Erik Frenz - Bill Belichick vs. The NFL

Wednesday, January 11th

The Hillman gets a call from sports writer Erik Frenz and discuss his latest book, " Bill Belichick vs. The NFL"   


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Big game coming up line. Saturday night at Gillette Stadium and it is our pleasure to have Eric friends on the show this morning and Eric is the author of bill bell check vs the NFL. Which might Sheila and I both enjoy it in and out American morning and welcome to the show. And it. As a casual less than casual I guess it's a football fan fascinated by the book. I mean that if you're in football fan Bill Belichick is just a fascinating character yes and Jesse Helms he's an image you stated over and over in the book. He takes common situations. And fines unique ways. And how to handle them on the football field. And that's that's pretty much the keys to success and being that if I may use of music nerd analogy yes he is the on that Erdogan. And how the National Football League on that are again was the he ran Atlantic records. He found success in signing you know zeppelin and the stones and all these huge fans and so summaries and Bill Belichick and no. How someone workouts. Michael Floyd. Yeah used to be here this guy looks like extremely troubled gets up their play is an amazing day or people wouldn't that a lot in the book is this kind of hit that that's his genius and in in many ways right. I think it is that the big thing that I come back to issue its foresight and ability to kind of see things play out. Before they actually play out and in India in those sports journalism field for a lot of a lot of featured writers we have this thing where. We cannot realize that Belichick put that in the early that your weight. I'm getting ready guys and and at least he had a lot of five straight the guy by camera guy loans and in Collins and in the past it's been god let let Welker and it until he moved left that group picture and have been a little upset about watching them leave but. Not not and that and about to end up being right you could argue yet not this. You believe that you and a great player he is black but. That involved are about to get these decisions right now at that helped them stay ahead. The left the league a long time. He was eggs he was exactly right with the Welker and people were in the pit. People were in panic and he he gets that right he does smaller more times than not. And. Wes Welker on that one dollar write you know a lot of what what happened to him at the end of his career with concussion related and you really can't. Script or something like that although. I mean as is the way that the way rocker played the game. It was very much much welcoming you concussion so that might have also played about a valuation there. A text her sister network issued a network out with a Aaron Hernandez if I remember correctly asides from murdering people Aaron Hernandez was a pretty damn good football player that I am I wrong there the and that's what he's even have the foresight to see what right have better exactly yeah well nobody did he was he had a good football player inside on the outs does the special now. Yeah. And I think the thing that comes back about it on that one is. The ability to remove bodies from that I mean obviously that he had some problem because that was the year that left rocker left and also they're out there and unexpectedly. I'm and we're going to be a big part there often that here. So they had that I have re right thing on the fly and that was why I. And god Nintendo can't even at such large bowl yeah offense they were initially going to be can't momentary peace is. And that being more focal point Andy being himself. The Patriot Act you re right there entire offense on the why did that all these. It's very interesting to take a look at Lombardi or or or you know lol sure or whoever. You believe may have in the greatest coach in the NFL up until this point. And compared them to build Alec jacket and and I wonder. If we are able to really appreciate. This guy and what he is right now or if it's gonna take ten or fifteen or twenty years to appreciate that there. Until they get it says pot questions acted as he continued to build on his legacy. Like I mentioned you know with that about a year and only thirteen elected AFC championship game that year that I ought to think that had to go through. And and also in quite fourteen obviously they've made that so why decision that. Let's bring in enough do you keep players now put them over the top you never know when Belichick can add is I he would sell at this point I think the bank in Hilo on the rest of aren't overeating and I did and giving him his proper place in in history which will be determined when. When he retired by. In the book really deep says the key point I was trying to make was that if you would have retired today you could to make the case that he's the greatest applicable time and I bet that that is legacy or about extending one. Yet that was the most interest at one of the most interesting things to me about the book was. Basically reviewed. Whether it's numbers what we would would either whatever stat you choose. You can do very easily make a case that and I think Vince Lombardi is in on the front of course to be named after himself let's say that he was up until this point the best. You make the case that this guy is is the greatest NFL football coach of all time. And in it but he tries it on a Michael heard and I think there is I think it was. And the patriots played the Texans earlier this year an anti Kobe prophetic quarterback. And Nickelodeon made it made joked if you add them up send. But but what Super Bowl trophies edit out and eat that it. At the patriots found a way to beat this yeast infection with two Kobe prophetic quarterback he would act out the Lombardi on his stroke even right Belichick on. Apparently I never saw the clip but apparently he actually followed through with this cell. So it's you know it's one of those things where. People are making jokes about it and you could very well on the advocates that one day they'll have to put it that the put Belichick's name on match up is well. But you can just ask the Oakland Raiders how hard it is to win with a rookie quarterback and it went deer wasn't it wasn't that way here you know it wasn't it was not that weird self. Yeah good show. Yeah you would Lombardi in the U you can parent like Landry and Gibbs and and chula painful with the Lombardi you make the case of free agency. And what what's what's. What's greater talent. Keeping the players around and keeping them. At their level or dealing with the rotation. Every year. Like looking for different things in different people every year and I think that the latter is probably more talent there. That that bit at the great questions that certainly I think it's done you know it's interesting that says. Ferrer serve and Lombardi he came to the team and there were already. Died in place to a future hall of fame and you know it was a blessing for it where. He ended up getting there and it was it was a lot of guys that were already there fights you he coached them up and it was you know they were. I think they had Orleans in the previous two equal kind of forty lives and aunt opal. In the next three can sell. So it didn't eat. It at. It's there to kick in it both ways as well for what for what Lombardi was able to do as far as politics go itself. The tree in the air out as yet. Completely changed the way that that coaches do that because they can't. Keep the same guy forever and not that it's not the pick it necessarily would anyway that's another point that I make. That you know about it on the way to get value for these guys and even then it looks like they might absent some gas left in the tank he's got turned them over in and get. Get something in return for them. You know Eric there's a lot of people around here including in this room who are pretty cocky. About the game coming out of a half dozen saying that this is just gonna be a breeze and obviously the general never thought that. And he has quite a flair for drama you know there's the are putting the anchor. You know in the locker room there was burying the ball but in this case I think it's when he made them I believe he made them watch a film of the Breeders' Cup. Is that right. Yeah. And he asked. And he stopped it. Any cast which of these horses is gonna win. And everybody had a guess and you sit there all wrong as the races and finished yet with the with the right. Exactly I wanna remind people that's. His dalliance yes well Matt you I told us a great drawers jury yesterday in the hot seat and I was sort of don't know do you think about doing some putting in the drawer and went Susan's over. You can and Deirdre. Well he's got. Belichick at that has a tendency to it says you do those kind of things then you know you don't really get a lot of those kind of stories as loud stadium throughout the street and and so it's it's nice to hear those stories every now and then when they come up and that was one that. Someone had pulled during in the young in the 2001 season was when that would please let was called the one about the anchor as the other horse race. That they that they all watched. And it was it was there that I'm the patriot that they were 75. And so they Wear at their at bats like they were not in the in the playoffs aren't they went on to win their last four games. In a row and made it an issue on the top seed in the in the conference. Do you think that. That controversy whether it's by gates are to placate the thing that affects his legacy. I think I think with the people who it affects his legacy. It will affect his legacy no matter what happened. There will there will be no retribution for for those transactions in the in the line those people. And that he's really not my target audience for this book for obviously the play. This book is about making the case about the as the fact that which involved time. And I quote I didn't mention by gay and the flaky and I went in depth on them I gave them a whole chapter. But I'd put them at the end 488. Code re in that scene that I thought there footnote in his career and they don't. Make out if some of the heart necessarily in my opinion. Now do you believe that the Lombardi trophy will ever be called develop Schechter of. Now I at now as too much the league of tradition. I get they were ever gonna do it it it probably is it probably wouldn't end up being Belichick. Just heard that recent. Tension between that coach and believe although you know now it's Roger Goodell ever retired. Somebody else that the commissioner. Is that might be a bit smoother relationship there between the league and Andy and team. And I will book is called build bella tech vs the NFL. And Erik Prince is the author. And we are going to what Eric says is we are going to on Saturday night would miss the greatest NFL coach of all time. No questions asked no argument in actions though Erica thanks very thanks for being on the show this morning. Guys they buried in the Balkans and out he promoted I really appreciate it. All right and if if she was able to get through it needs not a big football fan I and then you know that you're red Blackberry isn't you know it's Basilan.