Extra Sauce Episode 16: Heather Bish Will Never Stop Searching For Her Sister Molly's Killer

Thursday, June 15th

It's been 17 years since 16 year old Molly Bish was abducted and killed while working as a lifeguard at Comins Pond in Warren, MA.  Unfortunately her killer has yet to be found despite the efforts of law enforcent and her family.  Her older sister Heather has been working with Private Investigator Dr. Sarah Stein, collecting and exploring leads, and most recently, using ground penetrating radar to find if a car connected to the case is buried at a campground not far from the scen of the crime.  Heather was kind enough to give us some extra Sauce on these latest developments.  If you think you may have some information about this case contact the Massachusetts State Police here or The Molly Bish Foundation.


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Welcome to the extra songs podcasts. Found so offensive soft yeah. Would this jar of sauces. Grant Hill. Loan limits issue. I know mr. Don't say hey hey hey. Possessive. As he says when it's coming out courts you know in north gets me more than that is the people who are like egging them on I don't quite well. The Harley fans there egging him on seriously our alliances in please welcome through this week's episode of Dexter sides and were gonna get some extra sauce this week. On and uninteresting story from the news that we spoke about. On the show this week. And it's am seventeen years ago Molly bitch. Local high school girl disappeared. Wall life guarding and Warren Massachusetts. Kimberly 7017. Years. Seventeen years. Molly's body was later found and no wooded area and Molly's mom. Had always reported. Seeing a suspicious individual. In a white car away and she had dropped Molly off for work as a lifeguard add comments upon the the pond there in in Warren right on. This week. Molly's sister Heather. Has arranged ground radar. To take a look at a campground. To determine. If that light car or another car. It is buried at that came out it and that's a mean technology makes such a difference in this kind of thing but now that's something you couldn't maybe could've done that seventeen years ago I don't know. The the the that the fact that their media car that's buried that feat in itself. To me is pretty incredible to think about the effort it takes to bury a car now. You know and at this particular person what they went through you know it was a campgrounds in the middle and lower but still you have to. You can't just go out there with a shovel. You know no University of New Haven forensic science lecturer Peter Massey. Will use the ground penetrating radar. In an effort to determine whether that cars it is buried in the campground which is about. Three miles from Cummins pond where Mali disappeared and Molly's sister Heather. Who has been conducting. A a keepers like search for the killer. Her sister joins us now for a little extra sauce on Molly your sister. And the search for her who killed there. Thank you thank you for having me and I appreciate land. Another that the media can continue to carry Molly story and her mind about it that we are so he district I'm not. Occur on June 27 2000. Well you're kind but we're not really legit media I mean let's be honest. That's. I. I. But how how you are telling a story. And absolutely how come how how old were you when Mali disappeared. Island on her 23 years old and you know. I think it's. Almost impossible. Bird. Those of us to this hasn't happened to a imagine. How that remains on your mind to ask her sister forever I mean is is and I and I am assuming then that's why you continue to pursue. Whoever did this the year says. Magnolia anomaly on the imagery that being all that in any I was always very protective of my mind younger brother and dissection you know if this girl are calling giant and hasn't. You know. Thinking they were good enough for him I would. You know hang up the phone or are up on the back nine flag. But I think just. You don't have paying for. You know feelings were of protection. But that's. That this happened. And I just I can't. I just can't really accept that I can up their mind that it was taken you know serving her community issue bullish Qaeda and mean. That'll never be located in her pursuit were left on the ground I mean to me SS. I can't I can't in I have you know I about content actually right now. I am I let my daughters are college orientation and I'm not it actually at the search that's currently happening but yeah it's ticking you know you have to cut I'm balancing electric bill. Conduct normal activities and work him. And and and take care about them and the people in their life and I'm and then also. Sort of you know can't figure out how to plan a murder. Manny Diaz but as an educator I don't really bad hole law enforcement around the world as it Millen and Triplett thing and I certainly don't have a lot of fine. Well it's it's interesting to me in light of we've been talking a lot about this Netflix documentary called keepers I don't know if you watch that or not but. Now and it's had its a a good part of it is about a couple women who. Werner. Ella Catholic school students. And their favorite teacher and none was murdered and so day later on in life. Go on an investigation on their own and try to track down who's responsible and so it's. You know I. Here eat the ice I assume that your kind of experience in the same thing they do where they don't they start off and they don't really know how to who investigate like a professional investigator but they work their way through it. And and very similar to a I don't know you know Mellon McLaughlin. Who converts into a documentary about Indy quickly. Who disappeared out and the veterinarian who's revered forget exactly well as it from the seventeenth that the projects in. And they don't you know it it was I'll box. And and that's woman grew up. You know and the product. Became a documentary filmmaker. Doesn't come about and Buick who won an Emmy and an analogy it's graduated from Harvard that let's masters degree in just. It's amazing in I didn't think you have to have a little bit a social justice China and you know. Absolutely feeling. Trying to. You know make sure that other people are safe and China you know having a great deal embassy. And I think that that's what drives people to. Comment upon. And the person on under the Somalia but can it make people aware that this happens in you know every time I talk about mauling. I think a case and what they're whether it's a girl. Who who would the day before graduation. Taking in not take into public transportation home. And then never came home. The Stanley applicants far back in a very report Shanley and from there and have a brother goes out and find their. And that's on your back you know and and have been killed by her own pocketbook strength. And think about her and I think about her camera and hope they don't maybe have a board. And so every time I speak from following heart if I do these things but not just Somalia are all these pictures. And and that the only food we don't have a voice I'm lucky I you know my parents. You know sort of how the foundation unpopular along the formal and it appears they. In other they were doing things to try to make the world better and my mom specialist teacher might. I'm glad that the teacher and a and the preparation I'll certainly they just they really believed they had on the social justice. Well but in and not let me. You know being made while. Sort of as an internal tax. It's hot it's it's ponting. I know I'm fifty years old and I rode the bus too high school. Every day who is. Girl named Kathy now Clemson. Who had. Kathy went on offensive to I assume be abducted from my hometown stoked. And they've never found they never found Cathy so and that it it's you know and the older I get the more I think about it. You know and I'm not I'm not Tim I I just I rode the bus there and talked to were on the bus I'm not family but it isn't. What was Molly like. The typical teenager is apparently garlic or that everybody knew that fairly low. To make people last kinda like to be the class clown would do well it was an aptly. While it played great sport but you're beetle and mettler. You know making Acer burying the book part of the game or do you think somebody here on the bench you know where it Ali. Yes catalytic or monitor her central on. And she usually you know we kind of my dad has a separate from the camera I think. My Alley from America's and I inherited had a little bit you know like we like cranking it like. Silly humor. The conflict that was tea. Yeah its equipment exports to change our that your report. On to become like are trying to do is to look at I had just had my daughter Ireland a month formally Eric. And shoot and pass the analysts see about some of the costs but keeps them you know they apartment I have let my. Buy them on hope and then and they came over all the time until it. Should say anti Putin went through little. You know your Velika a stuffed animal kind of kid are here when there are public earlier like us. BD kinda odd ball kind of girl Miley had an animal it animal person respect at a. It was a of beating you on adult diabetes. But she needed to. The real baby clothes for her at all not just. That just close but it is that you know Walt Meier found them when they're here as you know is there ain't. Alum you know very Rio you know I can't think every line can really come on because. She inaccurately about strategy. Actually when I land after significantly on the south but. There are. And our cost something special Ed students that would be included and broadened out our special or whatever and she. But I always like them out I'm so glad you're here or Kayla can do that on project to I hope you'll help me do whatever. I just thank that you don't really. It really and closest now it's like bounced around and have like a particular click that you that the presidency at this under the plan the chopper up that the wide ranging. You know ticket for them anyway. When your mom your mom went to pick her up that day at. At the beach where she were to select guard correct and and she I was at that brought her to drop her off. So she went to drop her off and there was your mom said. A Ameen and that was there in a white car and and that the that always was a bit of clue. And with regard while Lisa's parents right. That it acts during the day before going to put him on. And then travel in opposite of that accident car smoking a cigarette and smoking like and I liked it like it. Lack of a better word like it ain't he kinda fashion not like a typical manly man smoking a cigarette in his patent is. You know that and then he went he looked an immense respect what he's kind of doing their eye on the future. And a very strong. Mother of the. Implement. Particular about. Which generally work but their children and her then let. I didn't make any impact on him so he got there and let it on the opener Carlos. And waited in he would leave and Egan ancestry decided to gonna get out all of that because it has gained a bit uneasy feeling. Did you than it is now Sampras in the talk tomorrow about experience and knowing that mom it's OK it just fisherman here. And the impact it would mean. At that very pertinent piece a ball. Clue as you well from Mali because. Come upon an informal and and I'm very small town council. In the Motorola. After that there rural area half the people in line down. Go to comic con it's you know mom and who Yahoo!. During their kids' effort swimming lesson. Immediately make people in the area and and people who have ash. It's not really. Well known area I mean we never went there a kid who go swimming or any anger or how picnic or anything like that so. You know it's that tells me. They gave nearly what kind of person is going to be. You know amount Mali to to do part time. And then you know we think about we're sure that sound again and the word where are currently I'm playing up on now I am under a steep incline. You know hunter. You know founders makes you think. You know probably constriction that's an earlier what the area and and analysts. You know perhaps a hunter and Fisher. We're. We're getting extra sauce from you this week because. The the tips that you received that. This white vehicle. In May be buried underground and are you working with a private investigator and is that how these tips came more. And I you know at yet on how this all happen. When foundation first again on our part and that is at his mauling page it you know in college so. Maybe your first year college and an American university and in the DC area. And cute you know is withstanding I think forensics are common knowledge to a few degrees now I can't remember which one match. Would agree exactly but. C. What we're doing a report on mauling case. And called my dad and it not pure my dad. You know before you interpret his kind of data feel like you know come on up come join him going to the national night out of com we're doing the program come on. Pleased to have them on we used every down on the show frequently end and elected we did a bunch of events of lemon and great great guy. Let it Scioscia came up and and and that what that and then kind of sent out on during just like Andre is saying and and working and not foundation at ID kit and everything. And and it kind of became a part of part of our sort of support network and. Went on to ever hear about this agreement Ph.D. and again in criminology and pick them. Check they put herself that police academy just because then she she instinctive it's very. Stay fishy. At all I don't know where her Eric Cantor going to associate. Choose the area around dynamic. You know I really enjoy working with her because she provide this sort of psychological behavior. Kind of perspective and let them. If you were on at this point in the investigation not kind of you know Hollywood. Operating and and and we know now they run that women can go eat eat you know they don't hit hasn't about a mile island saint. They immediately assumes you that she had drowned until they at least that process special moment and and we know that. I think expert kids who are abducted by a stranger murdered in the first three hours before they are looking from all you've probably already does because. It's almost time. Not looking in the pond and and saying he'll pop up her friend and and and not really taking it seriously they were they had a real biased because you as a teenager. Is there is there a particular suspect that you feel most likely did Dennis. I wish I could say that that there as I wish that I had like magical. Women's intuition if you will or something that's pulled many. And I and we just we have a rule we have a lot. Of some really strong suspects so we have so much circumstance. You know evidence. And we're just looking for that one piece you know people you know we we pick up her only we build build build and lead and we get up our men and then eat it can't. You know it can't get that back. Now upper level QL and and we have to stop in the year Ernie looked good the next guy you know it you know it would make it to the campaigns are categorize. Audience from some political and acts on a count where as a leader and then you know that let me get back to the extent are or what ever. And then follow that there aren't so until the end and and and that's really all I can do and then and now I'm taking the long shot like like we're doing today let that crap ground penetrating radar. Church and grant. Yeah it's doing it's it's it's just something. Why not in our it but it's not that everything environments not harming any bank it's just checking if anything prepared to ruling them out. And then you know I cannot follow every other. You recently got in this particular person in a particular camp ground. And so we're just following up now and we if we don't panic and then we stop and we got a knack. Well this is that we operate. It is is that person. In jail hour or more and now not now know. So Tyrone area it's a particular tip about a person's still in the area yeah yeah yeah we know. What's been that it is the hardest part of this for you when it comes to the search for who killed mall. You know I. I lived in the world of education and working actions. And some lying. Experience slept with criminal justice slipped my gut telling me Mimi. You know maybe a life story about a you know on time on the way and getting idealized or something nothing. I experienced and murder investigation all I know it you know what you see on T. So that's what I assume that I think a salute people looked tenants at the F it and I have will ever. And then there though not like that you know law enforcement agencies are. You know. Blake education dependent on funding and resources and manpower. And my nose in a car they you know they're going so much you can. But the other thing you know the department outlined where where. You know coming from education. You have to have a complicated you know we're gonna bring in the reading specialist Wheeler army did bring up specialist teacher and really talked. Optical personal whenever you know to build the kids. But over the immediately need at least on the individual program. To support the student you know talks so again that's my frame of of experience then. Perspective into the need a law enforcement and you know. He can't get the FBI the work. State police came from a fair play that by the there are invited by the state that at least that. They in and in the local police benefits and state police then yeah her at all like nobody played in the sandbox together. And god forbid you talk about an outside expert. And it's like they work in the payload so for me that would break. When he could do what I can understand that that the Utley that like mark and I don't understand how that serve anybody to the death. Practiced or ability. So I think. You know because. You know have relationship. On capitol racial aspect. If it works for awhile and that he had a broken and I sort of became not investigated or has or the lead person in the Shanley did dealing with investigated. And and mind frame of reference that different. And so for me personally it would it would trying to understand. And income to a place where our law enforcement team. How we can work together because I'm not. Ever going to be epic matchup on the sidelines quietly. You know and while I can tell impact someone else to do something I am blank. I'll go do it and apologize to take her inimical have you had to skip. Abby had a moment. Where you had to confront any of these suspects or a scary moment yet. A media content yeah absolutely. Absolutely an event. You know people like. The chemical into the world to move. Korean court found the beginning soap opera became a person of interest because they're the peculiar behavior and. It is you know are around and around him. So you know he intent and having you know being in a small town and running into a restaurant. And and and her. You know those kinds of things. You know I want. You know he won't be won't necessarily threatening Hang -- I think. Some you know the interesting part I think that my brother and I experienced differently than my pants. Where that and that and that is the whole you know shuttling back and an actually job and I work. But the national a lot of different nonprofit that our country and and other siblings because. Prior to going to sit there and nobody in there is no actually no resources or sibling government and murdered children. And so there is apparently that parents would call the parents. And Arnold and when it happened I can't read evenly holly tree product on and that not like our neighbor you know. So that was it was a struggle for a and then finally. You know the national sat there and they organized league we get a book at them because the movie and Mexico and down access. To work below our coverage on the as a nonprofit. And then making had a full YouTube period which is cool because they're actually. A lot of sibling out there battling the talk about the whole experience I think for me that the biggest healing. Everything that I've done out there PD Indian has them. Ever again unless came in does that put the anti everything that took feel better about about you know everything or peace or something but I think. Meaning someone who aren't here that came pain and that. You know having it. Serbia like except living a double X ray doing and then everybody had it on its kind. College or get pace and I had an inappropriate. I'm working on I'm calling my. How to organize the search you know kind of like that can be double A. You are you getting a lot of information that maybe the state police have now are getting their or are turning away or something like that. We're all you know I think you know I don't I can't speak to download page you know that would be a question of them how they take there. Lead but what my understanding and it's. That they you know paid a record believes or whatever they are and if they don't match up with what they now. They don't necessarily follow and it so that was one of the things. You know cut the great building by the me from many years recuperate. Really understands that like I might you know if you look at it I remember please. And never deplete never came and interview me. Really need it so that we had that back when but. I guess they're recording of any. I would pray to become like I don't know that you brought that. Can they are now but she does if Blake line on her walls like matching people and I really got. You're talking about homeland you're talking about home yeah yeah yeah. They're getting crazy like like that might actually the person. You know who this person that yeah they were buying drugs here and like you know. Generally you know there. These people like kind of hair out the same people the edit their drink gang and their speed limit them acts targeting him in there and I'm eating and not. I ask both of behavior you know. Do you think that you mention you mentioned holly Iranian. What do you think they'll likely hood is that the same person. That killed Molly. Was responsible for Ali. Man I think it's possible let the likely. I know. I don't think I mean the it's what that's all I'm usually they have a certain height. It hit it just you know they like young blonde girls possibly. But I think that kind of have a good idea of holly. And and I think that are now our investigators talks. On the stand in their new new information that they. But I don't think anything's ever connect there. And a way that we have Ehrlich. Like one of interest are trying to separate from. We admire your dedication to trying to find. The your sister's killer and it's. If it's something that that those of us who are parents and those lesser siblings. Hold that we never ever have to go through and and you learn. I'm sure. And doing the the work that. That will will hopefully lead to. Some closure for you for you in the funeral and. And suddenly you know I think the progress. You know I'm hopeful about it nothing else happened today. It's things you know perhaps we'll get Morley is on the strict and in the general area. That would lead us to the next. You know place for a logo or or or thing to look at a ultrasound after all you know time and you know what it's like you know once worked spent. We finally come to the place in the last year balance thing. Where were kind of supporting and respecting and and you know they're kind of and some levels in ways to explain to me you know how and why their title what they're doing it and so it is. Not Alexei getting mad but they're sort of respecting an understanding in supporting the thing that I need to Wear ill riot my you know. Conduct a campaign to campaign I might have a search search something for example they they're going to be up there but it is a huge step. For me but they're they're selling them there they're supporting us and and I think. If they're in now that's but the precedent. We need the support victim's family. You know it they want to do. But they wanna dig up her grave and have something that they wanna you know we need to look into them respect and we need to. Support. Now own their own our own efforts I think. Home Heather thank you so much better and joining us and telling Molly's story. On extra socks. Oh thank you I appreciate it Maria Kris is very very. Always amazed by how strong. People are. Who go through something like that. And are are able to keep that search going day after day right here after here seventeen years ago and like she said wind and having a life. You know having kids of her own guests and family and and a job and everything and that she said the balance. Efforts for doing at that line and she's obviously never gonna stop now Laver now while. The search continues and is. If you are somebody who has any information you can contact the fish foundation. And oftentimes. Something that you think is not a clue ends up being a very important clues or don't even though is even though seventeen years ago. There may be relevant information you have and is so. I am sure that Heather would like to hear about it and like she said whether it's this case. Or any case. You gotta you gotta tell somebody yes you know you gonna help these people now well and the you know the cooperation thing is interest fan I you know I think it's very tough for. The family of the victims. Do not understand. Why. And the amount of effort that's being put in there to be critical of the amount of effort that's being put in but they are so many cases and so many different law enforcement agencies so yeah. Beacon understand her frustration via and so and when you're here. So on our thanks Heather bearish for joining us for a little extra sauce. On that radar penetrating. Or that ground penetrating radar search yeah this week. Or we will leave. Actually good another episode. Extra Sox subscribe. At iTunes. Or a Google play or stature. And we'll talk with the next week oh please give us a good rating you're always begging for rain things I'll get on my knees but they'll be able to speak you know my phone for you it's just about their rating of sinners we're doing it for the rating and just try it as any of you feel if you don't like this you get your money back that stress could. And that's showed up money back guarantee because it costs you absolutely freaking nothing to hear this but. Thanks a lot for listening.