The Director’s Chair - Casey Tebo

Friday, February 3rd

Producer Casey Tebo drops in to talk about his latest movie “Happy Birthday” and his time on the road with Aerosmith!

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. I guess I'm always online and on your schedule and WA AF dot com. Yeah. Okay. Not so good it's just so good at it the director of that video. Is here with us in studio Casey Tebow Casey. Has worked their Smith for quite some time now you're also a filmmaker yes our. Nobody really uses film anymore so. That's eroded that's just what they spoke I love these kids they upload stuff that YouTube and they like him of maker and in my ball. Use an iPhone and it's on YouTube so where they fell to conduct an idea but I guess it again you so that cycle of that video for a second and we'll talk when Aerosmith to yup Simmons import goosebumps player to play all the way through don't stop finally please. We just want to get the clock and I wanna talk to the director Casey I wanna play that all the way through let me just talked Casey. On making that video camera watching that time and time again after their and I just sitting there like we were tonight and just yeah transfixed how did that come about and whose brainchild was that it's I mean it's obvious he bittersweet because you don't wanna be capitalizing on something that was such a tragedy but you. You know it's funny when I was standing in the the controller room over there. When nom. Nikki called entitled being in Houston and I was explaining my story about being in Houston how was obeyed and you know he's like oh you were there for the suitable moment -- thousand trees are systems you guys but to promote Malcolm Butler and I was I was in Arizona he was in the advocates is largely go to there's estimate the pats fan. I don't think he knows I'm from the error still being from VI I spent a you know most of my twenties hanging out. On loyalists and we suited dad's diner which is well yeah that's my choice bodies around that place and like that's are gonna finish line. So when this happened I was open. York beach Maine and my wife and kids and obviously everybody's freaking out and you realize what happens and then. Fast forward you know a year later or whenever I was in LA prep and to do happy birthday and Stephen was like K. ESPN called they're gonna do he sixty they want us to come up with the A you know things you know what should we do and I was like. Yes and you know. I said the fact that it was such a tragedy in the sport it was involved in what's crazy too is. It's high school with a kid who was on the finish line and if you watched. If you look at all the photos wherever you can see him laying like in a key was this to Chris Williams he he he. Payment his wife met because of that like I. You know. God willing he didn't get a terrorism got to do what he's got pretty messed up so while the musical which we do and as a man. You eat you can't do anything other than something sort of like ethereal light. I said you know maybe children's and good thing ought Tyler is like we've got no place in relation to trust me yeah. And that's for so many different reasons you know I I don't think I've ever let him down and when I have my life sucked too obviously bottom. I said we gotta do something ethereal like I'm thinking like children's choir which is Ewan Joseph and like in this big sort hall he's he's a top cyber attacks stop. Let me call the LA children's choir director nominee however rearranged Fremont right now and then like you just cut and ESPN was really good to. To sort of let us can do whatever we want it yeah and they were really happy everybody was really happy so it was cool. Yemeni Aerosmith questions. Where director writer director filmmaker Casey Tebow who works and Aerosmith you can text us in the WA AF techniques text line 971 a semi calls on the framing import studio line 6179311. AF. The film you have which I'll get too happy birthday I watched last night. Because I'm thorough about my job. And I loved the film but I want are a little bit of Aerosmith. Bomb and you mentioned Stephen and working with them about what's he like first of all like to work with specifically from your angle of film making in filming them in documenting and in the follow up with your best backstage story. Working with them you know what's crazy is is. An institution like that whether it's them the stones are you to a Metallica you're talking about a group of five guys that since they were in their twenties. Have become this and to see where they have to share finances and management and lawyers and fans and it's almost like a five way marriage of like these really strange proportions you. And I learned a lot from Stephen spending time with him there are some people. That whole you know I've heard from other like I worked with Stevie Nicks once and I've heard from rodeo that I knew he was that she's worse she's absolute worse and I I met her and work whether she was unbelievable that he nicest. She's very detailed. She knows she will sooner. So it's I wouldn't these things about Stephen he's a diva he's the worst he is the nicest person you would ever meet hustle I'm talking about a guy who. Would be backstage. And bottom. You know there would be somebody there that was maybe special needs handicapped and he would like stay longer and sit with the skewed and talk to them and bring them up on stage and not evidence elect is ego. The dude stupidly rate she's hugely famous he sold 200 million records it's like. He's doing it because he knows what he can do for people iso to work with him I am. My wife always sort as a joke about like you know your rude to people and you always say what's on your mind and Mike that's how you get things done yeah and one thing I learned from him is like. If you skirt around the issue. It's just gonna create more problems but if you get right to the point of of asking people things directly which they may or may not like which may come off as an a hole. I think that's what I learned from him and to be honest of people I don't I was doing happy birthday. Eric Paladino is a very. You know very great TV actor he was on ER for years we were doing a scene and he asked me questions and I was like you know I don't know I don't know the answer that he was like he kind of take a step back and was like. Wow good for you doesn't mean he goes well you're directed a movie you know of it takes it takes tennis balls yes sure nobody says that morning Obey says I don't know anymore it's also you know on a much yeah. You know and for me it it's like. Knowing when you Q and when you know you're doing and knowing to admit when you don't know you'd. 774 on the text line says I'll play that Aerosmith song before the super ball get you pumped up let's go 617 has a question for you Casey Tebow we're talking to Casey Tebow writer director of arts and Aerosmith. And the movie's happy birthday to talk what he can stick Ramone Moore breaks replicates o'clock here but really quick. 6174. Or break I've seen harassment 65 times Casey. Are they really calling it quits. I doubted I mean honestly doubt that those guys will play until they act absolutely dropped that on stage they may call a farewell or it could be. Some sort PR stunt but I mean. I work those guys live for a long time design their shows a lot of stage gags they still do like team up with and you know you would think. It probably indicates that your dream lord of the flies or whatever the case may be. And I gotta tell you and I did one of my my last over them was probably when he twelve. We were in like Wisconsin. And these are plain stream on I was backstage at the checksum than and I looked out in the crowd and like others just 30000 people singing I was like how you. It's a class we are with Casey team though. Who directed the film. Happy birthday a horror film which you can get PC work and you get but I watched it on iTunes last night is hardly think it's it's like it's like Harris slash dark comedy yeah we just got stuck to categorize yet starts off almost kind of like campy fun funny yeah. And then it takes a really dark tour I don't know where we anger and kind of finds itself again panic oh without giving anything away. No smaller seat no spoilers here it takes a twist. And I was like if that ever happen to me I would say she. Yeah I would shoot the gallery. Yeah yeah. Still alive it's a happy birthday it's really cool really well on the kid and at the lead with a long here he's now on it's he's the goal on the gold and here's what I say about Matt bush he's personally as the greatest in the world that's a diehard Eagles man when I met in person. He saw it. That's a thousand guys a lot of Ares I might use some of lately he does and that's made atomic cash doing commercials for eighteen C he's got a Burger King commercial it's not right now. So I'm tailgate in. What was the first playoff game the Texans game. And I don't these guys have a presence that was five years old like fifteen of let's go to every game so. We're watching TV in the tailgate tent every time Burger King commercial comes on everyone's. This year so it's it's it's like these guys here for bird came from Russia this Matt bush was in the American consumer. Money good guy again yet to really cool movies check it out happy birthing and on iTunes where else I Amazon and Comcast on demand that's yeah August on demand and and I think it's I I didn't know. When apple that piracy eased on thing that it's actually on some of these are web sites we're gonna talk about that right now so so that it ray goes at seven sounds out of town I was sites he had bad. Way when you watch heavy birthday you'll see this kind of shaman mystic drug dealer guy and it's Stephen Tyler he moved him so good out wrong so good and oh. Now so real quick you your your video you found out this happy birthday and film you've made in blood sweat and tiered your way through. Were on a low budget you made this great piece of art the so proud of you find out this door. Was selling them illegally download our men and selling them making a profit so you decided. To go to the store. And you said hey. If they're selling it and making money of me written me off a little rip them off so you walked into the store right and you took stuff from them animated video of a here's a little bit of director writer director Casey Tebow get a little payback. I don't know why did you call secured here mr. Putin ordered we're that look like big foot you come home from school. Yeah over. Are called watch. Is crucial I know this is like a huge bomb chain supermarket and this is stuff and they clinch out I don't understand tunes store drew laughter. Burglary or. It was hard to you know see the guy that works that your story likes to download the movies and Barnum giving everybody works there so you know I mean you have watched you have people in your story that is stealing from my industry so why can I just steal from you guys just like Bob Cousy gotta take tough for cow's milk in any means so why can I just take what I have distributed arch. Apple corps. And that you with the manager to protect his identity yet boys and yes that is so balls the I'm so happy you did that you winning and today. You're gonna sell my big league right on the take some stuff from it right but you know that that's there was a big reveal for that right did you guys not notice. Noah OK so that story came from a conversation I had with a other filmmakers about piracy right so. I found out the student were to supermarkets is download all these movies so I talked to my body and I was like hey we're gonna go. I'm gonna go take some stuff from the store and those who happens of the duties and outside but what everybody realized and I've followed up on YouTube. Is that the whole thing was thousands. The whole thing was a ruse Colin. Yeah right at the follow up video on YouTube. And the whole thing was for me to promote happy birthday it was a movie while we're it was yeah. And I think it would happen. So I comes isn't it filmmakers actually Adam green whose policies of Ali Larter I think it's probably matter meek is atoms of big antipiracy advocate mine but here's the thing for me. It is such a small movie Sony's not gonna put any money to promote it. So I sit in my body have wanted to do this thing where I steal from the stores and he was like. He does ye have buds my buddy Eric he's like super brain actually what happens if you know people don't like that that's really not good publicity. I was like yeah but I don't I'm not really down on piracy music would doesn't matter what your opinion is people are gonna do it anyways just what we do it I'll play. The manager guy if he's elected an actor on the side night he doesn't and when we're done you can let everybody know that. Obviously I'm not gonna steal from the store I have children I don't wanna get caught me and I explained them look. I didn't even know how Bieber was piracy sites to get these people when that first begin to populate the worst use everything you do is terrible yeah and some that I do come out with this ball up and I was like I was joking I'm trying to promote a movie everybody's like. Ought dude that's cool I'm gonna bring your movie now that he's he's piracy guys that are going to you know what man I'm gonna rented under record is also word there were some guys that still to this day or emailing me you're the worst person average person Hitler might. I just put a quote of I'm that the French term for any PR new PR and it's like yeah I'm trying to do whatever right candy in my movie and maybe these people tweeting me like ought to watch my video I watches facial it's like. You're also raising awareness of something that does that idol and think for me is I'm on a soapbox that the guy you wanna argue about trumpet on target by Hillary. I don't care that I really don't care right I'm trying to raise my kids make movies sending piracy. If you download stuff that's your business I I don't advocate that a market to tell people to do here however. Tell somebody what they can do that you want to do some. You wanna go out and have a good time on a Friday night and do whatever you want knock yourself well my eyes not to tell anyone how to live their life so select a guys that I don't agree with that but. That was all stunt to. And I got like now it's like up to seven views in the party. Will Israeli media we're we're getting a lot of Steven Tyler and Aerosmith love here in the tech size than anyone says Steven Tyler comes in my work sometimes sweetest guy. Always will take time to take pictures and talk its fans. And of course this is a dream on that Casey Tebow produced and directed it won an Emmy for yeah after the marathon bombing that you're hearing in the background and then go. No not as an early on. I remember when there's been used to practice in Waltham of this than jamming out the 617. You directed. Steven Tyler in this movie happy birthday you know I was talking up the air but I was friends with these guys rocket science on Weymouth. And down they were this kind of power pop they did three part harmonies super talented band and Stephen. Tyler saying on their what was supposed to be their single when they got signed by a major label and an unfolding in. In the labor record company sued them for the advance they gave notice yeah horrible story but. But you know I remember that when handily singer came in first heard Stephen Tyler. Singing harmony with Kelly my body was seemed hardly Steven Tyler you know so emotional he's that type guys and oh yeah he will just do things for people yeah. He's unbelievable man I mean to this day still like. Also and and things my happy birthday notes weeded out our they'll say something about it he's a tax me that I love you man he's that did the little engine that could just such a good guy that's awesome Massey had imagine yeah you look funny yeah. Hey we're in promoting a movie if you ever came into the went on Marion Mick you you ask the fact. You ask me yeah yeah maybe before they do this do toward you know. Yeah see you asking my best arrows in the store and I know this is gonna sound cheesy but this is what I tell people OK. Being around a band like that where they're hugely famous usually rich take can't go around the streets anywhere. Steve and Joe Brown Tom Joey I became friends and pretty much everybody's kids except Thomas Tom's kids younger than me your. They are all the nicest most well rounded. Group of people that work and have their own kids in like not even Chelsea and not Joe's kids just get Tony Roman like Aaron I don't I'm not really I don't know was his other son nom Adrian that well but. They're all such good people and when you reach stores well. You don't got got to meet people like Michael Douglas whose kid is having all kinds of problems and yeah what's up you look at these huge famous rock says ago. You raised your kids in Plymouth County they all turned out to be amazing people so that's to meet that shows no matter what I'd do it my career. It's no excuse me from my kids to be either spoiled or Braude or whatever you need to raise your kids to be good people. Between the two guys that were known as the toxic twins that's what I learned the most that's amazing you know writer director Casey Tebow the film is happy birthday you can yells and it is. Aerosmith live concert film event rock for the rising sun has with Casey thanks for being here.