Extra Sauce Episode 11: We Speak To The Greatest And The Worst Generations

Thursday, May 11th

In this week's episisode Greg talks to Larry Steinfeld, a member of "The Greatest Generation" and World War 2 veteran.  Then we look back fondly on some "Radio Gold" with Michelle, a member of "The Overserved Generation", and huge Star Wars fan.  May the Sauce be with you!


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Welcome to the extra sauce podcast and money. Responsiveness and. Would this jar of sauces. Red pill. My kids who. Don't know about. Missed the true. Commander I'll let them. Lieutenant commander sure lieutenant commander she'll thank you very much I speak like to speak on the podcast in the language that you understand stand the menace us clearer on Star Trek so. Not a Star Trek theater. Or yeah well we have a great podcasts this week. Featuring a radio gold flashback based on the fact that Monday was Monday was may have forthright digital. Who doesn't know that when you who doesn't know me that for it to be windy you are true I really enjoy aid. The and I'm I have to give credit I think it was only in Boston on Twitter. But they until we did. A fantastic. Tweet which basically said. May the sixth the so let's we had we had and we had a may the force be with the food day this past week maybe it was Friday and nowadays are getting Elian was so it was right up into that crap but star was sex. I thought I at a sell by our requests. There is a Star Wars involved. Radio gold flash back feature coming up and then after that. On the podcasts this week I got to spend some time. Talking to 100 year old World War II veteran Larry Steinfeld from Waltham. At our dinner at flank last week and he's an amazing guy IE IE it's it's it's really. You listen to it irony. He he's that tells some images the attitude whistles and attitude they are absolutely twice what they were doing or do we. He was EC was in six different countries. Serving away and networked world were due. And did you go the way he talks about it was like it was you know they did because it was Tuesday in and it's exactly what was close allies had to go so I went yeah however I went over and I I don't you gotta train the whole deal it's it's at some perspective and it's the attitude giant they have Jeep big gigantic brass balls I certainly do not. Now bud but that generation. Is that that's that's why they're called the greatest generation out. You know as it's it's it's great to just listen to the you know the hundred year old guy and the just the the views he has on today and now the thing about what's happened the last hundred years. He's still got together like cats like that's the that's another thing for a hundred years old he's sharp man Greg and Fred like I can't remember then eaten in the name of is somebody who were talking about yesterday on the show at fifteen and he's double my age and a hundred going out and. Lou you know the guy has got it together and so. If you review and a maybe only listened to podcasts you don't was in the morning should you don't know who don't know little areas but it. We're gonna worry here from one area I got to spend had a good ten or fifteen minutes knocking him. At the dinner that the estate to dinner there we have for him. And I did not have staked his in my mouth during the interview so I think I think you'll enjoy that but up first. Radio gold flashback from. I you may be was made the fourth. Now a few years ago during spaz is OUI segment yeah but there are reasons under the Indian. Is a woman who dinner best the Oda impression and idea and shell Michelle is at and -- Ethiopia side and love birdies. This is what your favorite baseball diamond there's eyes so Oriole flashback flash back flash back here. On exercising get a little exercise radio gold. From a shall who'd been over served. And and the unfortunate experience of being interviewed by our former producer late at night or early in the morning. And now I've learned in my life than alcohol is a drunk you. Our season does sound it's a mole the opinions under the influence. Many days. Now every Monday and we get to listen to the over served as interviewed by. Serve beats a lot Anthony parziale producer this girl by far the drunk this is only just. And where you guys turn is Michelle Michelle I interviewed her hit in the girls' bathroom off off. But her cool what par is let's I don't get it's it's it's one of my new favorites what's called and bar yeah I'm my body owns or not I do it's I it's off some guy in the back I'm in the girl's mouth from what I was an assistant that's like 10:10 o'clock Saturday. Yet again the stage all my projects category data driven the solar and your hanging out and I'm hanging out boom this girl walks and yeah it was like a light. These dolls called up god is my girl and she was absolutely trash I have to give my girlfriend Hayley the assist on this guy because she calmed down term. Ridiculously aggravated friends who tried to attack me after I got done all right you want unity yes yeah why are normal girl how old this young lady who politicians like 25 okay Tony 545 a name on earnings Michelle and as Michelle Michelle get the most ridiculous drug noises and then she gets really nerdy. And one of her and whenever segment's I love the drug noises other drug noises are on fire let's meet Michelle. Opinions under the influence our segment which spaz attempts. To get opinions on some on tried of some topics that are in the news from those who have been overseer. Hang in mention me and name and he and landing planes but that. You. Love I love and I train them. And hand man and a the old old my age hometown and being. An. A letter is from that saw them. Crude and it's and that's me that's me. And man. And I love and I didn't happen. I said. Doesn't this and dangle like today it was an old combine units begin to look. Hey. Back and happy yes so we got he had to hire me. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Then. I'm. Now that. Is that the ball below my god doesn't smashed. 1000% I think after her she plus one smash I wish there was you know it's an act she was rocking back in Ottawa going like and stand up guy she was decent I answered that one document for us and I what was she doing left document Norma fortunately the going into through the Mike away from them like to Mike await them and a lover life I couldn't tell where she's very rapidly coming to us live from there. It. She's possess the authors says that that really sounds like an admin maybe statements old demon Knight yeah. But that's a Jersey huckleberry I watch you and some reserves summary from the brutal and I would I'm mail now available on. I think it's obscure reference the forty year old virgin car ride and I Apatow so that whatever name game that I know. In an afternoon yeah. What did you ask her about the last amounts followers about my mark Hammel may be being in the news hours yes OK and she has her again. Mark Kamel says George Lucas is quote talking when asked returning to stop hours what are your thoughts on its towers yeah. And DNA drink. Lynn Lou. And he. Bad. And in my in light that you do that and and that won't then and then then. And then leave though. Today I was saying these sixteen. Hi. To really in nineteen. And detonated it. We duties come length back at its. Awesome. I assumed. Daddy's wallet out now her coach and a I I love the Jonas and passionate and then the Darth Vader that this is the big opponent Rick imagine a prisoner it was out and he ran into this bill I mean again. I resign and I got here yeah. Seen by any journey. McCormick's I I don't hear alcoholic is upon us out of the murder in the mirror and angered scenario yeah. And the any drink. A. Yeah live who. And he. Bad. We. In length that you do and and that can then yeah man and an end. Know him to is hanging these sixteen. Hi. Tune me in and I mean not a denied and then now. He's come lengths back at the. Only. For it's fantastic you know EPA. Change. Michelle opinions under the New Zealand was absolutely smashed its head and eyes and business say we have one last he's right ask her about the guy. Who met. Beat somebody for not paying rent romance story last usually spank the man is yeah spank them guy where it was that I was in Ohio might guess Ohio. Ago landlords bank demand because easily with the Israeli tanks and so you asked her about this it. Attended an Ohio was laid on his rent so some William Lloyd decided to with him in the asks because he didn't pay his rent on time. You let them in the ass I love getting within the answer is guys. Why did they do it to me. Miley and I knew that I had late Randy and he did do that to mean so I should litany asks why did he and I did not. Stoop may wish they asked now hand. Wrong. That's what it's written in house we see. It. You know. It. Added that day it. What would you be willing to do to not pay rent live in the office all day and again. When the Isner and it will. Happen. But definitely all at the. You're under risk gene and minimize her when she doesn't. Believe her. Sympathy it's either the LV is our. There's there's not a guy whose whose cynicism there's still dating to rule out. LB is parish. Only parent read about this is that her friends came in after that and I was like all my god please just talked about an hour you know news is that we talked of his drove for now all lied that is that's when. He is Irish. You think he was going yesterday. When they're out there yesterday morning only 10 o'clock tonight is that is that it was a good Xenia oh my idol. That's Michelle. Whether star several Star Wars impressions. While under the influence opinions under the influence this morning here at W am. This might sound weird but every time I hear music like that I feel like I mean a banana in my hand I don't know us. And elect again I have to start conducting the orchestra all that so I don't have to I Europe is having the same feeling as the several million other Star Wars since winning here that a little low level that that and that case the banana is code and in the case of a -- block heard it was in our studio this week and allowed me to and that's the orchestra with him you using a banana as of the time the maestro it was like oh yeah. The maestro is a good interview he's great and who is it was a good sense of humor news designated area. Right. Important gets a maxis us now from malaria Steinfeld a 100 year old World War II veteran from Waltham. Who joined. All of us and some listeners. At flanked in Waltham this week or last week and the last week for a stake tip dinner. His favorite food is favorite is his favorite choice of dinner is steak tips and so. We held a dinner in honor of Larry Larry had been robbed. And is apartment in Waltham. Of a 100 dollar scratch ticket. And low Waltham police. Immediately took up a collection and and doubled that I think they and that nationally troubled and I think they got him 300 dollars and we talked about that on the radio and then many of you suggested that we haven't generally aryan and honor Larry. And I had the honor the absolute honor. And privilege of talking to Larry after dinner about his experience growing up. In Boston and in Brookline and a legendary baseball player that he got to see play for not a lot of money. And barely any money that's another shocking part of this interview before and of course is has experience. As a soldier during rule brought to a so with the will Memorial Day right around the corner will get a little extra sauce from Larry Steinfeld. I wanna know what year you were born. Through seventeenth 1960. And where where we want to. And did you live in Boston serve most of your younger years. I history is full they moved to Brooklyn. And I lived in Brooklyn I aim. Till I was. Nine years old went to New York. And lived there in the Bronx the one you. Came back to Brooklyn and and winter for prime time. Did you do did you tell me that you saw babe who's playing in the yard all that right down the end of the street I would lived. It was come having Yahoo! and that was braves field. Who's a year. I saw. Very ruthless. Rabbit or Rambo. Those rural Maine and different people I can't remember well but they've proved that Gibson do you remember. How much it costs a photo a Red Sox and braves came out risks how much fifty cents fifty a little bit more than that note. That is expected to hit it it it and that fifteen dollars and newest set it back a little bit on his billion dollars. We'll get to half of hot dog is about literally it was fifteen cents fifteen cents. How to get there what 22 I just walked the minute you walk I did they did that through the Braves field they had a year. Lead there for two kids up to a certain age. Any contradicting. His senses it and a third base. And watch the game. Where were you when he found out that that that our country was gonna enter World War II. I always home. Do you run on the radio as homework and what we doing at that time and with so who's your who's it's only serious woman to hold real. About 24 when. And my son was about a year old. And they can I do you remember it's January. December 7. Remedied that problem. The way this award Pearl Harbor. And did you did you feel like immediately. That you wanted to go on site for your country. Now I'm no hero. I was in Iraq. I was in erupt vote that vote. I was pulled him. Like everybody else is of the draft because I was drafted yeah. But I remember I was drafted there were damn us North Carolina. And Patrick. Sixteen. Weeks of basic training. And then I was assigned to you Rick gone overseas. And then when I get overseas and went to France. And they gave me a rifle and they said. Zero idiot. You have no. The boy are willing. And I ended up with. Illinois. Lincoln Brigade. Hey forget that held live that was anyway I was with the ever and I ended up nine defense that speculation. Then went to 333. Generalize girls got to Armey weigh him during the battle will vote because they were coming into the this city. They're Germans were coming back and I went always in Normandy. Enormity. They were garments media I dad of a German prison camp and I sent to the lieutenant. You gonna give me again at. You just gave me my combat infantry. That they said and you're gonna give me today you're gonna come by and me. And I'm gonna turn around the office. I said I don't wanna know again reminding. Us so they put me on us all running. The German prison floor there all residents and I was in Chad they didn't like laundry. It did everything I used to stand vicious. I had a big rampant and it showed great Russians coming to Berlin and the American scam ever. As United States. The Russians are elderly Americans they beat the current Pope please get only Americans. He kept it to Berlin that the rise since 88 what was it like leaving and 24 or leaving your lice and your child behind. I was 2727. It was terrible. Because. Average married. And I was working. And all of a sudden you put uprooted. Yeah it happened do you did you write letters. Back and forth with the lines. My wife took care of the baby she lived in Nevada when I was him. She was a wonderful woman that's all I can tell you choose oppressing and I am I mean when you. When when you got there when you when you went to six countries I think he said you went to France and to Germany end. Yeah I was trails come in and you view. You're in six different six different countries where we scared. I don't think terrorism. I was old enough students here. You gotta be an older person that since you young people members. I don't think I ever was scared. I users should be. People would just kids. And have somebody's Blair may have. From being killed. These were Germans were repaid as. I just looked at him and kept them room to bothering you didn't. Almost like you were in shock period it is I don't know what I think I went through or. Without worrying about it their own thing it's when I got through. And I wish him and have a lot left little. Irish that's what I realized. It's dangerous. With was the country different then. Well yeah and and your computer and I can go out and take a walk on the streets. I don't want to ruin the human touch. Here and talked to him. Today you can do that. The generation's sense. I think. We all. Maybe rightly so. Get accused of not being able to live up for that to your generation the greatest generation do you. He did we Beverly noticed that perhaps. The New. Orleans. Though is you're drafted. Most of those who was there ever thought the wouldn't come when you were drafted. Did you would protesters that you and I wouldn't replace that just weren't you just want they should listen you're drafted show up at certain time. There was very Maria I'm gonna come avenue and right through bright man. I went. Went through oh look different things they tested me for everything. You're in. But but I think that there's this. Kind of a feeling that is that that we can't. I don't know that we'll ever live up to the grave ramming you had you thought would guys who enlisted. That warrant that weren't old enough to fight and it was the way it was it was kind of like. I had kids in my. 1819 year old kids. From the West Coast. And that I became buddies doing the right now I was 27 that. And you are fighting because. You knew it was right here is the right handed him handed Buick and said sure. You sure that you shot. You know I gave one guy or purple. I had a vein in union and a blanket then and I spelled forward I slipped. And the main network and bed and get him in the leg he went home with a powerful. That. I didn't really did get. What was it like when he got home. When the war was over. When I came from Devin. I grabbed the cabinet because vision. He pressed them phone. Call away from molestation. Right. I says don't it's nymex collective kind of I kind of bad but I'm slight lesions on Arnaud bet. We're back you back you've got his country this stairs and I show my way for almost third floor and send them dress. I don't trick Jerusalem and I've gotta love them look there on his program. I call them the benefits are nothing gonna happen to live another I'm not. Deep do you feel like the you know you think about. World war two and your generation and everybody working toward. A common cause. Do you feel like that's lost in this country now. I don't know I really don't when I got out of the service say I went to join me. Our laws. Veterans of our own laws I shined up right. I went to the woman Brighton. There was about three guys sit around drinking period. Drunk 'cause I hope I said this is what I'm gonna come enjoy it I'm never going back. When you think about the guys that didn't make it back what do you what do you think about those guys those guys are heroes. Because they're different areas you can't do enough by the fan here. I think they're great. I I think you're pretty grade and you know you know. My iron what they call a basket you're. How good I lived alone and I thought I know the words well afterwards the most nervous I did everything alone I used to help them. I was the oldest citizen thought that's all it. Good policy and you've lived a hundred years has bred and but. Pretty good at 27 to where I live with kids very team anything you haven't done you know like they wanted to. Write anything you haven't done near like if you wanna do that. Now you've done all I would do it if my wife recently yeah. Well my kids would. What's the sense that doing it alone. Well I I think I speak for everybody wanna say thanks. Very well liked what he and I think you learn who I now but I thank you for serving this country and whether I do. What did you do you view as I wanna hit it 27 year old man you left there's 27 year old many left to Stanley behind. Then he went overseas to fight for what you thought was right and that I don't look at it that way well we do the right zone thank you that I. Larry it's been great to me is your true and happy Memorial Day. Yes I have its cabin up but that is coming out thank you thanks for your service. Next month is that good I stat. Young editor of hotline no 101. Serious time off of one so you'll be 101 next month I'm a glimpse of him. Buses that are again when you when you're Natalee 201. I okay. Thank you. Thank you. Then. Our game. Who. Hank who. Do. Two night. Just to really. And CNN. Wow. Being. Love. I. To mine are. Oh I am no rule. It is for me. Amazing stuff amazing guy yeah. Amazing guy and so you know show are still sharp and now under Weis he's going to be 101 pretty soon yeah and he's a guy announced next month he's turning hundreds on your results in so like I said the attitude via. Just like I had just just went and as they got there and the other set I had to go so I want to let so it's no whining. I'm in the way I mean I just can't imagine. Having having never been there. The the you know that the memories. Obviously ARRIS like as fresh in his minus as if they were yesterday because so. A member of the greatest generation Larry Steinfeld and thanks a lot from listening to extra sauce this week. You can subscribe to we hope we do subscribe on iTunes or stitcher. Or Google play and we're always begging for ratings by them. I mean go all the way give his skill does give as many stars as he can do as good rating Greg lecture you dinner with steak tips. So Larry I don't. I don't see them in. You the new extra sauce agreements. You know Tony junior and that agreement that it take a look it's right there by staying home dinner. On always. Out of state tips. Freddie in the terminal. After that I thank you very much for listening. Besides.