean Thomas Jefferson and it's becoming more more document how he actually treated some of his slaves. So what really funny treated very well by several guys you address the status yet so what do we do about the Washington monument or Washington DC. You know or the state or Washington anything named after him. Where do we now have to do anything right now because I don't really hearing being called or. Removal of of some of the flight that you're referencing. A gamut opposite that I I don't think we should have a destruction. But I do think there's a distinction here that important matters that we're more talking about other leaders were both politicians like Jefferson Davis president that he. Were you know important general what property we don't want Jackson let let the mind that there are we even though these and we remember that. It because there are lives were wrapped up. No the important that we play the man was wrapped up in being involved. In a government whose sole goal. What makes the protection and expansion of slavery and white supremacy. Right now compare that of course Washington Jefferson never found in father. Certainly they established a nation with slavery and no debate that. And we want to understand and wanna come to terms with that. But they also create a mechanism that allows us of course and slavery and many of those same individuals were very you know we're worried about slavery. Even argued again they're doing their lives. I think we needed we need to and so stepped back and and and acknowledge that there are distinction between. Individuals who gave her the other their devotion to establishing a slave holding republic. And our founding fathers who of course. You know created a nation with slavery and they're also mention that eventually. It got to wait and even though of course that once what were your bloody war. My concerns some times is where. And how. Do you stop it and if you know America is the great melting pot. So is it inconceivable. That. There is someone. British descent. Who lives here. And is really bothered. By the Paul Revere statue or group. You know any number. American. Dude revolution. Memorials I mean I. That's what I get concerned about his. In this country. Especially more sun now than ever before. There's always somebody that is offended by something. So out went when Z when we start to go around in and remove things because of that I worry about where it's stop Steve do you have any concern about that. No I don't because I I don't either but that sort of dire future that what you envision. I really doubt I mean right now I think what we've seen certain scenes. You know monuments of the confederacy. You know and in the future these books articles but I'm not exaggerate that the world and obviously being. The most significant. Orlando today. Universe you are often played one and made it in the museum. Not long ago so certainly happening right and again I'd I'd. I think it's the natural process. Especially in democracy right I mean this is where the rubber hits the road. But I don't need that kind of you know what the rallying cry its for the removal monument. Beyond that. I I don't either. As of remarks e-book on their I don't belong. But again I. I don't have a problem where people sort of expressing. Their frustration but it's actually when it comes to public space. Right yeah reluctant citizen. Has the right to express those are the concerns. And again I would caution you are again. They're getting rid of removing or relocating my argument. There's not erase history right I enjoy when the Joseph Paterno monument would remove. You know from you know its base at Penn State you know no one's really worried that his accomplishment will be published a team. Were you know were threatened right people understand the history the people happy valuable forever. You know the go over and over eat why they teach you sure you have been the reason it was removed was because into the under Stewart. That that kind of play that kind of place of honor. He would no longer worthy right. And and so I think that also happens when it comes to our historical figures. Now it's an eager and well it's it's interesting to me when when you you know when you put in that line and and you are. You are changing my mind a little bit which rarely happens and that's a tiger can. But. You know the mood. I I am assuming because believe and I even though I've been on the radio for decades that was not alive host civil war. But I assume that there was an effort made. By the victors. To not to heal the country and that a lot confederate memorials. Maybe not a lot of them. Some of them like this one on George's island is about those prisoners of war. You know he is you know that's what I guess bothers me is I feel like may be and it wasn't alive and so I should be speaking but. The a lot of most everybody who and actually everybody who is speaking on this wasn't alive then oh well well entitled to an opinion. I feel like that may have been done it in attempt to heal the country not in in in in an attempt to say. You're do we wish slavery still existed. Then that's actually really interesting point you're making. You know it really interesting point. No not anger here at the Statehouse you know the stand near broke off the street you earned in front of the monument at the the 54 not a true to Alter the memorial sports. I was you know beautifully. Captured in the movie glory the first you know block regiment. Read the north of during the civil war but the most important to public. Civil war art that we have a dedicated to 1890s. It was the only reminder. Of the server abruptly 200000. Black Americans in the united states army for both hope to preserve the union. And and slavery. It would take decades for another one he put up but that's the one that we are here. In Boston. A lot of the other monuments that were put up right throughout the opposite actually drop the war a lot of them you know. They get a better time of national reunion project right now it what department healing right the united it was becoming the world our. Spanish American war made it you know me in the NBA. You know in the country was trying to heal a new generation with a million that never experience the war. But the title in all the what what was left on watch what was left on remembered. One of the black experience the story of slavery story of America patient and even. The story of three blocked Maryland and former slaves who risked their lives. To save the country during its most desperate hour and so that would monument. You know on the one hand big big deal but they steal white America. They they made it possible for the white southerners and white northerners and art art to come together at least we'll look at one another as. Part of the thing family it's part of the nature made it possible for the country to move forward. But some historians suggest I think rightly so Avery you're right. It came on the price of Jim Crow right and and what about these monuments but aren't. Actually do depict the black experience but the black experience they peck. Our stories of people slaves. The US senate into the 1920s. Actually wanted to organize money. To put up a monument to the window mammy figure of all aware. Of the aunt Jemima ball that's your model. Yeah actually wanna put up a monument. This didn't mean image of African American and held sway but with popular vote in the north and the now. Was a senator to learn how led there was a senator Byrd who led that charge. Are so. If you are 08. But by the big point here is that. The people who were in power were the wind to control how we remember. And now we're reporting 2017. We're really the first time a lot more Americans now have a voice and you know again it's not easy or are difficult through. Why they're there that they're taking advantage of well look it's easy to keep water. Yeah yeah I will say this I feel like you're far too intelligent for this podcast first of all. But I am and I'm delighted you joined us and what do you you say you've you've made me think about it and I am a and I think that. You know I I sometimes get bothered because. There there are those speaking many times in this country for those. Cool are offended and they choose to speak for those who who are offended. Oh whether they know that those who are offended are offended or not but in this case. In this case I might not be able to speak on this because I I might not be qualified you know on it did Mamie may need to be one of those things where. We need to listen to those who are offended then and trying to understand why you know. Are we looked familiar that's been the most important thing and I looked around the first person that they're a lot about their guard on the stair but you know it. It'll be the to receive all of it continues to unfold I have no I I really had no idea what direction to go and sophomore and for the Ryder as much you wanna go out there you're going to be at the. Well maybe it's when it's all over will meet will will meet for a drink over in the but will be called the A hall area over by Quincy Market operator that he hollers the something. You know the flu home to the brick caller whatever and we'll see what happens with drinking or what important. Time on Israel as rudimentary. Currently very you know listen thank you very much for giving this little exercise science. Mark Zuckerberg or. Well maybe changed my mind a little bit. Maybe now I'm just I'm still not in favor of racing history. Even if it's offensive by them maybe and in this case I can't be the judge of it. As you know is not something that will be offensive to me so bright. Or it's not so they like he said that we've you know we've sent our families have had to go through right stuff like that it's it's it's a tough for an right now absolutely. All right thank you very much. We're listening to exercise this week as I mentioned at the start. Or offer a couple weeks from exercise. We're a well deserved a few quick vacation days. And I use now my vacate it and I'm like thirty days. Fact 830 days sorrow but my age you'll be nearly every you just he's delighted about that. You can subscribe. To exercise. On iTunes or who will play or stitcher.