Mike Hsu Talks To Comedian Doug Stanhope

Sunday, December 4th

Comedian Doug Stanhope talks about his new special, "No Place Like Home", how Donald Trump could be a "good" dictator, and being friends with Johnny Depp.  He also explains why he had to postpone his show in Boston last week.


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WA AF is always home to me. That's right it's there I know where you were Worcester guy you know I talked less and I talked do is about the book. And we talked about you growing up and cheer you up yet the laughter wrath and and you talked about your particular disdain for the town of Paxton which you also mentioned in the book which was fun. And now you're you're coming home you're gonna be here in Boston Thursday. Now an accurate at all not only I guess we moved it. Now it's related to you know what culture all of it here. We know what Doug I asked you last time we talked about the book as an hey you're coming here December used to know maybe I should write something up you still haven't written anything up. Yeah you know Mike my girlfriend they had some troubles ratio procedure in Gator head went into a coma now she's. Tell me out of it and we're just trying to figure out which is gonna be retarded. Look at. So we had to cancel for that reason why we're we're gonna move it to April 2000 definitely some material out of it either way. You know I was gonna say now I feel like a real last older three immaterial out of that situation than they come. No cure there's there's nothing I won't get materials are available attracted the more. So. Mort needs to be speak that. I know after reading your book the others there's no question on that man. When he came out of a coma he actually said that where. Yet again that great at one point the other lung problems and oh my god he's beleaguered maker I call it you know. Put into me I can agree retarded. You're people targeted as you all gone by now. An actual conversations. That side of the guys you. Do we keep it light. You didn't say honey retarded is not the accepted. Nomenclature. You know. Special needs as. So there there's some. There's an instant karma in this new so that is where promoting great now Riley's right home and about a twenty minute childcare is mentally ill. Until I have a whole. Bit about how mentally ill people. Are you know castigated by society where mentally challenged people are loved and revered. And how they need to equal you know. Empathy and now she's gone from our camp one of mentally ill and to possibly can't two of mentally challenged blown up that the basis of carve out there well. Well well it's it is. And a twelve minutes and it. Which goes cancer would you put Donald Trump at this point. My. Oh I know it that's it that's the president distant he deserves. You look at what's trending on Twitter at any given point during the day and that's what's important of people. The reality is if you make cart bashing is famous for a lesson and you get a scope for president. It's just. You know less so we talked you said you weren't gonna vote at all. And and understandable the choices weren't really there but are you one of the people who were like. While this is crazy but deep inside as a comedian a writer you're like all this is fantastic this is four years of amazing material we got to come on up there. Yeah I don't know but the material. I expect it gives it went something like that happens colonel John Wayne Bobbitt. Or Tokyo. You know every comedian going to be talking about it and I don't really care. I'm almost sixty years old I don't have it I have no investigated distant future of the world. I treat it like a rental car. Alternative banged up and it's not a problem it'll be interest in. But. It's. Kind of funny I voted only to the island it out of 5000 people so I would vote. The first City Council and mayor voted for Kerry jog the district it was also on the ballot but I don't I don't care. I don't need a president. I think Peter. Lol I think my gallon is not qualified for the job voters are not qualified prepared jobs. Well oh well what democracy is every. Hathead idiots that actually watches reality shows and cares about the car cashier there vote counts as much as yours and that's as it is it. It doesn't work. Didn't want what would it dictator if you would take a really cool of the dictator like. We all have a great time minutes to throw appetizers. But I'm not good and happy hour a lot of this is great. All right RN well now there's a platform I may veolia behind. Let's let's get off the trump because I just got out of Thanksgiving fights about Donald Trump for the past three days and you you mentioned. You live in human Bisbee Arizona. And that's where you films it. No place like home right. Yeah I get there. All the old poop where he eats his in the town of 5000 people if you do a show and he's stuck you're gonna see those people that hate you every day at this supermarket or the reported a cruise ship. It's go like living back in packs or rent. Yeah a little bit like that but we pulled it off it is again you know and I'm proud of this special. Putt did you learn busy for a long time now but is there any thing about Massachusetts. That you miss. Like when you come when you come back here eventually did Irish rail. The plan. Fried clams. Fried clad those anywhere again they just don't exist outside and doing it. That's that's adore him. Video red lobster. And eaten market yet it's it's it's terrible what they even if you want it is they. It is you you couldn't. Can get even people who are replica of a hole belly player. Not note there's nothing that I am pretty much it. Just the clams well that's that's buns let's listen what's yeah. You. And what's so that that your present Johnny Depp and he's one of the executive producers here and how did you how did you get to be friends with them. Is this. People build me one day and then. That one of our clients is trying to reach out to Doug stand open they called me up today usually pretty much told me we have to be friends so good at each other. It would look bad and so low though so friends he's everything you would expect them that they. He did that hunter S Thompson movie fear and loathing and in the character just made. But when your parents could tell you keep making that case it's gonna stick like that. Yet address space stuck with a bit. Yet it is it'd be exactly the guys that you would hope he beat. All right Doug well be dumb. The specials called no place like home it's it's out the union on iTunes Google play it's out on CD will be out on final. Or cassette for the hamsters who are trying to bring the cassettes back is there any plans for the. Undo what I'm doing my next what I did this one burner. Special item put out yet all Pol Pot vodka presents an evening without standout didn't put out our VHS so late but this is the only hard copy or against PH at. I when they'll be out on dvd no place like normal come out far beyond C so which is some rivals do Netflix. She's so dot com you can see the field diversion. With a free trial or you go to Doug standup dot com we get a signed copy of the audio CD. Dvd will be February. Well adapted to a radio tour all over again to promote the product and keep promoting. They can get our politically keep it just deals that (%expletive) Internet like everyone else. A all right Doug thanks a lot man hey. Best which is your girlfriend hopes she's she's got a a good recovery there aren't and we look forward to seeing him when you make it back here to the Boston. But it will be held since I thought that Boston Dave bower lucrative march or April which states you'd.