Extra Sauce Episode 12: We Talk To Joe Perry Of Aerosmith And Writer Dave Wedge About The Death Of Chris Cornell

Thursday, May 18th

We were all shocked by the death of Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple Of The Dog singer Chris Cornell.  In this episode Greg and Mike talk to Aerosmith's Joe Perry and Music Writer Dave Wedge about this incredible talent who was taken too soon.  

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Welcome to the extra sauce pod cast it's much. Responsiveness and would this jar of sauces. Red pill. Week's episode my dad. It was going to be. And so the death of Chris Cornell and I Q I think we both felt like we spend a little bit of time on that because it was such a. Shocking. Loss. And such a surprise and out there at 52 years old and put someone who was sober who seemed to be you know on the outside seem to be dealing with that yes yelled to silverlight over a decade he had been sober you up even try to take care himself he's his voice was still good CI gun sound garden back together but yeah things are looking great and they are shocking is. Is the word the office. I organize it and mean just a few moments were going to be joined by Joseph Perry of Aerosmith who is in Israel. And has some. Fond memories of Chris Cornell and and their interaction and has a really. Also has a really unique perspective on. Substance abuse and what the what the rock and roll lifestyle is like juniors I mean those guys. Eros and keeps flying on and on and on that I think Aerosmith you'll I don't think anything well I Aerosmith will play forever I don't know the Helm and jinx anything right I mean they just. And those guys Steven Tyler and Joseph Perry they're nickname. Was the toxic twins because they did so much stocks of everything they that they did they did so much of that stuff. And have have been have been able to recover and to and to keep going but. I guess the big question until we get it to gel. Is. About the why of this and and if indeed did the police reports are correct that uses that it's a suicide. I. I guess. It's it's like it's hit me you know it's anybody who's lost somebody this that your always asking that question in. Many times he never give an answer I you know blowing because there's no formula there's no same answer yeah there's no hitter and I should say yeah. Right every single case is completely different you know caused him. It's just their deal the variables are all there it's and it's never just one thing. It's never 'cause there was drug abuse or. Yet a tough childhood has always. A combination. Or a culmination now of things won't make you think about and I you know I was saying this on the shelf. I mean his voice. Was the absolutes. Is that you don't you can make a case for Chris Cornell voice. Being the best of voice. Of the 1990s salty is amiss yeah any are you might have to include like Whitney Houston a matter something but right when they when they when they when it comes to hitting higher notes. You know he had yeah I'd like old what do they call is it octaves see they like or are you have an Altidore octave range I don't know like a four octave range Shah. Which you here not only in and sound garden suns but in. It would Temple of the Dog you know in hunger strike in. If it's just I don't. You know hey everybody's been examining his tweets over the over the last three or four days and is his Mother's Day tweets are. About his wife being you know being the greatest mother in is Angel and eleven I mean I just. It's it's just it's tough to take I guess there's no. There's no primary reasons why it happens way you'll want somebody why somebody takes their own. Life it's it's just different for each case young stars is voice goes I I put him up there with Robert Plant. Yeah you know as far as rock singers doughnut and you've put him with Whitney Houston yes he's up there with the great voice as far as rock singers he's up there are Robert Plant. And Ronnie James Diaw and and people like Paul Rodgers. And and Freddie Mercury. You know because of that range you were talking about so he could do with a screaming hard rock stuff and and then just easily laid down an acoustic track. And make it sound so very very sweet yeah the beautiful beautiful song like the song seasons from the single soundtrack yeah to me that's just showing his vocal gymnastics. On the cover. Fantastic he was the cover that we played. On the show. Of the ocean and O'Connor sun nothing compares to U rise is gives you goosebumps. Made its. You know he is and then at the end of the show we played his version of redemptions on what you did on the Jimmy Fallon show on the Tonight Show and and at that gives me goosebumps still I mean his his voice is. Was. And it just and an absolutely amazing voice and then had a power yeah that's the thing is that it went through you mention Whitney Houston. That voices that goes right in TO. You know you mentioned someone like Robert Plant when he screams or when he sings. You can feel it and the same thing with Chris -- I'm her first hearing his voice and just thinking oh my god they see them in 1988 dead delicately ask college campus or something like I I first heard them Basra in college radio and the album all true mega okay came out and they were too boring and they were playing at Hampshire College I was of the North Adams and I want to see in their playing in their dirt road trip. Yeah brought it was awesome rose zero to have because there's a lot of money so they always are really good bands. And and they played in their dining commons they pushed the folding cafeteria tables up against the wall and there they were some are and they were so loud it was on a lot of shows ever seen he could barely hear his voice but as a static a performer. As a business guy onstage you couldn't take your eyes off of them where you really comes we into the grannies bank then there was that is not a recent thing I don't know Greg was and now you're in the brand is now yours. You're excited do we have to taint this awesome conversation. Elderly porn you're until accusations Syrian older women they were just in their thirties as exactly and because and I still on the women in their thirties. As the wrong with a now I saw sound garden. Open up border. The first time ever saw them live was they open up for Guns 'N Roses. At the believe the show was at the centrum and added this would be nineteen mammy one or 1990 two's. And they gave Guns 'N Roses around for their money away Q when it came to shell and on and it's yet I mean I don't know. There's something about. That grunge scene I mean. Chris Cornell is certainly. One of the fathers that the founding fathers of crunch so I mean you know eat in there is a Little League you know his. Andrew Warren Moon of of a mother love bone. Cool. Chris wrote. The sale would have been about right was Arnold's mellow dog album wasn't project started by him writing songs about his Friday SES and NE EL. Andrew wood was his roommate and his and is very good friend and in the he died and heroin overdose and you know pat is there you know. Kurt Cobain killed himself. Layne Staley is it is it is is heroin I MA heroin. And you know Scott while Lyndon not STP united Seattle band but a part of that round that genre as an error in America. And I don't know what it is like I don't know if I mean is maybe this may be the substance. Abuse stuff ends up being. All tied into it and and it's. If it manipulates your mind announced that right that you're not thinking straight. Or I think though this isn't it a Kurt cobain's case in Minnesota heroin problem and I think he couldn't think. Clearly definitely the case when he married Courtney Love yeah I absolutely it was Miami had a better GM sells them. You know but I think with the grungy beard you and your grunge is great because it makes the old with the no. So you had the guys who love Led Zeppelin and love Black Sabbath but they also love say like the red dog chili peppers in the bottle surfers right and they kind of mix the two together and add that punk ethic and their butt. You listen to a lot of the stuff that you mentioned and you know a lot of it is very it's very dark it's very gloomy. You know not a lot of positive stuff than there and and I think that's the kind of people. Do you had to be that kind of person. Oh for real. Go to the day can't fake it like right AEA today that kind of user and I think that it's not like Bieber. You know when Barry is throwing eggs at somebody's house orders are driving his Ferrari now see that's asked Dave Daly is it's not us I'm shark yeah I do each bag is due she is right yet it's the deaths of Bieber is doing to the movies these guys had to live. And they that's Ali did like him you read this stuff about Nirvana. An aide in the early days driving around and band Metallica used a man and I know in no money not a cent to them and I also wonder wanna ask Joseph Perry about this if it's. If it's also like a big. He looked like we we knew we start that way and then you know this is a big thing with with Kurt Cobain is he didn't want to be. In half it's an actor was legit or not he met him but. You don't wanna be famous and sell you wanna deal with what happens when you were right all when you become. Kurt Cobain line and and when grunge you know when when smells like teen spirit. Is that none the number one song in they've you know in the world. Is that too much to take a regular guy and I think that. A huge part of it if you look big Guns 'N Roses like you just mentioned there's a band I wouldn't call it overnight success but they got famous very quickly. Right and look what it did to them via you know amended and then they made became extremely paranoid and they went at each other and I think that's definitely a factor all of a sudden you're in a city. Seattle which there's tons a record company people looking for the next big thing via. And then next thing you know you're you're famous very quickly and MTV had to help on that and then we don't know who to trust and you get paranoid and then you know if you add to you know some depression or drug addiction on top of that it justice and. Answer as well it is it's a huge loss and and his voice is a was a powerful voice and and I'm curious what. What Joseph Perry says about. Where that voice ranks and although Boyce is that he is heard in the history of of of voices so. If you. Get a chance that the have you had the average in NATO watch. Any of Chris Cornell last performance yet there is if you read into things. He. He works in my time of dying. The Led Zeppelin song in to the what would eventually be would would end up being the very last song meant that that he ever plays at that at that performance once and I itself. It's it's it's a big loss we're talking about Chris Cornell. Ants. We are joined now by Joseph Perry. Of Aerosmith. Who is good enough to join us from far far away and give us a little extra sauce on Chris Cornell. Very good good to an earlier in in Israel and I appreciated joining us on the podcast and I'm I know you view you tweeted about Chris Cornell and and eight. But in looking into that and I guess I forgot those guys had sound are meant toward with the guys. Why in the early days yes some of their career. Yes. And let me I've met him a few times. I'll put border when they're shocked reading that I mean. Could say yeah here about you know I knew nothing more is going. It could produce 62 when you got to where I've known McLemore we were good. Obviously the good news release that you know. Joey you've you've had the opportunity to play with so many. Amazing voices and to hear so many amazing voices. Or where do you rank Chris Cornell I mean we've we've been talking all podcast about how amazing and incredible his voice was a moment Tony Lewis. They all lesser player I mean you you've. Really had. You know an exceptional. Serb pipes you know I would say like you know that are into the business you know armed. He was one of those. Preeminent singers here rewarding when you are going on the list you know. And you are. Oprah QB and easily in the top ten. All over you know times are noted. And you know our restrictions were consult guard obviously he's done some sort of so. And again that I want. Don't let him a couple times I was going to vibe he's going to be a survivor you know gone so that's why I was so shocking thing you know. Google Scott won London. Born. Couldn't com. Well some of the other lead singers and you look at our. Scott Wellington can you know you look at their eyes in this. Kind of distant look in in the go man. Oprah makes it there and they never I never got that vibe from Chris you know I thought who's compete here in the but. You can never tell law I don't know. What is it about rock general all you're certainly somebody who's been through everything. Yeah and what you know what. It is you know went and again the reports are early in the user jet just reports what date they have been confirmed by the police that the they're investigating this as a suicide. What what is it about is there something about the lifestyle that made Lawrence. Annoyed if you look at history. Artists and I have always been. On the fringe and you know. Having the foot in both feet on the ground yeah. That goes back to good to me you know every generation has artists that are. Tormented. So. But it is looking looking back it's it's it would. It just fits in with a with a pattern poets do you know Reuters gainers. All through history they have gathered to have demons to deal with my trigger goes hand in hand with. We have some some kind of or gifts especially when you're a while performing artists. On the takes takes a bloody it to blow through that no matter what command. So it's. It's I think it just goes it just goes in the near but again it doesn't mean that you have to go down that road to beat. To your beer we'll let you tell them it's change people who are fresh assault could just seemed to be. Com I'm more come with the territory. And then when you think about crime should mean Chris Cornell is is obviously a grunge icon. Did. It did that genre catch you off guard and when you wind and when you look back at it now. It it really it's amazing you know he can't explain it to people who weren't listening to music at that time by. The first time you heard. That their monitor the first time you heard sound garden did you say to yourself this is different. No. No I got I thought they were very pop oriented frankly yeah they're wrong they wrote songs are relieved. You know well constructed songs I mean I do know I didn't it you know. Of course since it was a new generation coma coming up so you know. It was like this whole. You know suppose a new thing but it no I didn't see it here any difference the songs structured like a good pop songs just like a lot of the a lot of them. The greatest blues songs that were recorded in the thirty's and forty's or. If you don't electric guitar and which. Which we started doing they were general great pop songs. But this time in and so no I didn't didn't. I get that it just seemed like there was senior which with a lot of great rock fans and it just kind of exploded out of Seattle that threatens. That they did you know that the industry turned it into. Have tried to make it into this brand new treading very you know what I try to cheat to get the guys in their street trees and no who got to know really well have since played. You know what do we know Brothers and and Robert. You know who wrote in the studio would have. There's so you know this whole business about it at all alternative would indeed be on the same station Q guys it's like. They're all big affair and two of the rock and all well yeah it's that it's good every generation so amongst the musician Donald I don't get there was. Like a great separation I think that was more about have a media saying you know. Joseph and having dealt you know is dealt successfully. With the with substance abuse and that kind of thing. When you look at that Seattle scene and you look at losing. Andrew wood or losing Layne Staley. Or are losing Kurt Cobain or or or losing now Chris Cornell. I mean. From your perspective is there something about that particular. Movement where you know like we do as you'd think he'd like you're talking about they did did those guys just wanna play a rock band and if you know or indeed that the fame got to them or is it is it the drug use is coming Chris Cornell have been sober since. 2003 by all reports is there anything that you think from beyond having been doing this for so long. That is specific to that Seattle grunge scene that has led to the loss of a lot a lot of these guys way before their time. No but a bit restricted there was a lot of heroin use in Nigeria yeah anyway I mean I've met people would never anything to do with which. Music fit. It was alive because of a it was a port of entry from the are far from you know. From the east. Where a lot of this stuff used to come from or partial doesn't mean. Under the proposal Arctic came through that port you know and sort of might have been will be here to get put. You know and I don't think it was substances the particular substance is what matters except what you know because if it wasn't it would be. Warner would give you whatever you know. But again it goes deeper than bill and you know whatever the substances more about that tendency to abuse and I think that's again. Because said you know it's endemic go all through history and look at having more you know he drank himself to he couldn't drink anymore and any. You know these films that I think that would do is semis you know and no. Part of what Warner book if flood these. The best writer from this country from the last century you know. Site it type I agree I think it's timing. At that time and geography. Have you had a lot of heroin that time in that area cachaca like San Francisco in the in the sixties the where it. Yeah cabinet vase leave there making all this acid yeah and then all the way over there you know but you know Joseph Louis is someone who's who's recovering. You know the is it hard is this still struggle every day for you. I mean for for Chris Cornell and it was over a decade so it is there any time laurel after awhile they it's like OK things are starting to settle down and I can do this that are. Horses just a constant struggle. I don't think there I don't think about it every day but it blatant means I don't even look at it like I'm recovering I'm like you know they had done. Pushed up against certain you know. You put a smaller force there and that's you know I'm not so. Anyway. So let's step this is you know obviously one of the things that helped save you in the beginning but you know credit and shrinking. You know we just have to carry a little more baggage around that's all but I don't think about it every day. Well thanks a lot for joining us from Israel. Inferred sharing some thoughts on Chris Cornell and house but by the way how's everything going in Israel did big fans and Israel on a lot of how many people. And while we're waiting to close at 50000 people last night and it is it's it's it's people around. We're very excited to read here and play and then you know wander around the streets throughout the good time going to meet. Oh. Prime minister Bernard minute ninety's is the moon right now going to end and then now. Then they'll look at what to have the possibility of Coca the next week so now they are going to be historic. So I anyway that's it's it's great it's amazing amazing place to be. Well Joseph Perry thanks for giving us a little extra sauce son Chris Cornell. All right well. So sad days but it arm you know I don't know anyway I think they're immune it's that you know I know there are dealt imminent. Yeah there's that I mean eight red rock and roll has lost a lot of very talented people it's. It's yeah or satin. Yeah its it's. It's good to be very you know I think it's the that are crazy for this thing was some of that. Don't I don't know how to address that but I know that we're getting to report were a lot of good. To have the pioneers from the sixties and seventies are getting to that age too slow. Lured her into this award at this point I mean this just sat here a lot of good you as a credible presidential. Who is best for the film me. Think that noon. Oh yeah. Even more. Home. Am mean. That song Chris Cornell tribute. To his friend and roommate Andrew wood of the band mother love bone whom we've discussed. Died died of heroin overdose and end that's why Chris and and and Eddie went and formed temple of the Don Imus as as a tribute and that's a mile so lyrics of that sign. It's. I mean it's it's so weird to think but that was his goodbyes to his friend from school left without. Saying the bottle them up and Chris Cornell has now has done that and has and has now left you know it's that that's why I think it's so. Screwed up and I am now and I it but it but it's he's now done that American was who wrote a song about being tortured by that. And now he's he's he's done that you know so. We've been talking about. Chris Cornell. And his way too early deaths and ordered joined now. By an accomplished author. Who not only. Writes legitimate books but it's for years. Covered the career of Chris Cornell running for the Boston Herald or four of the boys are noisier dig boss then. Dave wedge joins us here an extra sauce for some further extra sauce and I'm Chris Cornell Dave. Exactly how you don't want well I mean this is shocking at Joseph Perry just said that it was. An absolute shock to him in the Chris Cornell died way way too young. Yeah I I would absolutely I mean look I I you know I graduated college in 93 so like I started my music writing career. Covering bands like I don't guard men and Nirvana and Pearl Jam and all those early. Early ninety's grunge bands and you know it was definitely a moment in time when those pins came out you know we knew we had just. Gone into desert storm you know my generation trying to a lot of my friends were going over to. Two to the Middle East and it was the first time that a generation of young people experienced war. Since Vietnam really like Vietnam agreed to kind of the music that was coming out those you know 91 to 94 really kind of captured. That that angry tanks tees that spirit that that my generation had any people in the early twenties at that time it. Certainly Chris Cornell lived with his dark themes. You know it was a big part of that and you know I remember distinctly when when I'm a lot of love. First came all in in 91 you know we mean all my transit you know heroes go to Boston hardcore shows you know. You know all you know trees slap shots and black church follows bands and went. When lot of love came on big comes Sachs we like wow this is this is it like this is the sound we could look at force that mix of metal. Rock and hard core right sound bad but yet it was accessible you know on a news it was a cool sound and they were great band and what small sad to me is that you know. All the all those guys from that generation of dying really young and you know the older rockers from the generation before. Gladly a lot of them are living long it's been seventies and eighties and continuing to do stuff but this generation is really destroying itself and it's sad to see why why it is. I think it's a lot of his panel opiates man you know it's a drug it's it's a generation that. And they look at what you guys were just talking rolling Tiger Woods you know that the whole thing started when they were upset because their friend Adam herald all the docent and Kurt Cobain killed himself. And then Layne Staley and the mikes star and it goes on and on and on you know one. Yeah I just think it's it's a generation that was. Raised. Gave very anti establishment you know even more so than the Vietnam are musicians I think that they were very. Independent dealer very confused I think there's a lot of depression and the drug use is is is really really bad and it. I think with a guy like Chris Cornell whose you know clearly struggled with those issues and tie a life. Now he's you know beyond middle aged 62 years old. You know and very middle agent. He's the kids and a wife he's in he's playing every night and you don't goes without depression take two it obviously takes it very dark place in. And I don't think you can understand that if if you don't use the suffer from meant I don't I unite a U we spent a lot of time allotted. You ask holes texting that the show about you know suicide is that gives a coward's way out there it's a you know it's a selfish way out and I not I mean I don't think you can tell you in Antilles fighter I don't think you can understand it. I certainly I'm not gonna sit here and say. I understand why anyone killed himself because no one does she know no one knows why someone does you know my best friend committed suicide. Seven years ago firefighter yeah Brockton and you know we knew his upside is going to some hard times but we didn't expect it is certainly not that day you know I talked to the day before he was fine and and so suicide come to that people don't understand. You know and and the reports I've seen both Chris Cornell the same news. Used his business as usual he put on a great show he's talking to people after the show. You know there was no signs of abuse and in trauma but a lot of times when when people commit suicide they they planet. Or they they know they gonna do it and you know a lot of what I've read about and believe me since my friend have consumed everything I can read about it. Is that they almost come to a peace and that's why they seem so peaceful what they do it because they did it to release they know that they know little they know they gonna do it. And they just kind of late to prepared for it and I don't know if that's true or not but I've read a lot of football. A friend who who who killed himself he he researched. The kind of gone he wanted to use. The kind ammunition. He found a place. In the woods where he could do it he made arrangements to move a particular chair he would sit in every day. To move out there to the would see it was a lot of planning I went into it and so but that's the thing. We see him from the outside you have no idea the guy's got a family. He CR successful incredibly talented. But I you know the one common thing I hear people that describe depression as it's like this huge heavy wet blanket. That just is all has completely on top view and it it just makes it hard to just move delivers visibly moved to live to think. And if he's been fighting that since EO we talked on the show about that time. With his parents get a divorce and divorce and he stayed in his house for how long two years and years ago. Right he was young he couldn't go Lloyd the teenager's parents got divorced and he in the he said in an interview with a guardian that he couldn't leave his home now third for ten years. And that's what black holes under supposedly about us is that Arab and his license. His seat talking to a guy that. That's where he started you know that that's where in his life started as does he noticed formative years he goes on took to join with these you know this crazy movement that happened in the early ninety's was all these bands it was -- really dark seems. And really heavy music combining metal and rock him and kind of acid rock you know mixing all those elements and it's it's I mean if you listen back Alice in Chains like that's really gonna hit. You know incidents can be your right it's this doesn't turn out on you know and a whole songs like we listened to it now like I guess songs bad ass because we grew up with a put. The younger generation here that's stuff but they're like wow that's some dark stop please don't make dark musical Academy Award and it was a it was a moment in time with. The other missed here guys that everyone talks look these situations whether it's Princeton. Or you know Layne Staley or whoever it is. And when taxable money you know guys were sixty million dollars why would he do that whole money doesn't matter when your mind is is he's beating itself. Yeah and that's what we're talking rodeo talk about a guy who clearly. On the struggled with depression as bullet struggled with drug addiction. And every once tell him every day how greedy isn't he handsome and he's making millions and why can't be happy wool Democrat doesn't help you know and jobs. Well you think about I'm just thinking about it now eat talk about it what he went through his teenager. And then. You know he he what he goes through with the Andrew would. This is remain moody goes through with Kurt Cobain or what or even or Weber that time Horry got famous very can't ask an aids Sayyaf you know I mean it's tell is that there's a lot possibly one like forty years is a time where must wouldn't leave his house well after awhile. I can imagine you're in your mind you're like okay I'm exhausted yeah. Well I am also. You know I think. Who what what Joseph Perry referred to is that in many cases. The most talented. Of artists I don't care if it's Vincent van go lower or Ernest Hemingway as he mentioned or Chris Cornell. A reason why they are able to. Due to tap that creativity. Is oftentimes. Because of the miserable. Upbringing or eight or a miserable it's like comedians you comedians say over and over again there's there are funny because they had a should realize. So I mean I've I think that's a part of a two days. Here and I I agree no rule thumb one more thought this is maybe a little crazy but I interviewed let me a few years back in the I was very lucky to talk to him and I had agreed. If you would have minded I hated him a couple of times the last interview I had release accompanying seem to me. Reese said that you know all these guys being rock stars you know getting married and having kids and on and families. Like that's (%expletive) he's like it's crazy he's like there's no way can work. And that's why I never did and if you guys saw the documentary let me just kinda. He embraced his alcoholism he embraced his drug use he embraced his hard living and he said you know what I don't have any anchors so I don't worry about that. So my point of that story is that you look at a guy like Chris Cornell already batter of the rest and they do have families. That's got to be a tremendous strain on them doing that kinda work where you're on the road all the time. You know we all you know Greg and Leo married you know eat your wife is where idea when he coming home I mean you kids want you like that you BLC. Same for you personally to be on the road all the time away from the family so you gotta wonder you know. If it gets it and is that some of the plays and of these two and look and feel guilty that cannot around the family unit that fuels the depression. And the energy it takes to have to find a balance now always between crazy rock and roll business lifestyle. And then. The normalcy of like having. Sometimes I can tell us the problem is some guys don't know probably know guys and harassment many of them have ever had been very happy hammered so many years now. But dom be you know maybe sometimes it debt takes a told to put. I think and musically guys you know some guidance place and a legacy is secure I mean there. They're one of the best bands the last thirty years and you know I think sound guy and in particular. Woods was more are more in line with the classic rock band zinni in the grunge era men's Wear. You know that they weren't quite is I'm idealistic is saying Obama or they weren't they weren't quite as dark as an Alice in Chains. The music crossed over a little more of the mainstream I think and all the rest of those bands and certainly Chris Cornell. Has done a lot of mainstream stuff in recent years and he had that classic rock police. That appealed to so many people so it's it's huge loss and were you already. Rank his voice they have. Amid is it. I mean he's wanna eat I mean I don't know I mean he's one of the greatest rock singers. Of all time in my and put my money and media you know he got a I don't have a list what I call the guy he's I think he's I think he's certainly better and all those other ones that we just mentioning success of that era certainly. You know and mean all those other guys had unique voices but. No one at the range in the power of Chris Cornell you know if you listen Real Salt Lake. Like big dumb sex or global black holes on. Our op de Maria a legacy version of us and Hillary do ave Maria you know. Aren't they got rid of the classic voice he could as saying any genre whim you know guy like Kurt Cobain could only send punk rock you know. But Chris Cornell could could go on American Idol in and saying in and and blow people away news. And it just so massive talent that's in it's it's tough to see all these guys and our generation dying so you don't really. It really does well I thank you for giving us a little extra sauce on Chris Cornell and and they and and justice. Tragic tragic and so again we'll play play some music won't guess yeah absolutely right Steve thank you. Take him. I. A lot to think about after the after both of those guys and now. Is it now. Interesting that Joseph Perry said he looked and in sky while Allen's eyes and he thought Scott while on might not make it but you look and Chris Cornell size and he thought Chris Cornell. Would be a guy who would make it. And as a guy who would know because he's around he's been around in his whole life he seemed of the highest highs and the lowest lows and then. You know right Dave wedge makes makes some very good some great points and I integrate I do think that. You know from the music college you point a veal. And that and hopefully Joseph the musicologist has not you know not just any medical and one I call now and I don't know I'm. The he's right about sound and an even Joseph is right about about crunch where. You know it wasn't necessarily different genre of music cue him but it was it was so those were pop song says that way. So it sounds it's the universal thing about all music no matter what it is. If it's a good song. Yeah if it's a good song whether sound garden does it or you know we're talk general Chris Cornell has cover. Of redemption song yeah yeah I know it's a good song and I think that's what Joseph is trying to say like these guys are doing it do. Do anything new they were just writing good songs I mean there are hundreds and hundreds of grunge bands yeah you know but only a few made it out because they could write good songs and sub pop was running around ready to sign. Anybody else single leg you you know who had a guitar ended drum set and wood right. At the had a modicum of talent they were right because they were trying to do audio and taken Benjamin sign everybody is so. Yeah all right well thanks very much preferred joining us this week. On an extra sauce. Next week I by promises says this has been a a tough topic but I think it's an important one to talk about social and Chris Cornell is gonna leave. As Dave said and as Joseph Perry said it. Gonna leave them massive legacy behind him. We may just have lost. One of them we we certainly lost one of the best millions of plus the best ways of the last thirty years so. Next week another episode. Exercise. Make sure you subscribe on iTunes employers did sure four of whom will play. Catch you next week is more extra sauce.